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    Hi guys, and gals, my name is Kender.

    You don't pay much attention to what I say or how I feel, mostly because I only vote, and I don't have millions of dollars to throw at you so that you will pay attention to what I have to say. But that will change, you see, I'm drinking milk, and someday.........

    OKokok...enough of the jokes.....this time I am really serious.

    You don't listen to what I have to say. I send emails, make phone calls, write letters, the whole deal. I hang out at all night protest in front of the offices of some of you. I write about quite a few of you.

    I consider just about all of you to be useless and nothing more than corporate shills, listening only to those that have huge wallets with which to buy your favors and legislation.

    This is NOT how it was meant to be. Public service was meant to be something you did for love of country, not because you didn't have any other valuable skill and were power hungry. In the old days lazy bums, drunks, cheats and sociopaths that only cared about their own ass usually got shot down in the street or died lonely old alchoholics before they were forty.

    They certainly didn't make a career of screweing over the very people that depend on them to make things run smoothly and, at the end of the day, protect the country.

    But these are the new days, the bold new age of the 21st century...the New World Order, where freedom doesn't really exist, my property is only mine for as long as I can pay your extortion rates for it and protecting our country means protecting only the business interests that line your ever deepening pockets with money.


    That's not true?

    Kiss my ass, it's true and you know it. So does every other American out there with half a brain. So do all of the socialists in europe, who are banking on your ruining our great country and dragging us down the hole of socialism so that every one in the world can have the same lowly standard of living with the exception of the powerful and rich.

    The islamifreaks that keep attacking the websites of the conservatives like Malkin know it too, and they are salivating at our loss of wealth and power.

    So does every criminal alien that is here or on the way here. They KNOW that youo are corrupt and beholden to the very people that want them here for their lower cost labor, so they continue to come, knowing that our resources are overwhelmed and underfunded and our laws go unenforced. Knowing that Bush and his cohorts are in Vicente Foxs' back pocket and if they just get here, they are pretty safe.

    You know who else is paying attention to what you are, and aren't, doing?

    The very people you are claiming to fight against.

    The jihadists.

    What do you think they are thinking now that SIX of our ports are going to be run by a company based in a muslim country? A company based in a country that has stonewalled your investigations into the money trail of the 9-11 hijackers?

    Port security is notoriously lax.

    And you are handing over control of a major gateway into our country to people that not only may not be our ally tomorrow, but may very well be riddled with sympathyzers or allies of those groups that have sworn our destruction.

    You won't enforce our immigration laws, you won't secure OUR BORDERS, (just toss that "North American Security Perimeter" out the window would you?), you willingly hand over control of vital national security interests to parties that shouldn't be anywhere NEAR in control of them and then you have the audacity to tell us what a good job you are doing and ask for more money and more votes????

    All of you are insane. Clinically Fucking Insane!!!!!

    You are asking for that very thing you don't want.


    That pesky second amendment would sure look good on the cutting room floor, wouldn't it? You would feel so much safer if so many Americans weren't armed and willing to throw you out of office if you get so damned uppity as to sell out our security and interests, wouldn't you?

    Don't worry, this isn't any kind of a threat. I don't even own a gun. But there are many people that do, and if you continue to sell out the safety of the people that have elected you and put their trust into you and your word, don't be surprised if those people get together and come knocking on your door to tell you that you have been fired!!!!
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