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    And Kerry still won't RELEASE his military records.

    KERRY is, IMO (legal disclaimer there) a LYING ASSHOLE!!!!

    Betcha' I get hit by someone looking up "KERRY LYING ASSHOLE" now.

    Before I get into this post in more detail, I must say that not only are traditional values under attack in the MSM, such as newspapers, TV and radio, but men in general are under attack for simply being men, and nowhere is this more apparent than in advertising.

    It seems that almost every commercial I see these days that portray a couple will invariably show the man being overweight and somewhat bumbling while the woman is fit and on the ball. Another point which I will not get into today is that these guys are almost always white guys. I have seen only one commercial where the boneheaded man isn't white, and that was a pizza commercial. But the man was still portrayed as a foolish caricature of a man.

    The only exceptions to that rule are commercials where the man is in underwear or hawking some sexual enhancment pill.

    Now we have this;
    "The Leo Burnett advertising agency, which created the iconic macho cowboy, said a new study it conducted found that half the men in most parts of the world don't know what is expected of them in society and three-quarters of them think images of men in advertising are out of touch with reality."
    First off I think that half of the men are just wusses that have been brainwashed into thinking that what the MSM says is gospel. As for the three quarters that think advertising is out of touch with reality I must count myself in their numbers.

    It is out of touch with reality. And this next statement proves it.
    "Most ads have lumped men into one of two groups -- the soft, caring type known as "metrosexuals," who are comfortable with facial peels and pink shirts, or the stereotypical "retrosexuals," who remain oafishly addicted to beer and sports."
    Basically those are the two groups, but I must take major exception to the use of the term "retrosexuals" and the characterization of these men being "oafishly addicted to beer and sports".

    First off I like beer and sports. In fact if it weren't for sports the only thing a man would ever wonder is what is in the fridge.

    Let me clarify that statement. I used to say that if it weren't for women and sports then we would just wonder what is in the fridge.

    But then it occured to me that to a man, especially a single man, women ARE a sport. Think about it. What is a sport?

    A sport is a contest......a contest to see who is better at something, some skill or talent. How does that make women a sport you ask?


    When a man is single it is the man with the hottest or coolest girl on his arm that "wins" the game of wenching. Of course the guy with the girl that isn't all that hot or is a bit too bitchy will say "she has a great personality" or "she is a madwoman in bed" or whatever will make you look better in front of your guys, but it still boils down to who has the hottest girl.

    Another measure of prowess in the sport of wenching that goes right along with quality is quantity. It is a measure of you with your crew as to how hot and how many lasses you can bed. I can't explain the scoring system here, as it is against the "Rules of the Club", but suffice it to say that is complex and can vary according to circumstances and lobbying by the affected parties.

    Now here is the part of the article that really made me pissy.
    ""As the world is drifting toward a more feminine perspective, many of the social constructs men have taken for granted are undergoing significant shifts or being outright dismantled," said Tom Bernardin, chairman and chief executive of Leo Burnett Worldwide"
    Now we must ask ourselves just WHY is the world taking on such a feminine perspective?

    I blame the women's libbers.

    Once you women were treated as the flowers you are, or rather can be, and were protected, cared for and worshiped. This went on since time immemorial.

    Then along came women's lib.

    And suddenly you wanted to be treated equal. You wanted the same prospects as men, the same job opportunities, the same considerations for everything.

    What you forgot was that men and women are different, with different roles in the grand scheme of things. Now after 30+ years of "equality" what do we have?

    A generation or two of men that have no idea about how to BE a man. No idea of HOW to treat a woman. And trust me on this, treating a woman is like handling a fine thoroughbred. One must be firm but gentle, knowing when to caress and soothe with caring words and when to let loose with the whip.

    These "metrosexuals" that go all soft at the first few bars of a love ballad and can yak for hours about the virtues of some "products" ability to hold your "hairstyle" in place after a 12 hour workday have nothing on a real man.

    Women SAY they want a man that is sensitive, but go cry in front of them and see how fast you become "friend" material.

