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    While commenting at the blog linked in the title, I started to rant. I cut that rant short. You see, I felt it fit better here. This is something that has been bugging me for a long time. I am sure there is something out there like it already, but I haven't seen it and have decided to put in my two cents worth....ok...maybe a dimes worth, you know how I rant.

    Urban Archipelago My Ass!!!
    (an answer to the whiny lefts cry of "Boycott everything but blue cities)

    Perhaps the "Urban Archipelago" is a good idea. You guys stay in your crowded, dirty, crime ridden cities and out of the clean fresh country air. Take all of your guns away from yourselves, and cry when you have no defense from people that don't care about "laws" that say owning a guns are against them.

    Hope you like that soy milk, cuz ya know what? They don't have diaries in the city. Want a steak? No? Good!! Because they don't raise beef cattle in the cities either. Want a nice stay at a B&B in the country? I hope so, because the folks that own those should charge four times the price depending on where you live.

    Want to keep all that money you pay in taxes in your cities? Good. Use it to pave your roads and enjoy your soymilk and garden burgers. Wait a sec. How many vegetables can you grow in a city anyway? Oh. Not much huh? OK...well, here's an idea. Take all those "homeless" you care so much about and take a cue from Soylent Green.

    You see, out here they aren't "homeless". "They" are transients or bums. Some of them may take a seasonal job, at a low wage, and move on at the end of the season. You know why they work for low wages? Because you folks in those "blue cities" scream about the price of food.

    How about we pay them a "living wage" and you pay 4 bucks for a tomato? What? Aahhhh, come on are the ones crying about low wages for labor. Did you ever stop to wonder how that food you get is so affordable? Believe me, raising all that fancy lettuce for those "salads" you folks love to eat isn't cheap. Especially now that you city folks use so much water and your environmentalist friends worry about the ecosystem to the point of taking away our water for your houses.

    Never thought about that have you? I thought so. What do you guys have that we need? Nothing!

    We have movie theaters. We have our newspapers and get the same satellite TV that you do. We can shop online too. We have roads, but if we end up with dirt roads that's ok, because most of us own at least one truck. If you did come to visit at least you may actually have a chance to drive on something besides pavement in those big SUVs you have.

    In fact, I can't think of any reason to go into the city at all. We have places to shop, to eat at and to entertain ourselves with also. You have opera and theaters that have honest to goodness plays. That's ok. Most of us out here don't have, nor do we feel the need, to have your "culture". As far as we're concerned that is part of the problem with you guys. Those things have made you pretentious. Around here we just call it "Uppity".

    So keep your "culture". We have our own "culture" out here. It includes a work ethic, unlike yours. Alot of us work sun-up to sundown. We call that "livin" out here, and realize the glory of an honest days work.

    We also realize what the American Dream is all about. It is about working hard and being honest, it means that you reap what you sow, and you get back what you put out. It is about helping your fellow man, but not to the point that you are put out also. It is about being true to yourself, giving it all you have and being a good sport when you lose. (Take big fat cue from THAT lats one ok?)

    Basically it is the antithesis of your values, your ideals. It is the epitomy of the American Way.

    So stay in your cities. We really don't want your uppity asses out here, taking up the parking at the A&P and sneering at us "hicks", and as a return favor we will stay out of the cities, and we'll keep our dairy, meats and veges out of your stinking, overcrowded, crime ridden cities too.
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