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    That's right, and you read it here first...well, second anyway.

    Osman Umarji, former president of the Muslim Student Union, speaking about the College Republicans and The United American Committee's student panel discussion on Islamic extremism equated the decision to display the prophet drawings to the debasement of Jews in Germany before the Holocaust.

    Finally, a muslim admits that they are exactly the same as the Jews.

    That must be what he's stating. He is equating the situation that the Jews were under during the run up to World War Two in Nazi Germany to the situation that muslims are living under in present day America.

    I can see such striking similarities. Why, before Hitler locked away all those damnable violent Jews they were running around sawing the heads off of germans and killing those hefty frauliens for eating pork sausage and whipping their hair about in the wind in a seductive manner.

    In fact, if Hitler hadn't locked all of the Jews away it is a well agreed on fact that they would have stormed over all of Europe by now, bringing their evil Joo ways to the world and demanding that everyone follow their religion, be second class citizens or die, and well we just couldn't have that now could we?

    Yes, the striking similarities between the Jews in pre WW2 nazi germany and todays muslim in the west is EXACTLY identical in almost every respect. The reactions to the violent rampaging Jews in pre WW2 germany was predictable. If we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. The violent Jews of pre WW2 germany met the end that was most befitting them, and, therefore, we cannot allow our peaceful muslim brethren to be dragged from their beds in this day and age and locked away in camps in the middle of the night.

    Surely this is what Osman Umarji is trying to say here. That the Jews in pre WW2 germany and the muslims of today are in the same boat, so to speak. Those poor, put upon muslims, peacefully toiling along in life, keeping to themselves and just trying to better their station in life. Not at all like the Jews in pre WW2 germany are they?
    Via WND

    "The Prayer at Valley Forge" painting by Arnold Friberg
    A federal judge ruled against a public school teacher who filed a lawsuit after administrators removed Christian-themed postings from his classroom, including a depiction of George Washington praying at Valley Forge and news clippings about the faith of President Bush and former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

    William Lee – a Spanish teacher at Tabb High School in York County, Va. – was represented by the Christian public-interest group Rutherford Institute in U.S. District court, arguing his free-speech rights were violated.

    The postings, removed at the beginning of the 2004-05 school year after a parent complained, included news articles about Bush's Christian faith and Ashcroft's prayer meetings with staffers.

    But Judge Rebecca Beach Smith wrote in her opinion the case "is not about what free speech rights Lee has as an individual expressing himself on private property," according to the Associated Press.

    "Rather, this case is a question about what free speech rights Lee has as a public school teacher-employee," she said.

    School officials also removed from Lee's classroom a flier promoting the National Day of Prayer.

    Lee's attorneys argued his bulletin boards were a limited public forum for the private speech of teachers, but Smith insisted they were part of his curriculum and, therefore, not protected by the First Amendment, the AP said.

    Let's look at the facts of this case. If this teacher were to have had posters of, oh, I don't know, let's say for arguments sake, "Great Moments in Islamic History" depicting muhammeds slaughter of a Jewish tribe, or a poster of che the magnificient, would this even be an issue? What if he were to put up a poster of the great generalissimos of latin america, dictators to the last man? Would THAT be permissible? We will probably never know, as thi man is obviously a Christian and a Patriot, which makes him one of the most dangerous types of people in the world today.

    Any bets on whether he is white or not? And yes, I am playing the race card. What? I can't do that? Why?

    The fact of the matter is this: If this teacher had pictures up of ANYONE except the Pope or a Great Patriot or a Christian religious figure, (Martin Luther, St. Christopher name you figure) nobody would have DARED to complain at all. They would have cowered in fear of "offending" his "culture", and not one word would have been said about it.

    But the culture of this country, the culture of AMERICA, that is overwhelmingly Christian and holds our Founding FATHERS in EXTREMELY HIGH ESTEEM is targeted and allowed to be attacked, and any that DARE to stand up and say ENOUGH!!! are labeled as "racist" and "religious zealots"!!!!

    I have had ENOUGH myself.

    To those of you that believe you can continue to attack the Patriotic underpinnings of this Great Nation I have a small bit of advice; We will NOT continue to stand silent while you take away our freedom to live as we so choose. You will not be able to continue to to force us to hide in the shadows, fearful of "offending" your tender sensibilities. Someday, you will push one too many times, and when we rise up to push back, you will feel the Absolute and Rightous Fury of Free Men once again Claiming what God has decreed to be our Right.

    Our Freedom.
    I am a busy guy...I work in films and train racehorses, raise money for charities and promote musicians.

    That is what my profile says, and indeed I am busy, although a few things are going on that aren't in the profile (radio station) and some things that are there aren't happening at the moment (raising money for charity), and the racehorses aren't running right now. In fact I am down to one horse and she is being trained for dressage, a discipline that I do not handle, so I have a trainer that does do that handling the filly at the moment.

    However, I am promoting a musician. We are in the process of setting up night at the World Famous Roxy on Sunset in Hollywood.

    Why is this important?

