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    Iran has been clamping down on bloggers and has sentenced one to 14 years in jail. Fourteen years. That is one hell of a long time.

    Here in America of course we have free speech. I could say anything I want about our government and nobody is going to arrest me for it. Unless I were to threaten teh Presidents life. I don't agree with that law personally because I believe it does infringe my free speech rights, but nonetheless it is there. (for the record I am not threatening W....I think he's a great man, and actually I woulkd love to meet him).

    Anyway, in honor of my free speech Here are a few choice words for the government of Iran. (I may get a, what is it called? A Fatwa?....yeah, I may get a fatwa issued against me for this BUT.....)

    You guys are evil and wrongheaded, but I have known this ever since you put a teenaged girl to death for having sex. Whats next? Beatings for breathing heavy? YOu know what else? khomeni sucked also. That's right. Your precious khomeni sucked too. Bite me you evil shitheads.

    Now I better bar the door and pass the ammo huh?
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