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    ... I wonder if this whole thing makes any sense...doing this hourly blogging I mean. Here I sit, cruising blogs and trying to get up the energy to add links.

    I sit and think about michael schiavo and wonder what he is doing about now. It is midnight in florida. A friday noght and I wonder is he at home worried about court monday morning? He probably won't even be there. Just his lawyer.

    I don't, for the most part, like lawyers. I realize that everyone is entitled to a good defense and all that but I have known some lawyers that could just slide under your door. They were like Slimer on Ghostbusters. Slimy like that. USing every trick they could think of to win at any cost while being "technically" correct, but not morally right.

    I know, sometimes the law and morals don't go together. They should I think. But then I am certain someone would cry about their civil rights to be either immoral or amoral being trampled on.

    This is a case that I think the laws weren't equipped to handle. I woul dbet alot of money that the people that wrote the laws that keep Terris parents from being able to stop her husband never in their wildest imaginations thought that someones husband would with hold care and treatment of their own wife.

    Sometimes lawyers suck big buckets of rancid buttermilk.
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