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    Just jumping on the bandwagon here, folks. As my Right Wing Brethren Don Surber, Expat Texan, my bud and fellow blogger Jay from Stop the ACLU, and Dr. Melissa Clothier, one of the most astute women I have known in my life are showing the lefties are searching high and low for something, anything they can use to try to knock the Sarah-cuda out of the race.

    The experience meme, even though it is useless and will backfire, is being constantly touted. From Dr. Clothiers blog;

    It’s already vicious. And they’re going after her experience, but here is the best response via an Insty commenter:

    Reporter: MR. McCain, how do you respond to charges that Palin has no experience?
    McCain: If Obama had as much experience as Ms. Palin, he’d be ready for the VP slot, too.

    The left is crapping their collective panties today, the media is having a panic attack and the right wing base is energized like I haven't seen them in a long while. I personally consider Palin as McCains checkmate, or "chickmate" as you will and the next 60 days are going to be vastly entertaining as the left tries more and more desperate measures to save their messiah from crucifixion.

    On election day I will bring the nails, one of you folks bring the hammer and we will crucify Obamas political life to the Cross of Truth and Freedom and save the Republic.

    Glory hallelujah Brother...Glory Hallelujah.

    This is what Obama sees in his mirror every morning.
    Dear Future Mr. President Barack Obama,

    Dear Sir,
    I prostrate myself at your feet and humbly beg forgiveness for my shortsightedness and past comments. They were written in jest, I assure you.

    I was unaware at the time the words coming from your campaign were not mere rhetoric, such as when your lovely wife Michelle said you would require us to work. I also thought your call for a "National Civilian Security Corps" funded as well as the military, sounded at first a little too close to the Stasi. Now I realize you simply want us to "volunteer" for our country. I couldn't agree with you more now. America is full of lazy, uppity white folks who expect to be taken care of on the backs of others and someone must do something to make all of us proud of our country again.

    I even now understand why you have called on the Department of Justice to shut down a pro-McCain group for an ad attacking you for your association with the great patriot William Ayers. I now see there are a large group of people in this country who don't understand your ways and they must be silenced if you are to usher in a Golden Age of Freedom in the New Workers Paradise of America.

    If you are to enact this vision for America and the World you are going to need unyielding loyalty and blind obedience and nothing less can be tolerated. I understand. I fully expect "dissent is patriotic" to be considered "hate speech" under your leadership. The First Amendment must be destroyed and using whatever means at your disposal is what we expect of our most Glorious Leader. You can do no less for the good of the country.

    May I make a humble suggestion, Oh Anointed one? Place William Ayers in charge of imploding the Pentagon and other useless military related institutions once you are "elected" our Supreme Leader." He would probably work for free but may I suggest you use the financial acumen you received at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge? I am sure you could find other worthy citizens to accept your largesse in rebuilding our country in your unique vision.

    Please also accept my fierce loyalty to you and your ideals. I am completely behind you one hundred percent, and will promptly report anyone calling you totalitarian. In fact I will go one better. I will report anyone saying anything bad about you at all even if it is simply remarking on the choice of tie you wear that day.

    I know, I know, to bring us back to the greatness we once knew we are going to have to make some changes. The fairness doctrine must be brought back in greater force and applied to the internet also. Hate speech laws, such as they have in Europe, should probably be enacted. Again, it's that pesky First Amendment.

    Please know that I and many other subjects are completely behind you, working towards your ascendancy to the White House and would be most grateful for whatever you deign to do for us once you hold the reins of power.

    Perhaps you can also usher in a golden age of health care, such as they have in Cuba. We need decent health care in this country. Perhaps you could put Hillary in charge of that department.

    In signing off I wish to say, I believe. I am an amateur student of history and can honestly say I have not seen a campaign such as yours since the early 1930's.

    I Hope for Change.




    Your Uncomprehendingly Loyal Subject, Kender
    In a surprising bid to bring about more equality in the nation Presidential Candidate Barack Obama unveiled a new plan to bring about a more equal standard of living. His plan is simple, will increase employment of formerly unemployable people, decrease carbon footprints and bring about racial harmony and foster an deeper understanding of what the poor in our society endure day to day. Calling his plan "S.L.U.M." which stands for "Simply Living Under Me" Obama promises his new plan will create a standard of living across the country that is much more equal than todays standard.

    In a nutshell the plan is this;

    Tax everybody to the point of being unable to keep a decent standard of living, thereby increasing poverty and lowering the standard of living for more people, so more people will live in slums, ghettos and barrios.

    As an adjunct to this program Obama plans to hire hundreds of thousands of ghetto, slum and barrio residents to enforce new housing codes which will include letting grass and shrubs die, parking cars on lawns and having at least two full families of at least three generations living in each single family home.

    Another part of his program is the Graffiti Corps, also known as that Tagger Team, a corps of specially trained citizens who will rove at will and apply graffiti to fences, buildings and cars. Only approved graffiti, such as "I HOPE you are happy" and "I DID promise you change" will be allowed.

    More on this as it develops.
    A school in Monroe, Ohio has banned cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to school under the schools new dress code.

    I seem to recall that Fridays (the day cheerleaders wore their uniforms all day) was one of the best days in high school and this was one of the reasons. The other reason was it was Friday, duh.

    It's not like they're wearing cheer outfits like this. If that was the case I could see banning them, as no teen aged boy worth his sweaty gym shorts would be able to concentrate with a squad of hit girls wearing THAT outfit walking around. Hell, I'm not sure if I could concentrate if you put a squad of hot girls dressed like that around me, and I'm supposed to be a grownup.

    In other stupid school news about 500 out of 1200 kids got sent home or in school suspension for wearing the wrong belt, (again a dress code violation) and a school in Florida is debating a dress code for the teachers.

    The state of education in this country is insane.

    And the perfect representation of it...any questions?
    Hey, I figure I have just as much experience as Obama.

    WIDTH="384" HEIGHT="304">

    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    Leaving a bad taste in your mouth in 2008

    How about this:
    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    Are you really going to swallow this, America?

    What's yours?


    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    And I thought we were just gonna get screwed.

    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    Do we at least get a kiss first?

    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    Do we have to buy dinner first?
    Or at least that must be the thinking of a group of "Asian-American activists" in Sacramento who managed to get Breakfast at Tiffany's pulled from a Screen on the Green movie series Saturday night.
    Mickey Rooney got heartburn when he learned why his 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" had been pulled for "Ratatouille" at East Sacramento's free Screen on the Green movie series Saturday night.

