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    He awoke before dawn as he usually did
    But today wasn't just any day
    He showered and shaved with shaky old hands
    And went to the bed where it lay
    A uniform worn by the passage of years
    Slightly faded, lay in all its glory
    The ribbons upon it were starting to fade
    But to him it told quite a story
    He was a kid in June '44
    Storming a beach head in france
    When the fighting was done he put down his gun
    While a french girl taught him to dance
    A few short years later he fought in the snow
    And become one of the Chosin Few
    He thinks on those days when the weather is cold
    And winter is breaking anew
    He fought them in Nam as the monsoons poured down
    While the media at home slurred his name
    Never doubting his mission he had no regrets
    He retired without any shame
    Today he will ride down the main street of town
    As the folks on the sidewalk all cheer
    Tomorrow they'll not recognize him at all
    It happens like this every year
    But he doesn't care he knows what he did
    In all of those far away lands
    And he smiles as he buttons his uniform up
    With his heroic, shaky old hands