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    From comes the news that the Montana State Library has cancelled a showing of the film "The ACLU Freedom Files'' due to complaints from residents and state employees about the ACLU having a forum and because "the presentation might be one-sided in its criticism of the Patriot Act".


    Sara J. Groves, a State Library spokeswoman, said;
    "They weren't really protesting the video; they were protesting the ACLU being at a state agency...That was the majority of the complaints.''

    The library considered finding someone to counter the ACLU's position on the Patriot Act but couldn't on short notice. They might try such an event at a later date, Groves said. The ACLU of Montana, which was scheduled to moderate Friday's forum, said it was disappointed in the State Library's decision.

    The ACLU has been a staunch critic of the Patriot Act.

    Scott Crichton, executive director of the ACLU Montana, had this to say in response:

    "I think the government has a bully pulpit day in and day out about why intrusions into our privacy are warranted....All the video does is counter some of the assertions the government continues to make, and helps people to understand why the Patriot Act is a threat to people's privacy.....As we have made clear, since its passage, any time, any place the government wants to make their case, we are happy to engage in principled debate with them,''

    Is that a hoot? The ACLU saying they will engage in "principled debate".....

    Crichton also said it is hard to find someone in Montana who supports the Patriot Act and doesn't work for the federal government.

    If it is so hard to find someone that supports the Patriot Act in Montana the audience would be pretty receptive to the idea of a film "produced by the ACLU on people whose civil liberties have been threatened".
    I am really trying to understand the point he was trying to make with that statement. He wants to talk to people that support the Patriot Act and dont' work for the government? Or he wants to talk to people that don't support the Act and work for the government? Or is he saying that the only people in Montana that support the Patriot Act work for the government and therefore he actually expected to be able to show his little piece of propaganda film denigrating the government for attempting to secure the safety of our countries citizens?

    To all of you that are going to start blathering on about the ACLU's right to show this film and Free Speech issues let me head you off at the pass and save your keyboard some abuse.

    A library is a public building, and as such the public gets to decide what it wants and doesn't want to have happen there. And the people of Montana didn't want to give the ACLU a forum for their anti-American drivel.

    I am all for free speech. And the people in Montana spoke loudly and clearly.

    I now have a new respect for Montana.

    And hey, Sara? If you want someone to come counter the ACLU on the Patriot Act, drop me an email. I'll tangle with those commie snots anyday.

    This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board.
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