    "Ratatouille? Never heard of it!" Rooney, 87, said in his classic Brooklyn accent in a spirited phone interview from his southern California home this weekend.

    One of the most beloved and enduring movie actors in American history, Rooney was shocked to hear his comic role as Mr. Yunioshi, Audrey Hepburn's cantankerous upstairs neighbor, had been branded racist by several Asian American activists in Sacramento.

    More about that in a moment. First let me address one of the major problems we have in this country today. The love some groups have for hyphenating their race with "-American" is really getting on my last nerve. We used to "the melting pot" and groups that were here simply called themselves "Americans." Now, under the friggin guise of "multi-culturalism" and "diversity" (which actually means "disunity"-look it up I am serious) we have everyone breaking into little groups of hyphenated Americans.

    Let me tell you something, if you can't be proud enough to simply be an American then pack your fucking bags and go back to the shithole you or your forebears immigrated from. If being something besides a plain American isn't fucking good enough for you then you don't deserve to live here and myself and the rest of the plain old Americans would be very glad to be rid of your ungrateful ass.

    I am serious. If you don't like being labeled simply "American" then get the fuck outta my country.

    Back on topic.

    When a group has to go looking at a movie from 40+ years ago to find something to complain about they are really reaching. Are they angry an asian was played by a white man? Are they mad about his accent? His make-up? Turns out they are angry at that and more;

    CAPITAL (Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy and Leadership), an umbrella group for more than 90 local organizations, told the Sacramento City Council that Rooney's buck-toothed Japanese character with thick glasses and exaggerated Asian accent perpetuated "offensive, derogatory and hateful racial stereotypes detrimental and destructive to our society."

    All I have to say about that is "Ah-So glasshopper you have learned well from your indock-nation at the People's University and your complaints will not go un-noticed."

    So in honor of this whiny group and Anti-Americans (how's THAT for hyphenating?) I present to you a clip of Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi from that classic, Breakfast at Tiffanys.

    Barack Hussein Obama, United States Presidential hopeful, friend of American Terrorists and con men, communist sympathizer and UN brown noser has a "lost" brother. He actually isn't lost. He lives in a hut in Nairobi and has been quoted denying kinship with Barack when asked about having the same last name. He denies kinship because he is embarrassed by his penury. It sounds to me as if Baracks brother has a little more class than his brother.

    And he is trying to better his lot in life;

    For ten years George Obama lived rough. However he now hopes to try to sort his life out by starting a course at a local technical college.

    Not to mention he seems to have a grasp on what it means to be a man. Now I am not saying Obama isn't a man, but I would lay a heavy wager as a hardcore leftist in a fight Obama would run. Liberals, true hardcore socialist capital “L” Liberals are notorious cowards. They talk big behind a computer screen but in person they are sniveling weaklings who really aren't worthy of spit shining the muddy boots of their betters and I would, as I said, wager large sums of cash Obama is one of them.

    But not his brother;
    "I have seen two of my friends killed. I have scars from defending myself with my fists. I am good with my fists."

    So now we have two counts showing the good blood in the Obama gene pool must have come from mommies side. Obama's brother is embarrassed he is so poor but working towards a better future for himself AND he is willing to defend himself with violence when necessary. Can we replace Barry with George?

    Barack, painting himself as an "American Black" (which he is not, having white and African Arab blood in him) would surely not hide in a shack living on what little he could scrape together. He would most certainly, if he found himself in such dire straights, head off to the nearest welfare office, probably while grumbling about whitey keeping him down.

    Obama has met his brother before.

    He has only met his famous older brother twice - once when he was just five and the last time in 2006 when Senator Obama was on a tour of East Africa and visited Nairobi.

    If I had a brother, even a half brother, living in squalor in a third world country and I was as financially well off as Obama seems to be I would like to think I would send my brother a little something. The man lives on a dollar a month. How much better would his life be if Obama just sent him a simple ten dollars? Do you think Obama can spare ten bucks a month? I bet he can spare ten bucks a month since he quit smoking.

    So one must ask themselves; Self, if Obama wins the Presidency will he treat us Americans as he treats his brother? Will he let us live in squalor? Will we too have to disavow any kinship with him, stating "I didn't vote for him, don't blame me" when we are living in mud huts?

    I say yes. Obama will ignore us and let us live on a dollar a month. I figure, by my admittedly amateur economic deductions (which involve counting blue cars and subtracting the number of cigarettes I smoke in Obama's honor) that after Obama gets done gutting the military and ridding us of those pesky nukes that keep us safe, building up a homeland snitch corps and giving the UN even more of our money via a global tax we will have just about a dollar a month to live on.

    Perhaps Obama can give his brother a job in the new administration. He can be the Director of Mud Hut Design and Fabrication and Perhaps even the Director of Thrifty Living. He can show all of us how to live in a mud hut on a dollar a month.

    Seriously, I think it reflects badly on Obama when he claims to want to help raise us up out of our squalor while he lets his own blood live in a hut not much bigger than the average gas station bathroom, and if this is how he treats those he is related to, what chance do we have to get a better deal?
    After you watch this video and realize that Obama supports these actions you will realize if Obama gets elected it is proof thsi nation has lost our soul and we will fully deserve whatever we get. If you vote for Obama shame on you....or at least that's what I would say if I thought the kind of people who would vote for Obama could feel shame.

    If the United States of America ever gets over the social disease of Politically Correct Induced Multiculturalism we are afflicted with historians may look back on some of the events occurring in this country today and shake their heads in bewilderment. They’ll wonder what the hell we were thinking in much the same way we shake our heads at the age old “remedy” of leeches.

    When the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance stating all new “Big Box” home improvement stores must build shelters for day laborers (many of whom are illegals) those of us who still use our brains for more than a place to store the current crop of American Idol contestants shook our heads in bewilderment. The governments’ job, at all levels, is to enforce the law. Aiding and abetting those who are here illegally is high up there in the list of Things Governments Should Not Do. Forcing private companies to be a party to those actions is akin to extortion. In fact the city council members who voted for this resolution may very well be breaking RICO statutes by forcing Home Depot, Lowes and any other company to comply with what may be deemed illegal.

    The City Council of Los Angeles, if I may be so bold as to bring it up, could possibly (by correct thinking people that is) be accused of engaging in human trafficking in a round about way. The scourge (and it is a scourge, maybe even a plague) of illegals flooding our cities is a shameful reflection of our failure as citizens to hold our politicians accountable for their inaction. In 1986 Ronald Reagan (PBUH) passed an amnesty for 3 million illegals and swore to secure the border. Every administration since has utterly failed to secure the border and until recently even workplace enforcement was spotty.

