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    While commenting at the blog linked in the title, I started to rant. I cut that rant short. You see, I felt it fit better here. This is something that has been bugging me for a long time. I am sure there is something out there like it already, but I haven't seen it and have decided to put in my two cents worth....ok...maybe a dimes worth, you know how I rant.

    Urban Archipelago My Ass!!!
    (an answer to the whiny lefts cry of "Boycott everything but blue cities)

    Perhaps the "Urban Archipelago" is a good idea. You guys stay in your crowded, dirty, crime ridden cities and out of the clean fresh country air. Take all of your guns away from yourselves, and cry when you have no defense from people that don't care about "laws" that say owning a guns are against them.

    Hope you like that soy milk, cuz ya know what? They don't have diaries in the city. Want a steak? No? Good!! Because they don't raise beef cattle in the cities either. Want a nice stay at a B&B in the country? I hope so, because the folks that own those should charge four times the price depending on where you live.

    Want to keep all that money you pay in taxes in your cities? Good. Use it to pave your roads and enjoy your soymilk and garden burgers. Wait a sec. How many vegetables can you grow in a city anyway? Oh. Not much huh? OK...well, here's an idea. Take all those "homeless" you care so much about and take a cue from Soylent Green.

    You see, out here they aren't "homeless". "They" are transients or bums. Some of them may take a seasonal job, at a low wage, and move on at the end of the season. You know why they work for low wages? Because you folks in those "blue cities" scream about the price of food.

    How about we pay them a "living wage" and you pay 4 bucks for a tomato? What? Aahhhh, come on are the ones crying about low wages for labor. Did you ever stop to wonder how that food you get is so affordable? Believe me, raising all that fancy lettuce for those "salads" you folks love to eat isn't cheap. Especially now that you city folks use so much water and your environmentalist friends worry about the ecosystem to the point of taking away our water for your houses.

    Never thought about that have you? I thought so. What do you guys have that we need? Nothing!

    We have movie theaters. We have our newspapers and get the same satellite TV that you do. We can shop online too. We have roads, but if we end up with dirt roads that's ok, because most of us own at least one truck. If you did come to visit at least you may actually have a chance to drive on something besides pavement in those big SUVs you have.

    In fact, I can't think of any reason to go into the city at all. We have places to shop, to eat at and to entertain ourselves with also. You have opera and theaters that have honest to goodness plays. That's ok. Most of us out here don't have, nor do we feel the need, to have your "culture". As far as we're concerned that is part of the problem with you guys. Those things have made you pretentious. Around here we just call it "Uppity".

    So keep your "culture". We have our own "culture" out here. It includes a work ethic, unlike yours. Alot of us work sun-up to sundown. We call that "livin" out here, and realize the glory of an honest days work.

    We also realize what the American Dream is all about. It is about working hard and being honest, it means that you reap what you sow, and you get back what you put out. It is about helping your fellow man, but not to the point that you are put out also. It is about being true to yourself, giving it all you have and being a good sport when you lose. (Take big fat cue from THAT lats one ok?)

    Basically it is the antithesis of your values, your ideals. It is the epitomy of the American Way.

    So stay in your cities. We really don't want your uppity asses out here, taking up the parking at the A&P and sneering at us "hicks", and as a return favor we will stay out of the cities, and we'll keep our dairy, meats and veges out of your stinking, overcrowded, crime ridden cities too.
    One of the blogs I keep up on occasionally is I Shall Be Broken, which is linked in the title. She seems cool, wild, and is a hot little number. All of my favorite things.


    (x) snuck out of the house
    (x) gotten lost in your city
    (x) saw a shooting star
    (x) been to any other countries besides the united states
    (x) had a serious surgery
    (x) gone out in public in your pajamas
    (x) kissed a stranger
    (x) hugged a stranger
    (x) been in a fist fight
    (x) been arrested
    (x) done drugs
    (x) had alcohol
    (x) laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose
    (x) pushed all the buttons on an elevator
    (x) made out in an elevator
    ( ) slept in an elevator
    (x) swore at your parents
    (x) kicked a guy where it hurts
    (x) been in love
    (x) been close to love
    (x) been to a casino
    (x) been skydiving
    (x) broken a bone
    (x) been high
    (x) skinny-dipped
    (x) skipped school
    (x) flashed someone
    ( ) saw a therapist (I, Kender, have not done this, though perhaps I should)
    (x) done the splits
    (x) played spin the bottle
    (x) gotten stitches
    (x) had an IV
    ( ) drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
    (x) bitten someone
    (x) been to Niagara Falls
    ( ) gotten the chicken pox
    (x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
    ( ) kissed a member of the same sex
    (x) crashed into a friend's car
    ( ) been to Japan
    (x) ridden in a taxi
    (x) been dumped
    (x) shoplifted
    ( ) been fired
    ( ) had a crush on someone of the same sex
    (x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
    ( ) stole something from your job
    (x) gone on a blind date
    (x) lied to a friend
    ( ) had a crush on a teacher
    (x) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
    (x) been to Europe (England for about three hours)
    (x) slept with a co-worker
    (x) been married
    ( ) gotten divorced
    (x) had children
    (x) saw someone die
    ( ) been to Africa
    (x) Driven over 400 miles in one day
    (x) Been to Canada
    (x) Been to Mexico
    (x) Been on a plane
    (x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
    (x) Thrown up in a bar
    (x) Purposely set a part of yourself on fire
    (x) Eaten Sushi
    (x) Been snowboarding
    (x) Met someone in person from the internet
    (x) Been moshing at a rock show
    (x) Cut yourself on purpose
    (x) Been to a moto cross show
    ( ) lost a child
    (x) gone to college
    ( ) graduated college
    ( ) done hard drugs
    ( ) tried killing yourself
    (x) taken painkillers
    (x) love someone or miss someone right now

    O.K.....your turn
    Linked in the title is a story from Joan Swirsky about why Terri Should live, so give that a read.

    Afetr you read that go here and read the open letter from Terris' dad Bob Schindler Sr. and, if you haven't already, and you can spare it, donate. It's for a noble cause. Saving Terri's life.

    Then copy that letter and email it. Ask people to pass it along. Spread the word.

    Even if it's one dollar, donate. If one tenth of one percent of the population of the US donates one dollar that is well over a quarter of a million dollars. To put that into perspective that would be about half of what Murderin' Mike has spent on trying to kill his wife. Doesn't seem fair does it?

    In my head, (a strange place populated with a wonderfully odd cast of weird characters) the fight for Terris' is akin to fighting the nazis. The nazis regularly killed the infirm and crippled. I won't use the term "euthanized" anymore. It is murder. Cleaning up the language is the first step to desensitizing people. First people see this form of murder in a favorable light, "helping" people to "die with dignity".

    Then it gets carried to the next step. First the helpless that cannot defend themselves, the comatose, the brain damaged and those is catatonic states. Then the people that are deemed emotionally unfit, perhaps those with schizophrenia or other mental disorders. It goes on from there. I know you are probably saying "No, not here, not in America where we value life so highly."

    Do we? I still think we The german people thought exactly what you are thinking too. "Not here, Not in Germany." By the time they woke up it was too late.
    To steal a line from Earl Pitts "Wake Up Umerika!"

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Don't take that first bite people. This elephant is poison.

    Keep emailing. Keep writing. Keep calling. Keep, Keep Blorgging.

    We are having an impact.

    We are the Blorg. Resistance to the Truth is Futile.
    Just click the link in the title and click on teh songs she posted about. You will love them or your money back!!!!!

    And, uuummm....get the tissues for "I am a Patriot".
    ...I say thank you. We seem to be having some effect.

    We have three weeks....three weeks to build up the momentum even more.

    Remeber: We are the Blorg. Resistance to the Truth is Futile.
    Yes, Michael Savage, Deified and despised talk show host, (depending on what side of the fence you are on), is discussing, among other things, Terris' case today.

    He brought up an excellent point. The very same people that will protest putting a murderer to death at midnight outside of a prison in the boondocks won't go protest against Terris' execution during the day inside of a city.

    I guess if Terri has killed michael instead of being the victim of her circumstances then the left would be screaming about her impending death loudly and constantly.

    Hypocritical bastards.
    I have put terri's legal surname in "()" because I don't believe she should have that last name attached to her birth name.

    The florida Dept. of Families and Children (DFC) has stepped into the fray, as has Jeb Bush, and actually things are looking pretty good at the moment.

    Hopefully not only will gaurdianship of Terri be given over to her parents but maybe Michael Schiavo will be brought up on charges for the apparent, (and, legally necessary word here, alleged) abuse of Terri over the last several years.

    In the best case scenario Greer and Felos would be forced to stand beside him for those hoped for charges, as at the least the have been complicit and at most outright co-conspirators, at this moment, to attempted murder.

    An interesting point brought up in a link I can't find at the moment is that Terri's condition was brought on by an eating disorder. The claim was she craved being thin so much that her condition is a result of that.

