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    I have been seeing alot of coverage on Terri's plight. There seems to be a belief that thsi can be settled peacefully, and indeed, peacefully is how the bloggers and the rest of the country want it.

    Michael Schiavo divorces Terri and goes on with his life, peacefully, while Terri goes to her family for much needed rehab and therapy, peacefully, and the people sigh with relief and cheer.

    This must happen.

    The alternative to peace is war, of course, and a war has been raging, but it has been a legal war, a war of words. A war of frustration.

    Liken Michael Schiavo or his lawyer Felos to saddam, (follow me here kids), and terri is the iraqi people. What happens then?


    Or Schiavo, felos and greer can be likened to the nazi party. Logical course of action?

    Very good kids, I see the history lessons are working.

    You know that old saying...the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    The bloggers on the blogroll for Terri, (which I would put up if I had gotten the code) are all firmly in the camp of people that will do something when confronted with evil. They are "Good Men" (and Ladies), and certainly brave souls willing to do what it takes to accomplish the goals.
    As a side note I have found, (personal observation here if I am wrong please show me) that the blogroll has no "lefties" on it. I see a preponderance of folks on the right, proud patriots every one of them. I ask, where is the other side of the street? Have I simply missed them?


    Good men that do nothing to confront evil may be good men, but they are cowards.

    The question remains, are the people in power good men that will do something? Or Cowards?
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