    Well, Woman Honor Thyself tried to tag me with a meme the other day, but she neglected to actually MENTION THIS FACT ON HER BLOG, which, as I told her, means that the tag is null and void.

    Meme rules and ettykwetty you know.

    However, the inestimatable The Mary Hunter did mention his victims by name when he tagged me with this meme of death. Actually I call all meme's "meme's of death", but I always try to play along.

    So in the spirit of playing along, I will follow the "For The Sake Of Music Meme" and list the rules, and the songs. I am not going to tag seven people, because I know that at this stage of the game most of the folks I would tag have done it.

    First, the rules:
    List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs.

    Now, the songs:

    1:Brian Travis Band: Gasoline. A soulful rock ballad that speaks to my soul about Hope.

    2:Brian Travis Band: Defeated: See Above

    3:Brian Travis Band: Album; Past The Breakers.

    Can you take a wild stab at the band I am working with for the Roxy gig?

    OK, some other current favorites;

    4: After Midnight Project: Take Me Home.

    5:Batlord: Looks odd, kicks ass!!! Check out some more of his stuff here.

    6: Media Orphan: Hero

    And to answer The Mary Hunter's question of what I listen to while I am bashing trolls?

    7:Bond: Born; The entire album.

    Everyone I just named I linked. You can click around and listen to the songs I named. Please, let me know what you think, and if you are in the L.A. area and want to hit the show at the Roxy, lemme know, and I'll swing ya' some tickets.

    By the way, you're welcome for the music.

    And feel free to cruise my friends list on MySpace, I have a lot more kick ass music you never heard there.
    I am ROFLMAO
    Cuz the moojies say some cartoonists must go
    While the MSM in the USA
    Refuse to jump into the fray
    The DOS unequivically states
    Publishing those toons was in bad taste
    And the OAS continues to yell
    That those damned cartoonists
    Will burn in hell
    Then in the EU some papers do dare
    To print the offending cartoons without care
    The papers, the blogs and even the news
    Have taken to showing these horrible toons
    Old mo with a bomb strapped up on his head
    Is a picture that may make you very much dead
    While showing old mo at the pearly gates
    Lacking virgins for martyrs will surely sow hate
    These toons are a lie claim the swarthy imams
    Take them back, take them back, or we're coming with bombs
    But a cross in a jar that's all full of piss
    Is simply just art and we must live with this
    Or painting St Mary from elephant scat
    Is art, don't you see, and so that's where we're at
    Our freedom to speak from our heart and our head
    Has been stolen by people that'd see us all dead
    Or cowering, veiled and in subjugation
    These people would take down our glorious nation
    So I have a message for those screaming imams
    We're locked and were loaded, so bitch, bring it on!!!!

    Linked at STACLU
    ...and boy is it full of the most Clueless Cluebats the blogosphere has to offer.

    Head on over and tell 'em that Kender said "hey"!!!
    From comes the news that the Montana State Library has cancelled a showing of the film "The ACLU Freedom Files'' due to complaints from residents and state employees about the ACLU having a forum and because "the presentation might be one-sided in its criticism of the Patriot Act".


    Sara J. Groves, a State Library spokeswoman, said;
    "They weren't really protesting the video; they were protesting the ACLU being at a state agency...That was the majority of the complaints.''

    The library considered finding someone to counter the ACLU's position on the Patriot Act but couldn't on short notice. They might try such an event at a later date, Groves said. The ACLU of Montana, which was scheduled to moderate Friday's forum, said it was disappointed in the State Library's decision.

    The ACLU has been a staunch critic of the Patriot Act.

    Scott Crichton, executive director of the ACLU Montana, had this to say in response:

    "I think the government has a bully pulpit day in and day out about why intrusions into our privacy are warranted....All the video does is counter some of the assertions the government continues to make, and helps people to understand why the Patriot Act is a threat to people's privacy.....As we have made clear, since its passage, any time, any place the government wants to make their case, we are happy to engage in principled debate with them,''

    Is that a hoot? The ACLU saying they will engage in "principled debate".....

    Crichton also said it is hard to find someone in Montana who supports the Patriot Act and doesn't work for the federal government.

    If it is so hard to find someone that supports the Patriot Act in Montana the audience would be pretty receptive to the idea of a film "produced by the ACLU on people whose civil liberties have been threatened".
    I am really trying to understand the point he was trying to make with that statement. He wants to talk to people that support the Patriot Act and dont' work for the government? Or he wants to talk to people that don't support the Act and work for the government? Or is he saying that the only people in Montana that support the Patriot Act work for the government and therefore he actually expected to be able to show his little piece of propaganda film denigrating the government for attempting to secure the safety of our countries citizens?

    To all of you that are going to start blathering on about the ACLU's right to show this film and Free Speech issues let me head you off at the pass and save your keyboard some abuse.

    A library is a public building, and as such the public gets to decide what it wants and doesn't want to have happen there. And the people of Montana didn't want to give the ACLU a forum for their anti-American drivel.

    I am all for free speech. And the people in Montana spoke loudly and clearly.