    I say that her current condition, i.e. on the edge of being murdered by starvation, is also an eating disorder. Simply put, she cannot swallow. However, swallow therapy should be tried. If she can relearn to swallow food, (a scenario that would horrify micheal and his cutt throat accomplices) then the stupid and unfounded case that she is in a PVS, (I have also stopped explaining what this is, if you have followed this case you know what PVS is, and if not, google it), will have to be dropped.

    If it is dropped then maybe someone can file those attempted murder charges.
    Iran has been clamping down on bloggers and has sentenced one to 14 years in jail. Fourteen years. That is one hell of a long time.

    Here in America of course we have free speech. I could say anything I want about our government and nobody is going to arrest me for it. Unless I were to threaten teh Presidents life. I don't agree with that law personally because I believe it does infringe my free speech rights, but nonetheless it is there. (for the record I am not threatening W....I think he's a great man, and actually I woulkd love to meet him).

    Anyway, in honor of my free speech Here are a few choice words for the government of Iran. (I may get a, what is it called? A Fatwa?....yeah, I may get a fatwa issued against me for this BUT.....)

    You guys are evil and wrongheaded, but I have known this ever since you put a teenaged girl to death for having sex. Whats next? Beatings for breathing heavy? YOu know what else? khomeni sucked also. That's right. Your precious khomeni sucked too. Bite me you evil shitheads.

    Now I better bar the door and pass the ammo huh?
    But I think I found his phone number.

    It may not be though. I am not saying to call this number. I am simply saying that this number may be it.

    I am leaving this on top for a few days......just in case anyone wants to fact check.

    Hell I may even get around to it.

    M Schiavo, (727) 726-0237, 2975 Gulf To Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33759
    I am the number two hit on google for "kbhomes"

    I wonder if I should ask them for advertising revenue?

    Weird huh?

    Even weirder is that I am the number four hit on google for "rednek female humor"

    That last one is too funny.

    On a final note here I am, probably fittingly, the number three hit on google for "stupid luckless".

    I wonder what that means?
    On the radio just now I heard a news blurb about said "Terri Schiavo has been in a coma for the last 15 years"...and the MSM wonder WHY nobody believes them anymore.

    I say, if you rely on the MSM for your sole news source anymore now that internet access is so readily available then you deserve to be ignorant.

    Ignorance is only one step down from stupidity on my list of things that piss me off.

    Stupidity should be painful and ignorance should be taxed.

    (hey, I like that)
    Big tip o' me Tam to RedneckGuru for this story.

    The federal government is trying to take away another one of your parental rights. They want to evaluate all the kids in the country, without your consent, and, I would wager, medicate the ones they think need it.

    This is wrong. What if a parent says "forget about it, you are NOT going to medicate my child"? Will they be thrown in jail and their child(ren) taken away?

    Psychiatric evaluation is a subjective matter. Most of my friends think I have my head on pretty good, even those friends that are IN psychiatry, but I have had a psychiatrist that was trying to evaluate me for a transplant and running late for a meeting at the same time say "I really wish I had more time to talk to you."

    He didn't say it in an apologetic way, like he felt he was bing rude. No, he said it in way that someone says to a long lost friend they run into at the airport as they are boarding a flight "I REAAAAALLLLLYY wish we had more time to talk." It was a tone that said "Damn fellow, you're really twisted in the head and I really want to explore it."

    As I said...subjective. The government has no right to screen my child, or yours either. I don't care what some of you may say about catching things early. This is a wrong headed idea.

    It is also an idea that smacks of Big Brother, and on a deeper historical level one that cries "Communist agenda".

    So I guess along with "Stay out of my wallet" and "Stay out of my bedroom" I must exhort the government to "Stay out of my head"!!!!!!!!
    Cao, among others, has the blogroll list for the blogburst against Kerry. If someone would send me the code I could post the list also.

    Anyway, Go there and join. The elections are gone, but we still want to see the records. I don't know about anyone else but I want to see them so I can say "See? See what kind of a man you guys wanted in the White House?"
    O.K., a hit on my blog led me to the blog linked in the title. She has a good idea. Let's try it. It may be too late to help Terri, but I am unwilling to accept that idea.

    A Poem by Dylan Thomas comes to mind, and you should know it well. Here is a bit of it.

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    I am raging against the dying of the light. Not only Terri's, but ours as a nation.
    Since Kender gave me the keys to his blog awhile back (always a danger), I decided that I would forthwith and finally put my two cents in on the subject of Terri Schiavo. Since it is long, as I always tend to be long winded, I left the post at my place and you can access it by clicking on the title of this post.

    You can read my own story about the right to die, why the courts are actually not deciding on whether Terri lives or dies but only deciding on who is her legal guardian and how we will find out today whether we can no longer trust our common humanity and must insist upon a law that protects the living while insuring the patients right to participate in and direct their treatment.

    I also discuss at length (of course) our responsibilities for insuring that we and our families are not ever left in this predicament and how to take care of it legally.

    By the way, not only do I have personal experience, as in a family member, but I work in the healthcare field where these discussions with patients and family members occur everyday.

    Kender, hope you don't mind that I stole your blog for a moment.


    (or another open letter to "Murderin' Michael Schiavo")

    I planned to start this post by calling you a cur, a scoundrel, a waste of humanity, but I know many curs, alot of scoundrels and a few wastes of humanity and they are Gods compared to you.

    Plainly put you are a bastard. You are the worst son of a bitch ever to cross my attention. Worse than saddams sons. You know why? Because you are in my beloved country. Your lawyer is scum. Fuck you felos. Fuck you too greer. fuck all three of you.

    We, (The Blorg) have been fighting the good fight. Sure alot of you may think it is based in religion, and that is fine.

    Let me tell you something I have learned about the way the universe works.

    God, (I do not care what name you give him, I prefer the Creator) is EVERYTHING!!! Light and dark.
    Fire and ice.
    Good and evil.
    Pick any two extremes you care to and the Creator is both of them.

    But, and this is a huge BUT, we make choices as to what path we follow. The Creator, (or universe, as the creator is everywhere let us consider the universe the Creators body) knows what is in your heart, and you do get back what you put out.

    Let me expand on that. If you DO good works but only because of the glory or fame or benefits they will bring you then doing them is useless, as the Universe KNOWS what is in your HEART. Therefore if you do selfish things then people will do things to you that are in their best interests, thereby being selfish for them, and you get screwed and get what you deserve.

    Do you see where I am going with this? We have a choice. Evilness and selfishness are a choice just like goodness and selflessness.

    The former road is a much broader and easier path. It is much easier to walk down, and you will have alot of company. The latter road is much harder, fraught with potholes (temptation) and other perils that may lead you astray, sending you down a road that appears more level and inviting but one leading to the destruction of your soul.

    That is where you are now Michael, along with Felos and Greer, you are skipping down a road to ruin, and you are dragging our hearts along with you.

    Whether you win or lose is, in the great big picture, of small consequence, for it is you that must deal with the fallout of your decisions. Our problem lies in this question:

    Are your actions evil enough to warrant retribution NOW, in hopes of ending your private reign of terror?

    The only thing needed for evil to triumph.......
    False info. There is no stay.
    This just in. A judge has stopped Murderin' Michael from taking away Terris feeing tube. More to come. Justice shall prevail.

    Big HT to Jayster.

    I am starting to feel like a borg. Just one small, almost meaningless part in a huge collective known as the "Blogosphere", alone a small voice in a big space, but together we can affect change. We are no longer "bloggers" We are "Blorggers".
    I am praying that all will work out. I have been reading alot of articles. It seems to be a growing consenses that Terris' case may be a landmark decision. One that will make it easier for someone that is a burden to be "euthanized", "Put to sleep" "put down" "gievn the freedom to die" know.....MURDERED!!!!!!

    How far is that step from the choice belonging to the family or caregiver to the choice belonging to the state? Scary thought huh? What if a homeless person ends up in a hospital under these circumstances and no family can be found? Can the state then starve them to death?

    Why not just take the terminally ill and stick them in a coffin and bury them once a doctor claims there is no hope? Why actually wait for anyone to die? Let's make it so if you are alive at a certain age we just have you killed to make room for a guy that can work? Where does it stop? Why not be like the nazis? Or the dutch?

    Yeah, they are already mercy killing terminally ill people, and now they wnat to extend that to babies.

    Life means nothing apparently. Not anymore.
    Blogs4terri is reporting that todays court date has been moved to wednesday. Is this good news? Can michael still remove the tube tomorrow even though there is a pending court hearing?

    Does anyone have an answer?
    Check the blogs linked at the side.

    Email me at or IM me on yahoo messenger. My user ID is kenderorm

    As I begin this post it is 11:36 PM, PST, and I can hear letterman on TV in the other room.

    Linked in the title is, a website dedicated to Terri Schiavo. For those of you that haven't heard go to the site and read all about it. It is a sad story but one with hope.

    The hope is that terris husband, an evil cretin (IMO) will let her family have care and custody of her. But that is not his plan. His plan is to have her feeding tube removed next Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, and let her starve to death.

