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    The title of this post is specifically to get it shown at the top of searches on Google so that when people search for Ken Sherman they find it and know why I think he shouldn't be running for the Assembly seat in the 40th District of California which he is seeking.

    Ken Sherman is a piano teacher, which while being a noble and decent profession, in no way qualifies him for a political office.

    You can see the first post I did on Sherman here. I explain in that post why he shouldn't even be consider by anyone that considers themselves a conservative, but I want to recap that and tell you why I am posting about this again.

    Ken Sherman has posted (and taken down when it was pointed out what he did) anti-semitic videos on his only website, a myspace page. Any candidate for an office higher than Student Council at a high school should have an actual website. I have no idea if Ken is running a campaign on the cheap, he doesn't know any better or he is simply thinking that only a myspace page is good enough, because Ken won't return calls.

    Ken has also promoted events sponsored by Move On Dot Org, an extremely far left group. The event he promoted on his myspace page was a candle light vigil against the war, which by default means he is against the troops.

    Ken's campaign manager has posted lies about Ken's opponent, Armineh Chelebian, while at the same time failing to divulge his position in the campaign. While it may not be illegal to post comments without divulging your position in a campaign, it is extremely unethical to do so, especially when you are posting comments in favor of your employer and posting lies about your employers opponent.

    Theer has been some speculation amongst some activists here that Ken Sherman is a mole from the Democrat party, and is only running to secure the nomination so he can drop out and leave the seat uncontested for the Democrats. If Ken Sherman does win next Tuesday, and drops out of the race I'd like to see the Attorney General of California open an investigation into Ken's finances and those close to him. I'd be willing to bet that if he is a mole, he has a handshake deal with the Dems to get paid for securing the seat for them. But that's just a theory of mine.

    I tried several times to speak with Ken, and after reaching him on his cell he said he'd call me later. His steadfast refusal to get together for a one on one so he could present his side of the issues is proof positive to me that he is hoping to ride this out until Tuesday.

    So spread the word. Don't vote for Ken Sherman if you live in the 40th district in California. If you do and by some stretch of the imagination he wins you will be getting what you voted for. An unresponsive person of questionable character.

    *DISCLAIMER; These are my thoughts only. I am not connected in any official capacity with any campaign for any office.


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    From the Sacramento Bee comes the sad story of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez age 17, of Oaxaca, Mexico who dies of heat stroke while working in a vineyard on May 16th, 2008.

    The United Farm Workers Union is calling her death "an "egregious" violation of safety regulations" and is calling for the punishment of the person or people responsible for her death.

    But that begs the question, how do you punish a dead girl?

    Certainly it is Maria's own fault, unless she was kidnapped and forced to work in that field. She illegally entered our country with the sole intention of working illegally to send money back to her widowed mother in Mexico. Now while I am all for compassion for your workers and treating them decently, at the heart of this
    Blogger: Kenders' Musings - Create Post is the fact that she was an illegal alien who should not have been here working in the first place. If you want to put anyone on trial for her death why not place the blame where it rightfully lies? With the governments of The United States for not securing our border and the government of Mexico, for encouraging their citizens to enter our country illegally and send home money and just having a corrupt country that can't seem to dig itself out of poverty, thereby forcing its citizens to look for work elsewhere?

    It is sad that Maria died, seemingly a needless death, but at the end of the day the only thing her employer did wrong was hiring illegals. The blame should also be with the company that sent the illegals to work in the first place Merced Farm Labor contracting service out of Atwater, for aiding and abetting illegal aliens being employed in the first place.

    Please people, let's place the blame where it rightfully lies, with the illegals that shouldn't be here in the first place.
    With the news that Susan Sarandon will move out of the country if John McCain is elected I thought I would offer my services, again, to all those simple, America hating cretins that whine every four years and say "If that guy's elected I 'm moving out of the country. It is a constant threat of Babs Streisand, and that mouthy wench has yet to actually leave.

    At least Johnny Depp did what he said he'd do and lives in France. Of course he still makes his living from the goodol' U.S. of A. by starring in films made here in Hollywood, but he never said he wouldn't, he just decided to be an ex-pat and live somewhere else.

    Anyway, enjoy;


    NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kenders' Kiss My Ass and Get Out of My Country Travel Agency.

    There are currently 28 countries with travel warnings from the State Dept. and I plan on giving them all a lot of new residents if McCain Wins!!!!!! A lot of my liberal leaning friends have said they are moving out of the country if McCain wins. Barbra Streisand said the very same thing many times, along with a bunch of her nosy, whiny cronies. She is still, by the way, in Malibu. Wussy Bitch.