    Women want a man that is "sensitive" to her moods, without giving up that strength that inherently comes with being a real man.

    Remember in the late 80's how Alan Alda was hailed as the "new man", caring and sensitive and willing to cry with a woman?

    Uh-huh, that lasted didn't it?

    You can go read the rest of the article here,
    but I warn you, if you are a real man it may piss you off.

    But that's OK...Real Men have no problem with getting angry.

    Crossposted at Cao's
    The Italians, ever the couragous type, have taken balls to a whole new level, while endangering U.S.-Italian relations, (the diplomatic kind, as the other kind will never be endangered, I mean really, have you ever gotten a load of them Italian chicks???).

    Italy judge orders CIA team arrested over kidnap

    MILAN/ROME (Reuters) - An Italian judge has ordered the arrest of 13 people linked to the CIA for "kidnapping" an Egyptian terrorism suspect in Milan and flying him to Egypt where he said he was tortured, judicial sources said on Friday.

    My only question is this, is the CIA going to stand for this? Or will they hang them out to dry under the catagory of "They knew the job was dangerous when they took it?"

    You can read the rest of the article here.

    In another story that deals with Italy, it seems the Finns want to boycott Italian products because the Prime Ministre of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, "insulted both their cuisine and their president this week"

    What Berlusconi said about their "cuisine" is that he had to "endure" Finnish food and that Italian Ham was better than Finnish Herring. I don't know about the endure part, although I have my suspicions that his assesment is dead-on-right, as the Italians are well known for their food, but having had both italian ham and finnish herring I must completely agree with Silvio.

    As for his insulting the finnish president, I think she is just being a whiny bitch.

    The rest of the story is here.
    I know that I am on the "other side of the street" on this issue from my fellow thinkers out here in cyberspace, but I cannot shake what my grandfather once told me;

    "Son, burning the flag is wrong, but you have the right to be wrong, and if we take away someone else's right to be wrong, then you lose your right to be wrong, and that just aint right." Grandpa

    Yet again today this occured;

    "The House today approved, for the sixth time since 1995, a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to prohibit the desecration of the American flag. It now goes to the Senate, which has twice rejected similar proposals. This year, however, the odds may be changing."

    This worries me. Every soldier that has ever fought for this country has fought to give us the Freedom to do something as vile as burning the flag.

    It isn't right (IMO) and it hurts to see it done, but from the newest recruit to the oldest veteran, our right to show dissent, in a peaceful maner, has been secured by those that have served, and died, for this country.

    To those that have ever burned the flag in protest, I hold you in contempt. You are a plague on the morale of our country. However, you have a right to burn that flag, just like I have a right to despise you for it.

    At the same time you have served a purpose. You have shown the world what Freedom truly is. Let someone burn a Chinese flag in Tianamen Square and see if that person walks away.

    I think not.

    You that burn our symbol of Freedom are simply uniting those that love this country and this flag, and those that do so simply mark themselves that much better as the enemy of this country so that we know who it is we fight against.

    Much like your words, your actions mark you, and I may not agree with them, but I will defend you right to say and act that way, understanding that Freedom has a cost, and that cost is not always counted in treasure or blood, but rather in actions that are harmless to life, limb and property yet show dissatisfaction.

    For the whole story go here.

    Crossposted at Cao's
    For those of you that need a bit of a history lesson, let me tell you about the Fairness Doctrine.

    In 1949 the FCC took the (wrongheaded IMO) view that station licensee's were "public trustees" and as such they had a DUTY to make certain that both sides of an issue received equal airtime.

    In the 80's, under Reagans deregulation, that was tossed out. The result is Rush, Savage, Boortz, Levin and a whole host of others that are considered "Conservative" radio personalities.

    Why do I bring this up?

    Because Air America is getting their ass kicked in the ratings. Having already being tossed from at least two markets because they couldn't pay their bills, this sad attempt at countering those on the right with a counter-point is failing in legendary form, and it is a real possibility that Air America could feasibly disappear in the near future.

    If, by some stretch of the imagination, Democrats retake power in D.C., and Air America is no more, what odds would you lay that the Fairness Doctrine is brought back in force?