    Since I have heard about this story monday I have been constantly thinking about it. It has weighed heavily on my mind, and I can't help but think that if my one of my sisters husbands did this to one of my sisters he would have been disappeared a long time ago. But that is not the case here. Terris family isn't like that. They have taken the legal road. I keep thinking what if this were my mother? One of my sisters? Or even my wife? I could not do what this man is planning to do. Or what if it were yours? Could you?

    How can you help? Read the website. Follow the links I will put up tomorrow and spread the word. The MSM doesn't seem to be helping. There are alot of bloggers covering this, but still, even with the latest motions filed by Terris parents it looks bleak. There is a court hearing on Monday the 21st.

    Hopefully bloggers can spread the word and make a difference with this. Bloggers brought down Dan Rather and that Eason guy. Bloggers are quickly becoming a powerful agent for change and an honest spokeman for the truth.

    Let us make that an even more solid truth this weekend.

    This is not the country I want to live in, where a man can starve his wife to death and very little gets said about it. This is America. We stand up for the little guy, (and gal), we stop the bad guys and bullies. We make things right.

    Bring me your tired, your poor, your wretched refuse yearning to breathe free.
    You should all know those words well.
    Those words promise Freedom.
    Those words promise Hope.
    Those words promise Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    Let those words of hope ring out not only for those that wish to come here and make a better life for themselves, but also for those here without a voice. Let those words of freedom ring out this weekend across this land in defense of Terri Schiavos right to life.

    Starting tomorrow evening at 6 PM PST I will blog once an hour until I hear about the outcome of the latest appeal for Terris life monday afternoon. I will be answering emails and comments as they come in as fast as I can. I hope to bring more attention to this travesty of justice that goes against everthing this country stands for. I will not sleep, though I may snooze in my chair.

    I will be living on caffeine, nicotine and insanity...insanity because this is a crazy thing that is coming to pass, and if Terri is allowed to starve to death then we have all lost a bit of our humanity and gone a bit insane.

    Pass the word. I pray that monday afternoon I can say that Terri will not begin to be starved to death on tuesday. If she is then we should all bow our heads in shame.

    Just for Cao!!!!! Posted by Hello
    Yes, you, Jeb Bush!!!!

    Don't look over your shoulder, we are talking to you. Yes you! You know, brother of our president, son to another one of our presidents, GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA!!!!!

    What are you thinking? Why won't you stop the murder of Terri Schindler?
    It looks pretty bad to those of us not in FL....I can only imagine what it looks like to those there.

    You are putting a shameful face upon your office, not to mention your family name...your dad and brother have shown the courage to do what is right, why can't you?

    Tread carefully Jeb. I have seen not one blogger writing that Terri should be starved to death, but there is a growing list of bloggers railing against it.

    We took down Rather, we took down please stop Terris murder.

    It is the right thing to do.

    But if you don't we can happily lay siege to you also...perhaps you should give Eason Jordan or Dan Rather a call.
    Between my friend Jean going to the ER at 4:30 AM and being up for 40 hours the posts dropped off. Add that in that an old friend called and said the fish were biting hard and he was taking his daughter and could I bring my son and I completely couldn't pull a post an hour out of my butt.

    But I am back, hopefully to post alot more.

    In the morning I am calling the ACLU...again, and will post that call as soon as I finish it.

    Cao said I should post this because it kinda' reminded her of George Washington.......I will take to mean that I look weathered, a bit jowly and wear a funny hat. Posted by Hello
    I have been seeing alot of coverage on Terri's plight. There seems to be a belief that thsi can be settled peacefully, and indeed, peacefully is how the bloggers and the rest of the country want it.

    Michael Schiavo divorces Terri and goes on with his life, peacefully, while Terri goes to her family for much needed rehab and therapy, peacefully, and the people sigh with relief and cheer.

    This must happen.

    The alternative to peace is war, of course, and a war has been raging, but it has been a legal war, a war of words. A war of frustration.

    Liken Michael Schiavo or his lawyer Felos to saddam, (follow me here kids), and terri is the iraqi people. What happens then?


    Or Schiavo, felos and greer can be likened to the nazi party. Logical course of action?

    Very good kids, I see the history lessons are working.

    You know that old saying...the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    The bloggers on the blogroll for Terri, (which I would put up if I had gotten the code) are all firmly in the camp of people that will do something when confronted with evil. They are "Good Men" (and Ladies), and certainly brave souls willing to do what it takes to accomplish the goals.
    As a side note I have found, (personal observation here if I am wrong please show me) that the blogroll has no "lefties" on it. I see a preponderance of folks on the right, proud patriots every one of them. I ask, where is the other side of the street? Have I simply missed them?


    Good men that do nothing to confront evil may be good men, but they are cowards.

    The question remains, are the people in power good men that will do something? Or Cowards?
    Michael Schiavo found dead, called suicide.

    AP St. Petersburg FL

    Michael Schiavo, husband of disabled woman Terri Schiavo, was found dead in an apparent suicide early this morning. He died of asphixiation after duct taping his head to the tailpipe of his car with his mouth completely around the tailpipe.

    He was found by a group of teenagers and ther dog who had been snooping around town lately looking into a local mystery, The Case of the Missing Conscience. The Case of the Missing Conscience began a few years ago and coincidentally Schiavo was a major suspect in the disappearence.

    Police are saying that he must have been very desperate to commit suicide as he somehow managed to tape his hands behind his back after he taped his head to the exhaust pipe. It took paramedics 45 minutes to cut away the estimated 60 layers of tape that Schiavo wrapped around his head while the engine was running.

    Said a local officer who requested that his name be withheld, "That man was very serious about commiting suicide. He must have been sucking on that hot exhaust pipe for ten minutes to wrap his head with that many layers of duct tape and to think that he next secured his hands so well. This man is the perfect example of determination."

    Police at first thought there may be foul play, but a suicide note, printed on a laser printer and signed with an "X", was found at the scene rolled into a PVC tube that Schiavo had rammed into his anus before commiting suicide.

    The note read: "I tried to kill my wife, not only in 1990 but many times after that so she couldn't report me. And I would've got away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids."
    Selected blogs from the save terri blogroll...maybe even with a comment.

    Basil has some funny stuff, and over at Batesline there is a link to this which features a very fitting quote at the top of the page that perfectly fits my mood.

    "Every normal man must be tempted at times to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats."--HL Mencken

    Moving on...this blog, Bens world has a message from Terri father AND he is a MilBlogger. A plus in my book. (I have a brother in each branch right now, love to Cesar, Travis, Eric and LeJuan and of course Brett).

    This next blog, Blogtalker, is so good and right up my alley that I am linking him.

    Blogicus is a great blog. Read the second, (at this writing) post.

    Blogs for Terri. 'Nuff said.

    Finally to close out the "B"s is This blog called Brutally Honest. Needless to say the first 8 seconds of reading had Michael Schiavo labeled a "buttmunch". This guy rules.
    with some really good music playing also. should be. Then again I wonder how many on that blogrll for Terri are the ones stopping in tonight?

    I have been cruising it and have found it fascinating reading. The only problem is with over 100 blogs there and I have only cruised the first four things are slow going. I like to read, and like to really lurk around and see everything.

    Check them out at here.
    These are two chicks that you do not want to piss of dude.
    Go check 'em out here
    and here.
    Really. I don't know what to write. I have asked nicely like a gentleman. I have bitched like an old fishwife (whatever the hell that ACTUALLY is.) I have whined like a liberal that is so far left they're bumping asses with the far right (everything is circular after all.)

    I have nothing left to say about this that isn't going to be considered whining bitching.

    But hey, if I can't whining and bitch like an old fag that wakes up alone on sunday then I need a new hobby.

    "Oh no he did'n" I hear screaming from the blogosphere. Oh yes I did.

    Watcha gonna do bitch?

    OHOHOHOHOH....I wanna take a poll: Should michael schiavo be slapped: A) with a hefty lawsuit of some kind or B)like a bitch that wont give up her money?

    OK...too long up and too much least I am still spell checking.
    I cannot believe this would be allowed to happen.

    I can't, I won't.

    I am going to make dinner.
    Good guys. You know 'em when you see 'em in a movie. They have that confident yet quiet stride. That self assuredness that says, No problems here mister, unless you wanna be one, then you lose.

    You know the guy I'm talking about. Rides in on his horse, surveying the town as he heads to the saloon for a drink and a room. In the saloon he stops a guy from hitting a woman or stops the town bully from picking on someone and kicks the bullies ass instead.

    That's where the town bully runs out to get his friends, swearing vengeance. Then the townsfolk tell the guy in the white hat that he's in danger and should just leave.

    The guy in the white hat always shows up when he's needed, fixes the problem and then heads off into the sunset.

    Terri needs her white hatted cowboy.
    Michael Schiavo is scum.

    Plain and simple he is scum.

    When I started this vigil I said I have never hated anyone...yet.

    I still don't hate schiavo...or felos...or greer...or anyone else involved in trying to commit state sanctioned murder...yet.

