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    And I am going to take a cat nap, I swear. But I don't really know waht that means. I have a cat that you could stomp up to when she truly sleeps. She wouldn't wake up. Maybe that is a sign of trust? Dunno.

    Anyway I am listening to Weird Als "Poodle Hat".

    Good album. But then I love those odd songs. Weird Al, while great at his job simply because of the fact that he does all his own stuff is, I think, eclipsed by Bob Rivers. Some of you are probably saying "I haven't heard of him." Yes you have. Google him. If you like funny songs then you will know that you have heard of him when you hear such classics as "Walkin round in womens underwear" and "the restroom door said gentlemen", both of which my son, at five, knows by heart. IN case it hasn't hit you yet these are christmas parodies.

    Yep, I taught my son very politically incorrect christmas songs. I am blaming it on the ACLU...If my son can't sing traditional christmas songs then I will teach him the classics of parody.

    Perhaps it is time for a parody song about the ACLU eh?
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