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    Years ago, there was an old tale in the Marine Corps about a lieutenant who inspected his Marines and told the 'Gunny' that they smelled bad. The lieutenant suggested that they change their underwear. The Gunny responded, 'Yes sir, I'll see to it immediately'.

    He went into the barracks and said, 'The lieutenant thinks you guys smell bad, and wants you to change your underwear. Smith, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowskie, Brown, you change with Schultz. Get to it'.

    The moral:
    A candidate may promise change in Washington, but don't count on things smelling any better.
    Two Americas

    John Edwards was right, or at least half right, anyway.

    There are two Americas fighting for dominance in this country and they aren't the America of the wealthy and the America of the downtrodden. If the wrong America wins it will be just that and then John Edwards will look like a seer.

    The first of the two Americas I speak of is Classic America, the one most folks on the Right think of when they think of America. It's the one we are fighting so hard to keep from slipping into the dustbin of history.

    It is the America of John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Frank Sinatra and countless other Real Men who knew honest work was a good thing for a man's soul, and that accepting or relying on charity, no matter how freely given, lessened a man. Men used to do everything they could to avoid having to accept charity.

    It is the America of June Cleaver and the stay at home mom, the America of women who knew their highest calling was to raise the kids and take care of the house and her husband. Generations of women just like this raised up generations of great men and women. They were the women that raised the children that went on to beat the Brits in the Revolution, save the Republic in the Civil War and beat down Hitler and Tojo in WW2. It was women such as this who raised the men that built this country into the greatest country yet seen on this little blue globe.

    It is the America of the self made man and The Buck Stops Here instead of the America of begging for the governments help for each little bump and bruise and blaming everyone and everything for all of the ills that befall you in life.

    Life Is Not Fair, and to steal a great quote from a famous flick, anyone that tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

    Now we have another America vying to BE America and all she stands for.

    This New America, or America Lite, is represented by folks such as Sean Penn, Janeane Garafalo, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and countless other empty headed cretins that push a socialist agenda on this country using false, unearned guilt.

    It is an America where the government takes care of all your needs, instead of you taking care of yourself.

    It is an America where the Government controls your access to healthcare, instead of you deciding which healthcare you wish to buy, or if at all.

    It is an America where the government regulates everything: the emissions from your car, what kind of paint a store can sell and how you must act as an adult by forcing you to wear helmets and seat belts.

    There once was a time when this country was filled with citizens who understood that you reap what you sow, you get what you earn, good or bad, that actions had consequences and you paid the price for them either way.

    Die in a motorcycle accident from not wearing a helmet?

    Sorry you're dead, but dude, you asked for it.

    End up crippled because of that accident? It's the responsibility of you and your family to take care of you, not the government's (i.e. everybody else)

    As a result of this, people acted more responsibly, because they knew there were consequences to be paid for their actions.

    Get a girl pregnant? You will suddenly find yourself with a wife. Not to mention in-laws who probably don’t think much of you and probably won’t for many years but you took responsibility for your actions and stuck it out and you raised your children into good citizens because that’s what was expected of you.

    In America Lite dads leave without a second thought. This situation has gotten so bad that deadbeat dad laws will utterly destroy a man’s life if his children’s mother decides to go the easy route and take welfare and he doesn’t take responsibility by paying for his progeny.

    Once upon a time in this country men did the right thing because it was the right thing to do, not because the law threatened to destroy their ability to make a living.

    Now, when something bad happens to somebody the questions immediately fly about "Why wasn't something done to avoid this?" and "Where was the government?" when the questions that should be asked are "What can I do to help this poor soul?" and "What was that person thinking?" and maybe even "Did you see what happened to that dumbass? He sure got what he had coming, huh?"

    The America I know and love, the America whose return MUST occur, is in a pitched battle with the America Lite, which is a country that sports the Stars and Stripes but whose Faith, Patriotism and Freedom rings hollow to this mans ears. America Lite chooses instead a socialist path that steals Liberty and crushes the greatness of the Human Spirit, making away with the Rights granted by our Creator like a thief in the night. The end result of this vileness is a population who are simply wards of the state, children to be taken care of at each turn, from cradle to grave.

    The America I know and love, Classic America, the America where a man is known for his actions, where he takes pride in his work and his word, where he chooses the most menial work if that's all that is there instead of demanding to be taken care of by his fellow man by threat of government force is slowly dying off. As each succeeding generation is brought up in a school system that teaches them a test, skims the great history of this country and pounds guilt for being a citizen of the best country ever into their little mush filled skulls, we get people so empty headed as to follow the most inexperienced, liberal, anti-American person to ever run for the White House on a major party ticket as if he is the second coming of the Christ.

    Is there hope?


    If that American Spirit can be brought back to full bloom, If people once again are taught that having pride in themselves and taking responsibility for their lives is the way to success in life. If people are once again taught that success is not measured by how large a house one has, or how expensive your car or clothes are, but rather how you live your life and how you treat other people.

    The theft of my liberty for your comfort, no matter how necessary that comfort may be, is still the theft of my liberty. Three generations of Americans don't seem to understand that, and they demand that our government do more for them, never realizing that with each thing the government does, someone's liberty has been stolen in their name and vice versa.

    These are the Two Americas.

    In November you get to choose which America you want to have. Classic America, the America that Saved the World (twice at least) and is mostly responsible for the current amenities and freedoms the world enjoys or America Lite, a pale and ugly shadow that is bound to failure and the destruction of True Freedom and the Greatness of Man.

    It is that simple.

    Choose wisely, my friends. If you remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail where the American chose the wrong Grail and instantly withered away to dust, then you get an idea of what will happen if you choose poorly.

    We are that man, and we are standing in front of two cups, but only one can bring us back to the greatness we once knew, the Freedom we once would fight to defend, the Pride in simply BEING an AMERICAN. The other will certainly cause us to whither away to dust.

    As I said, choose wisely.
    It seems dealing with Barack Hussein "Black Eagle" Obama can get dangerous.

    First it was grandma under the bus.

    Then it was the Not SO Good Reverend Wright.

    Then a billion Muslims.

    Now it's the Native Americans.

    Who's next? Who knows? Rezko? Ayers?

    For my money it's the military.