    I see it coming. These guys are equal to hitler. Yes, I just said that. I hope they see it. I am mad now. Fuck them.

    Do you hear that schiavo, felos, greer and the rest of you murderous bastards?

    FUCK YOU!!!!!

    I am calling you all out.

    I know, we are supposed to be working on the public opinion part and these words may well turn off some of those people that can be swayed about this case.

    You know what? If you are one of those people that can be swayed to fight for terris life and my words piss you off and change your mind then you are no better than schiavo et. al.

    If the words of a tired man that is passionatly behind stopping a murder can sway you so easily then maybe you shouldn't be involved.

    This is a hard fight. This is a serious fight. This is, quite simply put, a fight for our nations soul.

    You may not see it as such, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. This may well set a precedent for euthanasia of elderly, ill and handicapped people.

    What if there were a law that said you had no control over the life of your ill mother that suffered a stroke and the hospital became guardian and decided to let her starve to death? What if it were your child?

    That sounds far fetched doesn't it? The nazis did it. They euthanized countless people. Retarded people. Crippled people. Old people.

    They are still doing it in europe. I will try to find out the name of that country. It is going on today.

    There are at least 110 blogers DEDICATED to this fight right now. As of this moment at least another 109 bloggers are pretty much paying attentionto this and only this. We are sending emails. We are making phone calls. We are raising money. We are raising awareness.

    Tell you what. Think of this as a telethon. An internet telethon. But instead of fighting some disease you may have heard about you are literally fighting for the life of one woman. A woman that you may never meet. A woman that is, at this very moment, lying in a hospital bed, aware of her surroundings, probably not aware exactly like you or I are aware, but aware nonetheless. She responds to people. She is NOT in a persistent vegetative state as her husband and his scumball lawyers claim.

    Google the name "terri schindler schiavo" and read up on her. Go here and follow the links, donate to the ad campaign, and after you read about Terri, if you come back here and tell me that you don't believe this is an evil event, if you tell me that your heart is not touched, if you tell me that you feel not ONE iota of concern or sadness for this womans plight then I will duly excuse you.........not from helping, because it will be plain to see at that point that you won't, but from the human race.

    If you are not deeply affected by Terri's plight and the fight for her life that is being brought by people from all over the country that have never, and probably will never, meet each other then you don't deserve your humanity.

    Please turn it in at the door when you leave.
    Cruising the blogosphere it seems others have things well under control. There are people out there with much better skills at covering the maelstrom surrounding the evil events occurring to Terri Schindler-schiavo and her family. I have been up for over 24 hours researching and posting. I am exhausted. But I have said I am going to stay and post at least once an hour until mondays court decision or tuesdays execution.

    As I said, there are others doing a better job at covering the angles than I could.

    So some thoughts instead.

    Trying to figure out the precedent of this court case had me stumped, and I am still looking for a way that the suncoast company can make money by killing patients, but the precedent was right there in black and white, literally.

    Euthanasia is a bad idea. They have it in europe, but don't ask my tired self to give you the name of the country right now. If we had euthanasia in this country I would be dead. Doctors told my mother I wouldn't live a week when I was two and a half. I have had a lifetime of medical problems. But I have never let them stand in my way. I have never considered myself "handicapped", but growing up every adult around me treated me with kid gloves, as if I would break at any moment.

    I have come close to being broken, but that is simply a hazard of my job. I break and train racehorses, thoroughbreds specifically, and I have done that while on dialysis and through two kidney transplants.

    I have skydived, scuba dived, rode not only horses (from miniature horses to the budweiser clydsdales) and one bull, (I don't suggest that one BTW), but a zebra, a camel, an ostrich, a goat, a water buffulo and I can't remember what else right now.

    I have traveled and seen our country from one end to another, been to other countries, lived in many places and called some home.

    I have seen history made and worked with some of the best racehorses of our era.

    I cheered when the wall fell and cried when Challenger went down.

    I have been wrong and I have been right.

    I have fought the good fight and won.

    I have fought the good fight and lost.

    I have been in love, (still am), and I have had my heart broken.

    I have watched friends die and my son being born.

    In short I have lived. I have lived with a vengeance. I have lived passionately. If I was allowed to die when I was a child I would never have known any of this.

    My friends and family would not have missed the person I am because I would have never BEEN. That is a sad thought to me.

    Terri Schiavo IS!!!!

    Terri Schiavo deserves to live. There is a world out there for her, and hope for a better tomorrow given the help and care she, not needs...DESERVES!!!!

    If Terri is allowed to be executed we are all the worse off for it. We all lose some of that caring humanity that separates us from most animals.

    In fact, if she is allowed to die then none of us deserve the appellation of caring human being.

    If you are reading this and NOT in the fight for Terris life then go here and help.

    Help Terri Live!!!

    Please....our humanity may depend on it.
    We're back!!!

    We have those technical difficulties out of the way amd once again welcome back to the Blog-In for Terri Schiavo.
    If you are just joining us I am your host, Pissy redneK and here joining me now in the studio is a man that is actually a neighbor of mine out in Boondock Hollow, Cooter Cleary. Cooter has formed a group called Some Folks Jes' Need Killin' or SFJNK fo short.

    Pr: Cooter, can you tell us first, how do we pronounce the name of your group?

    Cooter: Weeeell, I was hopin ya' wouldn ask me dat, cuz I was callin' it sofjunk, but ma wife made a joke bout it an da boys laffed so now ma wife iz stayin' wid here sis joleen mac.

    Pr: Well, Sofjunk sounds ok, we wil try not to make any jokes about it here ok?

    Cooter: Dats good dat ya don cuz I got me a belly full o' dat talk las' nite, an I's bout ready to smack someone

    Pr: Oooookay then. Now Cooter, can you tell us how this group came about? I mean what caused you to create this group and what are its' goals?

    Cooter: Well, da boys an I wuz sittin round talkin bout da mess da country is in and decided dat our granpappies wuz rite. dat sum folks jus need killin. so we's decided to form dis groop to kill dem folks dat need killin'.

    Pr: Hhhmmm.....ok, you do know that this is against the law right? I mean deciding who needs killing?

    Cooter: Well, sez who? Down at home it aint. In boondock holler if'n someone needs killin we jus' kill 'em an be dun wid it. See? its like dis. If'n ya got a sow that births sum bad piglets, say crippled up or what not, why ya just kill 'em rite off and....

    Pr: HEY!!! Wait a second here Cooter, are you saying that your group wants to kill babies that have something wrong with them? Is that what I am hearing you say?

    Cooter: HELL NO!! Is you stupid or sumpin? Ya don't go killin babies ya damned fool. Where in da hell did you get dat ideer?

    Pr: Well, you just said that when a sow has....

    Cooter: Hold on a dangumtsecon here. Are you comparing babies to piglets??? Sumpin aint rite wit yoo boy.

    Pr: No, I am not comparing babies to piglets.

    Cooter: Good, cuz you were soundin lik sum o dem dumbasses over in yurp where they kill dem babies that aint all there.

    Pr: No, I think we hit a communications problem. So you aren't going to kill babies. What criteria does someone have to meet to need killing?

    Cooter: Well, da boys an I aint ritely figgered dat out yet. see? I was saying lets kill stupid folks, cuz mos o dem aint worth much noways nohow, but then Gentry said that we woul have to kill mos o his kinfolk, and seeins how that would be true we decided dat killin stupid folks may not be such a good ideer. We's been considerin takin nomeenashuns for folks dat need killin' but so far we aint got none.

    Pr: And if you did get a nomination how would you decide if that person needed killing?

    Cooter: Well, I imagine we wood jus' go meet da feller and if'n we didn like him none dat may be good nuff fer us. Let dat be a warning to ya folks out der...if'n ya see me n da boys comin ya bettr be reeeeeeeeeaaaalll nice ya hear?

    Pr: Ok...Cooter if you did find someone that needed killing, how would you kill that person? Would you shoot them or hang them? The readers want to know exactly how you would do that.

    Cooter: Now dat part we got figgered out already. Since folks that need killin are ushalee real bad folks we figgered we needed sompin really mean and drawn out, cuz if'n yer a meen person den ya shoul die real slow right?

    Pr: I guess. Go on

    Cooter: well, after discussin it wid da boys we decided on making them lissin to jon tesh records while watching a tape o that hillary bitch from up noo york way do one o dem strip dances like dey do in da city..we figger fer a few dollars an a gallon o jakes medicine some smart 'puter feller from da big city coul make us a tape lik dat. I mean if'n dey can fake a picture of britney speers naked, and lemme tell ya I was dubl dawg mad bout that but I kep it anyhows, den dey coul make us one of dat hillary struttin round nekked. Only I was thinkin o puttin in skeeters grammas body 'stead, cuz fer five dollars she'll dance nekked for ya any time anywhere. And fer a 96 year ol' woman she can still move pretty good...but boy they need to take an iron to her sumpin fierce.

    Pr: You guys are cruel.
    Nothing like someone ya' love calling at almost 4:30 in the morning to say they are going to the hospital to get your adrenaline going. I was tired right before the post before this one. Now I am pretty wide awake but I came home to change into some better clothes than old sweats and a t-shirt that says "1 Day of coal, 364 days of fun....I'll take my chances!"