    Now we have somewhere around 20 million illegal aliens wandering the country, taking our jobs, crowding our schools with their children (who should NOT be citizens merely by birth but that’s a story for another day), using our emergency rooms for their personal doctors and filling our jails. Now the L.A. City council has the chutzpah to demand that private business aid illegals by making them more comfortable when they search for work?

    What’s next? Benches for the off ramp beggars who hold up traffic collecting money from softheaded simpletons who actually believe those “will work for food” signs? Shelters for panhandlers in front of AM/PM so they don’t get sunburned while they’re telling you a sob story about lost jobs, dead dogs and harsh childhoods and begging for a dollar so they can just “grab a burger?” Or how about a city sponsored Dial-A-Ride for burglars who just can’t afford a car yet?

    Where does the madness stop? When are these cities going to be held accountable for aiding criminal activities?

    The head of Los Angeles-based National Day Laborer Organizing Network (I guess it’s kind of like a union without the political ball busting and dues) Pablo Alvarado, had this to say;

    "We welcome it, we need it. The workers deserve it."

    The workers DESERVE it? Since when does anyone DESERVE to have the government force businesses to aid and abet illegal behavior? Since when does illegal behavior deserve anything beyond punishment? I will tell you since when….since we fell down on the job and started electing morons like Councilman Eric Garcetti who had this to say after the council passed the ordinance;

    "This is an important day, this is an example for the nation."

    This is an example for the nation? Maybe an example of what a city should not do. Don’t forget, these private businesses being forced to build these shelters will pass along the costs to us, and since they will most likely “donate” the materials they will most likely write them off on taxes which means they have turned a minus into a double plus for themselves.

    Perhaps the remark of the day which captures the essence of idiocy within the L.A. City Council was uttered by former L.A. City Police Chief turned City Councilman Bernard C. Parks.

    Bernard C. Parks, who first proposed the ordinance four years ago, said that this was just the first phase and that he planned to address existing home improvement stores next. said the businesses needed to be held accountable for their role in attracting dayworkers.

    Instead of holding businesses accountable for attracting dayworkers why aren’t we holding our politicians accountable for not enforcing the law? Why aren’t we holding the L.A.City Council and the L.A.P.D. accountable for adhering to Special Order 40, which prohibits our officers from asking about the immigration status of those they come in contact with? It is an officers duty to uphold the laws of the land, and local officers should uphold federal laws as well. If they refuse to uphold immigration laws they should be precluded from upholding other laws the federal government takes a special interest in such as bank robbery.

    If you rob a bank the FBI is there in a jiffy as bank robbery is a federal crime. So if the L.A.P.D. isn’t going to bother with immigration because it’s a federal matter they should at least turn a blind eye to bank robbery also.

    On the other side of this issue is the Minutemen, who have been on the front lines of the illegal immigration fight for awhile now. Many Minutemen (and members of Save Our State, a California based anti-illegal immigrant group) have been fighting against these very day laborer centers and what I want to know is are the cities going to force businesses to build shelters to keep the Minutemen and Save Our Staters out of the sun and off of the sidewalks? Who is going to show some compassion for those patriots who spend their days bringing to light the failures of our politicians and exposing what our devil-may-care attitude towards who is running our country has caused to happen?

    At the end of the day building shelters for day laborers, no matter how kind it may seem, only serves to place those day laborers out of the publics eye and mind, thereby serving to shield the politicians, and ourselves, from the failure of the American Citizens to do their job and run their country.

    We should all be damned ashamed of ourselves.
    Beyond the walls of the Kingdom of Logic, where order reigns supreme, lies the Realm of Common Sense. The Realm was once expansive and peopled with the citizens of many countries and they lived in Harmony by adhering to the Principles of Common Sense. These days the population of the Realm is shrinking, with those stalwart holdouts from a bygone era often finding themselves under attack by the denizens of the Land Beyond the Realm.

    The Land Beyond the Realm is called the Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness. The Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness encroaches upon the Realm, shrinking it more each year. The Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness is a land of utter chaos and Absolute Relativism, where each action is weighed against every other action and nothing is called Evil lest it springs from the Founts of Assured Knowledge which has its headwaters in the Kingdom of Logic.

    Out in the Vast Wasteland actions which would never occur in the Kingdom of Logic or the Realm of Common Sense are common place. It is a land devoid of thought and lacking color beyond its’ myriad shades of gray. A land where Freedom of Speech is oppressed and writers are accused of “flagrant islamophobia.” A land where 12 year old girls petition a court of law to overturn the punishment they receive by their father for disobeying his rules and posting provocative pictures of themselves on the web.
    Once upon a time (yes this is a fairy tale because it discusses the fantasy of a parent being the responsible party in raising their child) in the Realm of Common Sense there was a man who met a woman and they fell in love. This has very little bearing on the story in a modern sense, because feminism has relegated men to a secondary and almost solely financial role in the bearing and raising of children but I felt I should point out that the couple fell in love so we could keep the whole fairy tale flavor of this tale.

    After they fell in love they did what most couples who fall in love do, which is get married. You will notice I said “couples”, because in these days of Political Correctness Monitors actually mentioning (again) that it was a man and woman who fell in love and were married may hurt the feelings of some Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered individual who, if they are Canadian, could drag me into the Canadian Human Rights Commission of Nonsense and Nannystatist Policy Wonks and demand I start thinking “correctly” and honestly the legal bills would bankrupt me. So we can leave it at “what most couples do.”

    Eventually these two people did what two people who are of the opposite sex and engaged in the traditional state of marriage have done throughout all of recorded history which was they created a child. This was a child of the female sex, anatomically speaking, although in the land they mentally resided in, The Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness, this child will be able to consider itself whatever it wishes when it reaches and Age of Reason. Physically these people resided in a land called Canada which, not completely coincidentally, is one of the physical manifestations of the Vast Wasteland. To the Canadian Court system the Age of Reason seems to be twelve years old. So this girl child is well within her rights to consider herself whatever she wishes now, as she is, indeed, twelve years old.

    The girl child, as all teenaged children in modern countries are apt to do, engaged in internet activities. Her father, being a man of sound mind and knowing what it is teenaged boys want, having been a teen aged boy once himself, forbid his precious girl child from accessing some of the sites on the internet. One cannot blame him as he was only acting in a way which any decent and loving father who was raising a girl child in today’s world would act. The girl child, being a teenager and acting as teenagers have acted throughout all of recorded history, decided to disobey her father and access those forbidden websites from a friends computer. If she had simply done this and gone no further her father would most likely have known no different and all would have been quiet in the Vast Wasteland.

