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    As the world knows by now, the Vice President of The United States of America, Dick Cheney, "accidentally" shot a hunting companion on during a "quail shoot". However, questions have arisen since the shooting that need to be answered before the media should let this matter drop as the "accident" it is purported to be.

    Questions like:
    Was Dick Cheney really trying to kill a senior citizen in hopes of reducing the load on the Social Security system, a system that has been beleagured under President Bush?

    Think about it. As soon as Bush got in office Social Security was suddenly "in trouble" and needed to be "bailed out", a claim that the Democrats refute, in both words and action. The Democrats, (may blessings from the diety of their choice upon the body part of their liking be bestowed upon them), have been telling us all along that Bush is a crook and the entire administration is corrupt, so it should surprise nobody that Cheney would attempt to take things in his own hands and try to fix the nagging Social Security "problem" by offing seniors one by one in "hunting accidents".

    Or this bothersome thought that wandered through the conspirital mind of this writer after hearing about this story;

    Is shooting a lawyer really a crime? Or just a good start?
    (apologies to my lawyer friends)[not really....youknew what you were getting into]

    Luckily for the man that was shot the V.P's medical team was standing by with Cheney's personal ambulance just mere moments away. The V.P's personal ambulance, codenamed "Emergency Two" or "The Hearse" to those on the inside, whisked Dick's vict...I mean took the poor man to the hospital right away.

    Inside sources say that Cheney's information, that the man he shot had a heart that was a match for Cheney's, was wrong, and the man was allowed to "survive" once that was discovered.

    Will the Vice President be brought up on charges?

    Hell no!!!!

    In this administration, buddy, you get away with attempted murder. Just don't try to protect the country by doing things without informing your enemies of your actions, because THAT will land you in a WORLD of hurt with Reid, Pelosi, and the ACLU. You can try to kill people in the woods, especially rich, white lawyers, but don't you listen to Achmed talking to his cohorts or you, sir, shall be branded a lying-criminal-facsist-freedom-stealing-oil-company shill.

    In a related story, the ACLU is planning to file a lawsuit to overturn the oft ignored second amendment, stating that it was never meant to give decrepit old men that ability to shoot each other in the woods, and today it is a "hunting buddy" and tomorrow Cheney will be doing drive-by's on the Kennedy Compound.

    Some that have jumped to the Vice Presidents defense have characterized the occurance not as attempted murder, but rather an abortion in the 224th trimester.

    Yet another valid question that occurs to me is this one;

    Why has nobody on the left called for an investigation into this shooting?

    I think it is because the person that was shot was a rich, white lawyer. If the shooting victim had been a poor, black kid from the inner city the left would be screaming bloody murder by now. Come to think of it, why doesn't Cheney take some poor black kid from the inner city hunting with him sometime? Of course, now who would want to go with him? Can we talk Reid or Pelosi, or maybe even Hillary into going? Damn it all to hell....leftist pacifist twits only hunt for votes, don't they?

    My dad, who lives in Arkansas, (yes, I am a proud Redneck to the damned bone) mentioned that in AR., when they shoot something, they track it down and put it out of it's misery, then wondered if Cheney had a tag for Lawyers. If he didn't he may be in for a big fine.

    But really what bothers me is the one question that nobody else is asking, and that question is;

    Where was Dan Quayle?

    Seriously, Cheney goes on a "quail hunt" and nobody has seen "Dan Quayle" since then?
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