    So I am going to change and feed my horses and go back to the hospital......I should be back by 9 AM PST.

    BTW, in case you are wondering jean will be fine.
    My friend Jean, who is like a mother to me, just called and is calling 911 to go to the hospital. I shall return asap.
    And I am going to take a cat nap, I swear. But I don't really know waht that means. I have a cat that you could stomp up to when she truly sleeps. She wouldn't wake up. Maybe that is a sign of trust? Dunno.

    Anyway I am listening to Weird Als "Poodle Hat".

    Good album. But then I love those odd songs. Weird Al, while great at his job simply because of the fact that he does all his own stuff is, I think, eclipsed by Bob Rivers. Some of you are probably saying "I haven't heard of him." Yes you have. Google him. If you like funny songs then you will know that you have heard of him when you hear such classics as "Walkin round in womens underwear" and "the restroom door said gentlemen", both of which my son, at five, knows by heart. IN case it hasn't hit you yet these are christmas parodies.

    Yep, I taught my son very politically incorrect christmas songs. I am blaming it on the ACLU...If my son can't sing traditional christmas songs then I will teach him the classics of parody.

    Perhaps it is time for a parody song about the ACLU eh?
    but you know...a good it is 3 A.M. PST....rolling along. I haven't started to hallucinate yet, but with any luck.

    Last night (to me anyway, actually thursday night) I went to bed at about 1 AM. I was up early this (yesterday) morning and ran all day. I wish I had time for a nap yesterday afternoon, but I didn't, so I am going on 24 hours by the time alot of you on the east coast see this.

    I am going to try to catch short light naps in my chair. I have the IM open and am answering messages and emails.

    Now I have got my cell phone and to keep awake I am going to start making calls to congressional numbers.

    In case you want them:
    Courtesy of tekgnosis

    New toll free numbers to call US Senators and Congressmembers:

    (888) 355-3588 OR (877) 762-8762


    Find out the name of your reps and call them.

    BTW, if this kind of thing becomes standard in florida, starving incapacitated people to death that is, would you let your parents retire there?
    You folks can go here to Crystal Clear for links to Jeb Bush and some florida legislators. Scroll down and I have a link somewhere for the White House. Start sending those emails.

    It is 2 A.M. PST on Saturday morning and the date is February 19th, 2005. (side note: I hate the word "february"...wanna know why? It's that "ru" part in the middle. It's just a pain in the ass to pronounce correctly. See? Now you're trying to pronuonce it correctly aren't you?)

    I am tired. I have a sore ass from sitting for so long. I don't sit all day, so I am not conditioned for this. Some of my geek friends can sit and move nothing but their eyes and fingers for hours, with an occasional movement of their arms to take a drink of soda or grab a hnadful of junk food.

    Right about now my back is actually envious of these human sloths. (you guys know who you are and that I WUV YOU GUYS) I only call them sloths because like those creatures some of my friends could actually grow moss on them if: A) They ever saw daylight and B) they ever touched water. O.K.O.K., they aren't that bad. They do occasionally see some light through the window. That is how they know it is time to sleep.

    As for me I am going to turn down the light, reach down between my legs and

    lean the seat back....and turn the volume up.

    IM me...keep me awake.

    Seven hours least 50 to go.
    It is 1 A.M. and I am still sitting here cruising the web, doing research, chatting with people and answering emails and comments.

    You know, I want to do an internet radio show very badly....I just reread that...I mean I wnat to do one, I really do,and I want to do it well....and if I were doing one right now I would probably be a littlemore coherent because at least I would be talking instead of typing. I think I will listen to some Blue Man only 7 hours in and tired...that's what I get for working today...I knew I should have stayed home and slept....damn work ethic!!!!
    I know I have been railing on them here tonight, but fight fire with with smelly ass gas I always say.

    We need one for legal advice, although the family has that covered, I would like an advisor. I have some odd ideas and probably should get the advice I need before I toss 'em out into cyberspace and get locked in a loony bin.
    I am heavily researching this topic. There is actually a ton of stuff out there. Hopefully I can have a cohesive post about it that explains all teh players and how they interconnect sometime tomorrow afternoon.

    Expect a huge post with a whole bunch of reading.

    Short version: The lawyer for michael schiavo WAS the director of the hospice when she was put in there, but stepped down when he thought it would be a conflict of interests (ya think?)

    Now I ask you. What director steps down to become a mouthpiece without hope of a future payoff? Yeah.

    Remember these guys are lawyers.
    The mroe I look intothis whole deal with terri the more I am finding out.

    Go here and read this. Download the links. Actually this is starting to sound like a very plausible cover-up type thing. Almost suitable for a movie script.
    ... I wonder if this whole thing makes any sense...doing this hourly blogging I mean. Here I sit, cruising blogs and trying to get up the energy to add links.

    I sit and think about michael schiavo and wonder what he is doing about now. It is midnight in florida. A friday noght and I wonder is he at home worried about court monday morning? He probably won't even be there. Just his lawyer.

    I don't, for the most part, like lawyers. I realize that everyone is entitled to a good defense and all that but I have known some lawyers that could just slide under your door. They were like Slimer on Ghostbusters. Slimy like that. USing every trick they could think of to win at any cost while being "technically" correct, but not morally right.

    I know, sometimes the law and morals don't go together. They should I think. But then I am certain someone would cry about their civil rights to be either immoral or amoral being trampled on.

    This is a case that I think the laws weren't equipped to handle. I woul dbet alot of money that the people that wrote the laws that keep Terris parents from being able to stop her husband never in their wildest imaginations thought that someones husband would with hold care and treatment of their own wife.

    Sometimes lawyers suck big buckets of rancid buttermilk.
    I know it is still early, only 8 o'clock, but I had a touch of running around today. Right now I am fielding questions from my son who is playing game cube behind me. "Dad? Did you see that?" "Dad, wanna watch me grind on the stair rails?"

    No rest for the wicked.

    Hhhmmm...makes one wonder if Michael Schiavo ever sleeps doesn't it?
    I have been tinkering with my blog, and after the open letter to Michael Schiavo (see below) I don't have much to say at the moment about this whole mess except what an absolute clusterfuck this is turning out to be. The nazis let people starve. Africna nations are where people starve. North Korea. Ethiopia. Sudan. America when it was new, and even before that, is where people starve. People shouldn't be starved to death. It is simply not right.

    Expect my spelling to get bad by late tomorrow. Expect me not to care either. This is going to be a long haul, and everytime I consider that fact I simply think "Hey, I can get up and go outside, pet my horses, eat a sandwich, whatever I want, and if I were in terris place I would hope that someone cared enough about a fellow human being to simply stay awake and spout stuff into the world hoping that someone with some power would notice.

    Expect some rants on the futility of power if you aren't willing to wield it.


    I expect that by monday afternoon, in a fit of near exhaustion and exasperation that I will hate Michael Schiavo.

    I don't hate people. That is not me. I can hate ideas. I can hate laws. I can hate actions. In fact I do. I can hate foods. (What bonehead thought of eating baby cabbages and calling them 'brussels sprouts' anyway?) I can hate stupidity. But I have not truly hated another human being.

    Not yet anyway.
    Mr. Schiavo,

    Many, many people are wondering what, exactly is going through your head? We are wondering what you are trying to hide? We want to know why you won't divorce Terri or at least let her parents have guardianship over her.

    Frankly we are beyond baffled. We are watching this drama play out and wondering what kind of a sick, twisted evil creature you are, after all, you married Terri.

    I am fairly certain that part of your vows were "Love, Honor and Cherish" or maybe even included the word "Protect". If you did love this woman you certainly aren't showing it now. You are, in fact, completely dishonoring her by creating this spectacle and making her an object of extreme focus by alot of people that see a man that once professed to love a woman now willing to let that woman starve to death. That to me shows you don't cherish, love or honor her. You certainly aren't protecting her.

    Suffice it to say that had you married into a different family, (certainly mine and perhaps many of the families of the readers of this blog) that we would not be sitting here worried about a woman that we have never met. I can safely say that there are many families out there that would not have stood for this travesty and you would have been dealt with rather quickly. This is not a threat, simply an observation. Honestly my family would have killed you had you done this to one of ours.

    But I don't want you to die. I want you to live. I want you to divorce Terri and give her back to her family and go about your merry way, living to a ripe old age and knowing, when you are close to death, that you have done an evil thing and if there is a God that you will have to face him and answer for your deeds. If you do succeed in killing your wife I wish you an even longer life.

    I wish you a life where your heineous past follows you and that you are shunned by people everywhere you go. I hope that you live to a ripe old age, growing old in a home, crippled by arthritis, plagued with deafness and bad vision, palsy and gout, unable to care for your most basic needs and shitting yourself with the digested remnants of the liquid meals they must feed you through a straw because your teeth have fallen out and your gums bleed with the slightest pressure. I hope fervently that once you are in this home that your children move far away and change their surname, embarassed by the shame that their father brought to it and never visiting you, (kids learn by example) letting you wallow in your misery until the day that your shriveled form shudders with your last breath and at last the world is rid of a man that is evil incarnate. Chief among these wishes for you though is that you retain a crystal clear memory.