    One thing is for sure, I bet if elected he won't throw Iranian President Iwannajihad or North Korean Dictator Kim Ding Dong Mentally Ill under the bus.
    Global Warming alarmists are getting their way in Britain, with taxes on fuel and heating bills rising faster than people can possibly make up for it, and the fallout is crashing down on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's pointy little head. If Barack Hussein Obama wins the White House in November we'll be in the same place in five years Britain is today, at least energy tax wise.

    Prime Minister Brown party has taken a shellacking in a By Election in Henley, with Labour falling to fifth place, and at least one correspondent calling it "Brown's Green Suicide."
    Gordon Brown suffered the humiliation on Friday of Labour crashing to fifth place in the Henley by-election on his first anniversary as prime minister.

    The Conservatives comfortably held one of their safer seats, vacated by Boris Johnson when he left parliament to serve as London Mayor. John Howell, the Tory candidate, secured a majority of 10,116, increasing the Tory share of the vote from 53.5 per cent in 2005 to 57.5 per cent.

    In his acceptance speech he said “the British public has sent a message to Gordon Brown to ’get off our backs, stop the endless tax rises and help us cope with the rising cost of living’”.
    emphasis mine

    Brown's plan to add A HUNDRED BILLION program (that British pounds we're talking here, so convert that to dollars and WOW what a tax hike) is certain to make the British economy even more sluggish than it is now.
    GORDON Brown was set to signal today he is prepared to take on public opinion over green taxes.

    The Prime Minister was to insist “real leadership” is necessary to reduce Britain’s carbon footprint.

    Announcing a £100 billion programme to slash greenhouse gas emissions, Mr Brown was due to say UK lifestyles must change over the next decade.

    Barack Hussein Obama will bring about the same kind of destruction as Gordon Brown has wrought in Britain with the tax schemes to combat the mythical global warming beast, and the economy we have now, which is NOT in a slump regardless of what news pundits claim, will be in a full blown downward spiral that will be so hard and so fast as to be more of a plummet from a cliff than a spiraling down effect.

    And things will only get worse.

    Hard-pressed Britons face five years of rocketing home fuel bills to bankroll Gordon Brown's £100billion green energy "revolution''.

    Gas bills will jump by up to 37 per cent, adding £209 a year on average to bills.

    Electricity could be 13 per cent higher, an annual increase of about £50, to subsidise "greener" technology.

    That comes on top of the 14 per cent surcharge already being paid by millions of homeowners on electricity, and three per cent on gas, for Government initiatives to tackle global warming.

    But critics warn the annual cost to the economy is likely to be between £5billion and £6billion - most of which will be passed on to customers. The plans could also see petrol prices rise again by up to four per cent and diesel by three per cent.

    So this is going to help beat down the ghost of a dragon called Global Warming?

    NEW YORK, June 25 (Reuters) - The world's emissions of the main planet-warming gas carbon dioxide will rise over 50 percent to more than 42 billion tonnes per year from 2005 to 2030 as China leads a rise in burning coal, the U.S. government forecast on Wednesday.

    China's coal demand will rise 3.2 percent annually from 2005 to 2030, the Energy Information Administration said in its International Energy Outlook 2008.

    U.S. coal use will rise 1.1 percent during the same period, the statistical arm of the Department of Energy projected.

    EIA economist Nasir Khilji said China's coal demand will likely rise steeply because it is the cheapest fuel to feed its surging manufacturing industry and demand for electricity as much of the population moves to urban areas.

    In the United States a move to more nuclear power should help slow emissions growth, he said.

    EIA raised its forecast of annual Chinese carbon emissions in 2030 by 6.8 percent from its outlook released last year, while cutting its forecast for 2030 carbon emissions in the United States by 13.8 percent.
    emphasis mine

    But of course we're the bad guys still. We cut emissions, grow our emissions slower than Europe, let the free market run it's course and do better than everyone else on greenhouse gas emissions without busting our economy and we're the bad guys because we haven't raised our taxes to such an onerous level to appease a bunch of alarmists that simply cannot prove their stance?

    Backed by a willing leftist media who know a good selling story when they hear it, a populace that would rather be able to sit around with their five dollar unpronounceable coffee drinks and feel good about themselves rather than do some actual research and use their brains, the climate change crowd is going to destroy our economy and weaken our country to the point that we won't be able to defend ourselves, much less our allies.

    Sound crazy? Then read this.
    The bitter arguments in the Senate this month over the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill, which would have required major emitters to pay for the right to discharge greenhouse gases, proved that climate change caused by humans has come to the fore of U.S. policy debates. This fact may comfort those who believe that future generations will judge us on the zeal with which we face the challenge. It may even assuage the fears of those who believe that warming will end life as we know it. But political rhetoric is unlikely to put us on a path toward solving the problem of climate change in the best possible way.

    Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), a co-sponsor of the bill, has called it "the world's most far-reaching program to fight global warming." It is indeed policy on a grand scale. It would slow American economic growth by trillions of dollars over the next half-century. But in terms of temperature, the result will be negligible if China and India don't also commit to reducing their emissions, and it will be only slightly more significant if they do. By itself, Lieberman-Warner would postpone the temperature increase projected for 2050 by about two years.

    So basically what this is saying is that even with these restrictions, new taxes and destruction of the economy the temperature will still rise.

    Maybe that's because we really don't have a huge effect on the planet and this is all guesses and maybes? The only thing that isn't a guess and a maybe in this whole debacle is the fact that the greenies are going to destroy our economy if someone with some common sense doesn't step up and say whoa. I don't see that happening, as political correctness is more important than actually being correct these days, so don't be surprised if a new tax eventually gets proposed that charges you for breathing.

    That's right, for breathing.

    Better let that sentence take your breath away now, because in the future it may cost you.
    Congressman Brad Sherman (Dumbass-Ca) held a telephone townhall tonight and I called in and asked him if he agreed with his colleagues statement about nationalizing the oil companies.

    His response?

    Dunno what it would've been as they didn't get to my question. Whether it was a swamped line with no time to get to me or maybe the Congressman didn't want to answer my question I will never know. But I am guessing it is the latter.

    Someone else asked about gas prices and Congressman Sherman responded by talking about a BTU tax that was beaten down in the senate a few years ago and says he has been pushing for higher gas taxes to force people to conserve. Nice guy. Instead of raising our taxes why don't you let some new refineries get built so that we can turn our more gasoline to meet demand, thereby causing the prices to drop?

