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    I have been tinkering with my blog, and after the open letter to Michael Schiavo (see below) I don't have much to say at the moment about this whole mess except what an absolute clusterfuck this is turning out to be. The nazis let people starve. Africna nations are where people starve. North Korea. Ethiopia. Sudan. America when it was new, and even before that, is where people starve. People shouldn't be starved to death. It is simply not right.

    Expect my spelling to get bad by late tomorrow. Expect me not to care either. This is going to be a long haul, and everytime I consider that fact I simply think "Hey, I can get up and go outside, pet my horses, eat a sandwich, whatever I want, and if I were in terris place I would hope that someone cared enough about a fellow human being to simply stay awake and spout stuff into the world hoping that someone with some power would notice.

    Expect some rants on the futility of power if you aren't willing to wield it.


    I expect that by monday afternoon, in a fit of near exhaustion and exasperation that I will hate Michael Schiavo.

    I don't hate people. That is not me. I can hate ideas. I can hate laws. I can hate actions. In fact I do. I can hate foods. (What bonehead thought of eating baby cabbages and calling them 'brussels sprouts' anyway?) I can hate stupidity. But I have not truly hated another human being.

    Not yet anyway.
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