    I am glad you are not in a position of power. It is men like you that run the hellholes of this world. Men with corrupt hearts and endless selfishness.

    Prove us wrong Michael. Stop this plan that would make satan himself proud. End this now, give terri her divorce and let her parents have her back. What if, Michael, this were your child? Being a parent I know that nothing short of God himself could stand in the way of my child and I were he, (God Forbid) in this situation.

    Prove us wrong Michael. Make us believe there is still goodness in your heart.
    Until then Michael I can safely say that we hate your actions, but we don't hate you. Not yet anyway. As I said, you baffle us. You bring us a great deal of sadness and a feeling of hopelessness.

    Prove us wrong and bring back our hope Michael.
    Blogger is slow today.

    One hour to go...I am getting things set up here and plan on sending a constant email stream to the white house within an hour. May I kindly ask anyone reading this to send emails to the people elected in this country from the president on down.

    This is a very important thing.

    Think about this: IF this woman is allowed to starve to death, after the attention her plight has received, can we still consider ourselves as noble and caring as we like to think we are?

    I hate to toss out a guilt factor, but that is the truth of it. As far as I can see if Terris husband gives her a divorce her parents can take her home and give her the care she should be having.

    As far as I am concerned her husband, mr. schiavo is a criminal of the highest caliber, equal to the nazis, ('s has finally been said), and if she is allowed to starve to death he should be tried for murder, along with that damnable judge.
    First off the press is this little tidbit here where hillary calls for making election day a national holiday and want to give all felons the right to vote.

    Personally I think election day should not be a federal holiday. It may or may not raise voting percentages, which is the aim, but I believe it won't. Why? Because the people that go vote do so anyway. Those that don't are just going to use it to sleep in and slack off. As for felons voting I think hillary is really scraping the barrel bottom for votes here. (vote for me, I got your right to vote back) I don't think felons should be allowed to vote. Frankly I don't want people with judgment bad enough to land them in prison with felony charges deciding who should run the country, am I right?

    But then again it makes perfect sense she would do that. As my wife just pointed out, jail is where you find democrats....republicans can afford lawyers.

    Second up on the block for your perusal is this crap here that put forth the idea of substantially raising the cap on soc. sec. contributions. Currently the rate is at 12.4% with half paid by employers and half by employeees. It caps at $90,000. Raising the cap would raise alot more money, but would also costs employers more money thereby taking away money they have now to increase their business in some way.

    Don't ask me the numbers because I haven't crunched them yet, but if the projections in the estimates are correct with funds being raised hitting the 100 billion a year mark, half coming from employers would be a hit on the economy as a whole. They say that 845 billion in wages this year won't be taxed for SS and that only 6% of the workers make over 90 grand, so 94% of you out there wouldn't be affected in the amount you bring home but in the long run it will affect you when the economy has a downturn and unemployment rises.

    Third in the line up tonight is a story I know you have heard about. It seems our Marine Corp. have charged a marine Lt. with murder!!! This is unacceptable.

    I see a bad thing coming from this, and I am hesitant to say this but, don't be surprised if some young marine, with the thought of this story in the back of his mind voicing a fear of being charged with murder, hesitates one millisecond too long when confronted by a murderous bastard and loses his life over it.

    As far as I am concerned the people that decided to prosecute Lt. Pantano are aiding and comforting the enemy, and in a time of war at that!!!!

    Rather and Eason have been taken down by blogstorms. Terri Schiavos' life is being fought for by bloggers and I know there are bloggers out there fighting for Lt. Pantano and I am proud to be a blogger, but perhaps this time bloggers need to go a traditional route and go straight to the source.

    So contact the White House and let the President know that Lt. Pantanos' prosecution should be stopped and Terri Schiavo should NOT be starved to death simply because her husband is an asshole (IMO).

    On a lighter note, it seems that penguins have been failing to breed in germany. Apparently there were 13 penguins, and only one was a female so the males have decided, apparently, that the one female is a serious bitch because they wont breed her, only each other. Either that or she is gay also and is just waiting for a cellmate of her own gender. Does anyone else see a really bad episode of "Mutual of Omahas' Wild Kingdom" here?

    Anyway, they brought in some "experienced" (read slutty) female penguins from sweden. If what I have heard of sweden is true, and it spills over into the animal kingdom, then these penguins are in for a treat. Unless there are truly gay penguins, in which case they will probably have someone to hang out with and gossip about the straight penguins while discussing the latest episode of The Christopher Lowell Show while downing fish for dinner.

    Just a few thoughts wandering through my head right now.
    Big Tip o' me Tam to Redneck Guru

    If you are one of tender sensibilities and virgin ears I urge you, gentle and obviously new reader of this blog to skip ahead, check my links or exit this site. The link in the title has me beyond angry. Beyond pissed off. Beyond all caution and worry for the words I am about to spew out into the ether of cyberspace, so consider yourself warned.

    For many years now the dumbass environmentalists (fuck them with a huge splintery tree limb), have been whining, crying and suing left and right to force auto makers to build cleaner, more economic cars. Not once I'd wager have these USELESS FUCKS ever considered that more economic cars would lead to LESS FUEL TAXES!!!!!


    So now what are the planning to do??? The state, (not the envirofucknuts), wants to install GPS in cars and charge by the MILE!!!!!! WTF?????? They would put in a chip that allowed your odometer to communicate with the gas pump to calculate your tax everytime you refueled.

    Now I know I am going to sound like some fucking conspiracy theorist here but can anyone say BIG BROTHER??????

    Oregon, (fuck those dumbass backwards ass hicks too!!!!!), is already testing this system out, and alot of states are looking into this idea and keeping a close eye on what develops.

    I would rather see toll roads than this tracking shit. If they put a GPS into every car to play big brother then they better damn well also monitor cars when they get stolen. If they have the capability to monitor your car for taxes then they better be willing to catch these pieces of shit that steal cars and catch them within ten minutes of your car being reported stolen. At the very least they should be able to recover them that fast.

    They should also make penalties for GTA much harsher. Imagine if the state has the power to track your car to steal money from you, (taxes are theft) and can find your car instantaneously then auto theft will take up quite a bit of the cops time, so to discourage these scummy thieving bastards that prey on society and steal one of our most valuable and useful possessions penalties should be much harsher to make them think twice before stealing your car.

    Now, do you really think that states that adopt this system for tax purposes will repeal the current gas taxes already in place? Hell no. And how do you suppose they will calculate the new tax rate? I can tell you one thing. If they do this there will be alot less driving being done. People will only drive when the need arises. Tax revenue will fall even more than it has.

    The sierra club, (Useless seven sandwich eating gutter slugs the whole bunch of 'em), will love this idea. Force people to take the bus more, make 'em move closer together, stop urban sprawl. All of these things could very conceivably come to pass if this system is enacted. Imagine the hit on the economy if everyone decided that they would only drive when they absolutely had to and refused to go out and spend money on recreational pursuits.

    We should do that if it comes to pass. The American consumer is the single most powerful group on this planet. If a majority of the American consumers decided to stop spending money on everything but the neccesities for six months we could bring this country to its' knees. The economy would virtually grind to a halt. Of course it can't work that way because if everyone did that we would be out of a job for the most part. Then again what a clusterfuck for the government if everyone quit spending money and then were forced to go on unemployment as almost the same time.

    You fucking lefties want a socialist country? We could give you one, you whining, connniving, useless pieces of sewer flotsam. Keep on where you are headed, dickheads, taxing and taxing and taxing us to death. After six months with a bunch of people straining the unemployment rolls simply because they chose to only spend money on the basic necessities and caused a collapse of the system as a protest may finally show you asshats what those of us on the right understand. That a viable economy is one that is active, and taxing the hell out of us to pay for everything because your fucking bureaucracy is slow, bloated and overpaid for a job that the private sector does better and cheaper is a sure fire way to bring about your precious socialist country, where everyone is equal and ambition can be put down in favor of the Great American Nanny State.

    You probably don't see the connection between the story of GPS tracking in cars for tax purposes and the drive for a socialist state, but I do.

    Time to call the ACLU....AGAIN!!!!
    ...that said something that really pissed me off. It was one of those little filler stories in the papaer on the side of the page. You know? One of those short paragraph or two blurbs.

    It said that some men were arrested in San Diego after paying an undercover FBI agent for, get this, arranging a trip to mexico so these sick ass perverted pieces of scum, could have sex with little boys.

    In case you haven't guessed it yet these guys were members of NAMBLA. What's worse is that two of them were TEACHERS!!!!!!

    Let me give you that again. There are two teachers out there that are members of NAMBLA and trying to arrange trips to mexico to have sex with little boys.