    However the girl child did more than simply check the banned websites. She posted pictures of herself which have been called “inappropriate for her age.” Posting pictures of oneself online at the tender age of twelve is not something any right thinking individual encourages in their children and the fathers’ ire was great and he, being a right thinking individual, punished his daughter.

    Most fairy tale father/daughter punishments involve the daughter being locked away in the highest room in the tallest tower of a lonely and forgotten castle in a far off land, usually guarded by a fierce dragon or a spell cast by an evil witch who the father presumably hired for this purpose.

    This was not the case with this tale. The father, presumably not having access to the highest room in the tallest tower of a lonely and forgotten castle in a far off land and knowing that actually finding a dragon who will work for such pitiful wages such as “All the Heroes you can eat” decided instead to ground his daughter.

    Grounding is a time honored practice whereby the parent puts restrictions on their child such as “No TV for a week”, “No going outside to play after school” or, as was the case in this instance “No going on the school field trip you have been looking forward to” and the child abides by these restrictions and, hopefully, learns their lesson and won’t repeat the offending behavior.

    Only this child refused to abide by the time honored roles of parent/child relationships, deciding instead to sue her father for her freedom and right to attend the field trip. In the Realm of Common Sense this suit would have been summarily tossed out, perhaps even with a fine for the lawyer who would possess the drool inducing intelligence level to actually believe this suit had merit and dared to waste a judge’s precious time with it.

    Not in Canada. The judge, Justice Suzanne Tessier, decided she knew better than the father and reversed the grounding as being too harsh. In the Realm of Common Sense people would quickly ask Justice Tessier if she would be willing to, say, raise the child of the twelve year old if, for example, the twelve year old met someone on the internet who saw her inappropriate photos and decided to meet with her and start up a relationship.

    Even more disturbing to the citizens of the Realm, who completely encourage the father to discipline his daughter and try to keep her safe from the sexual deviants who crawl the internet searching for inappropriate pictures of twelve year old girls whom they can then try to have sex with, is the question of who is responsible if the girl child’s internet activities lead to her untimely demise at the hands of one of the aforementioned perverts? Would Justice Tessier denounce the father if he hunted down this mythical pervert and took justice into his own hands? Or would Justice Tessier admit her culpability in taking away the father ability to discipline and protect his own child?

    Apparently in the Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness the State knows better than the parents of the children, and those of us still lucky enough to reside in the Realm wonder how long it will be before the State simply steps in and takes the children away to be properly cared for and raised by those who know better than those of us whose sole reason for living is to raise a good human and decent citizen.

    After having observed the events in the Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness I am certain the father would not only be held responsible for avenging his daughters death at the hands of a pervert but he would probably be sued for creating such a temptress and luring the pervert into a life of depravity. Luckily the girl child still lives and as far as this writer knows is in little danger from perverts on the internet, but give Justice Tessier a chance and I am sure in time she’ll come up with a ruling which takes away the last protections a parent can enact on a child and finally the state can raise our children for us.

    The End
    The horror and blind stupidity of this story is somewhere in geosynchronous orbit. In Philadelphia a toddlers body was found inside of a suitcase and authorities claim he ended up there as a result of being starved to death for refusing to say the word "amen" after meals.

    Ria Ramkissoon, the mother of Javon Thompson, was charged Sunday with first-degree murder in the boy's death. Baltimore police said Monday that three other members of a group called 1 Mind Ministries have also been charged with first-degree murder. Police and Ramkissoon's family say the group is a cult.

    His own mother apparently took part in the "punishment" of her son, and indeed held him as he died. Her family thinks she shouldn't be punished as events were beyond her control.

    Ramkissoon's family said she should not be held responsible for her son's death. "She had no control over that situation at all," her stepfather, Craig Newton, said Monday.

    First off this woman should never be allowed to have a child again. Maybe even ordering her to stay away from all children is a good idea. We do it to child molesters, why shouldn't we do it to people who are so depraved as to let their own child starve to death for not saying a fucking word?

    You know what? Fuck that too. This woman should be locked up for the rest of her natural life. I also can't understand the other members of this cult not giving a damn about someone else's kid and letting him starve to death. What kind of sick fucks are we dealing with here? All of these people should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Hopefully Pennsylvania has the death penalty.

    This is where the whole eye for an eye thing would come in handy. These useless wastes wanna adhere to some religious edicts so scrupulously as to let a toddler starve to death then let's adhere to the whole eye for an eye bit and lock them in a room and let them know what this child knew before his body surrendered his soul. Better yet chain them to a wall and put out a spread of food that would shame a King's table and let them suffer as much as possible.

    Another good question is where the hell is the dad?

    These people don't deserve one ounce of sympathy for letting that child die from lack of food. All they deserve is the same agonizing death they forced Javon Thompson to endure.

    Roberto Barreto explains what he sees as a culture of hatred towards illegal aliens and blames race baiting by talk show hosts for the beating death of mexican immigrant Luis Ramírez in Shenandoah, Pa.

    He says;

    While Ramírez's death should not go unpunished, the fundamental reasons behind his death should be at the forefront of the discussion. Ramírez's attackers--like so many residents of the area--have been subjected to a hysterical campaign against immigration.


    Politicians and big corporations have promoted hate and used fear tactics to scapegoat immigrants, blaming them for the economic crisis.

    I agree that Ramirez's death should not go unpunished but the campaign against illegal immigration is anything but hysterical. We have been flooded with illegals aliens, most of them directly from Mexico. Mexico publishes small comic books to explain to their citizens how to reach the U.S. safely. I have always thought they made those pamphlets in comic book form because that is the average level of literacy in Mexico.

    Our emergency rooms are swamped night and day with illegals using them as a primary care doctor, forcing many of them to close when they reach a point of either closing or going bankrupt altogether. Our schools are flooded with children whose first language is not english, forcing our schools to use valuable resources to teach english as a second langauge instead of teaching our children to read and write. Our jails are stuffed with gang members who are illegal aliens and the jobs traditionally held by our children as stepping stones into the real world workplace have been taken over by illegals who don't use them as stepping stones but rather as low paying careers so they can keep the pesos flowing back home to the families they left behind.

