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    Some figures you may not be aware of:

    Since Sept. 11, 417 people have been charged in federal terrorism-related cases, resulting in 228 convictions or guilty pleas, according to the most recent Justice Department data. Justice spokesman Bryan Sierra said the department does not categorize arrests by ethnicity or religion.

    Immigration data underscores the extra attention the government has paid to immigrants from predominantly Arab and Muslim nations since the attacks.

    Between October 1, 2000, and September 30, 2001, the U.S. deported 589 immigrants to 20 nations around the Middle East and Central Asia. In the next 12-month period, beginning weeks after Sept. 11, deportations to those nations rose to 1,674 and peaked at 1,759 in 2003.

    By last year, the number of deported immigrants to the nations had fallen to 1,167, according to Homeland Security Department data.

    As I once noted, the people that have the most to lose in the face of another terrorist attack by Islamists, are the American Muslim population.

    Also, I would be little surprised if the details of the convictions noted above and the deportations were connected to Hamas and Hezballah support, though, it's clear there have been other cases of people trying to insert themselves into the general "jihad" movement. It's just that the Palestinian "cause" has been around much longer and actively working the Muslim community as well as campuses around the US.

    I just wonder how many people knew there have been over 200 convictions for terrorist related activities in the US?

    Security Programs Strain Muslim-U.S. Ties - Yahoo! News
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