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    Michael Schiavo is scum.

    Plain and simple he is scum.

    When I started this vigil I said I have never hated anyone...yet.

    I still don't hate schiavo...or felos...or greer...or anyone else involved in trying to commit state sanctioned murder...yet.

    I see it coming. These guys are equal to hitler. Yes, I just said that. I hope they see it. I am mad now. Fuck them.

    Do you hear that schiavo, felos, greer and the rest of you murderous bastards?

    FUCK YOU!!!!!

    I am calling you all out.

    I know, we are supposed to be working on the public opinion part and these words may well turn off some of those people that can be swayed about this case.

    You know what? If you are one of those people that can be swayed to fight for terris life and my words piss you off and change your mind then you are no better than schiavo et. al.

    If the words of a tired man that is passionatly behind stopping a murder can sway you so easily then maybe you shouldn't be involved.

    This is a hard fight. This is a serious fight. This is, quite simply put, a fight for our nations soul.

    You may not see it as such, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. This may well set a precedent for euthanasia of elderly, ill and handicapped people.

    What if there were a law that said you had no control over the life of your ill mother that suffered a stroke and the hospital became guardian and decided to let her starve to death? What if it were your child?

    That sounds far fetched doesn't it? The nazis did it. They euthanized countless people. Retarded people. Crippled people. Old people.

    They are still doing it in europe. I will try to find out the name of that country. It is going on today.

    There are at least 110 blogers DEDICATED to this fight right now. As of this moment at least another 109 bloggers are pretty much paying attentionto this and only this. We are sending emails. We are making phone calls. We are raising money. We are raising awareness.

    Tell you what. Think of this as a telethon. An internet telethon. But instead of fighting some disease you may have heard about you are literally fighting for the life of one woman. A woman that you may never meet. A woman that is, at this very moment, lying in a hospital bed, aware of her surroundings, probably not aware exactly like you or I are aware, but aware nonetheless. She responds to people. She is NOT in a persistent vegetative state as her husband and his scumball lawyers claim.

    Google the name "terri schindler schiavo" and read up on her. Go here and follow the links, donate to the ad campaign, and after you read about Terri, if you come back here and tell me that you don't believe this is an evil event, if you tell me that your heart is not touched, if you tell me that you feel not ONE iota of concern or sadness for this womans plight then I will duly excuse you.........not from helping, because it will be plain to see at that point that you won't, but from the human race.

    If you are not deeply affected by Terri's plight and the fight for her life that is being brought by people from all over the country that have never, and probably will never, meet each other then you don't deserve your humanity.

    Please turn it in at the door when you leave.
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