    Contrary to common belief Barack Hussein Obama is not muslim, or even African.

    Due to a typo at the hospital he was born in his true heritage has been lost.

    His name should be written Barack Hussein O'Bama. You see, his father was actually one of those folks known as "Black Irish" so all you folks hating on my boy BHO just stop the madness now.
    Breast Motion, or The Power of The JiggleWatt.

    Just go read it.
    HEAR YE, HEAR YE, Be it known that your future leader, Barack "Hussein" Obama, Bearer of The Great Seal of the Candidate, Savior of the Union and All Around Great Guy has made a proclamation that actually drilling for oil offshore is simply a "gimmick" and won't lower fuel prices.

    He has also proclaimed that taxation upon the profits of oil companies to be redistributed in one thousand dollar increments to the "middle class" will ease the short term pain of paying over 4 dollars a gallon for gas.

    OK, now it's time for a WTF moment. Drilling is a gimmick just like surgery to remove a tumor is simply a diversionary tactic to distract the patient from the wizard in the corner casting Tumor-Be-Gone. Everybody knows that the real way you get oil out of the ground is to wish it up, right?

    Seriously, if we don't drill for it how are we going to extract it? Maybe we can get the Good Reverend Jeremiah "So Wrong" Wright to come yell at it until it surrenders and seeps out of the ground on it's own accord. Or maybe we can get Tony Rezko to get some of his guys to make an offer to the oil to get it to come out on its' own. Or maybe the Obamessiah can get Bill Ayers to go blow the oil out of the ground for him.

    Either way, stating that drilling for oil is a gimmick is insane and a lie and pandering to the envirowackos that want us to live in mud huts eating tofu to "Save nature."

    As for taxing the "record multi-billion dollar profits of the oil companies" there are two things to point out. One is that taxes are ALWAYS passed on in the price of goods and services and taxing the multi-billion dollar profits is simply a new tax on the people. The second thing to point out is those "record profits" came from record sales and the profit margin of the oil companies is running just under 10% which any business man worth his portfolio will tell you is acceptable but far from obscene.

    You wanna tax someone with obscene profits?

    Try Google. Almost 25%.

    Yahoo? Almost 15%.

    What about Microsoft? Almost 29% profit margin.

    By comparison Exxon Mobil is just over 10% profit margin.

    So is the government now going to dictate what the profit margin of a company can be? Are they going to dictate that after a certain profit margin is reached that all monies after that go to the government to dole out to the poor saps that have to deal with these rapacious companies that are sucking Joe Sixpack's pockets dry?

    Or is it just the evil oil companies that the government will go after for "obscene profits?"

    Take away those "obscene profits" and exploration and drilling and research into cleaner burning fuels will cease to exist. Either that or the oil companies will, on paper, start running at a loss.

    Only someone like a politician or an idiot would say raising taxes will cut prices and only a charlatan that has something up his sleeve would say that using the best accepted method for extracting oil is nothing more than a gimmick.

    So the only question I now have, given that "Our Savior" IS a politician and is expected to lie and pander is what does Barack Hussein Obama have up his Charlatanian sleeve?
    With all the hub bub about Obama's new seal, and some questioning if it may be illegal I have a better question.

    Apparently a guy named Matthew Crozier, who is a latin scholar says the latin words on the seal literally means "In truth we are able" but says it is "close enough" to Obama's campaign slogan of "Yes We Can" to pass muster.

    The latin words are "Vero Possumus". "Vero" of course is "truth" but possumus I am unfamiliar with, as I am not a latin scholar. However I do notice that it is close to the word "possum", which is a marsupial, strictly speaking, but some would call them vermin.

    Now taking the "vero" meaning true and "possumus" resembling possum which can be considered a vermin I think we have a much closer approximation of Obama's new slogan;

    True Vermin.

    Today my friend Robert G. used a phrase that got me to thinking. The phrase was "PelosiGas" in reference to the "Honorable" Nancy Pelosi, Demoncrat from 'Frisco (They hate it when ya call it that) who is Speaker of the House and said the President's call to drill offshore and in ANWR is a scam.

    How it is a scam to drill for our own oil is, quite honestly, so mindbogglingly far and away from any vestige of common sense that even the Hubble would have trouble seeing it, were it searching for common sense and not far flung galaxies.

    But that's neither here nor there for the purpose of this bit. You see, I have a plan, thanks in part to my pal Robert, and thanks in part to almost every politician out there, especially those on the left and this plan could wipe out our dependence on foreign oil, end the debacle of ethanol and cut greenhouse gasses 86.3789% in one fell swoop.

    We harvest the hot air and constant stream of gaseous output flowing from our politicians and convert it to fuel.

    Of course we'd have to build a special refinery or two, as the venomous fumes that flow from the mouths of the left is certainly going to be hard on the equipment but just from what we get from Kennedy, Murtha and Pelosi would make it a profitable venture. Add in Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of those gassbags and we'll have energy enough to spare, and can export it to third world countries that lack in that natural reso u....uuummm...well, anyway, the entire world can have tons of energy, as this natural resource seems to be rather plentiful.

    The best part of this plan is with a big bag strapped on their mouths to catch our new fuel supply our politicians won't be able to be heard so much anymore, which will of course do two things. One, political discourse in this country would be much nicer, and two, the lies would trickle to nothing.

    Of course, then the New York Times would have to go back to printing actual facts and real news, but hey, ya can't win 'em all eh?
    With the news flying around that the Associated Press is planning to start charging bloggers for quoting their stories, and by the word count no less, an interesting thing has happened.

    Big Gun blogger Patterico has caught the AP using some of the stuff from his site in THEIR stories.

    The solution is clear. Patterico must charge the AP at once. I think five grand a word sounds about right.

    Or am I being too easy on 'em?
    So we have a world that seems to have a very bad view of us here in the states, seeming to believe we are a country of fat, racist imperialists sitting on our asses all day watching illegal aliens do all of our work while we spend our time munching fast food in our aircraft carrier sized SUV's figuring out how to get even more money and keep the minorities oppressed and beholden to us.

    Well they couldn't be more wrong.

