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    First off the press is this little tidbit here where hillary calls for making election day a national holiday and want to give all felons the right to vote.

    Personally I think election day should not be a federal holiday. It may or may not raise voting percentages, which is the aim, but I believe it won't. Why? Because the people that go vote do so anyway. Those that don't are just going to use it to sleep in and slack off. As for felons voting I think hillary is really scraping the barrel bottom for votes here. (vote for me, I got your right to vote back) I don't think felons should be allowed to vote. Frankly I don't want people with judgment bad enough to land them in prison with felony charges deciding who should run the country, am I right?

    But then again it makes perfect sense she would do that. As my wife just pointed out, jail is where you find democrats....republicans can afford lawyers.

    Second up on the block for your perusal is this crap here that put forth the idea of substantially raising the cap on soc. sec. contributions. Currently the rate is at 12.4% with half paid by employers and half by employeees. It caps at $90,000. Raising the cap would raise alot more money, but would also costs employers more money thereby taking away money they have now to increase their business in some way.

    Don't ask me the numbers because I haven't crunched them yet, but if the projections in the estimates are correct with funds being raised hitting the 100 billion a year mark, half coming from employers would be a hit on the economy as a whole. They say that 845 billion in wages this year won't be taxed for SS and that only 6% of the workers make over 90 grand, so 94% of you out there wouldn't be affected in the amount you bring home but in the long run it will affect you when the economy has a downturn and unemployment rises.

    Third in the line up tonight is a story I know you have heard about. It seems our Marine Corp. have charged a marine Lt. with murder!!! This is unacceptable.

    I see a bad thing coming from this, and I am hesitant to say this but, don't be surprised if some young marine, with the thought of this story in the back of his mind voicing a fear of being charged with murder, hesitates one millisecond too long when confronted by a murderous bastard and loses his life over it.

    As far as I am concerned the people that decided to prosecute Lt. Pantano are aiding and comforting the enemy, and in a time of war at that!!!!

    Rather and Eason have been taken down by blogstorms. Terri Schiavos' life is being fought for by bloggers and I know there are bloggers out there fighting for Lt. Pantano and I am proud to be a blogger, but perhaps this time bloggers need to go a traditional route and go straight to the source.

    So contact the White House and let the President know that Lt. Pantanos' prosecution should be stopped and Terri Schiavo should NOT be starved to death simply because her husband is an asshole (IMO).

    On a lighter note, it seems that penguins have been failing to breed in germany. Apparently there were 13 penguins, and only one was a female so the males have decided, apparently, that the one female is a serious bitch because they wont breed her, only each other. Either that or she is gay also and is just waiting for a cellmate of her own gender. Does anyone else see a really bad episode of "Mutual of Omahas' Wild Kingdom" here?

    Anyway, they brought in some "experienced" (read slutty) female penguins from sweden. If what I have heard of sweden is true, and it spills over into the animal kingdom, then these penguins are in for a treat. Unless there are truly gay penguins, in which case they will probably have someone to hang out with and gossip about the straight penguins while discussing the latest episode of The Christopher Lowell Show while downing fish for dinner.

    Just a few thoughts wandering through my head right now.
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