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    I am praying that all will work out. I have been reading alot of articles. It seems to be a growing consenses that Terris' case may be a landmark decision. One that will make it easier for someone that is a burden to be "euthanized", "Put to sleep" "put down" "gievn the freedom to die" know.....MURDERED!!!!!!

    How far is that step from the choice belonging to the family or caregiver to the choice belonging to the state? Scary thought huh? What if a homeless person ends up in a hospital under these circumstances and no family can be found? Can the state then starve them to death?

    Why not just take the terminally ill and stick them in a coffin and bury them once a doctor claims there is no hope? Why actually wait for anyone to die? Let's make it so if you are alive at a certain age we just have you killed to make room for a guy that can work? Where does it stop? Why not be like the nazis? Or the dutch?

    Yeah, they are already mercy killing terminally ill people, and now they wnat to extend that to babies.

    Life means nothing apparently. Not anymore.
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