    I now have a new respect for Montana.

    And hey, Sara? If you want someone to come counter the ACLU on the Patriot Act, drop me an email. I'll tangle with those commie snots anyday.

    This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board.
    Some figures you may not be aware of:

    Since Sept. 11, 417 people have been charged in federal terrorism-related cases, resulting in 228 convictions or guilty pleas, according to the most recent Justice Department data. Justice spokesman Bryan Sierra said the department does not categorize arrests by ethnicity or religion.

    Immigration data underscores the extra attention the government has paid to immigrants from predominantly Arab and Muslim nations since the attacks.

    Between October 1, 2000, and September 30, 2001, the U.S. deported 589 immigrants to 20 nations around the Middle East and Central Asia. In the next 12-month period, beginning weeks after Sept. 11, deportations to those nations rose to 1,674 and peaked at 1,759 in 2003.

    By last year, the number of deported immigrants to the nations had fallen to 1,167, according to Homeland Security Department data.

    As I once noted, the people that have the most to lose in the face of another terrorist attack by Islamists, are the American Muslim population.

    Also, I would be little surprised if the details of the convictions noted above and the deportations were connected to Hamas and Hezballah support, though, it's clear there have been other cases of people trying to insert themselves into the general "jihad" movement. It's just that the Palestinian "cause" has been around much longer and actively working the Muslim community as well as campuses around the US.

    I just wonder how many people knew there have been over 200 convictions for terrorist related activities in the US?

    Security Programs Strain Muslim-U.S. Ties - Yahoo! News
    I feel like being a little shit, I am going to suggest that those of us on the right side of the aisle realize that Debbie Schlussel is acting like a moonbat and that we treat her with the same pitiful contempt we show KOS and refuse her linkage or the time of day.

    Just because.
    Much has been said, and continues to be said, since the story that a company from the United Arab Emirates called Dubai Ports World was going to be handling business at six American ports.

    Debate rages about whether letting a company owned by a foreign government is a wise move, especially a government that could change from a staunch ally to an avowed enemy with a coup. Certainly the UAE is a "progressive country", for being run by Arabs, but still it is a country that could conceivably be changed overnight.

    At first glance, and first read, the idea of a foreign company running our ports causes one to scratch ones head in amazement. What next, one must wonder, a Mexican government owned company running the southern border? Security concerns, we have since learned, are under the purview of the Coast Guard, and of course, as always, U.S. Customs is in charge of what comes through the ports. If there is a failure in security of the ports, and terrorists manage to sneak through materials for a dirty bomb or biological or chemical attack, the failure would presumably be placed on Customs, as it is their area of responsibility to secure and check all cargo that comes through our ports.

    None of that will change.

    However, who can blame the American people whose first reaction, on both sides of the aisle, is to question rigorously the idea that a company owned and controlled by a country that is, at its' heart, run by people in the same group (muslims) as those that have vowed our destruction? Common sense demands that extreme scrutiny be applied to any deal that involves people that adhere to the same base ideals as our most vile enemy.

    I am not saying that all muslims are bad. So don't take that away from the previous staements and dismiss this as a xenophobic rant. The same scrutiny would have to be applied if a member of the KKK was placed in charge of a civil rights group. I know that is an extreme example but you get the point. People that fall under the same general umbrella as those that murdered 3000 innocent people on 9-11 need that extra scrutiny. I am not about to adhere to this multicultural bullshit and stand by some utopian belief that people are good until they show otherwise. Give me an historical basis for trusting a given group of people and go from there.

    For those of you that will claim this is racism let me head you off at the pass and say this; I have no problem with anyone that has proven they are an ally. The Japanese have spent the last half century being a serious ally. The French have, in theory, been our ally for longer than that, but I trust them much less than I do the Japanese. Same goes for the Germans. I don't trust them much either. Add Russia to the group of nations I view askance when discussing our true allies. Saudia Arabia goes on that list also. Time builds trust. We certainly haven't been allies with the UAE long enough to just hand them something as precious as control of major ports of entry. Even if they were a British protectorate before the went solo.

    This whole brouhaha may be a kneejerk reaction, but better safe than sorry I always say, and the phrase "control of the ports by a UAE company" does NOT sound sensible when you hear it. In fact, it sounds like the fox guarding the henhouse. Who can blame Americans that shy away from the idea of a middle eastern company "controlling" anything to do with such a vital and strategic thing as a major port of entry.

    What exactly will this company be responsible for? To those that remind us that the UAE has been a staunch ally, may I remind you that other countries have been staunch allies in the past, and a sudden and violent change of control of that country has left us standing with our pants around our ankles and hostages in an embassy. Who is to say that this will not happen in the UAE or any other of today's "staunch allies"?

