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    Damn straight skippy!!!

    This woman just reaped what she sowed. she signed an agreement with the government to stop her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the mastermind behind the '93 WTC bombing, from contacting his followers. he is apparently the spiritual leader of the group in Egypt that killed a bunch of tourists in Luxor in '97.

    I won't go into the absurdity of having a murderous evil bastard as the spiritual leader of your group except to say that should explain alot about these peoples mind sets.

    She was convicted of helping him send messages to his group and some of the evidence against her was a phone call she made in 2000 to a Reuters correspondent in Egypt in which she read a statement issued by the cleric saying he had withdrawn his support for the Islamic Group's cease-fire in Egypt. The group had observed the cease-fire since its 1997 since attacking those tourists.

    Breaking into tears outside of the court house after the verdict, the 65 year old Lynne Stewart said
    "I hope this case will be a wake up call to all citizens of this country, you can't lock up the lawyers. You can't tell lawyers how to do their job."

    Horseshit. Locking up the lawyers like her is the first step to combatting terrorism.

    Our new AG, Alberto Gonzales stated that the convictions, "Send a clear, unmistakable message that this department will pursue both those who carry out acts of terrorism and those who assist them with their murderous goals."

    Go get 'em Bobby.

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