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    As I begin this post it is 11:36 PM, PST, and I can hear letterman on TV in the other room.

    Linked in the title is, a website dedicated to Terri Schiavo. For those of you that haven't heard go to the site and read all about it. It is a sad story but one with hope.

    The hope is that terris husband, an evil cretin (IMO) will let her family have care and custody of her. But that is not his plan. His plan is to have her feeding tube removed next Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, and let her starve to death.

    Since I have heard about this story monday I have been constantly thinking about it. It has weighed heavily on my mind, and I can't help but think that if my one of my sisters husbands did this to one of my sisters he would have been disappeared a long time ago. But that is not the case here. Terris family isn't like that. They have taken the legal road. I keep thinking what if this were my mother? One of my sisters? Or even my wife? I could not do what this man is planning to do. Or what if it were yours? Could you?

    How can you help? Read the website. Follow the links I will put up tomorrow and spread the word. The MSM doesn't seem to be helping. There are alot of bloggers covering this, but still, even with the latest motions filed by Terris parents it looks bleak. There is a court hearing on Monday the 21st.

    Hopefully bloggers can spread the word and make a difference with this. Bloggers brought down Dan Rather and that Eason guy. Bloggers are quickly becoming a powerful agent for change and an honest spokeman for the truth.

    Let us make that an even more solid truth this weekend.

    This is not the country I want to live in, where a man can starve his wife to death and very little gets said about it. This is America. We stand up for the little guy, (and gal), we stop the bad guys and bullies. We make things right.

    Bring me your tired, your poor, your wretched refuse yearning to breathe free.
    You should all know those words well.
    Those words promise Freedom.
    Those words promise Hope.
    Those words promise Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    Let those words of hope ring out not only for those that wish to come here and make a better life for themselves, but also for those here without a voice. Let those words of freedom ring out this weekend across this land in defense of Terri Schiavos right to life.

    Starting tomorrow evening at 6 PM PST I will blog once an hour until I hear about the outcome of the latest appeal for Terris life monday afternoon. I will be answering emails and comments as they come in as fast as I can. I hope to bring more attention to this travesty of justice that goes against everthing this country stands for. I will not sleep, though I may snooze in my chair.

    I will be living on caffeine, nicotine and insanity...insanity because this is a crazy thing that is coming to pass, and if Terri is allowed to starve to death then we have all lost a bit of our humanity and gone a bit insane.

    Pass the word. I pray that monday afternoon I can say that Terri will not begin to be starved to death on tuesday. If she is then we should all bow our heads in shame.
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