    First off my SUV is only the size of a frigate and fast food is the quickest epicurean path to heart disease so I only eat organic foods grown and bought using fair trade practices from a store that treats it's employees well (Trader Joe's anyone?) except on Taco Tuesdays at Del Taco. That is when I go spend a few dollars at the drive thru to get a bag of tacos from a girl making minimum wage. She barely speaks english and works for a huge corporation that would be able to replace her at the drop of a hat and since I do that you can't call me racist because I am contributing to her income by making sure she has a job by supporting her company by buying their great cheap tacos every tuesday afternoon.

    Now I am not saying we here in the states are perfect. Our imperialist designs on the rest of the world have pretty much come to naught, as we keep forgetting to actually stick around in the countries whose asses we whip running the place and stealing all of their wealth. We stupidly keep rebuilding them and trading with them and letting them run their own business. Maybe we'll get the hang of this whole imperialist thing soon, and one would think that having watched Great Britain be an empire for years we would know what to do but we keep messing it up.

    The fact that we were one of the causes of the British Empire crumbling is irrelevant. That doesn't mean we aren't imperialists ourselves. Why do you think we got away from the Brits in the first place? Because we wanted to be the imperialists for awhile.

    We probably should have taken better notes in Imperialism 101 and not stuck to our system of rebuilding our enemies homelands after we leveled them. Consider this, we rebuilt Japan and Europe after double you double you two and what have we reaped for our troubles? Trading partners, allies and in the case of Japan a country that has created the most cutting edge electronics the world has seen since those aliens left and promised to come back to pick up the Scientology folks.

    Another thing that bugs me is the way we send so much help after any disaster anywhere on the globe, even when that help is unwanted like with the recent typhoon in Burma. Sorry, I will continue to call it Burma. Being an imperialist means things have the names I give them and what the locals want to call themselves is irrelevant in much the same way that resistance is futile, it is what it is, deal with it.

    You see, we spend a lot of time and treasure (so to speak) sending that aid to places that are in need of it and it rarely works the way it's is planned. That aid is our way to sneak in the back door, so to speak, and take over the place.

    So actually the Burmese government was wise to keep our aid from being spread around the country. Didja' ever notice that everytime we send "aid" somewhere we end up running the country the receives it? Well, O.K., so that plan hasn't worked yet either. But that's why we built a secret weapon to cause earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons. Because someday that plan will work. The typhoon that hit Burma was a natural one, as none of us had the foresight to suggest hitting Burma with a typhoon, yet (they are way down on the "to do" list that Karl posted on the bulletin board in Halliburton's office in Area 51) but it worked out well, as it kept the press busy while we worked on some stuff behind the scenes in france an iran.

    So yeah, we have fallen down in our attempts to be imperialistic and we're sorry for that and we'll try to do better. I know the only reason you folks out there in other countries are angry with us is either because we have fallen down on the job or you're anxious to become a part of the Great Global American Empire.

    Now I admit we have not carried along the imperialist tradition like England, The Dutch, the french, the romans, or like everyone else who had an empire throughout history but ya gotta cut us some slack, we're just getting the hang of this whole empire stuff and it's gonna take some time for us to get good at it, but when we do watch out. And if you are one of the anxious ones that just want to hurry up and get your slice of the American Pie be patient, well get to you just as soon as we are done in the middle east.

    Anyway, to all those haters out there in the whole wide world that are angry at our imperialistic ways stay calm, we're getting better at it everyday, and as soon as we can we'll be stopping by with some aid for whatever disaster has creamed your little pisspot of a country this month so we can start running your lives and stealing your wealth as well.
    Since I have introduced you to the crew in my head I am going to relate one of the pivotal moments in my life that caused me to have a great understanding of women. It was an epiphany, if you will, and may cause a few of the gals that read this page on a regular basis to want to slap me but I offer this bit as insight into women in general.

    Guys? Sit back and relax, you're gonna enjoy this.

    The Relationship Between Tompions and Tampons.
    (or why women and very big cannons are so similar)

    Do you know what a "tompion" is?

    It is the plug that goes into the barrels of large cannons. Like those big guns on battle ships? They keep out the sea water and the birds and all the other detritus that would foul a barrel.

    When I learned of this word some years ago a light went off in my head. Actually, a light bulb exploded in my head. Yes, it went dark for awhile, but the Light of Truth and Knowledge is more than enough to read by, so I stoically soldiered on in search of the Truth I knew was out there.

    You see, when that light exploded the crew in my head were trying to read a warning sign that said ***Suspicious Relationship Detected*** and they were at that moment relaying signals to me informing me that I needed to research this word at once.

    So I did.

    "Tompion" is from the old Germanic word "tapon" which translated literally means "a rag to plug a hole with". I mused on that for a moment until further orders came from Operational Command, (hereafter known as "OPCOM") to investigate further. They also sent the message that if I needed another clue they would disengage my commonsense capacitor, and not wanting to register Democrat, I immediately thought that the word tompion was suspiciously close to tampon and checked on the origin of tampon.

    (you see this coming don't you?)

    Of course they both have the same root word.

    That is fitting.....

    For you see, a tompion and a tampon are both plugs for a hole that can be deadly to you if you are on the wrong side of it when it goes off.

    Need proof?


    (credit my cousin Orm for this observation) Women often say they are going to the "powder room".

    Makes more sense now doesn't it?
    This is a tale that will shock you.

    This is a tale that will make you wonder what depths we have sunk to in the United States of America.

    But above all this is a tale that is completely true.

    OK, it probably won't shock you, unless you are some softhearted cretin that feels sorry for those "starving" janitors. I don't feel bad for them, because frankly not a one of them looked like they were starving. Maybe I should back up and tell you what happened, eh?

    In an earlier post I described the Already Taxed to the Max rally I attended with some other stalwart and warty patriots, and this event happened afterwards.

    After taking several lawmakers stacks of petitions from thousands of California taxpayers that are angry about the dems plan to raise taxes here by over 11 billion dollars, Vladimir Val Cymbal, Mister E and myself decided to wander around the downtown part of Sacramento as our plane did not leave for many hours. Val was in the mood for a root beer float, so we wandered off in search of an ice cream parlor, which we soon found was not in the vicinity, at least not the kind we were looking for but we did find a little place that sold soft drinks, sandwiches, ice cream and frozen yogurt.

    So we sat down in the pleasant Sacramento sunshine and proceeded to enjoy the day, the view and the company. We weren't there too long before I saw banners coming towards us through the crowd from down the street. Let me make that clear. I saw banners, obviously carried by some people I could not yet see, coming our direction.