    To see some of the wonderful places a lot of liberal wusses are gonna be hanging around for the next four years if McCain wins click the link.

    ***Click Here For State Department Travel Warnings***

    To all of you that have sworn to move out of the country if McCain wins, let me be the first to offer you my humble services as a travel agent.....for free.

    That's right folks....if McCain wins the election I will, for NO CHARGE, find you the fastest way out of the good ol' U.S. of A. and I bet the GOP may even help fund some of those trips.

    So don't be a wuss like Streisand and her bunch, (excluding Depp, he actually moved), and stick around and whine. MOVE. Stand by your words and get out of the country.

    There is only one catch to my services. I will not be setting up any place for you to stay. That is your job. I will not let you pick where you are going. That is my job.

    I will simply tell you your departure time and place.

    So pack warm socks and sunscreen, kevlar and your last will and testament, cuz it's gonna be a fun ride with Kenders' Kiss My Ass and Get out of My Country Travel Agency.
    This is a report from March 25th 2006;

    This country, the United States of America, was founded on the rule of Law. Man's Law, ordained by Our Creator that all men are created free and equal and are imbued with the God Given Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Somewhere along the way this ideal got all cocked up. The gears got gummed up with over-thinking, you see, when someone decided that "created equal" actually meant "equal, regardless".
    Regardless of circumstances.
    Regardless of ability.
    Regardless of character.
    Regardless of ambition.

    Once, when this country was young, and greatness blew upon the winds, a man could rise from poverty and obscurity, relying on his intelligence and drive, ambition and luck, creating the opportunities and capitalizing on the events around him to rise above his fellow man and achieve greatness.

    Sometimes these men had this greatness thrust upon them, and they rose to the challenge to make a mark on history and changed the world. George Washington and Abe Lincoln spring to mind.

    Others took the opportunity of living in a great and free country to pursue their dreams, taking the ideal of "The American Way" completely to heart and set out to change the world while seeking their fortune, and in the process changed the face of humanity and secured for themselves and their descendents a prosperity that would almost assuredly secure their well being for untold generations to come. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford fall into this catagory.

    But as I said, something happened along the way that messed things up.

    We succeeded.

    We showed the world that Free Men could create a country of amazing prosperity and security, rising to heights of personal success that is almost mythical in proportion. A man born in a log cabin, teaching himself to read by firelight becomes the President of a great country, freeing an enslaved people and holding together a country that was, at the time, a fragile collection of states with vastly different ideas on the treatment of it's inhabitants, only to be cut down in his prime by an assassin.

    Another man rises from the dawn of the industrial age with an idea that we can each own a automobile that will allow us more freedom to travel, making it common for people to cover the vast distances of this huge country, equalizing the executive of the company with the mansion on Nob Hill with the factory worker living in the clapboard house, who both now have the ability to go with a freedom and speed unseen before we had cars made on assembly lines.

    But it is this prosperity that has fooled so many people. We have made it look so easy. Millions do it. We have more than 1 car for every person in the country, and home ownership is a standard of our society. You live where, and how, you choose to and can afford to do so. Some people choose a smaller house and a better car. Some people choose a cheaper car and a bigger house. Some can afford both, some neither, but all have the same opportunity to get exactly what it is they want, within boundries.

    And it is the boundries that have caused the problems we see today. It is these naturally occuring boundries, attributable to intelligence, ambition and, yes, even a quality as nebulous as luck that have led to the disparity of society, not only here in the U.S. but around the world.

    Human nature is a funny thing. Take, for instance, over population. In societies that population is a problem, most notably "Third World" countries, under-developed resources, coupled with an astounding birthrate, create an ever increasing strain on survival resources, such as food and water. This leads to a higher mortality rate, which causes the human animal to procreate at a faster and more furious rate as it fears for its extinction and attempts to keep this from happenening. (never mind the fact that in poor societies with a lack of work and food there isn't much else to do except try to find food and procreate)

    Even here in the U.S. we see this phenomenon, albeit on a smaller scale, as most people in the U.S., especially American citizens, typically keep the number of their offspring to a number they can afford to feed and clothe. People that immigrate from the aformentioned "Third World" countries still seem to breed like, well, rabbits.

    As I said, this is where our problem lies.

    We have worked hard for this standard of living, and we have sacrificed much, but the rewards of that sacrifice far outweigh the costs. We treat the world as equals, seeing the possibility of greatness in all people, explaining to them that they too can have this freedom, this quality of life, but that with it comes a price, as nothing is free.

