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    Just to be fair to Ken Sherman, candidate for the 40th District Assembly seat here in California I want to run a quick update for all 5 of the Republicans in the District.

    Ken called me back the other morning, and said the reason he couldn't get back to me before then was because he was at work and couldn't call from work. Well smack me twice and stick a crowbar up my nose, Ken Sherman has a job. Now, most folks I know that have a job can usually make important personal calls while at work, and I imagine that the average supervisor would be a little more lenient on their employee if their employee were running for state office, so I leave it to you to wonder what type of a job Ken might have that would preclude the privilege of important personal phone calls relating to a run for office.

    Usually that would be one of those jobs where your duties were time sensitive and maybe even include the phrase "Would you like fries with that?"

    OK...I admit that was a cheap shot, but Ken had it coming. Aside from saying, while lumping myself and several other local Republican activists together, "You guys are so right wing you won't listen anyway" Ken had a whole list of rebuttals against the things I have written, including stating that I had lied in my posts.

    I did not lie, prevaricate, fabricate or over state one single item. I stated what I saw, what I had proof about and what I thought about what I saw and had proof about. Ken on the other hand has a campaign manager that has helped run a campaign that would be worthy of any high school sophomore stoner that was only running to get more chicks.

    He started off by saying what I had written made him sound like a democrat. I guess that's true, IF you don't read for comprehension, but more about that towards the end of this post.

    I also asked Ken why he would go to D.C. and ask for more Pell Grant money. He said at the time Pell Grants were supposed to be a certain amount by law, and students were receiving less than that, and if I were due more money in a grant program wouldn't I go ask for it? I said as a conservative I would go to D.C. and tell the government to quit taking tax money to hand out to students and let the states handle it. I don't believe education is an area the feds should be involved in. It's that whole pesky "Constitution" thing I try to follow. Then he told me about having had surgery and he decided while he was recuperating he'd go to school and better himself and that's how he ended up in D.C.

    Bully for him. After my surgeries I go back to work. After my first transplant I left the hospital after a week and, in the pouring February rain went straight to Santa Anita to check on my horses. My boss threw me out of the barn and said not to come back until my incision healed and I had a doctors note. Maybe I should have gone back to school on the governments dime instead, but I have this work ethic thing.

    Six weeks after my transplant I was back galloping in the morning full time.

    His campaign manager, Sean Fudge, has posted what I called lies, when Sean said Ken's opponent, Armineh Chelebian couldn't even say "illegal immigration" in the same sentence, when he should have been well aware that Armineh has a section in her website explaining where she stands. When asked about it Ken said he has been to some of his opponents speeches, and he has not HEARD her say anything in those speeches about illegal immigration THEREFORE what his campaign manager said about Armineh was NOT a lie at all.

    I still say it was a lie. His campaign manager said the following;
    Ken's the only person in this whole campaign willing to tackle The subject of Illegal Immigration. The other canadites (sic) can't even say those two words in the same sentence. We all know most of our budget shortfalls stem from massive unchecked Illegal Immigration and out control Democrat spending.

    He should have known full well from Armineh's website where she stands on illegal immigration, even if she doesn't use the exact words "illegal immigration" because she uses the phrase "stand in line" as it relates to immigration. If this isn't a stance on illegal immigration I don't know what would be.

    Ken also claimed his website was hacked by people trying to make him look bad. First off, while that is a possibility, the first thing one does when one gets hacked, as soon as they are secure again, is to post something stating that they were hacked. Ken never did. If I were him I would have not only posted about being hacked but I would have posted something official from myspace about having been hacked.

    Speaking of myspace, what kind of campaign can be taken seriously when it has only a myspace website as an online presence?

    Anyway, Ken should have had a more secure website than a free myspace page for his campaign, and blames some nebulous "people trying to make him look bad" as the reason he appeared to be promoting a move on event and had anti-semitic videos on his site. Sure Ken, and those documents in Sandy Bergers socks just fell in there by accident and he didn't notice them until he got home.


    Now back to Ken saying something I wrote made him look like a democrat. It was actually early in the conversation but I wanted to save this bit for last, as it perfectly illustrates my point. I didn't say he was a democrat, I said he was ACTING like a democrat, and he is, to wit;

    His campaign posted, well, let's' call them "misleading statements" about his opponent, just like the democrats do.

    Ken is not taking responsibility for having an unsecured website. That website was allegedly hacked to his detriment. As it is his campaign it is his job to either make certain he has what he needs or to assign that task to someone, so either he failed himself in this area or someone failed him in this area. Either way at the end of the day it is his responsibility to take responsibility for the campaign and what its officers do or don't do, and he is failing to accept the responsibility for something that he clearly should. Just like a democrat.

    Third, he called me Saturday morning while I was out of town, to say he couldn't call before that because he was at work, whine about what I had written while calling it lies (which is a lie itself) and try to defend his shoddy campaign and the lies his manager had spouted online. So to add to the lying and refusing to take responsibility for things he should have we'll add in whining.

    Just like a democrat.
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