    How's that?


    OK I want to be very clear here, because what happened next was not always clear. In fact what happened next would be, if written, called illegible, but since it was spoken it was....well, I would say inaudible but the decibel level made it very audible, but still garbled. I was going to say it was unintelligible but everything these people did smacked of unintelligence.

    Now that's not to say these people were unintelligent, just their actions. But I understand why they did what they did. You see, they were posing for a film crew who was standing at the side filming them. Oh wait...I jumped ahead again didn't I?

    So there the banners are, coming closer and I mentioned to Mister E that something may be afoot, that something goofy this way comes because I had caught a glimpse of what one banner said and I knew we were about to see a grand display of idiots walk past us. Or at least I hoped they would.

    But they didn't.

    Suddenly, not ten feet from where we sat in the gentle California sunshine enjoying our treats we had 25 people in purple shirts holding signs and yelling into bullhorns in front of a set of glass double doors. And boy were they loud. Now most folks know when you have a bullhorn you don't really need to yell, but these folks weren't some of the folks that know that, and they started yelling into those bullhorns to beat the band boy. Why they wanted to beat the band boy is beyond me, but there ya go, maybe the band boy did something to them, like take their sandwiches. Oops I jumped ahead again. OK, Now Val and Mister E and myself have nothing against folks protesting. It's a very American thing to do.

    If you do it in English.

    But these folks weren't. They were protesting in spanish. And Val immediately let fly with a counter chant of "ENGLISH--ENGLISH--ENGLISH" and drew glares from the woman closest to us. Not being content with that he went to speak to one of the fellows that was holding a sign and told them (the woman closest to us had gone over to Val when he went to talk to the lad with the sign) that they needed to fight illegal immigration and that their protest to get a better contract was not the right way to go as illegals would only come up and undercut them causing them to lose their jobs. Or something to that effect anyway.

    Now at this point I started listening to the chant, and that's when I realized that these poor janitors were starving. They were chanting "What do we want? Tortas When do we want it? Now" For those that may not know a "torta" is the mexican word for sandwich. At least that's what it sounded like to me. Of course they could have been chanting something about justice, as several of their signs said something about justice but I figure the last thing that some one who may be illegal wants is any contact with the folks that work in any part of the "justice" business. When the system works that scenario usually means someone is getting deported.

    Now those folks may not have all been illegal, but generally one must learn english to become a citizen, and as I said they were chanting in spanish.

    Anyway, about that time Mister E mentioned that maybe we should go in the building and ask someone what these folks were on about and maybe, JUST MAYBE see if we could get one of these lucrative janitor jobs. If I had known then what I know now you can damned sure bet your last peso that I'd have been asking for a job. Hell, janitors in New York just got themselves a contract making TWENTY TWO SIXTY FIVE AN HOUR!!!!!!

    Who knew being a janitor was so lucrative? And these folks are starving and demanding sandwiches outside of an office building? Wouldn't it be more effective to beg outside of a sandwich shop?

    Anyway, Mister E and myself went in the building and were shocked, shocked I tell you, to see nothing in this lobby except and empty desk, a directory board and three elevators.

    At this point I realized these folks were protesting in front of an empty lobby in a foreign language and the utter futility of it make me laugh. Just awesome and completely surreal. We made our way to the building managers office and asked about the protesters, and she said yes she knew they were there but only because someone had come up and told her, that she couldn't hear them in her office. As I said. Effective.

    Anyway, we decided on the way down to tell them to go home, that we had successfully taken their jobs by offering to work for less, but heartbreak of heartbreaks when we got back downstairs they had all left.

    Anyway, if any of those starving janitors read this, I left you guys a sandwich in the bushes next to where your oh so effective protest occurred, and I really hope you find work so you don't have to beg for sandwiches in front of empty lobbies, but if that type of protesting catches on please let me know, as I know where there are a lot of empty buildings you can rudely yell at in spanish without interrupting a nice wednesday afternoon root beer float.
    A roaring crowd of angry taxpayers descended on the California State Capital building on Wednesday, June 11th to let our elected officials know that we are indeed paying attention to them and they must learn to live within their means, not ours, and raising taxes is not going to be tolerated.

    Not coincidentally June 5th was the 30th anniversary of Prop. 13, the landmark ballot initiative that that saved Californians 528 BILLION over the years by capping property taxes at 1% of value.

    Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association a large crowd of angry taxpayers were outside yelling "No New Taxes" while California Senator Don "The Tax Man" Perata was inside saying "we're" (ED- meaning democrats) "proposing to raise taxes, when they say new revenues we're talking about raising taxes. Now we have ideas that we're gonna sit down and negotiate with our Republican colleagues" (ED- Yeah right THAT'S gonna happen) "we're gonna see if there's a range of negotiation that will bring us to closing this gap without completely destroying the State of California."

    The taxpayers of California have given more than enough. This state has tons of cash falling into our coffers, but its being spent badly, on programs we shouldn't even have. Instead of raising taxes let's start cutting programs. Start enforcing the immigration laws of this country. As an aside it is this authors opinion that the 14th Amendment needs to be re-interpreted and our immigration policies should fall in line with Canada's, which state that if your parents aren't legal citizens when you are born on Canadian soil, then neither are you.

    Folks, this PC attitude of "we gotta help everyone and if they're here they should have the same rights as us legal or not" is costing us billions of dollars in services, depressed wages and incarceration costs and we simply cannot afford it, and if we don't get a little sensible and selfish our state is going to be in serious trouble, and won't be able to provide it's CITIZENS any services much less the illegals. Illegal immigration is the one single costliest problem that we CAN solve, IF our legislators had the political cajones to stand up and solve it, but they don't, and half of them are in the pockets of the open borders and racist, anti-American groups like La Raza already (Fabian Nunez anyone?) and won't be doing anything to actually help this state recover from it's mismanaged financial mess anyway, unless you count helping themselves to more tax dollars as helping the state, in which case you would win that bet.

    California is the 48th worse state to do business in by the cost of doing business, and the 49th worse state in cost of living. SOURCE We simply cannot afford more taxes on the people OR the businesses in this state, and come August 1st (when we are supposedly broke and without a budget) we'll get to see the Dems in this state obstruct all sensible cuts the republicans propose and try to raise 11.5 billion in new taxes, and finally, MAYBE, we can make some headway and get these simpleton, tax and overspending suns o' bitches out of office and bring some fiscal responsibility back into government.

