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    I am ROFLMAO
    Cuz the moojies say some cartoonists must go
    While the MSM in the USA
    Refuse to jump into the fray
    The DOS unequivically states
    Publishing those toons was in bad taste
    And the OAS continues to yell
    That those damned cartoonists
    Will burn in hell
    Then in the EU some papers do dare
    To print the offending cartoons without care
    The papers, the blogs and even the news
    Have taken to showing these horrible toons
    Old mo with a bomb strapped up on his head
    Is a picture that may make you very much dead
    While showing old mo at the pearly gates
    Lacking virgins for martyrs will surely sow hate
    These toons are a lie claim the swarthy imams
    Take them back, take them back, or we're coming with bombs
    But a cross in a jar that's all full of piss
    Is simply just art and we must live with this
    Or painting St Mary from elephant scat
    Is art, don't you see, and so that's where we're at
    Our freedom to speak from our heart and our head
    Has been stolen by people that'd see us all dead
    Or cowering, veiled and in subjugation
    These people would take down our glorious nation
    So I have a message for those screaming imams
    We're locked and were loaded, so bitch, bring it on!!!!

    Linked at STACLU
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