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    Cruising the blogosphere it seems others have things well under control. There are people out there with much better skills at covering the maelstrom surrounding the evil events occurring to Terri Schindler-schiavo and her family. I have been up for over 24 hours researching and posting. I am exhausted. But I have said I am going to stay and post at least once an hour until mondays court decision or tuesdays execution.

    As I said, there are others doing a better job at covering the angles than I could.

    So some thoughts instead.

    Trying to figure out the precedent of this court case had me stumped, and I am still looking for a way that the suncoast company can make money by killing patients, but the precedent was right there in black and white, literally.

    Euthanasia is a bad idea. They have it in europe, but don't ask my tired self to give you the name of the country right now. If we had euthanasia in this country I would be dead. Doctors told my mother I wouldn't live a week when I was two and a half. I have had a lifetime of medical problems. But I have never let them stand in my way. I have never considered myself "handicapped", but growing up every adult around me treated me with kid gloves, as if I would break at any moment.

    I have come close to being broken, but that is simply a hazard of my job. I break and train racehorses, thoroughbreds specifically, and I have done that while on dialysis and through two kidney transplants.

    I have skydived, scuba dived, rode not only horses (from miniature horses to the budweiser clydsdales) and one bull, (I don't suggest that one BTW), but a zebra, a camel, an ostrich, a goat, a water buffulo and I can't remember what else right now.

    I have traveled and seen our country from one end to another, been to other countries, lived in many places and called some home.

    I have seen history made and worked with some of the best racehorses of our era.

    I cheered when the wall fell and cried when Challenger went down.

    I have been wrong and I have been right.

    I have fought the good fight and won.

    I have fought the good fight and lost.

    I have been in love, (still am), and I have had my heart broken.

    I have watched friends die and my son being born.

    In short I have lived. I have lived with a vengeance. I have lived passionately. If I was allowed to die when I was a child I would never have known any of this.

    My friends and family would not have missed the person I am because I would have never BEEN. That is a sad thought to me.

    Terri Schiavo IS!!!!

    Terri Schiavo deserves to live. There is a world out there for her, and hope for a better tomorrow given the help and care she, not needs...DESERVES!!!!

    If Terri is allowed to be executed we are all the worse off for it. We all lose some of that caring humanity that separates us from most animals.

    In fact, if she is allowed to die then none of us deserve the appellation of caring human being.

    If you are reading this and NOT in the fight for Terris life then go here and help.

    Help Terri Live!!!

    Please....our humanity may depend on it.
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