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    Big tip o' me Tam to RedneckGuru for this story.

    The federal government is trying to take away another one of your parental rights. They want to evaluate all the kids in the country, without your consent, and, I would wager, medicate the ones they think need it.

    This is wrong. What if a parent says "forget about it, you are NOT going to medicate my child"? Will they be thrown in jail and their child(ren) taken away?

    Psychiatric evaluation is a subjective matter. Most of my friends think I have my head on pretty good, even those friends that are IN psychiatry, but I have had a psychiatrist that was trying to evaluate me for a transplant and running late for a meeting at the same time say "I really wish I had more time to talk to you."

    He didn't say it in an apologetic way, like he felt he was bing rude. No, he said it in way that someone says to a long lost friend they run into at the airport as they are boarding a flight "I REAAAAALLLLLYY wish we had more time to talk." It was a tone that said "Damn fellow, you're really twisted in the head and I really want to explore it."

    As I said...subjective. The government has no right to screen my child, or yours either. I don't care what some of you may say about catching things early. This is a wrong headed idea.

    It is also an idea that smacks of Big Brother, and on a deeper historical level one that cries "Communist agenda".

    So I guess along with "Stay out of my wallet" and "Stay out of my bedroom" I must exhort the government to "Stay out of my head"!!!!!!!!
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