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    Ever since the Terri Schiavo autopsy came out there have been a whole lot of asshatted libs out here in the 'sphere screeching with self-rightous glee "Seee? SEE?WETOLDYOUWETOLDYOUNEENERNEENERNEENER" as if they are vindicated and Terri's death now qualifies as a "win" for them.

    Only the left would consider a death a "win".

    Gun-totin' liberal, one of the few sensible libs I know, has a different take on it, but doesn't apologize for fighting with his fellow libs over this issue. He says what we were saying. We didn't know enough, so we err on the side of life. I know that simple idea is hard for some of you libs to grasp, but it is there and it is a very simple concept.....I don't understand how such simpletons (G-TL excluded) just can't seem to grasp a simple concept.

    Well I don't apologize. We said there were too many questions...and I am still not satisfied with the answers, and most likely never will be. From the fact that mikey schiavo acted like a petulant 4 year old that needed his ass smacked, to the fact that all her parents wanted was to take care of her, and he wouldn't let them, saying he loved terri, girlfriend and kids notwithstanding, this thing stank.

    Like I told G-TL, "Sometimes, it is more important to be right with your heart, than right with the law."

    Onto pedophiles and the ACLU.

    Go here or here or anyone of a lot of other sites and help us fight the ACLU.

    And if you are a card-carrying member of the ACLU you should be ashamed of your self and you do not have permission to engage what little you have left of your grey matter around here, so kindly slink away and roll a blunt.
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