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    Here are some things that have been going through my head lately. I believe that the "left" in this country is pretty much the antithesis of these beliefs. How I perceive the "left" is in (paratheses).

    I believe that hard work, combined with intelligence, initiative and maybe a little good luck can get you far in this life.

    (No, hardwork can only get you so far. The rest of the people that are harder working and smarter and maybe luckier than you will make sure you get the rest of the way)

    I believe that all people are created equal, meaning they all have an equal chance to succeed or fail, based on their particular circumstances and what they do with those circumstances. This of course does exempt those that are born without the means to do that, such as they mentally impaired, severly handicapped, [although this last catagory does get far sometimes], and those born, either through genetics or bad luck, with chronic stupidity.

    (All people are created equally and should be treated equally to the point of not suffering the consequences for their laziness or stupidity or bad choices)

    I believe in helping those less fortunate VOLUNTARILY!! This means that if I want to be a miser then I will pay that price in the hereafter, and it is not the domain of government or meddlesome busybodies to force me to give my money away simply because I happen to have been smarter, luckier or wiser than the next guy.

    (The hereafter is not a concern to us unless we are 'hereafter' your money. It is our domain to take your money because life isn't fair and stupid and or lazy people shouldn't suffer because of their faults)

    I believe that people have the right to believe, or not believe, whatever they want regardless of how I personally feel about those beliefs. I also believe that as long as those beliefs are not harmful to other people then they should have the freedom to act on them.

    (People are free to believe what they want, as long as we agree with it. They are also free to practice their beliefs, regardless of how disgusting anyone thinks they are. [NAMBLA]

    I believe in punishing people that break laws and do harm to others. I am firmly in the camp that believes punishment is rehabilitation.

    (No, punishment is against the constitutions clause against cruel and unusual punishment. All people should be treated equally, unless they are victims of society and lash out with "criminal" acts, then they should be molly-coddled so that maybe their anger goes away and they can be good members of society.)

    I believe that life is not fair, nor is it the governments job to try to make it fair.

    (If the government didn't attempt to make life fair then we would be hypocrites for saying that all people are equal and not acting on it.)

    I believe that good always triumphs over evil in the end. The problem is evil is hardheaded and keeps coming back for more ass whippings.

    (BUSH IS EVIL!!!!!)

    Finally I believe that socialism stops men, (and I mean mankind here ladies) from striving for something better. When there is very little incentive to better oneself beyond a basic level because past that level diminishing returns occur then man is, I believe, doomed to fall into mediocrity.

    A "Why Bother?" mentality sets in and only the truly motivated and ambitious will jump higher. This scares me because I have noticed that the most motivated and ambitious are many, many times truly selfish evil people.

    Witness all the evil regimes that have occured through history. Of all the countries that have ever existed how many does history look upon in a favorable light?

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