    That price is hard work and personal responsibility.

    Along with the freedom to succeed in mythical proportions comes the possibility to fail in legendary fashion.

    And that possibility of failure is where people have forgotten that all important phrase "created equal".

    To have the freedom to succeed, there must be the possibility of failure, and the higher one can fly the lower one can fall.

    This is the greatness of The American Way. It is also the one thing that scares people the most. Many people, most notably europeans and the american left, see this disparity and say "that's not fair", and "why should he have more and he have less when there is enough for everyone?"

    The short answer is this; "It's the natural order of things."

    To a group that is famous for worshipping the "natural order" and defending nature from the onslaught of man, the people that espouse a socialist viewpoint go against the very nature of man the animal. In the wild it is the fastest cat that eats first and eats best, and the biggest dog that gets the choicest part of the kill.

    It's the natural order of things.

    So it should be in the human order of things too.

    Of course, we have something many animals lack, and that is compassion. We try not to let our fellow humans starve to death or die in the streets of cold, but compassion only goes so far. Laziness should be it's own reward. So should hard work. If I catch dinnner while you sit in the shade and watch me get winded running across the veldt and expect to sit beside me and eat you had better expect that you will get second pick, at best, and not without getting growled at and maybe snapped at a few times. Especially if you are sitting there because you are lazy.

    In nature an animal gets what they earn, and earns the right to keep what they get only by fighting for it. Can we expect any less from the human animal?
    Angry Whitey dot the title..go ahead....he is just saying what the rest of us are thinking...
    A five year old boy was voted out of class for the day by his classmates after two behavior referrals in one day. His teacher, Wendy Portillo, a future winner of the Educator of the Year Award or we're a spotted possum, stood her young charge in front of the class when he returned from the office and had the class tell him what they thought of him and how they felt about his behavior.

    The boy had been in the middle of being tested for Aspergers Syndrome, a type of high functioning autism, and had just been diagnosed with "an autism-spectrum disorder and attention deficit disorder." The bulk of children that get tagged with ADD are white males from affluent families between the ages of 8-14. I don't completely buy into the whole ADD thing, as we here in the states use 90% of the ADD meds and the chance of us actually having 90% of ADD afflicted kids on the planet is probably close to nil, but that's not the point here.

    The point is that this teacher made this child the center of attention and made him the object of abuse, scorn and ridicule. If he does suffer from these afflictions, and I think in this case he just might, that's even more cruel and very irresponsible. Not only does he have to deal with ADD and who knows what else, he must deal with the fact that his classmates despise him. Forget coming back after one day, I would understand if he never wanted to go back at all.

    The teacher has been placed in a non teaching position as of this writing, but the damage has been done. How one can justify humiliating a five year old, especially one that may possibly have some form of autism is beyond me. This teacher should not be allowed near children, but will probably be back in the classroom next week.

    You know what really scares me? The old saw that says "Those that can do, those that can't teach."

    Let's at least hope that this woman never breeds. Can you imagine how she would treat her kids?
    I just had the honor of sitting down with Armineh Chelebian for what was supposed to be a short interview. It turned into almost two hours of discussion on what is wrong in the country, and how we can go about fixing it. In fact it wasn't simply how we can fix it but WHY Armineh's ideas are the only sensible solutions to the problems we are facing.

    First off, Armineh came here, legally, at the age of 16 with her parents, uprooted from her home, leaving behind her friends and all she knew, she moved here to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and as she said "I was sad to leave my friends but I was very happy I was here."

    I started out by asking her about Props 98 and 99. Prop 98 stops government from taking private property to give to developers and non-profits and ends rent control by phasing it out while prop. 99 is there to defeat prop 98 and leave government the ability to take our private property for developers. I asked her specifically is she believed government was going too far in taking private property and handing it over to private developers.

    Her answer?

    We live in the United States of America, we don't live in a socialist country. But you, taking one private citizens property so you can turn a profit and give it to another citizen, private business, private entity is I'm for 98."

    Clearly one can see that Armineh Chelebian stands strong on private property rights.

    Now onto illegal immigration;

    On RedCounty dot com is a post, more of a notice actually, about this very race. In the comments of this post is a comment by one Sean Fudge outright lying about Armineh's immigration stance. The fact that Sean Fudge failed to disclose his capacity as Ken Sherman's campaign manager is an ethical lapse of somewhat serious proportions. These are the types of people we are dealing with here, and if these are the types of people that are running for Republican seats we are in more trouble as a party than I thought.