    Then again I could be dreaming, after all you know what they say, "Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups...especially on election day."
    (I am reposting this yet again because today I have had many hits on the search term "patron of befuddlement", probably just a bunch of people trying to figure out to which St. Obama would be partial, and this one I guess seems to fit)

    Among many of the somewhat arcane subjects I study, mostly to answer questions posed to me or to win trivia challenges, (the history of the word "trivia" is great trivia in itself), is "Religious Arcanae". (yes, "Arcanae" is a word. Don't believe me? Come here and look at MY dictionary)

    Anyway, my studies of little known and long forgotten religious lore has uncovered an obscure Saint.

    In the early 14th century, in modern day France, there lived a man in a small village that was considered Holy by the local populace, (the man, not the village) by the name of Fu Lin Acrimonious D'Ialogue.

    It is thought that Fu Lin Acrimonious D'Ialogue was the grandson of a local man that had gone away to Italy some years earlier and returned with stories of a far off place peopled by an exotic race of black haired and yellow skinned people that had conquered a great part of the world far to the east.

    Modern theory holds that Fu Lin Acrimonious D'Ialogue most likely suffered from Tourettes syndrome, as he had a habit of walking around the village and spewing curses and outright lies at random, (although these "lies" would later prove to be truths, such as yelling out "You're all a bunch of cowards!!!") and never once did he back down from any of his outrageous statements.

    Not even on the day that he died from choking on the local blacksmiths fist did he back down from the random insults that flew from his mouth or once apologize for any of the slanderous lies that was his meat in life.

    In 1495 the Church, in a very quiet and now rarely discussed edict and recognizing the truths that Fu spoke nearly two hundred years before, made Fu Lin Acrimonious D'Ialogue a Saint.

    In fact there is a prayer for his followers that I have managed to aquire through my very anonymous sources at the Vatican.

    It is a prayer that needs to be brought to light and given the attention it deserves as it is also the default prayer of those that we on the right and in the right know as trolls.

    Dear ST.FU,
    Patron Saint of befuddlement and idiocy, please help us, your supplicants and unknowing followers, to keep our ill informed and whiny ass opinions to ourselves, lest we choke on a very large fist. Amen.
    Linked in the title is a chilling video showing a man being struck down by a car in the street in a hit and run accident. The largest daily paper from Hartford Connecticut had a large headline that read "SO INHUMANE" and said "We no longer have a moral compass."

    That fact that we have lost our moral compass in this country is not a secret, nor is it a new development and many things have contributed to it, chief among them being the secularization of society, for which the left and the ACLU must take major responsibility and the failure of our government to enact any kind of tort reform causing a veritable avalanche of lawsuits over the years that have caused people to refuse to take a risk that may get them sued.

    We have now a prevailing attitude that "government will take care of it" and it signals a serious breakdown in our humanity. Our very souls are being destroyed upon the altar of socialist ideals of government as caretaker, the result being that we will stand gawking over an elderly man run down in the street and not even bend over to offer him words of comfort in what must have been one of the worst moments in his life.

    This attitude is exactly what we can expect from ideals that place "the collective good" above the traditional independent American attitude of self reliance and personal liberty. The state becomes the entity responsible for the injured and downtrodden in society, negating our very human reaction of aiding those who have fallen in anyway shape or form, slowly building a callous upon our hearts that lead to a never ending feeling of unease that people wrongly attempt to have filled by demanding the government help even more people with ever increasing programs that suck even more money from our pockets and sap away those last vestiges of Freedom that we possess, dry up the last pockets in our souls that harbor a natural inclination of self determination and wither way the American Tradition of Personal Responsibility for oneself and ones fellow man.

    America lost a piece of her soul when She let Terry Schiavo die. That soul had been withering away since Roe v. Wade, hastened along by ever increasing abortion rates and a drive by The Socialist Left with the ACLU as vanguard to take Religion out of the public eye, stealing away the moral base that is the corner stone of humanity, and now we sit raptly watching a video of an elderly man run down in the street while hoping someone, anyone will come help him but it won't be me because I may get sued and isn't that someone else's job?

    I find the man circling him on the scooter before riding away to be the perfect metaphor of Americans today looking at the problems in this country, slowly circling for a quick look, just like they scan the news broadcast waiting for teh latest news on whatever teenie bopper diva is hot this week, then scooting off to errands deemed much more important than some anonymous person lying bleeding and broken in the street, after all we must get to the video store before the new releases are all scooped up and oh don't forget American Idol is on tonight and they're down to just THREE FINALISTS and did you see the new Sex In The City movie yet and oh little Susie has a recital on sunday yada yada yada...

    For Shame America.....For Shame.
    Ken Sherman goes down in flames in the California Primary held yesterday. With 100 percent of precincts reporting Armineh Chelebian has 4,089 votes to Ken Sherman's 3,408. If Ken Sherman had actually run a campaign, instead of a camPAIN, and did more than hang around grocery stores like a common beggar he may have actually pulled it off. Of course the $12.27 he spent on his campaign not counting bus fare (or so it appears to this writer) probably helped spike his numbers.

    I invited Ken down to the local club meeting. Our VP, Vladimir Val Cymbal was even gonna be nice enough to waive the event fee for him if he showed, but he didn't. Too bad. I would have had a nice time sitting down with him to hash over some things.

    Anyway, it's been a decent day, although the idiot voters in this state refused to strengthen the walls against imminent domain, and left intact rent control laws that steal money from property owners, but that was to be expected. The average IQ of a California voters is somewhere in the range of a rutabaga, and if there are any rutabaga farmers out there I am sorry if I have insulted your crops, but it's true.

    So, now on to November. It's gonna be a long hard slog from here on in, but hey, politics is like a woman....if it's easy it aint fun.

    Final results here.

    Good night everybody, I'll be here all week, and don't forget to tip your waitress.
    I was going to leave the whole Ken Sherman thing alone but events have conspired to force my hand. I have been kind up to this point, and left it to the reader to decide about Ken, with the facts of the case presented albeit with my opinion attached.