    A racist movement called Aztlan agitates for the reclamation of the Southewest United States, which they wrongfully claim was stolen from Mexico (truth; It was sold to the U.S. after Mexico had their ass handed to them in the Mexican-American war) and protests claiming "this is our continent" are common. They even will tag stories on their site with "ALTA CALIFORNIA" which is the old Spanish name for what Americans call California.
    The number one television station in the country is KMEX, a spanish language station in Los Angeles. One reason is of course the astounding number of "latinos" in Los Angeles. The other is the fact (and I am certain to be called names for this) so many people who speak spanish are sitting home in front of the television AND the nannies of thsoe who are out working are also tuning into KMEX.

    It is increasingly appearing as if Southern California is a lost cause.

    When our government finally does its job and starts raiding the job sites where illegals are working or deporting them straight from prison the ACLU and immigrant groups complain we are being racist and mean. However if our government dos not step up and do the job we expect of them and deport those illegals they do find and fine the employers who hire them you will see more of this happening.

    Add in the fact of Ramirez having children with an American woman who was his common law wife and you have a recipe for disaster.

    There will be more instances of immigrants being beaten to death in our streets as this problem worsens. The time to act was years ago. Our government is not doing their job because as citizens we are not doing ours, which is to pay attention to what our elected leaders are doing and make them do what we as a nation feel they should be doing.

    We are a nation of laws and all who are here are expected to abide by them, no exceptions. When you come here illegally and use our resources, take our jobs and make our lives unnecessarily harder some people will lose their patience and take matters into their own hands.

    Is it right?

    Hell no.

    Can you blame them?

    Not a bit.
    In what will surely become the oxymoron of the century a group of self described anarchists have banded together to threaten the city of Denver Colorado. Denver received $50 million dollars from the federal government to pay for security costs during the Democratic National Convention that runs from August 25th to 28th. These self described anarchists have demanded Denver use the money for community programs instead and have said they will sit out the convention if the money is redirected.

    Pardon me for laughing. There are so many holes in this offer I don’t know where to begin. Should I start with the organization of anarchists? Just writing “organization of anarchists” set off my irony alarm so loudly I think I woke people up six blocks away. Simply by the act of organizing makes anarchists less anarch-y, if you will. This is what 30 plus years of liberal created, feel-good, learn-nothing education will create, anarchists banding together.

    Now these “anarchists” (and I must use quotes on the word anarchist for the remainder of this article as these people simply do not understand the word they have decided to label themselves with) are telling the City of Denver, the federal government and the DNC they’ll sit home and be good little anarchists if the money is given to “the community?”

    Let’s say the City of Denver capitulated and used the 50 million for city programs instead. The city would have no security and these “anarchists” could sweep in unopposed to cause wreak havoc and mayhem. Now this is exactly what I would expect anarchists to do. Sweep in unannounced where they aren’t expected and cause all kinds of trouble.

    Or let’s try a different scenario. The city uses the funds for community programs, leaving the city unprotected and a different group of anarchists comes barging into town to wreak havoc and mayhem. How do we know there’s only one anarchist group out there? Why should the city of Denver (or any city over a few thousand inhabitants) be scared of any group of self proclaimed “anarchists?”

    The group, “Unconventional Denver” is planning protests and one of the organizers, Clayton Dewey, had this to say;

    "As anarchists, we feel the greatest problem with government is how its primary interest is to protect the profits of those in power, even when it comes at the expense of the general public”

    The group organizing the protests in Denver call themselves “DNC Disruption08.” They include groups such as “Recreate 68” or “R-68” for short. The goal of R-68 apparently is to recreate the riots that occurred during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where protestors and police clashed. The trials of the group that became known as The Chicago Seven, where seven people were put on trial for inciting riots may very well happen again to a new group of people if R-68 gets their wish.

    Right now their plan seems to be marching in the streets making as much noise as possible. This seems harmless enough, however in a very noisy setting calls for aid would go unheard and if someone were to keel over with a heart attack nobody would be able to hear the pleas for assistance.

    I can actually see the authorities rounding people up for breaking noise ordinances. I know in most cities any noise over a certain decibel level is considered a nuisance. For pure comedy you probably cannot top a group of protesters being arrested for being too loud. But worse than the noise is the very real possibility of these groups actually inciting riots and the culpability they would face if this occurred.

    In a post 9/11 world the charges could range from inciting a riot to terrorist acts. Imagine if some members of R-68 decide that making noise in the streets isn’t good enough and maybe burning a few cop cars would make a better statement. Or maybe they’ll decide (like every other group of anarchists) to exact revenge against their corporate masters by breaking windows and looting.

    If these groups stick to their plans to march and make noise I don't see trouble arising but it only takes one or two bad apples to spoil the whole barrel. It is not a far stretch for a group calling themselves “anarchists” to attract a group of destructive individuals who start breaking windows and causing damage. The mere fact of the group being labeled “anarchists” is enough to make many young people leave common sense behind and believe they are fighting for a cause that allows them free reign to do as they please, after all this is the essence of anarchy.

    Now the courts have rules the Secret Service is well within their rights to restrict access to the Democratic National Convention
    which is sure to raise the hackles of R-68 and their ilk. This will probably agitate them into even more radical plans which is almost certainly going to result in someone getting hurt. DNC Disruption has a schedule posted of classes one can take for self defense and how to be a legal observer but I don’t see these being sufficient to save the protesters when riots break out.

    The cops are better trained, better equipped and have the law on their side and no amount of training is going to keep this peaceful if a group of masked kids calling themselves anarchists show up acting like, well, anarchists. As an aside the tendency of these kids to wear masks is infuriating. I have faced off with these kids in protests myself and I always ask them, once they are in earshot, how embarrassing is it to take part in a protest where they must hide who they are.

    If the DNC convention goes off with relatively minor trouble I will be surprised. I think these groups are spoiling for a fight and are likely to get one. If the riots occur I am hopeful charges will be brought against those organizing these groups if for nothing else than to show the country that public safety is of utmost importance to us as a country.

    Furthermore, if these riots occur and people are brought up on charges expect the ACLU to defend their right to raise a riotous insurgency right in the middle of the country during a national political convention, after all the ACLU has a long history of defending terrorists.

    What the entire issue boils down to is a public safety issue, and the threats of riots by self proclaimed “anarchists” who have a well known history of vandalism and mayhem threatens the public safety of those who may be there to protest peacefully.

    Without assured public safety the tendency of those who dissent to speak out in protests and gatherings will diminish and this would be a loss of freedom to all of us.
    Starting in 2002, Spokane, Wash., journalist Sherry Jones toiled weekends on a racy historical novel about Aisha, the young wife of the prophet Muhammad. Ms. Jones learned Arabic, studied scholarly works about Aisha's life, and came to admire her protagonist as a woman of courage. When Random House bought her novel last year in a $100,000, two-book deal, she was ecstatic. This past spring, she began plans for an eight-city book tour after the Aug. 12 publication date of "The Jewel of Medina" -- a tale of lust, love and intrigue in the prophet's harem.

