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    but you know...a good it is 3 A.M. PST....rolling along. I haven't started to hallucinate yet, but with any luck.

    Last night (to me anyway, actually thursday night) I went to bed at about 1 AM. I was up early this (yesterday) morning and ran all day. I wish I had time for a nap yesterday afternoon, but I didn't, so I am going on 24 hours by the time alot of you on the east coast see this.

    I am going to try to catch short light naps in my chair. I have the IM open and am answering messages and emails.

    Now I have got my cell phone and to keep awake I am going to start making calls to congressional numbers.

    In case you want them:
    Courtesy of tekgnosis

    New toll free numbers to call US Senators and Congressmembers:

    (888) 355-3588 OR (877) 762-8762


    Find out the name of your reps and call them.

    BTW, if this kind of thing becomes standard in florida, starving incapacitated people to death that is, would you let your parents retire there?
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