    Even odds?

    I would give you 4-5 that the Dems would bring back the fairness doctrine so fast that your head would spin as if you had been assualted by force to listen to Air America non-stop until you couldn't stomach the smallest shred of common sense...kinda' like A Clockwork Orange.

    The Fairness Doctrine History can be read here.

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes
    Only on Xradio dot biz.

    This upcoming monday night I am honored to host Media Orphan in the studio for some talk and some acoustic stuff that is sure to kick ass.

    I caught these guys recently in LA and they kick some ass.

    Fronted by Richard Petteys, whose vocals soared onstage at the Whiskey in LA last weekend, this youngster (20 years old) is a solid guitarist that brings a vibrant energy to the stage and draws in the crowd.

    Eddie Negrete ripped on guitar, and bounced around the stage like he had flubberized his shoes and sucked down a gallon of coffee.

    Eric Glenn on bass jammed along laying down a thumping line that literally had the room vibrating, and brought a quiet calm to the show, (YEAH, RIGHT!!!) while trying to look like he was actually working.

    And finally, Paul Almazan on drums kept a solid beat rollin' along, banging away with such fury at times that I was getting tired just watching him.

    These guys are tight, with a refreshing sound. Be sure to catch Did You Listen, the song that I think is going to blow you away.

    Tune in at Midnight Monday on, only on Kender Uncensored!!!
    Linked in the title is a story about a former sheriff's deputy that was convicted of trespassing.

    It seems the day after Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed Former Lee County Sheriff John J. McDougall tried to go into the hospice where she was being murdered to give her water.

    He could have avoided court if he had paid a $250.00 fine, but he instead insisted on going to trial, insisting that he was NOT trespassing, but instead trying to save a life, something I must point out, that he was trained to do in his job as a deputy from 1988 to 2000.

    He has been given 6 months probation, a $600.00 fine and community service for his "crime".

    Moral of the story?
    Let me begin by saying that polls, like anything that deals with numbers, are extremely subjective. I could go to the local market with a press kit and petition from DHMO.ORG warning people about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide and get signatures left and right.

    Polls of course have a major influence, rightly or wrongly, in many of todays decisions made by politicians about things that affect our lives, and as such SHOULD be done in as unbaised of a way as possible.

    Unfortunately that is rarely the case, so I tend to look askance at numbers that purport to claim to "know" what the public desires from it's citizens. I could do a poll today that would show that 100% of American college students want Bush impeached, and turn right around and show the complete opposite. It's all about WHERE you conduct the poll and HOW you phrase the question.

    So with that in mind let's get on with this shall we???

    On May 17 a legal summons was delivered to U.S. and UK embassies in capitals around the world—including Istanbul, Tokyo, Lisbon, and Brussels—on behalf of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI). The summons requested the attendance of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to defend charges that they are in “violation of common values of humanity, international treaties, and international law” for waging war in Iraq.

    So there is a worldwide effort of a large group of whiners sticking their nose into international affairs and wanting to put Bush and Blair on trial.

    Uh huh.....I see.

    While the summons was signed by leading international figures, including international legal scholar Richard Falk and former Assistant UN Secretary General Dennis Halliday, President Bush’s attendance is not anticipated.

    So two of the people pushing this assinine idea are a legal scholar, who no doubt believes that we should wait on the UN to tell us when we should defend ourselves, and a FORMER ASSISTANT UN Secretary General.

    Folks, if we waited for the UN to do anything besides complain, embezzle and commit pedophilia we would still be waitiing for Saddam to comply and the Lebanese would still be waiting for the Syrians to leave.

    Do such efforts, and the broader movement to which they aim to contribute, have any chance of affecting the actions of the United States?

    I sure as hell hope not. I certainly don't want the rest of the world affecting how our government does it's job, especially since one of the chief jobs of a government is SUPPOSED to be securing safety and prosperity for it's citizens.

    In case anyone else out there hasn't noticed, most of the world doesn't like us much, and every single one of the countries that DOES NOT like us is either heavily socialist, communist leaning or arab and either living under sharia law or heading that way.

