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    The Oil For Food program has been investigated for awhile now, and the corruption that was certainly there is coming to light.

    I say the fish is rotten and it is time to throw it out. Kofi Annan has been playing the "shocked" and "dismayed" leader for this group of socialist thieves this week, and has ordered disciplinary action against the head of the program in Iraq, one Benon Sevan, for "undermining the integrity" of the U.N. through a "grave conflict of interest".

    REEEAAALLLYYY???? The U.N. has "integrity"??? This is news to me. They lost all integrity when they put Syria, Libya and Sudan on the human rights commission and tossed out the U.S. in '01.

    That the U.N. is corrupt is without doubt. It has become a gang of thugs and miscreants that hate the U.S. and strive to stop us at every turn. These guys don't care to do anything about problems unless that problem is very much in the news (tsunami) and then they generally go in and muck it up anyway. As I said, they don't want to do anything about the problems, they just like the process of figuring out HOW to solve the problem.

    The U.N. is evil. We must withdraw from it and they must be tossed out of the country. Between the world court, (which wants to try Ariel Sharon and Kissinger for war crimes and would have power over every person on the planet no matter what those deluded hacks on the left say, and YOU would no longer have the protections of The Constituion or the Bill of Rights), a lack of resolve to actually solve any problems, a bad habit of saying one thing, (we care about all peoples) and doing another, (Sudan? Genocide? Wha?) and a serious socialist bent the U.N. is a corrupt and useless institution whose time has passed.

    There is no chance for "reform", because the people that would be doing the "reforming" are the same useless pustules that have created it.

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