    It was suggested to me that the alternative may be to close our borders and become self sufficient, but that is pure poppycock. We have a moral duty to help peoples that are oppressed become free, so withdrawing from the world is not an option. Besides, most of the rest of the world would be at the mercy of a handful of petty tyrants if the U.S weren't standing tall and strong to guard against the darkness that is in men's hearts. I hate the fact that the U.S. is the only big kid on the block at the moment, and we wont be for long, as China is coming up fast, and once again America will be standing in the breach, upon the bulwarks, manning the guns of Freedom against the ever encroaching darkness of communism, but that is just the way it is.

    We have a great system. But it is being undermined by forces on several fronts right now, and as much as I admire Bush for having the testicular fortitude to tell the world to sit down and shut up and let us fight those that would see us destroyed, I despise him for his failure to secure our borders from a rising tide of criminal aliens bent on the take over of the Southwest U.S. The amnesty proposal Bush is pushing should be considered as close to treason as I have ever seen a President come, as he is seemingly aiding our enemies by not securing our borders or throwing all possible resources into finding those that are here criminally and ousting them from our shores. If those 3 million criminal aliens were in uniform and armed you can bet that the military would be standing strong at the border to repel the invasion, or at least one would hope, but given Bush's apparent dedication to the forces of big business and their desire for cheap, exploitable labor, one really has to wonder if Bush wouldn't prefer to have the U.S. and Mexico merge. That is the way it seems to be heading anyway. Don't believe that last statement? Go google "NAFTA", "CAFTA" and "FTAA".

    But I digress.

    Border security and port security notwithstanding, the question remains; "Does a foreign goverment owned company have any business running any aspect of something so vital to national security?"

    As pointed out earlier, security seems to stay under the purview of U.S. government agencies. But my question is this. Who is going to be working these ports once Dubai Ports World takes control? Will the union contracts stay in place? Or will DPW bring in union busting scabs from other countries to work the ports? In a battle between the Teamsters and the UAE who would win?

    Big Agra, (the huge agricultural companies that now control most of the farming in this country), is well known for pushing for an amnesty, claiming that they don't have enough workers to harvest crops. Just two days ago I drove through farming communities outside of L.A. that had citrus groves for miles, and the lemons and oranges were laying on the ground everywhere and the trees were laden with them. I couldn't help but wonder why nobody was out harvesting these crops. In fact, stopping at a roadside fruit stand I purchased fresh oranges at 5 pounds for a dollar. Is this whole deal with DPW a plan to bring in thousands of new workers for the ports and undermine what few unions are left?

    On that note, (and if you don't like this next statement keep your hate mail to yourself), there are a lot of people in this country that are homeless and on welfare....why can't we get most of them jobs working those fabled fruited plains of ours? Seems to me that you can build a better person with honest labor, and if you can live in the bushes on a freeway offramp and stand for 6 hours a day with a sign that claims you will work for food then certainly living in a warm bunkhouse while harvesting crops is something well within your abilities. But in America people have a right t be lazy and live in the bushes. We also have the right, as Americans, to tell those people to get a damned job and refuse to give them our hard earned money AND we have the right to demand that our government not be enablers to their slothful ways.

    But again, I digress.

    We cannot close our borders, of course, but neither should we turn a blind eye to who is controlling those borders. Profit above all else is just as evil a concept and pure cummunism or socialism, which is simply state santioned theft. Yahoo and google have whored themselves to china for money, agreeing to censor content in exchange for access.

    This culture of profit for profits sake is evil, and leads to the same place as other failed and failing systems. When concepts such as patriotism, nationalism and loyalty are set aside in pursuit of profits above all else, justifications of all manner of evil under the "costs of doing business" naturally follow.

    Yahoo and google in china, and wal-mart in maryland are just the beginning of this trend and the tip of a very large, and devastating iceberg.

    So the question that arises here would be "Is this part of that culture of profit for profits sake?"

    Is letting a company owned and controlled by a foreign goverment, even one that has, so far, been an ally, a smart move?

    I don't know.

    I do know this though:

    If the Dems oppose it so rabidly, it may not be a bad thing.
    I'd like to see the entire message translated, but here are some thoughts:

    1) Does anybody really care if we capture this guy dead or alive? People are problaby torn on this since capturing him and holding him prisoner, getting info from him would be nice. He likes the sound of his own voice so he'd be the kind of guy that would say a lot of things he thought would be confusing or lecturing, but would end up giving up info.

    2) He offers a long term truce? He's not a state or nation. We wouldn't dane to recognize him as anyone legitmate to negotiate with so that's out. Why would we or he need a long term truce? I can only think of a few reasons. He's stuck in a corner and needs time to coordinate. He sees that his group has been damaged by the stupid mistakes of arbitrarily killing people of their own faith and would like to be able to back off and repair the damage, regain some of the lost support. He's worried about the continuing unrest in Iraq and the region has given his rival Islamist the Shia's an in to become the new, legitimate leaders of the pan Islamist movement, with a state, an army, money and assets. Something he doesn't have and is considerable behind in regards to creating his Sunni version. His continuing actions and our following him is giving Iran the possibility of hegemony over the region, even Saudi Arabia.