    When millions of people around the world demonstrated against the U.S. attack on Iraq, Bush referred to it contemptuously as a “focus group.”

    Yes, millions of people around the world did protest. Millions of people protest every war that comes along, in fact, there are people that protest everything these days. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see a group that starts protesting the fact that not enough people are protesting this cause or that issue. I may even start that group myself. We'll call it Attention Seeking Whiny Young Protesters, or ASWYP for short.

    The article, and stupid planning, continues:

    In 1967, the British philosopher Bertrand Russell convened the International War Crimes Tribunal. The Tribunal was charged with conducting “a solemn and historic investigation” of U.S. war crimes in Vietnam in order to “prevent the crime of silence.”

    Drawing on this tradition, the WTI—composed of lawyers, former parliamentarians and judges, journalists, artists, and victims of U.S. aggression—has held people’s tribunals on multiple continents in order to build “a moral, political, and judicial record that contributes to build a world of peace and justice” as part of a broader campaign to “put an end to impunity enjoyed by the United States and its allies.”

    OK, I want you to pay particualr attention to that first paragraph there....go reread it. Done? Good.

    A PHILOSOPHER??? What the hell? Are we back in Roman Times where folks that sit around and ponder are wanting power? (I have a philosophy degree, would you like fries with that?)

    This new group is composed of "lawyers, former parliamentarians and judges, journalists, artists, and victims of U.S. aggression".....let's look at THAT shall we?

    Lawyers: Out looking for a buck, most likely with heavy leftist leanings;

    Former Parliamentarians: Lawyers of a different stripe most likely, and probably with an axe to grind and nothing better to do than chase down publicity;

    Judges Again, lawyers;

    Journalists and artists (lumped together for brevities sake) Both professions are notoriously left wing. Need I say more?

    Victims of U.S. "aggression" Talk about a group with an axe to grind;

    Yes, we can see that this "esteemed body of "scholars and caring people" are certainly one's that would have the best interests of humanity in mind and not have an anti-American agenda. **COUGHbsCOUGH**

    I take particular exception to these next phrases which, yet again, attempt to place Bush into the same catagory as Hitler:

    Just as in 1943 when the Allied troops set up the United Nations War Crimes Commission to act as a repository for war crimes evidence and compile a list of the accused, so the WTI has heard and documented the testimony of victims in Fallujah, archived video footage of journalists, and tracked the command responsibility of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.

    Bush is NOT Hitler....but the leftists must have some emotional buzzword to create a stigma around Bush's, and the administrations actions, and who better than one of the most evil men of the last century? Do you think it would work as well if they compared him to true empirical figures from history that actually were on Empire building expeditions? People such as Alexander the Great or Napoleon?

    By speaking of the Iraq War in terms of Geneva Conventions, human rights treaties, and other aspects of international law, the WTI addresses all those who believe that states must act within legal restraints.

    Must the left be constantly reminded that while actual members of Iraq's armed forces did have protections under the Geneva Conventions, those captured under the umbrella of "insurgent, rebel, freedom fighter, terrorist" or any of a dozen other names for those that are not actually IN the armed forces, with a uniform and command structure, are NOT entitled to ONE SINGLE PROTECTION under the GC?

    Actually the answer to that question is "Yes, yes they do!!!"

    A new and unexpected convergence of forces is developing in the United States around the Bush administration’s contempt for both international law and the U.S. Constitution. It includes not only peace and human rights activists but conservative constitutionalists and retired generals. The WTI offers an opportunity for people around the world to align with these new “legal allies” forming in the United States.

    Let me make this one simple people. International law shoudl only be applied to the open sea and trade sanctions. It is this adherence to a false belief that "international law" trumps our founding documents and overrides our laws that gives away our right to secure our future from enemies that would see us destroyed. The UN is NOT our friend, and they most certainly do not have our best interests at heart when making global decisions.