    This sounds like a great book. Historical fiction can be exciting, often more exciting than the real thing and can open up a dialog about a period in history so people can discuss the issues arising from events which transpired in the past. In this case opening a discussion with the muslim world about their prophet and his consummation of his marriage to a nine year old girl is sorely needed, as the west as a whole can't wrap their heads around a man who would have sexual relations with a nine year old prepubescent girl.

    But that conversatuon isn't going to happen, and neither is the book.

    In an interview about Ms. Jones's novel, Thomas Perry, deputy publisher at Random House Publishing Group, said that it "disturbs us that we feel we cannot publish it right now." He said that after sending out advance copies of the novel, the company received "from credible and unrelated sources, cautionary advice not only that the publication of this book might be offensive to some in the Muslim community, but also that it could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment."
    emphasis mine

    So what isn't offensive to the muslim community? Oh, that's with nine year old girls, beheading people, subjugating those who aren't muslim, oppressing women, need I go on?

    The real kicker in this story is it wasn't a muslim throwing the wrench into the gears. It was an American Academic named Denise Spellberg, who is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas in Austin.

    Can we say DHIMMI? If you can't now you will after this next bit;
    On April 30, Shahed Amanullah, a guest lecturer in Ms. Spellberg's classes and the editor of a popular Muslim Web site, got a frantic call from her. "She was upset," Mr. Amanullah recalls. He says Ms. Spellberg told him the novel "made fun of Muslims and their history," and asked him to warn Muslims.
    emphasis mine

    The University of Texas motto is "What Starts Here Changes the World."
    They couldn't be more right because if Denise Spellberg had her way we probably would have seen riots, embassy burnings and protests by muslims around the world being angry that someone would dare to take the truth of their "religion" and look at it through the lens of historical fiction.

    Let's see what we have so far.

    We have an associate professor who specializes in Islamic studies.

    She receives an advance copy of historical fiction focusing on the prophet Mohammed's nine year old child bride.

    Instead of calling the publisher and saying "Listen, I study these folks for a living and publishing this is really gonna piss 'em off if you publish it" she instead contacts the editor of a popular muslim website and says "Hey, I have an advance copy of a book and it makes fun of muslims so you should warn everyone."

    As I said DHIMMI!! In fact I would go so far as to say she is inciting unrest and hatred. But what can one expect from a graduate of Columbia University? Columbia is a well know bastion of far left thought and hatred for all things American. Apparently they are also now teaching Dhimmitude and appeasement. Maybe we should move the whole campus to France.

    At the end of the day the FACT that Mohamed had sex with a nine year old girl is hanging there quietly, causing many people to wonder why anyone would willingly support a religion started by a murderous caravan raider who molested a prepubescent girl. The chance for us to open a dialog with muslims over this slipped away when Denise Spellberg went running to her muslim friend like clueless, appeasing idiot hoping to prove her loyalty to a group of backwards thinking 8th century zealots who, if given half a chance, would have her in a burkha before you could say "enshallah master."

    Drop Associate Professor Denise Spellberg a line at the email address below and let her know how thankful you are there are people such as herself giving us all great examples of what clueless dhimmitude looks like.
    Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar has called putting a park in a low income area of Los Angeles a "battle for social justice." Councilman Huizar's out-the-deep-end comment can be seen in the video below. His comments are between 2:33 and 2:59

    Maybe if you classify satisfying envy as social justice Councilman Huizar would be right. But building a park in a low income area is not social justice. Social justice is an invented concept with income redistribution (read; THEFT) as its base goal. When someone speaks of social justice what they really mean is redistributing wealth in the form of taxes on those who produce the wealth to those who do not in the form of social programs.

    California Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon went on to explain with some stats which, when one looks at them with a critical eye and some honesty fall apart given he is comparing apples to meat pies. His comments are between 3:13 and 4:18

    Here are the stats;

    In the City of New York 91% of children have access to a park within a quarter of a mile.
    In Los Angeles 33% of children have access to a park within a quarter of a mile.

    Let's look at the differences between New York City and The City of Los Angeles shall we?
    The City of New York covers 303 square miles with a population of 8.3 million
    Los Angeles covers 498 square miles with a population of 3.8 million.

    Los Angeles covers a lot more ground with a smaller population. Go look at a Google satellite map of New York and then take a gander at Los Angeles. Not the actual street plot but the satellite picture. Notice a difference? Los Angeles is a lot greener. We have a few things New York doesn't have (and I am not casting aspersions on New York so don't get your panties in a twist and send hate email) and two of those things we have is space and front and back yards. In most of New York kids live in apartment buildings not stand alone houses. In Los Angeles an apartment building above three stories is rare unless you are in Beverly Hills. Most of us out here live in houses are smaller, two story apartment buildings and an apartment with a play area is an uncommon site, at least in my experience.

    Out children have yards to play in.

    As if comparing New York to Los Angeles wasn't stupid enough Assemblymen DeLeon carried this insanity one step further with this statement;

    "If you live in a more affluent area of Los Angeles it's an average of about thirty three point four acres per one thousand residents. For African Americans it's about one point seven acres. For Latinos it's about one poin-- it's about zero point six and for Asian American Pacific Islanders it's about zero point three acres. So this is a fundamental problem of access and equity. This is a civil rights issue."
    emphasis mine

    You read that correctly. A civil right.

    Just when you think you have heard it all, just when you believe people can't possibly get any goofier or say something so outrageous you are shocked into disbelieving silence is exactly the time someone like Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon comes along and says something so outrageous you are shocked into disbelieving silence.

    I hate it when that happens.

    Especially when the very next thing out of the mouth of the person who caused your disbelieving silence is even more outrageous. A veritable parade of stupidity is passing before your eyes and all you can do is stand and gawk like a Frenchman watching the Germans march into town, again.

    These comments can be seen between 5:06 and 5:40 in the video below.

    "Regardless of who you are, regardless of where your parents come from, regardless of the color of your skin, regardless of your legal status,"

    WHOA WHOA WHOA Back the speechifying train up there a bit buddy. Regardless of your legal status? So I guess Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon supports illegal immigration and criminals. That's a good thing to know. We'll have to remember that fact the next time he is up for election. Then again his district is heavily latino, most likely with a high population of illegal voters (yes illegals vote, and they vote early and vote often) so maybe he was just pandering to the crowd.