    Frankly, I'd rather he just died. Martyrdom or not, as long as we got his body and put it on display. Then everyone would know that the Robinhood of the ME was dead and not a legend that could go on forever.Bin Laden Vows Never to Be Captured Alive - Yahoo! News
    For those of you not following the olympic games, especially Bryant Gumbel, Shani Davis won the gold in the Men's 1000 meter.

    Why, you may ask, am I calling an Olympic "Champion" a "Punk of Olympic Proportions", and if you are it shows that you are not paying attention to the Olympics or you may very well be Bryant Gumbel. If you are Bryant, welcome to The Wide Awakes, stay a bit, look around, enjoy yourself, and please, don't let the "paucity of blacks" on the list of esteemed writers of this site chase you away.

    Stop The ACLU has an extensive list of reasons why the ACLU should be investigated.

    I am calling on Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States of America, to call a Special Counsel to investigate possible criminal wrongdoing and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those responsible within the ACLU for any damage to top secret programs that have been enacted in furtherance of National Security and the war on terror; any funding directly or indirectly aiding a terrorist organization; giving representation, aid and comfort to admitted terrorists; invading the privacy of their own members; hindering the ability of the government to protect the citizens of the Untied States of America; and any attempt to destroy evidence of any of these acts.

    If you are concerned over the ACLU, whether it be your religious liberty being attacked, or your National Security...see Stop The ACLU for details on how you can help.
    I really can't watch Bryant Gumbel.

    It's not because I don't find him engaging, although I really don't. He is what real black folks call "an oreo cookie", black on the outside and white on the inside.

    It's not because I don't think he is intelligent, he may very well be intelligent, or he may have great writers that make him seem intelligent.

    No, I can't watch him because, well, he is black.

    That's right, I said it. He's black and has no business reading us any kind of news, regardless if it is about sports, and sports that blacks play at that.

    Really, he has no business getting on TV and showing off his reading ability....that is the hallmark of an uppity...."African-American".

    And no, this has nothing to do with Gumbels remarks that the Winter Games look like a GOP convention.

    This also has nothing to do with Gumbels saying "try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks", because really, he has a point.

    Just like I have a point when I mention that the Summer Olympics remind me of a drive through South Central L.A., with blacks running by real fast. In fact, let's add some realism into the Summer Olympics, and up the speed of the runners at the same time.....give those blacks that run races a TV to carry.....and have a cop or twelve chase after 'em....maybe with a police dog....and run 'em at night......under the spotlight from a "ghetto bird", otherwise known as a helicopter.

    Show us what those "real athletes" are made of.

    Of course, anyone who has seen Bryant Gumbel in action was had to wonder if he was actually white, and with the upcoming debut of "Black. White." showing us how it can be done, a case can be made that Gumbel has, indeed, employed top notch makeup artists throughout his whole career to give himself a leg up in the job department under some affirmative action program.

    How else do you explain such a boring, vanilla, droning announcer not only getting a job at a major network, but keeping it?

    Tell you what Bryant, anytime you feel froggy, strap on some skates or some skies, or grab a snowboard or a skeleton and hit the slopes. Ask Bode for some tips, or see if Shaun White, aka The Flying Red Tomato can give you some pointers on how to pull off a "Haaken flip" or maybe show you the simple movements involved in successfully executing a "McTwist".

    It should be easy for you, what with you being "black" and all.....that means you are a "real athlete" by simple grace of your skin pigment....right?

    Then again, you might want to start out a little, maybe with these fellows here.
    Hi guys, and gals, my name is Kender.

    You don't pay much attention to what I say or how I feel, mostly because I only vote, and I don't have millions of dollars to throw at you so that you will pay attention to what I have to say. But that will change, you see, I'm drinking milk, and someday.........

    OKokok...enough of the jokes.....this time I am really serious.

    You don't listen to what I have to say. I send emails, make phone calls, write letters, the whole deal. I hang out at all night protest in front of the offices of some of you. I write about quite a few of you.

    I consider just about all of you to be useless and nothing more than corporate shills, listening only to those that have huge wallets with which to buy your favors and legislation.

    This is NOT how it was meant to be. Public service was meant to be something you did for love of country, not because you didn't have any other valuable skill and were power hungry. In the old days lazy bums, drunks, cheats and sociopaths that only cared about their own ass usually got shot down in the street or died lonely old alchoholics before they were forty.

    They certainly didn't make a career of screweing over the very people that depend on them to make things run smoothly and, at the end of the day, protect the country.

    But these are the new days, the bold new age of the 21st century...the New World Order, where freedom doesn't really exist, my property is only mine for as long as I can pay your extortion rates for it and protecting our country means protecting only the business interests that line your ever deepening pockets with money.


    That's not true?

    Kiss my ass, it's true and you know it. So does every other American out there with half a brain. So do all of the socialists in europe, who are banking on your ruining our great country and dragging us down the hole of socialism so that every one in the world can have the same lowly standard of living with the exception of the powerful and rich.

    The islamifreaks that keep attacking the websites of the conservatives like Malkin know it too, and they are salivating at our loss of wealth and power.

