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    Mr. Schiavo,

    Many, many people are wondering what, exactly is going through your head? We are wondering what you are trying to hide? We want to know why you won't divorce Terri or at least let her parents have guardianship over her.

    Frankly we are beyond baffled. We are watching this drama play out and wondering what kind of a sick, twisted evil creature you are, after all, you married Terri.

    I am fairly certain that part of your vows were "Love, Honor and Cherish" or maybe even included the word "Protect". If you did love this woman you certainly aren't showing it now. You are, in fact, completely dishonoring her by creating this spectacle and making her an object of extreme focus by alot of people that see a man that once professed to love a woman now willing to let that woman starve to death. That to me shows you don't cherish, love or honor her. You certainly aren't protecting her.

    Suffice it to say that had you married into a different family, (certainly mine and perhaps many of the families of the readers of this blog) that we would not be sitting here worried about a woman that we have never met. I can safely say that there are many families out there that would not have stood for this travesty and you would have been dealt with rather quickly. This is not a threat, simply an observation. Honestly my family would have killed you had you done this to one of ours.

    But I don't want you to die. I want you to live. I want you to divorce Terri and give her back to her family and go about your merry way, living to a ripe old age and knowing, when you are close to death, that you have done an evil thing and if there is a God that you will have to face him and answer for your deeds. If you do succeed in killing your wife I wish you an even longer life.

    I wish you a life where your heineous past follows you and that you are shunned by people everywhere you go. I hope that you live to a ripe old age, growing old in a home, crippled by arthritis, plagued with deafness and bad vision, palsy and gout, unable to care for your most basic needs and shitting yourself with the digested remnants of the liquid meals they must feed you through a straw because your teeth have fallen out and your gums bleed with the slightest pressure. I hope fervently that once you are in this home that your children move far away and change their surname, embarassed by the shame that their father brought to it and never visiting you, (kids learn by example) letting you wallow in your misery until the day that your shriveled form shudders with your last breath and at last the world is rid of a man that is evil incarnate. Chief among these wishes for you though is that you retain a crystal clear memory.

    I am glad you are not in a position of power. It is men like you that run the hellholes of this world. Men with corrupt hearts and endless selfishness.

    Prove us wrong Michael. Stop this plan that would make satan himself proud. End this now, give terri her divorce and let her parents have her back. What if, Michael, this were your child? Being a parent I know that nothing short of God himself could stand in the way of my child and I were he, (God Forbid) in this situation.

    Prove us wrong Michael. Make us believe there is still goodness in your heart.
    Until then Michael I can safely say that we hate your actions, but we don't hate you. Not yet anyway. As I said, you baffle us. You bring us a great deal of sadness and a feeling of hopelessness.

    Prove us wrong and bring back our hope Michael.
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