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    ...that said something that really pissed me off. It was one of those little filler stories in the papaer on the side of the page. You know? One of those short paragraph or two blurbs.

    It said that some men were arrested in San Diego after paying an undercover FBI agent for, get this, arranging a trip to mexico so these sick ass perverted pieces of scum, could have sex with little boys.

    In case you haven't guessed it yet these guys were members of NAMBLA. What's worse is that two of them were TEACHERS!!!!!!

    Let me give you that again. There are two teachers out there that are members of NAMBLA and trying to arrange trips to mexico to have sex with little boys.

    If you don't know who NAMBLA is I will recap for those lucky few of you out there that are not in touch with the evil that lives in the hearts of scummy bastards.
    NAMBLA. The name says it all. Sidenote: The ACLU actually DEFENDS these demons.

    These men are sick. These men are the absolute scum, below even the level of radical terrorists. If these two teachers are not fired immediately then their employers should be held responsible should anything come to light about their dealings with their students.

    The agent that infiltrated this group of deviant psychotic shitheaded evil piles of demon shit should be given a medal, a raise and be allowed to choose which one of these sick fucks to castrate first!! (can you tell I hate NAMBLA with a passion?)

    Anyone that screams "entrapment" should be locked up with these guys. Hear that HEll Spawned Lawyers of the ACLU? I know that everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, but I really wish that they were also entitled to a vigorous thrashing at the hands of some really pissed off bikers that love kids in a good way.

    Anyway, for your perusal, a list of the arrested:
    (disclaimer: all of these scumsucking shitbirds are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

    Arrested in L.A.
    Sam Lindblad, 56, of Albuquerque, N.M.,
    Gregory Nusca, 43, of Dania Beach, Fla.;
    Steven Irvin, 46, of Pittsburgh;
    Richard Stutsman, 59, of Seneca, S.C.

    Arrested in San Diego:
    Phillip Calvin, 43, of Dallas;
    David Mayer, 49, of Chicago;
    Paul Zipszer, 39, of Deltona, Fla.

    Jeff Devore, 53, of Fullerton was arrested on child pornography charges Saturday.

    This last guy is charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

    The preceding, and anyting else I ever posted in fact, has been my personal rant, unless sources are cited, and everything I called all of the people in this article is solely my opinion, so you aclu shitbirds out there thinking you can sue me for slander of these guys, or libel, can just kiss my red-blooded American ASS!!!!
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