    So does every criminal alien that is here or on the way here. They KNOW that youo are corrupt and beholden to the very people that want them here for their lower cost labor, so they continue to come, knowing that our resources are overwhelmed and underfunded and our laws go unenforced. Knowing that Bush and his cohorts are in Vicente Foxs' back pocket and if they just get here, they are pretty safe.

    You know who else is paying attention to what you are, and aren't, doing?

    The very people you are claiming to fight against.

    The jihadists.

    What do you think they are thinking now that SIX of our ports are going to be run by a company based in a muslim country? A company based in a country that has stonewalled your investigations into the money trail of the 9-11 hijackers?

    Port security is notoriously lax.

    And you are handing over control of a major gateway into our country to people that not only may not be our ally tomorrow, but may very well be riddled with sympathyzers or allies of those groups that have sworn our destruction.

    You won't enforce our immigration laws, you won't secure OUR BORDERS, (just toss that "North American Security Perimeter" out the window would you?), you willingly hand over control of vital national security interests to parties that shouldn't be anywhere NEAR in control of them and then you have the audacity to tell us what a good job you are doing and ask for more money and more votes????

    All of you are insane. Clinically Fucking Insane!!!!!

    You are asking for that very thing you don't want.


    That pesky second amendment would sure look good on the cutting room floor, wouldn't it? You would feel so much safer if so many Americans weren't armed and willing to throw you out of office if you get so damned uppity as to sell out our security and interests, wouldn't you?

    Don't worry, this isn't any kind of a threat. I don't even own a gun. But there are many people that do, and if you continue to sell out the safety of the people that have elected you and put their trust into you and your word, don't be surprised if those people get together and come knocking on your door to tell you that you have been fired!!!!
    As the world knows by now, the Vice President of The United States of America, Dick Cheney, "accidentally" shot a hunting companion on during a "quail shoot". However, questions have arisen since the shooting that need to be answered before the media should let this matter drop as the "accident" it is purported to be.

    Questions like:
    Was Dick Cheney really trying to kill a senior citizen in hopes of reducing the load on the Social Security system, a system that has been beleagured under President Bush?

    Think about it. As soon as Bush got in office Social Security was suddenly "in trouble" and needed to be "bailed out", a claim that the Democrats refute, in both words and action. The Democrats, (may blessings from the diety of their choice upon the body part of their liking be bestowed upon them), have been telling us all along that Bush is a crook and the entire administration is corrupt, so it should surprise nobody that Cheney would attempt to take things in his own hands and try to fix the nagging Social Security "problem" by offing seniors one by one in "hunting accidents".

    Or this bothersome thought that wandered through the conspirital mind of this writer after hearing about this story;

    Is shooting a lawyer really a crime? Or just a good start?
    (apologies to my lawyer friends)[not really....youknew what you were getting into]

    Luckily for the man that was shot the V.P's medical team was standing by with Cheney's personal ambulance just mere moments away. The V.P's personal ambulance, codenamed "Emergency Two" or "The Hearse" to those on the inside, whisked Dick's vict...I mean took the poor man to the hospital right away.

    Inside sources say that Cheney's information, that the man he shot had a heart that was a match for Cheney's, was wrong, and the man was allowed to "survive" once that was discovered.

    Will the Vice President be brought up on charges?

    Hell no!!!!

    In this administration, buddy, you get away with attempted murder. Just don't try to protect the country by doing things without informing your enemies of your actions, because THAT will land you in a WORLD of hurt with Reid, Pelosi, and the ACLU. You can try to kill people in the woods, especially rich, white lawyers, but don't you listen to Achmed talking to his cohorts or you, sir, shall be branded a lying-criminal-facsist-freedom-stealing-oil-company shill.

    In a related story, the ACLU is planning to file a lawsuit to overturn the oft ignored second amendment, stating that it was never meant to give decrepit old men that ability to shoot each other in the woods, and today it is a "hunting buddy" and tomorrow Cheney will be doing drive-by's on the Kennedy Compound.

    Some that have jumped to the Vice Presidents defense have characterized the occurance not as attempted murder, but rather an abortion in the 224th trimester.

    Yet another valid question that occurs to me is this one;

    Why has nobody on the left called for an investigation into this shooting?

    I think it is because the person that was shot was a rich, white lawyer. If the shooting victim had been a poor, black kid from the inner city the left would be screaming bloody murder by now. Come to think of it, why doesn't Cheney take some poor black kid from the inner city hunting with him sometime? Of course, now who would want to go with him? Can we talk Reid or Pelosi, or maybe even Hillary into going? Damn it all to hell....leftist pacifist twits only hunt for votes, don't they?

    My dad, who lives in Arkansas, (yes, I am a proud Redneck to the damned bone) mentioned that in AR., when they shoot something, they track it down and put it out of it's misery, then wondered if Cheney had a tag for Lawyers. If he didn't he may be in for a big fine.

    But really what bothers me is the one question that nobody else is asking, and that question is;

    Where was Dan Quayle?