    Honestly we don't need the kind of people in office in our name that Ken Sherman and his crew have shown themselves to be. If we wanted to have anti-semitic supporters of move on dot org lying about their opponents we'd be democrats, but we're not, are we? We are CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS, and we are trying to take back our party from the wasteful slugs that have made it to Washington D.C. in our name and acted like drunken sailors on leave when it comes to spending money. The way to do that is to support True Conservatives such as Armineh Chelebian. Build from the bottom up. As Armineh said several times during our interview, if you don't have a good foundation, I don't care how many levels you build on, it's going to collapse.

    Now Ken Sherman is saying he is the only candidate standing up against illegal immigration, which is patently false. I have asked Ken Sherman if he would answer some questions but as of this writing he hasn't replied.

    Another great thing is that Armineh is staunchly in the English first camp. When she came here at 16 English was her third language, and she would sit and do her homework with a dictionary next to her so she could translate it, but she did and she made A's. If she had her way in Sacramento she'd save money by switching the phone systems to say "Press one to speak English, otherwise hang up and call back when you learn the language."


    Finally someone running for office that says "We speak English here."

    Now this in no way makes Armineh racist or hateful of immigrants. Armineh IS an immigrant, and a legal one, and a very successful business owner, mother, wife and daughter. Armineh Chelebian is the very essence of what this country is about. But she understands that there are laws to be followed and those that come here by skirting those laws are being vastly unfair to those that wait in line, sometimes for years, and THAT, my friends, is extremely Un-American. We are all about fairness and equality here. Everyone remembers the picture of President Clinton standing in line waiting his turn at McDonald's. Here in the United States of America even the President stands in line. We are all equal under the law.

    Now, speaking of foundations, I have an 8 year old son, and am extremely concerned with the education system. Knowing that Armineh has raised children (I saw pics and she has very beautiful children that are going places in life) and has sat on several PTA's I had an inkling that she'd have some great ideas in that area, and I was not disappointed. I have read her website (Armineh Chelebian dot com) and she has been extremely involved with her children's education their entire life, and it shows by the fact that her oldest is off to college and her son will be there next year.

    Armineh understands the problems facing our education system and has a great plan for turning it around, but of course it will be an uphill battle against the teachers unions and the administrators that are entrenched in the upper echelons of the LAUSD. They certainly won't want anything to destroy their little fiefdom. Never mind the fact that we are running something like a 24 to 50% drop out rate, depending on whose study one goes by, the fact is that the LAUSD is an imponderable mess, full of complacent administrators that continue to stay the course with a failed system year after year.

    Armineh would like to see the school district broken up, have more charter schools and put the control in local hands, empowering parents and local administrators with a sense of ownership and control, bringing back accountability and efficiency. The LAUSD is like a black hole, and tossing money into it is just like tossing money into an actual blackhole, to paraphrase Armineh. AS she pointed out to me, we are conservatives, and we believe in smaller government because it's more efficient, so why do we not demand smaller school districts? They'd be more efficient. Not only would they be more efficient but if the LAUSD was carved up into smaller fiefdoms it would be much easier to find the wasteful parts of it and repair it. Right now we are looking for a tick on a brontosaurus, instead of a mole on a mouse.

    Armineh then said something that I absolutely loved to hear. She said, when asked by someone how she, being one single person, was going to make a difference, that most things in Sacramento are made or broken in committee, and she will be able to help make or break those motions. Secondly she is going "to be a pebble in anybody else's shoe who's going to try to do it their way" when she doesn't agree with them. Believe me this woman has the courage and convictions of her ideals to go to Sacramento and be that pebble.

    When I asked Armineh how the state could retain business and attract new business she had a grasp on that as well, saying that over regulation and increasing taxes drives business out of the state. We spend our days pushing our children to do well in school and then chase the very businesses that would hire them out of the state by regulating them to a point that causes them to decide that moving to another state is simply a matter of survival. As a business owner Armineh understands the burdens placed on our small businesses, and will work tirelessly to make California a more business friendly place.

    Armineh has worked for years in the business end of healthcare, and understands that a free market will work better for fixing our healthcare problems. A single payer system is not what we need. Having Armineh in Sacramento would give us one more voice against the madness of a single payer system that would push this state that much faster into bankruptcy.