    He continued on with this;
    "You deserve access to nature. As Ron Schaefer just stated a little earlier today quote unquote Nature Deficit Disorder, which is a very fascinating concept. Nature Deficit Disorder can be interpreted as a civil rights violation for those children who've been marginalized historically so they can have access to a beautiful park."
    emphasis mine

    First we deal with the created concept of "social justice" and now we have "Nature Deficit Disorder?"

    So now we have a new Civil Right, at least according to Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon.

    Access to Nature.

    Which part of the Constitution has that Access to Nature in it again? Anyone? Where'd all those crickets come from?

    When your access to nature is curtailed and your civil rights stomped into the mean streets of Los Angeles it is termed Nature Deficit Disorder. Jeez, Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon makes it seem as if parks are territorial possessions of the neighborhoods they are located in and only children from those neighborhoods can use them. In truth the parks in the affluent areas of Los Angeles are much safer then those in the less affluent areas due to the fact of the parks in less affluent areas are infested with extremely territorial and violent gang members, many of those illegal aliens.

    I am starting to see why maybe, just maybe, the children in the less affluent areas don't use those parks.

    This last statement goes just overboard with the class envy;

    "It should not be dictated by ones financial wherewithal that allows you the choice to purchase nature or purchase a home with a close proximity to the beach."

    Purchase nature? Yes I'll take two natures to go please, one with some grass and big trees and maybe one with a little stream that runs into the ocean, and can you make it snappy? I gotta get to a speech where I pander to illegals.

    What this whole thing equates to is the poor don't have any open space.

    Let's add into this whole mess the fact that those in more affluent areas have a lower population density which contributes to this whole fallacy of "the poor don't have any open space." The poor live in smaller houses, usually apartments because this is what they can afford. Many times these apartments have a small playing area. Usually someone has attempted at some point to plant grass but either because it is too expensive to keep green or infested with those pesky gang members we spoke of earlier it goes unused.

    Those who are not so poor (and I won't call them rich because they aren't) can afford a larger house, usually with a front and back yard in a neighborhood developed with parks and open space. This is not an issue of "equity" it is an issue of earning what you have.

    One other thing I want to address is many of the people Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon seems to be addressing have immigrated here from third world countries. Third world countries (if you haven't noticed lately) are chock full of nature-y goodness. I am not really certain these people want to have access to nature, having recently fled from it, but if it's that important to them may I helpfully suggest they return to the chock full of nature-y country they fled in the first place?

    Is that mean of me?

    Too bad.

    David Hernandez gives an astute analysis of the socialistic and racially divisive language used in these speeches and he's dead on correct. Add in the fact that much of the days speeches were given in Spanish and anyone with an ounce of sense can see how far down the ladder we have slipped. From pandering to illegals to stirring up racially charged class envy our politicians out here in Los Angeles have reached new heights of waving the french flag and giving the bird to the citizens of this country.

    Viva Stupidity!!!

    Here's the video;

    From an investment standpoint Tyson foods is sucking wind, having posted a 92% drop in profits due to rising feed costs. That would be why Claymore Advisors Llc dropped all of their Tyson stock.

    If you have Tyson stock you would probably be wise to drop it, or if you are invested in a fund that has it maybe you should write a letter and ask if they are going to continue to hold Tyson stick and if so, maybe, just maybe you should tell them the little story below and explain to them that dropping the stock would be the patriotic thing to do.

    You see, Tyson's chicken processing plant employees about 1200 people, 700 of whom are muslim, which means (just so we are clear) about 500 are not. Tyson, in their new union contract, has dropped Labor Day as a paid day off, which incidentally is the reason it was started, to give the working man a day off, and replaced it with Eid-Al-Fitr, the Muslim Holy Day which falls at the end of Ramadan, the Muslim Holy Month of Fasting.

    Islam is on a quest for world domination and where they cannot get it by force they are going for a gradual take over. Once they reach a large enough percentage they get violent and start making ever more outrageous demands.

    Now, I don't begrudge the muslims their religious holiday, but Tyson has taken away a time honored American Tradition and replaced it with one from a group of newcomers who, apparently, are not assimilating into our culture.

    Call it multiculturalism run amok. Again.

    Tyson foods is wrong to drop Labor Day in favor of Eid-Al-Fitr and would be wrong even if their work force were 100% muslim. This is an American tradition, and if immigrants cannot assimilate into our culture they should rethink their residency and perhaps return from whence they came and stop taking away our culture and forcing theirs upon us.

    So drop your Tyson stock, and maybe refuse to buy their chicken. Let's send Tyson a message. This is America, we already have a culture, thank you very much and until you understand this fact and act accordingly you can just sell your chicken to someone else.

    I am Kender and I approve this message.
    PORT CARBON, Pa. (July 26) - Three white teens were charged Friday in what officials said was an epithet-filled fatal beating of an illegal Mexican immigrant in a small northeast Pennsylvania coal town. Brandon J. Piekarsky, 16, and Colin J. Walsh, 17, were charged as adults with homicide and ethnic intimidation in the July 12 attack on Luis Ramirez.

    OK, these kids should be charged with homicide. They viciously beat a man to death. Nothing the man reportedly did would merit being beat to death. He didn't rape or kill any family members of the assailants. He didn't steal their life savings through fraud or force and leave them destitute and starving. Before you ask yes if someone did that they would deserve a beating, maybe not a fatal one for the fraud but an ass kicking would be in order.

    But "ethnic intimidation?" What the hell is that? If I intimidate someone who isn't white like I am would I be guilty of ethnic intimidation? What constitutes intimidation? Especially ethnic intimidation? If someone that appears Hispanic stares at me at the mall and makes me think they are acting in a threatening manner can I press ethnic intimidation charges? Or is that law only to be used against Caucasians?

    Make no mistake, we can't have people going around beating people to death in the streets. It simply isn't how one acts in a civilized, law abiding country. And I will readily admit these teens seem to have acted out of hatred simply because of the apparent heritage of the victim but piling on charges for something as vague as ethnic intimidation seems like it is pandering to the groups agitating for the punishment of these men.

    Charge them with homicide and throw the book at them if they are convicted. But leave the wishy washy vague laws out of it. Ethnic intimidation seems to be a law capable of charging someone with the intent to do the crime. To wit;

    (a) Offense defined.--A person commits the offense of ethnic intimidation if, with malicious intention toward the race, color, religion or national origin of another individual or group of individuals, he commits an offense under any other provision of this article or under Chapter 33 (relating to arson, criminal mischief and other property destruction) exclusive of section 3307 (relating to institutional vandalism) or under section 3503 (relating to criminal trespass) or under section 5504 (relating to harassment by communication or address) with respect to such individual or his or her property or with respect to one or more members of such group or to their property.