    If you don't know who NAMBLA is I will recap for those lucky few of you out there that are not in touch with the evil that lives in the hearts of scummy bastards.
    NAMBLA. The name says it all. Sidenote: The ACLU actually DEFENDS these demons.

    These men are sick. These men are the absolute scum, below even the level of radical terrorists. If these two teachers are not fired immediately then their employers should be held responsible should anything come to light about their dealings with their students.

    The agent that infiltrated this group of deviant psychotic shitheaded evil piles of demon shit should be given a medal, a raise and be allowed to choose which one of these sick fucks to castrate first!! (can you tell I hate NAMBLA with a passion?)

    Anyone that screams "entrapment" should be locked up with these guys. Hear that HEll Spawned Lawyers of the ACLU? I know that everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, but I really wish that they were also entitled to a vigorous thrashing at the hands of some really pissed off bikers that love kids in a good way.

    Anyway, for your perusal, a list of the arrested:
    (disclaimer: all of these scumsucking shitbirds are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

    Arrested in L.A.
    Sam Lindblad, 56, of Albuquerque, N.M.,
    Gregory Nusca, 43, of Dania Beach, Fla.;
    Steven Irvin, 46, of Pittsburgh;
    Richard Stutsman, 59, of Seneca, S.C.

    Arrested in San Diego:
    Phillip Calvin, 43, of Dallas;
    David Mayer, 49, of Chicago;
    Paul Zipszer, 39, of Deltona, Fla.

    Jeff Devore, 53, of Fullerton was arrested on child pornography charges Saturday.

    This last guy is charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

    The preceding, and anyting else I ever posted in fact, has been my personal rant, unless sources are cited, and everything I called all of the people in this article is solely my opinion, so you aclu shitbirds out there thinking you can sue me for slander of these guys, or libel, can just kiss my red-blooded American ASS!!!!
    I am the number one hit on google for "kenders". How effin cool is that? Is that bragging rights of any kind?
    My wife came back from vacation lat night. One of her destinations was Wahsington D.C., where whe went to visit the memorials and view some of the history up close. Of course she brought back a few souveneirs.

    One thing she brough back was a coin from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. My father-in-law, her step dad, is a Vietnam vet, and he collects coins. She showed me the coin, a golden colored, plastic covered coin about the size of a silver dollar, well, maybe a bit bigger.

    I looked at it, admiring the detail on it, and turned it over, where the view of the coin was obstructed by a sticker that said "Made in China".

    Does this seem wrong to anyone else?
    The bill HR418, that will make it harder for illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses has a clause in it.

    I will get to that in a moment. I think it is great legislation. Illigal immigrants shouldn't be here to begin with, much less driving.

    Anyway, on to the bit in the bill that I am laughing about.

    (1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall have the authority to waive, and shall waive, all laws such Secretary, in such Secretary's sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the barriers and roads under this section.

    It goes on to state:

    (2) NO JUDICIAL REVIEW- Notwithstanding any other provision of law (statutory or nonstatutory), no court shall have jurisdiction--

    (A) to hear any cause or claim arising from any action undertaken, or any decision made, by the Secretary of Homeland Security pursuant to paragraph (1); or

    (B) to order compensatory, declaratory, injunctive, equitable, or any other relief for damage alleged to arise from any such action or decision.

    In other words the Dept of homeland security can build roads and barriers where and when they want to without judicial review or fear of lawsuits.
    Now what would the dept. of Homeland security need to build roads and barriers for? Security? Perhaps. But I think that this is what is really afoot.

    You remember Bill Clintons "No Roads Rule" where he put alot of land, and the natural resources on and in them, offlimits?

    Wave to Billy Boys "No Roads Rule" as it sinks slowly into the dust bin of history due to some of the most deviously cunning and perfectly executed political maneuvering I have ever personally seen. It is almost Machiavellian.

    Actually, I believe that Machiavelli would bow to the authors of this piece of legislation. Passing the senate is the problem now.
    Damn straight skippy!!!

    This woman just reaped what she sowed. she signed an agreement with the government to stop her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the mastermind behind the '93 WTC bombing, from contacting his followers. he is apparently the spiritual leader of the group in Egypt that killed a bunch of tourists in Luxor in '97.

    I won't go into the absurdity of having a murderous evil bastard as the spiritual leader of your group except to say that should explain alot about these peoples mind sets.

    She was convicted of helping him send messages to his group and some of the evidence against her was a phone call she made in 2000 to a Reuters correspondent in Egypt in which she read a statement issued by the cleric saying he had withdrawn his support for the Islamic Group's cease-fire in Egypt. The group had observed the cease-fire since its 1997 since attacking those tourists.

    Breaking into tears outside of the court house after the verdict, the 65 year old Lynne Stewart said
    "I hope this case will be a wake up call to all citizens of this country, you can't lock up the lawyers. You can't tell lawyers how to do their job."

    Horseshit. Locking up the lawyers like her is the first step to combatting terrorism.

    Our new AG, Alberto Gonzales stated that the convictions, "Send a clear, unmistakable message that this department will pursue both those who carry out acts of terrorism and those who assist them with their murderous goals."

    Go get 'em Bobby.

    First off I want to say that if a trashman wakes me up to give me a ticket I will be in alot more trouble than simply not recycling. Good thing that verbal assault is not yet against the law. Onward!!

    Recycling is good yeah? I get that. I am completely behind the idea of SOMEONE recycling things for money, as long as A) I don't have to haul things down to the recycling center, and B) I don't have to wonder, everytime I throw something away, "Does this recycle?"

    I toss my recyclables out...I don't have alot of them, but they get tossed. My city sorts them. So by not recycling I am creating jobs. You see? Recycling hurts the economy because you are taking jobs away from people. People that can stand all day and sort through trash to find the cans and bottles that should be recycled. These particualr jobs are usually city jobs, which means union wages most of the time. That means that when you sort and recycle your city has no reason to hire people that have this skill and pay them twelve bucks and hour to go through your nasty trash to find those soda cans.

    Here's another angle to consider.

    In some countries bands of homeless people live in the local dump, awaiting each days new trash so they can sort it and make a little money. Recycling hurts the homeless. We don't do that in America anymore. Most dumps I have been to have security guards and fences.
    I always thought that was strange. Let's fence in teh garbage so nobody can come steal it. I undertsand about liability issues, (i.e. I got hurt at your dump by trespassing and now I will sue), and I also understand about safety issues, (I got hurt at your dump because I am an idiot and now I am going to sue), but come one people, let's open up the dumps.

    Lets toss out the recyclables. Give the poor and chance. Give the homeless a place to go where they can be their own boss and have a chance to make some honest money without attacking your windshield at stop signs.

    Stop recycling folks. It is good for the bottle, good for the can, but bad for the economic situation of poor and homeless people.
    But here is the thing. While discussing the fact that germany now seems to have state forced prostitution a friend asked me "Didn't they do that back in the 40s' with Jewish women? I seem to recall something along those lines but hey, at least now they are enlightened and forcing women into prostition without worrying about race."

    Hadn't thought of that angle.
    Feel free to add to this. It isn't completely developed yet.

    I have a theory that a nations favorite sport reflects that nations general demeanor to an extent. Now there is one small exception to this rule. In England the favorite sport sems to be soccer, but that doesn't fit into the theory completely. Luckily the english have cricket.

    Allow me to explain. I will start right here at home in the Good Ol' U.S. of A.

    Once upon a time the biggest sport in the U.S. was baseball. It is still called the national pastime, but I think it is past time to change that designation to football. Back when baseball was the nations favorite game America fit that game to a tee. (No golf jokes here please) Back then American life moved slower. People were kinder to one another and we were a nation that would take the time to sit in a park for hours on end watching a gentlemanly game that really did reflect the country of the day. Baseball has a more relaxed attitude about it and the country did them too.

    Now though it is football. Not that ever moving yet little scoring game that I will get to in a bit, but American football. American football reflects our country now. There is a time limit in football. How many of you are always facing deadlines at work huh? Football resembles war. You attack in the air and on the ground, attempting to get through your opponents territory to score. There are arcane rules that deal with situations in minutiae. The real world calls it "fine print". There are serious penalties for getting caught breaking the rules. (Martha Stewart) American football is a fast paced, violent game. But they get the job done. (scoring) A perfect reflection of America today.

    Britain has cricket. Stodgy, boring, sometimes incomprehensible and occasionally puntuated by a quick burst of action. Now does that sound like the england we all know and love or what?

    Several countries have as their most beloved sport the game we call soccer. They call if futbol, probably because they couldn't come up with a better name. After all saying "Let's go down and play Kick the ball for hours and score one point" is just a huge mouthful. Also you just need one little ball and a big open field. That is a great equipment list for a poor group of people. Almost anyone could afford that. And 3rd world countries being less built up than developed countries makes for lots of open spaces.

    Soccer is fast paced. The ball is always moving. There is almost always alot of furious action on the field. It is a passionate gogogogogo all the time. That sounds like alot of 3rd world countries to me, especially in latin america. They talk fast and excitedly. Soccer also has the lowest scores I have ever seen in a game. get the picture. I think that illustrates alot of those countries perfectly. Lots of talk and action, but they rarely get anything done, in other words they don't get to the goal.