    Seriously, Cheney goes on a "quail hunt" and nobody has seen "Dan Quayle" since then?
    I am heading out for the day, but to keep you entertained may I suggest The Wide Awakes blogroll, located on the sidebar on your left, and this article by Ric at Release The Hounds?

    Ric is one of the must reads for me everyday, and one of the unsung gems of the blogosphere.

    By the way....what do you call a black guy that flies planes?
    Stop the ACLU is one year old today. And if you consider the amazing year we have had after deciding to start a website devoted to bringing attention to an organization that has the wool pulled over the eyes of so many people, why, you would have to say, "Damn, you guys are hardheaded", and you would be right.

    In that year we have been linked my Michelle Malkin quite a bit, been told by Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit himself, that "demonizing the ACLU is a bit silly", found some serious trolls, (which are crunchy and good with lots of garlic), and made some good friends. In the TTLB we have shot up to number four at one point, and usually bounce around the top 25, and at this writing we are at #14 (Mortal Human). That is out of 51,010 blogs registered in the TTLB. This blog is only at #737, but given that there are over 50 thousand blogs registered in the TTLB, that is pretty damned good. I am in the top 2% of the TTLB. But STACLU, which I am a founding member of, is at #14. Not bad for one year, huh?

    Go on over there and wish 'em a happy bday, oh, and, it's Jay's bday too....(he started STACLU, it's his baby), so tell him happy birthday while you're there....jay is 29 today.....which unlike most women I know means he is really 29, and not 29 with 10 years of experience.
    Linked in the title is todays rant that I tossed up at The Wide Awakes. Go read it. And if you are signed up to get email alerts from CAIR about things that make them angry, you may very well get one from them about this site, TWA, me and my badly written nonPC parodies.......
    Crossposted at Stop The ACLU

    Why does the ACLU seek FOIA files on the NSA Surveillance program? Perhaps this can shed a little light on the subject.

    We could all see this coming.

    Back in December, Iyman Faris, the only named American target of the National Security Agency's secret warrantless wiretap program announced his consideration of a lawsuit against the president of the United States. To accomplish this goal, his lawyer David Smith issued an all points bulletin for civil liberties attorneys and constitutional scholars interested in taking up his client's case.

    The offer comes at a time of concern among civil liberties attorneys, who worry that the courts may never get a chance to adjudicate the legality of President Bush's secret wiretap program. "Courts don't like to hear hypothetical matters," said Barry Steinhardt, director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty program, who has been preparing for a court battle. "There has to be a real plaintiff with a real injury."Source

    Despite Faris' admitted guilt, civil libertarians were chomping at the bit to get him off the hook.

    In many ways, Faris is not an ideal plaintiff for attorneys who hope to focus their case on whether the president abused his authority by spying on innocent Americans. Faris' guilt is widely acknowledged, despite his recent claims of innocence. Among the evidence against him, prosecutors alleged that he sent a message to al-Qaida leadership in 2003 claiming that "the weather is too hot," a signal that he could not follow through with his Brooklyn Bridge plan.

    But if civil libertarians wait for the perfect case, they may have to forgo a legal challenge altogether. The targets of the secret NSA program are classified, and barring additional leaks, it is unclear how innocent American citizens would discover that they have been monitored. "The reality is that the people in Fourth Amendment cases are rarely the people you would invite over to dinner," said Chris Hoofnagle, senior counsel to the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

    The ACLU's Steinhardt said he welcomed a phone call from Smith. "A likely route to this challenge is in the context of a criminal case," he said.

    So it is no suprise that yesterday, Faris' lawyer asked a Federal judge to throw out his case due to the fact that he was spied on.

    Iyman Faris' challenge is among the first to seek evidence of warrantless electronic eavesdropping by the National Security Agency, a practice that began after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Government officials have reportedly credited the practice with uncovering Faris' terrorist plot and several others.

    A motion filed by Faris' attorney David Smith in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., argues that investigators improperly obtained evidence against Faris and that his trial lawyer was ineffective.

    Given the likelihood that Faris' phone conversations or e-mails had been electronically monitored, Faris' trial lawyer, Frederick Sinclair, should have asked for evidence of such surveillance, Smith said in the motion.Source

    Nevermind the fact that Faris pleaded guilty to conspiracy and aiding and abetting terrorism, he is now backtracking on that. He now says his guilty plea was false.

    And there are others trying to get their terror convictions overturned.

    A lawyer for Ali al-Timimi, an Islamic scholar in northern Virginia serving a life sentence for exhorting followers to fight U.S. troops, has said he plans to challenge his case based on NSA involvement. So has an attorney for Adham Amin Hassoun, a Lebanese-born Palestinian living in Florida who is charged with being part of a cell dedicated to supporting violent Muslim extremists.

    Anyone see a trend emerging?
    In light of the fact that the U.S. Department of State has come out with a press release firmly on the side of appeasement in the name of cowardly political correctness, I have decided to post these songs.

