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    So the alleged main shooter at Ft. Hood is a recent convert to islam. I will wager his accomplices are also islamic.  This was a terrorist attack perpetrated by islamic militants embedded in the U.S. military.  How do you think other soldiers will feel having to serve with other muslims who may at any moment decide to go on an allah sanctioned killing spree?

    I now one thing....if I were in the military at this moment I would sleep with one eye open and a gun in my hand if I had muslims in my unit.....religion of peace my ass.
    The left love to say what they do is "for the children." Let me tell you something. Myself, and those of my ilk (conservative-gun-totin'-bible-clinging-freedom-loving-constitution-quotin'-red-white-and-blue-neck
    -flyover-state-patriotic-will-kick-your-patchouli-reeking-ass-for-burning-a flag-in-front-of-us-sons-a-bitches) are doing what we do for OUR children. Not yours. We believe you can raise your limp wristed granola muncher any damned way you want to and we should have the same right.

    We don't care what you want to tell your kid at home but you shouldn't be telling our kids that in school. We don't care about your twisted warped, weak ass, socialist ideas, they were NOT what this country was founded on. This country was founded on the idea of the individual not the collective. You want that? Move to europe and do me a favor, tell them as soon as all you panty-waisted socialist twits get over there the good ol' U.S. of A. will step back and let europe pay for their own national defense and we'll see how long that welfare state lasts.

    I know a bunch of you are thinking America is going the way of europe.

    Think again.

    The leaders in D.C., as many of you have finally (possibly too late) realized are pushing us towards socialism. This infuriates me. It terrifies me. It also gives me courage. I don't have a lot in the world in the way of material possessions. I don't have much money and live (for now) at what would be, if I were alone in this world, a poverty level. What I do have is family and friends which gives me more riches than any king ever knew for I know they stand beside me not because of what I can give them but for who I am.

    Most important to me in this world is my son. My brilliant, precocious son. He has a heart as big as the world, endless potential and a mind that I have learned eclipses that of his mother and I when we were his age. In a world of unbridled freedom and equal opportunity, where he could rise as high as his intellect and ambition could take him he could be an unstoppable force, achieving goals I simply cannot imagine.

    In a world of socialist statism, where the goal is equal outcomes, not equal opportunity, he will be hobbled, constrained by the natural order of people not as intelligent or ambitious or even as lucky as others who are raised up artificially by a government led not be the tenets of Liberty but by the tenets of "fairness."

    This shall not happen on my watch and if it does it won't be because I sat around unwilling to back my words with actions, letting the sacrifices of better men who have gone before me meaningless and allowing my son to live in a world where freedom is simply an abstract concept.

    I will NOT let these socialist bastards steal my country and my liberty without a fight. We are quickly approaching the time when words will be useless and sides must be chosen. Either one believes in the greatness of the human spirit unbridled to lift themselves up or they believe we are incapable and simply subjects of those who would "lead" us as lambs are led to slaughter.

    Call me an extremist, call me a terrorist or call me a patriot, by your words will I know where you stand. By your words will I know whether you are friend or foe. By your words shall you live or die a free man beside me or a slave to tyrants.

    By your words.