    Unlike many other countries that seem more than happy to let the UN run the world and adhere to their slow-moving processes, the U.S. should not hand sovereignty over to this group of America hating despots that would gladly use the UN to "legally" drag us down to the level that most of the rest of the world curreently resides at, in regards to economics and national security issues.

    Let me expound on that last sentence.

    Many people around the world decry the level of consumption in the U.S., pointing out the amount of resources we use compared to the rest of the world, based on a per capita basis.

    First off, we can afford it. And it is our governments job to make certain that we can continue to afford it.

    Second, in a dozen or so years, when China is even more of a comsumer and polluter than the U.S., does one really believe for a moment that international opinion will sway the Chinese to curtail their use of resources in the upcoming march for world domination?

    Hell no!!!

    This gives me pause to wonder that the world, if they were asked which country they would wish to run things if it were between the U.S. and China, would say?

    And what about those statistics I was mentioning at the beginning of this rant?

    In one poll, about 70% agreed that the primary lesson of September 11 is that the United States needs to cooperate more with other countries to fight terrorism, as opposed to acting more on its own.

    That was from a PIPA poll, and when I checked out there site they actually had this story, one part of which read that "France Most Widely Seen as Having a Positive Influence in World.

    Do I really need to say anything else about the "polls" and the "stats" that this group is using?

    I didn't think so.

    Go read the rest of the article here and tell me what you think.

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes
    Ever since the Terri Schiavo autopsy came out there have been a whole lot of asshatted libs out here in the 'sphere screeching with self-rightous glee "Seee? SEE?WETOLDYOUWETOLDYOUNEENERNEENERNEENER" as if they are vindicated and Terri's death now qualifies as a "win" for them.

    Only the left would consider a death a "win".

    Gun-totin' liberal, one of the few sensible libs I know, has a different take on it, but doesn't apologize for fighting with his fellow libs over this issue. He says what we were saying. We didn't know enough, so we err on the side of life. I know that simple idea is hard for some of you libs to grasp, but it is there and it is a very simple concept.....I don't understand how such simpletons (G-TL excluded) just can't seem to grasp a simple concept.

    Well I don't apologize. We said there were too many questions...and I am still not satisfied with the answers, and most likely never will be. From the fact that mikey schiavo acted like a petulant 4 year old that needed his ass smacked, to the fact that all her parents wanted was to take care of her, and he wouldn't let them, saying he loved terri, girlfriend and kids notwithstanding, this thing stank.

    Like I told G-TL, "Sometimes, it is more important to be right with your heart, than right with the law."

    Onto pedophiles and the ACLU.

    Go here or here or anyone of a lot of other sites and help us fight the ACLU.

    And if you are a card-carrying member of the ACLU you should be ashamed of your self and you do not have permission to engage what little you have left of your grey matter around here, so kindly slink away and roll a blunt.
    To the asshat that tried to get me traffic.....Thanks!!!

    I got a bit more. Your call to arms didn't work, as you guys are cowards, pussies and skanks. (yes you lefty wuss men can be skanks)

    I shant return the favor. (I know I know...yes I AM an asshole that way)

    And the dems are losing more power everyday.

    Can't wait for the elections next year.

    Just so I can say "HaHa!!!"
    Linked in the title is a thread from the DUmbass Parallel Universe.

    Now there are several things I don't like about the DU, chief among them being it is filled with "progressive" (read: WHINY, ELITEST FUCKHEAD) democrats, socialist morons that really don't understand the way the world works and other assorted wastes of humanity. Actually the only difference between a DUmbass and a roach is.....well, OK, so there really isn't much difference between a DUmbass and a roach, except we can use chemical warfare of roaches, but one can hope can't they

    So a tree-hugging, mentally, make that a tree-hugging retard, (Yes I said "tard", so WTF ya gonna do about it ya sniveling little PC bitches? Yeah, nothin'...s'what I thought) links to me begging his little friends from the DU to come fuck with me, so of course I step up and do what he didn't have the balls to do, which is confront him, (in a nice way, or so I thought) and take him to task.

    But the DU is not well known as a bastion of "FREE SPEECH", so they deleted my comments.

