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    Go here and listen to this as you read the rest of this post. (This reads better if you do)

    Go on.

    Now, consider that Hillary is raising funds for the next election.

    A democrat in the Whitehouse would be an insult to guys like this, who died in Iraq, serving his country and the cause of Freedom, defending our Liberties that we too often take for granted, trying to make, in his words, his "life account for something".

    Remember all of the men and women that have given their lives for this country, in defense of your Liberty, and remember also the life and times of one of Freedoms Greatest Defenders, the man who finished the long job of defeating communism, the Great Communicator himself, Ronald Reagan. The man that was thanked by the people of Russia for helping to peacefully bring the beginnings of Freedom to that once dead society.

    Never forget the people that gave their all, the people serving in harms way, and those that fought hardest for Freedom, from the newest private to Reagan himself, and the dishonor that would be brought upon them by those that would destroy us from the inside, such as hillary and her ilk.

    Know this; todays democratic party has been hijacked, taken over by socialists and others that would see our sovereignty stripped from us and our treasure and resources robbed by those in the world that are lazy and corrupt, all in the name of parity.

    Todays democrats are the new communists, seeing the failures of the old soviets, and believing that the world should work like a kindergarten playground, where everybody shares equally and your hard work means the same as the work of the lazy and luckless.

    Our grandfathers and fathers, the men of the greatest generation, they didn't think that way. They called a bum a bum and didn't let him starve, but neither did he get more than scraps. All this country was founded on has been under assault by the liberals for the last 30+ years, and I will not let it pass unnoticed.

    Once we were the envy of the world, and we were envied because of our Freedom and our Strength, not because we were weak and poor.

    We were envied despite the fact that at the time, blacks were not treated the same, but we were trying to make it so that they were treated the same, and the world saw that.

    We were admired not because we were the richest country, but because anyone could come here and become a richer person, a better person.

    We were loved because here, in America, lived paradise....a Land of Milk and Honey, where hard work and the sweat of your brow, intelligence and maybe some luck would make you successful beyond your wildest dreams.

    Now, when it is shown that our way, the American Way, works, and continues to work, while the socialism that europe chose does not, while the communism that others had forced upon them does not, while every other system simply pales in comparision to the American Way, we are hated, vilified and despised.

    And we are hated, vilified and despised, while being loved, embraced and glorified. We are all of these things to different people. And we are all of these things to so many people because of different reasons.





    We are both loved and hated, for many reasons, and never forget the glory we once held, and still do, tarnished though it may be, can glow bright again.

    America can be that fabled shining city on the hill, but not unless we defeat the enemies within our own country.

    Great thanks for the stolen links to Cao, Raven and R'Cat.

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes and Cao's
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