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    Woken Sheeple, a "blogger" I have linked below, has set her blog to accept comments only from 'team members'. You have no idea how hard I have been laughing about that. If this goofball actually does manage to get team members they are certain to be those folks that not only have a tin foil hat, but a matching suit and live in a hut almost completely off the grid with that even lined in foil, feverishly surfing the web for the "proof" they need to finally bring down Bush and his "devil worshipping cohorts" while watching for "black vans" parked down the street and listening for black helicoptors hovering nearby.

    I don't know why they would listen though. Everyone and their brother knows the black helicoptors have a secret silent mode and if the government wants to monitor you they do it through satellite. I guess that is what all the foil is for huh? (see? I did it again. I just fed into their "theories")

    BTW, don't even bother going over there. She doesn't deserve the attention as she has nothing origional to say and simply posts news tidbits from another TFHWs blog.

    On a sad note I did lose one of the most entertaining fools I have yet found online. Oh well, there's always Nascarblue.

    Damn I'm a mean bastard sometimes.
    I just LOVE me.:D
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