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    I have put terri's legal surname in "()" because I don't believe she should have that last name attached to her birth name.

    The florida Dept. of Families and Children (DFC) has stepped into the fray, as has Jeb Bush, and actually things are looking pretty good at the moment.

    Hopefully not only will gaurdianship of Terri be given over to her parents but maybe Michael Schiavo will be brought up on charges for the apparent, (and, legally necessary word here, alleged) abuse of Terri over the last several years.

    In the best case scenario Greer and Felos would be forced to stand beside him for those hoped for charges, as at the least the have been complicit and at most outright co-conspirators, at this moment, to attempted murder.

    An interesting point brought up in a link I can't find at the moment is that Terri's condition was brought on by an eating disorder. The claim was she craved being thin so much that her condition is a result of that.

    I say that her current condition, i.e. on the edge of being murdered by starvation, is also an eating disorder. Simply put, she cannot swallow. However, swallow therapy should be tried. If she can relearn to swallow food, (a scenario that would horrify micheal and his cutt throat accomplices) then the stupid and unfounded case that she is in a PVS, (I have also stopped explaining what this is, if you have followed this case you know what PVS is, and if not, google it), will have to be dropped.

    If it is dropped then maybe someone can file those attempted murder charges.
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