    To those that don't understand parody, satire and free speech, suck on these songs and kiss my infidel ass!!!!!!
    InYurFace music was founded on the ideal that free speech is priceless, some people are too damned sensitive and that fatwa's are harder to come by than the main stream media makes them appear to be.

    The InYurFace Music Collection
    Open this page here in another window and sing along with:

    The House of Zarqawis Son
    To the tune of House of the Rising Sun by the Animals

    There is a house in Ramadi
    They call zarqawis place
    And it’s been the scene of many a bomb made
    To kill the infidel race

    My mother was a breeder
    Of martyrs for the cause
    My father was a leader of
    The oldest radical mosque

    Now the only thing a leader needs
    Is a Koran and some nuts
    Who are willing to kill some innocent kids
    By being blown to chunks

    Oh Imam tell the children
    Just to do what you wont do
    And blow themselves to kingdom come
    To kill some blameless Jew

    Well I got one foot on the bus now
    And my finger on the switch
    And as soon as I blow my self skyhigh
    I’ll get my virgin bitch

    Well there is a house in Ramadi
    They call zarqawis place
    And it’s been the scene of many a bomb made
    To kill the infidel race


    Open this link in another window and sing along with:

    At the Hajj

    To the tune of "At The Hop" by Danny and the Juniors

    Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah
    Bah-bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-bah-bah, at the hajj!

    Ever since Mo lived in his cave
    And he starved and went near insane for the hajj
    We have been out for conversion
    And the Sacred old excursion of the hajj
    We will kill or enslave all the folks that won't wage a jihad
    Wage it now!!!

    Ah, let's go to the hajj
    Let's go to the hajj , (oh Baby)
    Let's go to the hajj, (oh hamid)
    Let's go to the hajj
    Come on, let's go to the hajj

    Well, you can kneel and you can kill it
    You can really start to feel it at the hajj
    When the crowd starts a pushin
    And your head feels like a cushion at the hajj
    It's the religious crush for people in a rush it's called the hajj

    Ah, let's go to the hajj
    Let's go to the hajj , (oh Abdul)
    Let's go to the hajj, (osama)
    Let's go to the hajj
    Come on, let's go to the hajj

    Well now ya gotta go to mecca
    If there's money for the trek-a to the hajj
    Where the hotels all collapse-a
    And the faithful find their rapture at the hajj
    All the young jihadis are leaving ramadi for the hajj
    Let's go!!

    Well now, we'll throw rocks at Satan
    There'll be no hesitat'n at the hajj
    You best not be slippin,
    And well stomp on folks just tripping at the hajj
    Cartoons will make us cause the west to hate us at the hajj
    Don't shove me now

    Ah, let's go to the hajj
    Let's go to the hajj , (oh Donnie)
    Let's go to the hajj, (oh Georgie)
    Let's go to the hajj
    Come on, let's go to the hajj

    Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah
    Bah-bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-bah-bah, at the hajj!


    Open this in a new window and sing along with:

    Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Camelboys

    Camelboys aint easy to love but they're easy to kill
    They hide with the people or they live in a cave in the hills
    Turbans and bomb vests and dirty pajamas and new jihads every day
    They're dead wrong and they're evil and our military
    Is out to just blow 'em away

    Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Camelboys
    Don't let 'em shoot AK's while riding in trucks
    Or go planting bombs on the roadside and such
    Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Camelboys
    They'll never stay home and when they go roam
    We will just blow them all up

    Camelboys like killin for Allah and catchin' our bullets
    Wipin' their ass with their hands and man do they smell
    Them that don't know 'em won't like 'em
    And them that do still want to blow them to pieces
    They're so wrong it aint funny
    And it costs us money to make sure that they go to hell

    Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Camelboys
    Don't let 'em shoot AK's while ridin' in trucks
    Or go planting bombs on the roadside and such
    Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Camelboys
    They'll never stay home and when they go roam
    We will just blow them all up

    Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Camelboys
    They'll never stay home and when they go roam
    We will just blow them all up


    Open this page in a separate window to sing along with:

    My Heroes Have Always Been Camelboys

    I grew up a dreamin' o' bein' a camelboy
    And lovin' the goatfuckin ways
    Pursuin' the life o' my implodin' heroes
    I burned up my childhood days
    I learned all the rules of a suicide bomber
    Don't ya press down the button too soon
    Just take a short bus ride, or go to a disco
    Go out with a scream and a boom

    My heroes have always been camelboys
    And they will be till I die
    Sadly adhering to eighth century ideals
    And a bunch of ragged old lies

    Camelboys are spreadin their own brand of misery
    By wiping their ass with their hands
    Some will die from a bomb in a safe house in Baghdad
    To be dropped in a hole in the sand
    Pickin at sand fleas while down on their damned knees
    And cryin to Allah each day
    Dirty pajamas an' diapers on their heads
    With their leaders a-hidin' in caves

    My heroes have always been camelboys
    And they will be till I die
    Sadly adhering to eighth century ideals
    And a bunch of ragged old lies

    Sadly adhering to eighth century ideals
    And a bunch of ragged old lies
    this is an audio post - click to play
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