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    I have a good friend that has been in the ME lately. Coincidentally he returned home yesterday and swung by for a visit a few minutes ago. He shared with me some pictures he took while he was imbedded with the insurgents under the "Fair Exchange Program", a little known program run by the UN that exchanges our photographers and journalists for those from the enemy camp to try and get balanced reporting.

    Kevin Sites, I believe, is part of that program. My friend, Ibn Hiden Oud Widem, was kind enough to let me use some of the pictures he got while there. Apparently Al Jazeera and the MSM don't have time for such boring pics of what goes on after hours in an insurgent camp, but I hope you guys find them interesting.

    All Captions on the pics from the dead-on-right mind of Kat, (sometimes in pajamas)

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