    Before I go any further I wish to point out a part of their "rules" (I say rules because they aren't rules, they are more like protocols for circling the wagons), and point out that it was Sir Nutless himself that FIRST broke a rule of theirs, specifically Rule # 2. That rule is;

    2. Civility: Treat other members with respect. Do not post personal attacks against other members of this discussion forum.

    Now, because he is a sniveling little coward that can't do his own dirty work because he is a major lib'rul wuss, he gets to attack me and I can't defend myself?

    Seems about right.

    The left NEVER wants to DEFEND America, or those that they deem as against them.

    And of course my posting "priviledges" have been revoked.

    So to everyone at the DU, from the founders, to the newest member that ISN'T a conservative surfing for blog material, I say you guys suck ass.

    Every single one of you. And every time one of you link to me I will continue to say it.

    And if you think I am cocky and belligerent now, just wait until the midterm elections roll around and you lose more power.

    When that happens I am so throwing a party, and then I am going to wipe my ass with the democratic underground posting rules.

    I may even email you a pic of that.

    And the call to whines that Sir Nutless put out? No takers.

    Not one comment.


    And since he was kind enough to post my name, (with an incorrect location I may add because he is a mentally challenged tard that doesn't know the geography in his own country) I will tell you his.

    It is "Christianne" least that is how the little faggy bastard pronounces it.

    So "Christianne"? You Faggy Bastard Tard. You seven sandwich eating Cum-Burping Gutter Slug. Spawn of The Saggy Breasted, Mattress Thrashing Whore of the Northwest Lumberjack Lesbian Pancake Eating Champion, this one's for you Wuss.

    Grow Some Fucking Balls, Man Up and pull your head out of your ass, because right now you are simply another BOY with an alligator mouth and a canary ass.
    Not to mention COWARDS roll through the site linked in the title.....and yes I am signed up keep an eye on this crap when it happens.

    Yes I am being very confrontational.

    I don't care.

    Fuck 'em.

    They cry about me.

    They come and look.

    They NEVER leave a comment.

    The trolls that cruise the DUmbass Parallel Universe (DPU) are cowards.

    But they make me laugh.

    I will be laughing even harder once the next election is over and they are even more out of power.

    Wusses, Skanks and Dems Oh My!!! (that was redundent wasn't it?)
    Go here and listen to this as you read the rest of this post. (This reads better if you do)

    Go on.

    Now, consider that Hillary is raising funds for the next election.

    A democrat in the Whitehouse would be an insult to guys like this, who died in Iraq, serving his country and the cause of Freedom, defending our Liberties that we too often take for granted, trying to make, in his words, his "life account for something".

    Remember all of the men and women that have given their lives for this country, in defense of your Liberty, and remember also the life and times of one of Freedoms Greatest Defenders, the man who finished the long job of defeating communism, the Great Communicator himself, Ronald Reagan. The man that was thanked by the people of Russia for helping to peacefully bring the beginnings of Freedom to that once dead society.

    Never forget the people that gave their all, the people serving in harms way, and those that fought hardest for Freedom, from the newest private to Reagan himself, and the dishonor that would be brought upon them by those that would destroy us from the inside, such as hillary and her ilk.

    Know this; todays democratic party has been hijacked, taken over by socialists and others that would see our sovereignty stripped from us and our treasure and resources robbed by those in the world that are lazy and corrupt, all in the name of parity.

    Todays democrats are the new communists, seeing the failures of the old soviets, and believing that the world should work like a kindergarten playground, where everybody shares equally and your hard work means the same as the work of the lazy and luckless.

    Our grandfathers and fathers, the men of the greatest generation, they didn't think that way. They called a bum a bum and didn't let him starve, but neither did he get more than scraps. All this country was founded on has been under assault by the liberals for the last 30+ years, and I will not let it pass unnoticed.

    Once we were the envy of the world, and we were envied because of our Freedom and our Strength, not because we were weak and poor.

    We were envied despite the fact that at the time, blacks were not treated the same, but we were trying to make it so that they were treated the same, and the world saw that.

