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    You folks can go here to Crystal Clear for links to Jeb Bush and some florida legislators. Scroll down and I have a link somewhere for the White House. Start sending those emails.

    It is 2 A.M. PST on Saturday morning and the date is February 19th, 2005. (side note: I hate the word "february"...wanna know why? It's that "ru" part in the middle. It's just a pain in the ass to pronounce correctly. See? Now you're trying to pronuonce it correctly aren't you?)

    I am tired. I have a sore ass from sitting for so long. I don't sit all day, so I am not conditioned for this. Some of my geek friends can sit and move nothing but their eyes and fingers for hours, with an occasional movement of their arms to take a drink of soda or grab a hnadful of junk food.

    Right about now my back is actually envious of these human sloths. (you guys know who you are and that I WUV YOU GUYS) I only call them sloths because like those creatures some of my friends could actually grow moss on them if: A) They ever saw daylight and B) they ever touched water. O.K.O.K., they aren't that bad. They do occasionally see some light through the window. That is how they know it is time to sleep.

    As for me I am going to turn down the light, reach down between my legs and

    lean the seat back....and turn the volume up.

    IM me...keep me awake.

    Seven hours least 50 to go.
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