    Australia has RUGBY!!!! American football without padding and looser rules. Those fuckin' Aussies are TOUGH!!!! Glad they're on our side.

    France has........well france has.....uuummm...whining? haven't actually done that in awhile, mostly because they haven't actually fought anyone in awhile, at least not alone they haven't. Hell, I don't know what france has for a national sport. Someone told me soccer. That may be. It would fit in with the whole "create alot of action, (bitch about America) while rarely scoring points, (face it, right thinking people don't like france)" thing that france has going on lately.

    Give me your ideas on this. Who did I miss?
    Woken Sheeple, a "blogger" I have linked below, has set her blog to accept comments only from 'team members'. You have no idea how hard I have been laughing about that. If this goofball actually does manage to get team members they are certain to be those folks that not only have a tin foil hat, but a matching suit and live in a hut almost completely off the grid with that even lined in foil, feverishly surfing the web for the "proof" they need to finally bring down Bush and his "devil worshipping cohorts" while watching for "black vans" parked down the street and listening for black helicoptors hovering nearby.

    I don't know why they would listen though. Everyone and their brother knows the black helicoptors have a secret silent mode and if the government wants to monitor you they do it through satellite. I guess that is what all the foil is for huh? (see? I did it again. I just fed into their "theories")

    BTW, don't even bother going over there. She doesn't deserve the attention as she has nothing origional to say and simply posts news tidbits from another TFHWs blog.

    On a sad note I did lose one of the most entertaining fools I have yet found online. Oh well, there's always Nascarblue.

    Damn I'm a mean bastard sometimes.
    I just LOVE me.:D
    I am the number one hit for "Kenders" on Google.CA
    How about that?
    A. First, recommend to me:
    1. A movie:
    2. A book:
    3. A musical artist, song, or album:

    B. I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want. I reserve the right to not answer some questions.

    C. Then, I want you to go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything they want!

    Here are some things that have been going through my head lately. I believe that the "left" in this country is pretty much the antithesis of these beliefs. How I perceive the "left" is in (paratheses).

    I believe that hard work, combined with intelligence, initiative and maybe a little good luck can get you far in this life.

    (No, hardwork can only get you so far. The rest of the people that are harder working and smarter and maybe luckier than you will make sure you get the rest of the way)

    I believe that all people are created equal, meaning they all have an equal chance to succeed or fail, based on their particular circumstances and what they do with those circumstances. This of course does exempt those that are born without the means to do that, such as they mentally impaired, severly handicapped, [although this last catagory does get far sometimes], and those born, either through genetics or bad luck, with chronic stupidity.

    (All people are created equally and should be treated equally to the point of not suffering the consequences for their laziness or stupidity or bad choices)

    I believe in helping those less fortunate VOLUNTARILY!! This means that if I want to be a miser then I will pay that price in the hereafter, and it is not the domain of government or meddlesome busybodies to force me to give my money away simply because I happen to have been smarter, luckier or wiser than the next guy.

    (The hereafter is not a concern to us unless we are 'hereafter' your money. It is our domain to take your money because life isn't fair and stupid and or lazy people shouldn't suffer because of their faults)

    I believe that people have the right to believe, or not believe, whatever they want regardless of how I personally feel about those beliefs. I also believe that as long as those beliefs are not harmful to other people then they should have the freedom to act on them.

    (People are free to believe what they want, as long as we agree with it. They are also free to practice their beliefs, regardless of how disgusting anyone thinks they are. [NAMBLA]

    I believe in punishing people that break laws and do harm to others. I am firmly in the camp that believes punishment is rehabilitation.

    (No, punishment is against the constitutions clause against cruel and unusual punishment. All people should be treated equally, unless they are victims of society and lash out with "criminal" acts, then they should be molly-coddled so that maybe their anger goes away and they can be good members of society.)

    I believe that life is not fair, nor is it the governments job to try to make it fair.

    (If the government didn't attempt to make life fair then we would be hypocrites for saying that all people are equal and not acting on it.)

    I believe that good always triumphs over evil in the end. The problem is evil is hardheaded and keeps coming back for more ass whippings.

    (BUSH IS EVIL!!!!!)

    Finally I believe that socialism stops men, (and I mean mankind here ladies) from striving for something better. When there is very little incentive to better oneself beyond a basic level because past that level diminishing returns occur then man is, I believe, doomed to fall into mediocrity.

    A "Why Bother?" mentality sets in and only the truly motivated and ambitious will jump higher. This scares me because I have noticed that the most motivated and ambitious are many, many times truly selfish evil people.

    Witness all the evil regimes that have occured through history. Of all the countries that have ever existed how many does history look upon in a favorable light?


    Two years ago I lost a dear friend. Even now it is hard to sit and write this because teh pain feels like it was yesterday. Charley was a great man. A great big man with a great big heart. He passed of a sudden and violent coronary and when explaining it to my son I told him that Grampa Charleys' heart broke and that is why is died. Alot of other hearts broke that day, and are broken still. Posted by Hello
    The Oil For Food program has been investigated for awhile now, and the corruption that was certainly there is coming to light.

    I say the fish is rotten and it is time to throw it out. Kofi Annan has been playing the "shocked" and "dismayed" leader for this group of socialist thieves this week, and has ordered disciplinary action against the head of the program in Iraq, one Benon Sevan, for "undermining the integrity" of the U.N. through a "grave conflict of interest".

    REEEAAALLLYYY???? The U.N. has "integrity"??? This is news to me. They lost all integrity when they put Syria, Libya and Sudan on the human rights commission and tossed out the U.S. in '01.

    That the U.N. is corrupt is without doubt. It has become a gang of thugs and miscreants that hate the U.S. and strive to stop us at every turn. These guys don't care to do anything about problems unless that problem is very much in the news (tsunami) and then they generally go in and muck it up anyway. As I said, they don't want to do anything about the problems, they just like the process of figuring out HOW to solve the problem.

    The U.N. is evil. We must withdraw from it and they must be tossed out of the country. Between the world court, (which wants to try Ariel Sharon and Kissinger for war crimes and would have power over every person on the planet no matter what those deluded hacks on the left say, and YOU would no longer have the protections of The Constituion or the Bill of Rights), a lack of resolve to actually solve any problems, a bad habit of saying one thing, (we care about all peoples) and doing another, (Sudan? Genocide? Wha?) and a serious socialist bent the U.N. is a corrupt and useless institution whose time has passed.

    There is no chance for "reform", because the people that would be doing the "reforming" are the same useless pustules that have created it.

    In honor of the Liberation of Iraq, and to pay homage to those that have died, Mattel announced today that a new line of action figures will be released by spring.

    First to be released will be the repackaged "French Revolution doll renamed "Kidnapped ING Al Ken Awabi". He will come with a grainy video of him pleading for his life and has his hands bound permanantly behind his back. He can be beheaded repeatedly, just like every other action figure made in the 70's. (Insurgent Scum sold separately)

    Second to be released is actually an old design from the Clinton era. Named the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell GI Joe", he is equipped with full battle gear and tight jeans and a tank top for those "nights on the town". Included in this set is his "friend" Ramon. They come packed together. Use the enclosed decals to transform the box into an apartment for Joe and Ramon to share. (Fag Hag Barbie not included)

    Third, is the new "Insurgent Scum" action figure. It comes in two versions. Religious Zealot, which does not explode, and Brainwashed Recruit, which does. Both come with black hoods, weapons stolen from GI Joe and pocket sized Koran. Brainwashed Recruit also comes with a Plastic Key To Heaven and an IOU good for 70 virgins.
    I have a good friend that has been in the ME lately. Coincidentally he returned home yesterday and swung by for a visit a few minutes ago. He shared with me some pictures he took while he was imbedded with the insurgents under the "Fair Exchange Program", a little known program run by the UN that exchanges our photographers and journalists for those from the enemy camp to try and get balanced reporting.

    Kevin Sites, I believe, is part of that program. My friend, Ibn Hiden Oud Widem, was kind enough to let me use some of the pictures he got while there. Apparently Al Jazeera and the MSM don't have time for such boring pics of what goes on after hours in an insurgent camp, but I hope you guys find them interesting.

    All Captions on the pics from the dead-on-right mind of Kat, (sometimes in pajamas)

    My Girl Jihad. Comes with mix and match Koran and three abyas: black, dark black and really black. Posted by Hello

    My little jihad pony. Pull on the reins, his tail comes up and BOOM big explosion. Infidels will be stepping in his pony poo. Posted by Hello

    Me love jihad pony. Me love Jihad pony long time. Posted by Hello
    I saw this when it hit the wires and was tempted to rail about it but something made me hold off. Big hat tip to Redneck Guru over at The Low Country.

    Luckily patience is a virtue. For the truth go here:Drudge Report

    That is IT!!!!!

    I have had it with these terrorists and their assinine games!!!!

    I am calling Buzz Lightyear!!!!