    We must build this party back up from the ground up, and we must be vigilant about who we are backing for office, as conservatives, and make certain that those we back deserve our support and have earned the privilege of speaking for us. We must be unwavering in our principles, uncompromising in our integrity and honest about the people we are asking our fellow citizens to vote for come election day.

    That's why I am backing Armineh Chelebian and not Ken Sherman. I was pointed to Ken's site months ago, along with Armineh's and liked what I saw on Armineh's and thought Ken's was maybe just a place to hold his stuff while he had a real website created. After all, one of his friends on his myspace page is called "The Webmaster", so I figured Ken was having an actual website built and I waited for it to come up.

    It never did.

    Why it never did is beyond me. Maybe Ken doesn't have the money for design and hosting. Maybe he thinks it's cool to only have a website on myspace, trying to show himself as the hip new vanguard of modern politics. That would be a silly move. Kids don't vote, especially for teh Republican and especially in this district,

    Ken's run a shoddy campaign, with only two events posted since he put up a post stating he was running in February. He may have gone to other events, but they certainly weren't posted anywhere that I can find.

    Below you will find a screenshot (again) showing Ken Sherman promoting an event sponsored by MoveOn dot org, the virulently anti-war, far left group that demnads our troops be brought home in defeat immediately. No matter where you fall in the political spectrum in this country only a person that despises the U.S. and the Freedom we stand for would back a group that demands the defeat on the field of battle of the very troops that defend them.

    Does Ken Sherman support the troops? I am sure in his mind he thinks he does, but promoting an event by a group that so blatantly does not leaves many questions in the mind of most right thinking people. Perhaps Ken is simply misguided, and spending all that time around college kids made him think that promoting a moveon event was a wise move. But not one conservative worth their flag that I know would dream of promoting an event by moveon. Not One.

    Now remember Ken claims his website was hacked. That MAY be, but I personally don't believe it. Myspace is pretty secure, unless you are a idiot and use the same password for it that you use for other things AND you have, say, on older version of a wordpress site up AND someone was able to get your password by exploiting a flaw in the program. Go try to hack someone's myspace page and see how far you get.

    I think it more likely that Ken was misguided and didn't realize what being a conservative meant. I bet he understands a lot better now.

    So at this point you may be asking yourself why I am rehashing old news.

    Because Sean Fudge, Ken's campaign "manager" (and let me tell you this guy shouldn't be running a sidewalk lemonade stand much less a campaign for state office) is leaving comments places telling people they can call Ken personally for the truth. Go ahead call Ken, but before you do please click on the screenshot above and read the post by Ken promoting that moveon anti war event and when you call him ask him why he didn't post something about being hacked. While you are at it ask him why he doesn't have a real website. He isn't returning my calls at the moment, but that's probably because he is at "work" again. Maybe I should start checking the fast food joints at the west end of the valley huh?

    Add in the following that was posted on Ken's myspace page this morning;

    Important ! Fight for Ken with your Vote

    Hello 40 Th. district Voters and thanks for stopping by my Profile. You may have noticed a group off bloggers are saying some pretty unkind things about me. This is tactic we useally see from politicians who don't feel that thier campaign is going very well. All of the mud (can't even call them Accusations) is coming from people claiming to be unaffiliated with my opponent. This doe's not appear not to be true. The blogger who started this attack used language that sounded like it was repeated from a staunch supporter of my oppenet. I had met from Someone in the San Fernendo Valley Republican Party a few days after I announced my candidacy, He was unhappy that I did not inform I was running for The assembly seat and said I would not get official party support until I won the Primary. He also said the Democrats would fight dirty to keep this seat in their party.
    Unfortunetly This man a supporter of my opponent seems to be source of at least one negative story about me, and can be proved because he used his account for to pay for it.

    Anyways one blogger has been the source of much of what you may have read. He posted a Blog designed to damage my campaign. He claims and has had many other bloggers repost these lie's about me. This man has also been contacting me demanding answers to his lies and unkind comments about a man he has never met. I only asked he reveal his identity and I would think about answering his questions. He refused and went on to other bloggers who have never contacted me about any issues. I still don not know who the Blogger is.

    So to the hundred possibly thousands of whom I have met thru out this campaign I only ask you see thru there desperation and if you have any questions send an email with your phone and you get strait from the source.

    Thanks for you support It has been so nice to meet with you.

    Now as I have pointed out I have not lied. I have posted what I have seen, told you what I thought about it and why a conservative would not do what Ken has appeared to have done. My comments may be unkind, but that is because this party has gone to hell in a handbasket with a rocket booster on the back precisely because we have not been minding the store well enough. We cannot let people run for office in our party, in OUR NAME, who do NOT reflect us and the values and principles we stand behind.

    Dammit, if Ken Sherman reflects us as conservatives we simply do not deserve to be in charge. If he runs a campaign so badly how effective can he be in Sacramento? In three and a half months he has two announced events he attended, (not counting the ones he said he attended in his comments on his myspace page) both of them at GROCERY STORES. How many will he squeeze in before November if he wins on Tuesday? If history is any indicator maybe three?

    I guess you can forget the fact that this man who is asking you to vote for him and send him to a position of authority in Sacramento to handle your money and make laws that affect you is seems to be too lazy to compose a well thought out coherent thought. The mess of a post above is full of typos. Well, let's hope it's laziness. On the other hand he is probably a product of California public schools, which would explain why he called me and complained that I made people think he was a democrat when in reality I said he was acting like it.

    Aside from horrid grammar and questionable spelling his ability to read for comprehension seems to be lacking. Now I am not perfect on grammar, sentence structure or spelling all of the time either (a fact my editor girlfriend constantly points out) but I am not running for State Office. This man is going to be in a position to write legislation? I wonder if he'll write it in crayon?

    As of this writing his link to moveon is still up. So much for being hacked Ken, you lousy liar. He may not know how to take it down for all I know.

    Now before I go I want to point out a few things in Ken's latest screed;

    All of the mud (can't even call them Accusations) is coming from people claiming to be unaffiliated with my opponent. This doe's not appear not to be true.
    emphasis mine

    At least Ken is right about that. It is not not true that I am affiliated with his opponents campaign. I am completely unaffiliated with any campaign. I just call it like I see it.

    The blogger who started this attack used language.

    OK I admit it. I did. I used language to start my attack. But that's only because I believed that interpretive dance wouldn't get the message across effectively.