    We were admired not because we were the richest country, but because anyone could come here and become a richer person, a better person.

    We were loved because here, in America, lived paradise....a Land of Milk and Honey, where hard work and the sweat of your brow, intelligence and maybe some luck would make you successful beyond your wildest dreams.

    Now, when it is shown that our way, the American Way, works, and continues to work, while the socialism that europe chose does not, while the communism that others had forced upon them does not, while every other system simply pales in comparision to the American Way, we are hated, vilified and despised.

    And we are hated, vilified and despised, while being loved, embraced and glorified. We are all of these things to different people. And we are all of these things to so many people because of different reasons.





    We are both loved and hated, for many reasons, and never forget the glory we once held, and still do, tarnished though it may be, can glow bright again.

    America can be that fabled shining city on the hill, but not unless we defeat the enemies within our own country.

    Great thanks for the stolen links to Cao, Raven and R'Cat.

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes and Cao's
    JUST. GO. READ. THE. POST!!!!!
    My "I met you online" cherry that is. Yes, I went flying around L.A. this weekend, hanging out and getting drunk, on the air, with Brian Travis and my morning show cohort, Da' Guru, catching some great music at a club, and generally having a kick-ass L.A. kinda' weekend. Sunday afternoon I made it out to Crystal Clear Country to finally meet one of our illustrious colleagues at The Wide Awakes.

    It was way cool. I only wish we coulda' stayed longer and had a few more beers. (Yes Ogre, you missed out on the beer.) Her Dad was there helping out, but being very camera shy, no pic of him. I sent the rest of the pics on to crystal, so you may even see me posted up there.

    Crystal, it was awesome meeting someone so clear thinking and amazing to boot. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, the beer and the camaraderie (sp?) all around.

    I had a great weekend. I shot out to Crystals to say hi and bye and see you someday in Paradise. Someone was a bit camera shy here. Aint they cute? Posted by Hello
    heading out to do promo's and hit some gigs...lots of good music this weekend, some beer and very little sleep.

    I have it all planned out. NCB and Buckley? You guys are such losers....and NCB? Which strip club are you a "dj" at? They finally moved you up from bouncer huh? Congrats numbnuts.
    Linked in the title is Jay's Blog, the illustrious founder of this blogburst and the StoptheACLU blog. Go check it out. He has a much better post than I do about this weeks open topic blogburst.

    I am going to switch it up a bit and NOT put down all of the reasons I hate the ACLU, as I only have a life expectancy of about 80 years, and even if I were 5 again, I wouldn't have time for that huge task. Nor can I choose one thing I hate worse than the other about the ACLU and their anti-American agenda.

    Instead I am going to simply say this. People like this, that really cannot see the evil that the ACLU is pursuing show their idiocy and their utter lack of comprehension.

    To all of you leftists out there that buy the crap the ACLU is shoveling I kindly ask that you remove yourselves at once from our great country and go live with people that share your astoundingly low threshold for cognitive thought.

    That would be france.
    It seems a small number of Viagra users are going blind.

    You heard me, BLIND!!!

    Federal health officials are investigating rare reports of blindness among some men using Viagra and other impotence drugs—but caution that this type of vision loss also is linked to the same illnesses that lead to impotence.

    Now it may very well be that these guys were about to go blind anyway, but are you willing to take a chance? I don't think I am. In fact, since Mom is always proved correct in the end, (so to speak, depending upon your procilvities), and everyone knows the old saying from Mom about not playing with it lest you go blind, I think that th epart Mom left out was playing with it once it is past its' expiration date.

    These things have a shelf life I hear, and ever since I heard that I decided that I had better choose quality over quantity, (I already know this is a rare choice for a man given the quality/quantity debate), since one never knows if that shelf life is linked somehow to quantity.

    On the other hand, sex offenders blinded in this way would be fine by me.

    You know something else? It's always the bad side-effects aint it? Never anything like that one commercials warning about seeking medical attention for an erection that lasts four hours or more.

    If I get an erection that lasts four hours or more I am NOT calling a doctor......I am calling someone to BRAG to.