    (b) Grading--An offense under this section shall be classified as a misdemeanor of the third degree if the other offense is classified as a summary offense. Otherwise, an offense under this section shall be classified one degree higher in the classification specified in section 106 (relating to classes of offenses) than the classification of the other offense.

    (c) Definition.--As used in this section "malicious intention" means the intention to commit any act, the commission of which is a necessary element of any offense referred to in subsection (a) motivated by hatred toward the race, color, religion or national origin of another individual or group of individuals
    emphasis mine

    See that? "The intention to commit any act he commission of which is a necessary element of any offense..."

    We are hurtling headlong down that slippery slope towards hate speech laws. Now that we have laws that can be used to charge people for an intention to commit and act the laws stating you have committed a crime for speaking in a way that offends can't be far behind.

    I miss freedom.

    R.I.P. America
    The 32 men arrested Saturday morning at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center were participating in a county work release program as an alternative to serving time in jail.

    What they received instead was a one way trip to their country of origin, courtesy of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). I must say getting yourself deported is, in fact, a community service so at the very least maybe these guys should be credited with finishing the program.

    Their arrests come as a result of a sweeping program in which local and federal authorities work together to find, apprehend and deport illegal immigrant criminals.

    It's about time. Enforcement works. Of course some are complaining because these guys were "low-risk, nonviolent offenders." An offender is an offender, and an illegal alien is an illegal alien, period end of quote.

    "One of the concerns with the current implementation of the agreement is they said it would be for hard-core criminals and felons," said Emilio Amaya, executive director of the San Bernardino Community Service Center, a nonprofit that helps people going through the deportation process. "Most of the people are being detained for misdemeanors."

    Whether it’s a hard core offense or misdemeanor offense shouldn't matter. They need to be deported ASAP. Illegal aliens, when found, should get nothing beyond a swift kick in the behind over the border to their country of origin. It's is the only thing we owe them. Better yet, maybe we should start billing the alien for the cost of sending them back, and explain to them if they wish to return they must pay their bill and wait in line like everyone else.

    In 2005, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department entered into a partnership with federal immigration authorities to screen for criminal immigrants serving time in county jails.

    Under that agreement, federal immigration agents were waiting Saturday morning at the back of the Glen Helen jail where people check in for the work release program.

    "When they signed in to serve the time they were sentenced to, they were interviewed and found to be undocumented," said sheriff's spokeswoman Jodi Miller.

    Miller said the degree of the offense doesn't make a difference to federal authorities.

    "Anyone who goes into the jail facility, despite what their crime may be, they are possibly subject to being screened by Immigration and Customs Enforcement," Miller said.
    emphasis mine

    Let me say it again so we are all on the same page. The degree of offense should make no difference at all. Being illegal should supersede all other issues. Once they serve their time they should be deported straight away, and if they have committed a felony they should be told they are no longer welcome, EVER! Of course I would feel better is Sheriff’s Spokewoman Jodi Miller has dropped the ”possibly” out of her statement and simply said “they are subject to being screened by Immigration and Customs Enforcement." I think “will be screened” is even better.

    "We are seeking to expand our efforts to identify and remove foreign nationals who have been convicted of violations of law in the United States and are in the country illegally," said Virginia Kice, Orange County-based spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

    Anyone in the country illegally - especially someone with a criminal record - is subject to immigration enforcement action, Kice said.
    emphasis again mine

    You folks out there screaming racism about immigration enforcement need to understand that last bit with the emphasis. Let me say it again so you get it.

    Anyone in the country illegally - especially someone with a criminal record - is subject to immigration enforcement action, Kice said.

    As an "Oh By The Way" moment go read this article when you have a second. It is a great response to all the people screaming racism.

    Back on topic;

    "Someone may say that misdemeanor violations should not be a priority, but there is a very real possibility they could go out and commit a more serious offense that has heartbreaking consequences for the community," Kice said. "What if a person who has a DUI conviction gets behind the wheel several months from now and has an accident that claims the life of several innocent victims? Why would we allow that to happen?"
    emphasis again mine

    Perfectly stated. Why would they let that happen? The deportation of illegals wherever found is exactly what ICE is supposed to be doing. By deporting illegals they are ridding our society of a group of people who have shown by their very presence in our country the laws do not matter to them. We have more than enough of our own homegrown criminals whom we can't deport.

    Why would we want to import more of them?
    Delta Airlines has had one of the worst months I have ever seen an airline have without actually crashing an airplane.

    It started on July 15th, when a panel fell off of a plane in St.Louis.

    Then, struggling to keep afloat, they raised second bag fees to 50 bucks. That was announced on July 29th. On July 30th, a woman was found dead in the restroom aboard a Delta flight. No word yet on whether she ate the airline food or not, but I have my suspicions. That flight was landing in Atlanta. The reason I bring the destination up is because on July 20th Delta made a woman with muscular dystrophy crawl off of a plane in Atlanta. I guess if you gotta fly Delta don't, at least, go to Atlanta.

    On July 20th, Julianna's (delayed) Delta flight landed in Atlanta at 7:30pm, with a connecting flight scheduled for 8:05pm. Julianna, who has muscular dystrophy, missed the connecting flight because nobody came with a wheelchair until 8:05—the same time the connecting flight took off. To make matters worse, the plane crew told Julianna she might make the flight anyway if she stopped waiting for help and got off the plane right now, so she crawled down the stairs on her own. When the wheelchair came she was "wheeled into a back room and advised" that her plane had taken off. But that was just the first half of her ordeal, and the next eight hours only got worse.

    Now that's some great customer service. To top that the employees actually debated, in front of her, who was going to take her to the ticket gate.

    I think Delta earned their run of bad luck. Not content screwing normal passengers, on June 27th (just before Delta's Month of Doom began) Delta added fuel surcharges to SkyMiles tickets. SkyMiles is Delta's premier travel club created, ostensibly, to give frequent Delta customers perks. I wonder if Julianna is a SkyMiles member? If so she should ask for a refund.

    So if you are thinking of flying anywhere you probably may not want to fly Delta. The planes are apparently falling apart, handicapped people can crawl for all they care and they are going to charge you more than anyone else for the privilege of treating you like crap while giving you substandard service.

    Kinda' like Amtrak.