    This man a supporter of my opponent seems to be source of at least one negative story about me, and can be proved because he used his account for to pay for it.

    What this means is beyond me. If he writes this clearly now can you imagine what kind of laws he may try to write?

    Ken goes on to talk about not knowing who the blogger is that wrote the scurrilous truths about him. I offered to meet with him. In fact if he wants to meet me I will be at the monthly meeting of teh San Fernando Valley Republican Club tonight at 7 P.M. at Galpin Ford on Roscoe Blvd just east of the 405 Freeway. Feel free to come on down and meet me. I'll be wearing my black ballcap that says "MacGowan" on the front and "kender" on the back. I'm kinda short and our meetings get kinda crowded so if you don't see me just ask anyone if they have seen Kender.

    I will probably be hanging out with some other evil conservatives that demand a level of personal responsibility in their elected representatives, like Gary Aminoff or Vladimir Val Cymbal, cuz I roll like dat. I really don't expect to see you down there, but if you make it remember there's a 5 dollar event fee except for first time visitors and speakers. Since you are neither, Ken, and I know you must be strapped for cash after dumping soooo much of it into your campaign maybe Gary will waive your fee. I'd cover ya' bud, but it might be considered a donation, and I don't think I could look myself in the mirror for technically backing you in any way, shape or form.

    Ethics, ya' know?

    Well....maybe you don't.
    Just to be fair to Ken Sherman, candidate for the 40th District Assembly seat here in California I want to run a quick update for all 5 of the Republicans in the District.

    Ken called me back the other morning, and said the reason he couldn't get back to me before then was because he was at work and couldn't call from work. Well smack me twice and stick a crowbar up my nose, Ken Sherman has a job. Now, most folks I know that have a job can usually make important personal calls while at work, and I imagine that the average supervisor would be a little more lenient on their employee if their employee were running for state office, so I leave it to you to wonder what type of a job Ken might have that would preclude the privilege of important personal phone calls relating to a run for office.

    Usually that would be one of those jobs where your duties were time sensitive and maybe even include the phrase "Would you like fries with that?"

    OK...I admit that was a cheap shot, but Ken had it coming. Aside from saying, while lumping myself and several other local Republican activists together, "You guys are so right wing you won't listen anyway" Ken had a whole list of rebuttals against the things I have written, including stating that I had lied in my posts.

    I did not lie, prevaricate, fabricate or over state one single item. I stated what I saw, what I had proof about and what I thought about what I saw and had proof about. Ken on the other hand has a campaign manager that has helped run a campaign that would be worthy of any high school sophomore stoner that was only running to get more chicks.

    He started off by saying what I had written made him sound like a democrat. I guess that's true, IF you don't read for comprehension, but more about that towards the end of this post.

    I also asked Ken why he would go to D.C. and ask for more Pell Grant money. He said at the time Pell Grants were supposed to be a certain amount by law, and students were receiving less than that, and if I were due more money in a grant program wouldn't I go ask for it? I said as a conservative I would go to D.C. and tell the government to quit taking tax money to hand out to students and let the states handle it. I don't believe education is an area the feds should be involved in. It's that whole pesky "Constitution" thing I try to follow. Then he told me about having had surgery and he decided while he was recuperating he'd go to school and better himself and that's how he ended up in D.C.

    Bully for him. After my surgeries I go back to work. After my first transplant I left the hospital after a week and, in the pouring February rain went straight to Santa Anita to check on my horses. My boss threw me out of the barn and said not to come back until my incision healed and I had a doctors note. Maybe I should have gone back to school on the governments dime instead, but I have this work ethic thing.

    Six weeks after my transplant I was back galloping in the morning full time.

    His campaign manager, Sean Fudge, has posted what I called lies, when Sean said Ken's opponent, Armineh Chelebian couldn't even say "illegal immigration" in the same sentence, when he should have been well aware that Armineh has a section in her website explaining where she stands. When asked about it Ken said he has been to some of his opponents speeches, and he has not HEARD her say anything in those speeches about illegal immigration THEREFORE what his campaign manager said about Armineh was NOT a lie at all.

    I still say it was a lie. His campaign manager said the following;
    Ken's the only person in this whole campaign willing to tackle The subject of Illegal Immigration. The other canadites (sic) can't even say those two words in the same sentence. We all know most of our budget shortfalls stem from massive unchecked Illegal Immigration and out control Democrat spending.

    He should have known full well from Armineh's website where she stands on illegal immigration, even if she doesn't use the exact words "illegal immigration" because she uses the phrase "stand in line" as it relates to immigration. If this isn't a stance on illegal immigration I don't know what would be.

    Ken also claimed his website was hacked by people trying to make him look bad. First off, while that is a possibility, the first thing one does when one gets hacked, as soon as they are secure again, is to post something stating that they were hacked. Ken never did. If I were him I would have not only posted about being hacked but I would have posted something official from myspace about having been hacked.

    Speaking of myspace, what kind of campaign can be taken seriously when it has only a myspace website as an online presence?

    Anyway, Ken should have had a more secure website than a free myspace page for his campaign, and blames some nebulous "people trying to make him look bad" as the reason he appeared to be promoting a move on event and had anti-semitic videos on his site. Sure Ken, and those documents in Sandy Bergers socks just fell in there by accident and he didn't notice them until he got home.


    Now back to Ken saying something I wrote made him look like a democrat. It was actually early in the conversation but I wanted to save this bit for last, as it perfectly illustrates my point. I didn't say he was a democrat, I said he was ACTING like a democrat, and he is, to wit;

    His campaign posted, well, let's' call them "misleading statements" about his opponent, just like the democrats do.

    Ken is not taking responsibility for having an unsecured website. That website was allegedly hacked to his detriment. As it is his campaign it is his job to either make certain he has what he needs or to assign that task to someone, so either he failed himself in this area or someone failed him in this area. Either way at the end of the day it is his responsibility to take responsibility for the campaign and what its officers do or don't do, and he is failing to accept the responsibility for something that he clearly should. Just like a democrat.

    Third, he called me Saturday morning while I was out of town, to say he couldn't call before that because he was at work, whine about what I had written while calling it lies (which is a lie itself) and try to defend his shoddy campaign and the lies his manager had spouted online. So to add to the lying and refusing to take responsibility for things he should have we'll add in whining.

    Just like a democrat.