    Armineh has a great grasp on the problems facing our state. From healthcare to schools to businesses to immigration, and would be a fine representative in the 40th District here. Now on June 3rd only registered Republicans and Decline to States can vote for Armineh or Ken, and my hope is that you will cast your vote for Armineh. If she gets through next week she is going to need your help to get to November. The 40th District is a Democrat district, but I think in the coming months we can show the democrats in the 40th district that Armineh Chelebian has their values, for they are the values of Americans everywhere.

    Better Schools.

    Less Taxes.

    Less Government.

    More Freedom.

    Isn't that what we all want?

    Vote Armineh Chelebian For Assembly.

    The 40th District Assembly Seat for California is a heated race, contested by Armineh Chelebian against Ken Sherman, and today I am going to point out why Ken Sherman is NOT a conservative we should get behind, how he has actually acted like an out and out socialist and maybe even convince you that he is actually a mole from the Democratic party, which would make a lot more sense regarding his activities and what he has said.

    Let's start with how Ken has acted like an out and out socialist. On his myspace page he said the following;

    In 2002-03, I served as the Associate Student Organization President for Pierce College. While Student President, I got the chance as a Student Leader to go to Washington D.C. and lobby for Student's to receive more money on their Pell Grant's, lower the cost of Textbooks, and fight for Student Right's.
    Emphasis Mine

    Now, I am for education, but I don't believe the federal government has any business being in the education field. I believe that should be a state issue. With the advent of the federal government allocating tax dollars to education we moved further down the road to socialism, and the more we hand out to students from the federal level the more that socialism takes hold, and anyone that advocates to take monies from the federal government, no matter how noble the goal, is a socialist at heart.

    So Ken Sherman certainly qualifies in my book as a socialist, which by definition makes him a very bad Republican, at least in the traditional sense. He certainly isn't a conservative.

    Now I have done some digging on Ken Sherman, and it turns out he has a criminal record. Now if talk to him he'll say it was for a "youthful indiscretion" during a fraternity hazing incident in which he was supposed to expose himself to a female student.

    Here's the problem with that one.


    (000) XXX-XXXX (possible current phone)

    XXXX XXXXXXX Ave, West Hills CA 91307 (1X)

    10/24/1966, 41 years old

    Los Angeles Municipal Criminal search

    Charge: 314(1)/21
    District: LA VAN NUYS
    Filing Date: 08/20/2003
    Case Number: 3PN04052
    Emphasis Mine

    Now this happened in 2003. Given that it is now 2008, this happened just about 5 years ago, meaning Ken's "youthful indiscretion" happened when he was 36. If he's making such bad decisions at 36, what makes anyone think that he would be anymore capable just five short years later to make a good decision now?

    Now in all fairness the charge of exposing himself appears to have been dismissed, but he did plead guilty on a charge of Obstructing Persons Movement in a public place, to which he pleaded Nolo Contendre and served some serious time picking up trash on the side of the road after paying a hundred dollar fine. Then again maybe that's where Ken got the taste for public service.

    At one point Ken had links on his myspace page to MoveOn dot org, a far leftist group, and was promoting candlelight vigils sponsored by them against our troops. I am sure I will hear from someone stating "No, that was a candlelight vigil against the war" but if you are against the war, and wish for our guys to come home before the job is done, then you are advocating for our guys to leave the field in defeat, which means you are against our troops. You can't be for our troops and against their victory. Well, then again, if you are one of those people that can hold contrasting opinions such as it's OK to kill unborn babies in the womb but not murderers on death row, that we should lessen our dependence on foreign oil but shouldn't drill our oil out of the ground, then maybe you CAN hold such ideas as supporting the troops while marching for their defeat.

    But those links are gone now, as are the anti semitic videos he had up at one point.

    However through my vast network of super secretive conservative activists who constantly troll the web grabbing screenshots of all incriminating evidence I can at least show you screenshots from Ken's MySpace page showing his post about the MoveOn dot org event AND some of the Anti Semitic movies had posted for awhile.

    Now Ken Sherman is running as a "teacher", which is misleading. He is not credentialed by the state as a teacher, or if he is they haven't heard of him. It seems he has taught piano, and while that is a nice thing to do for a living, it probably doesn't qualify one to put "teacher" on their ballot application as an occupation, as most people simply will take that to mean he is a credentialed teacher with the state. Ken happens to be 41 years old and living at home with his parents taking care of his dad. Noble. Very noble. I applaud his devotion to family, if it is devotion and not simply an easy way to have a place to live, after all, how good of a living can a piano teacher make? Enough of one to afford rent in the valley? Even in the "cheaper" areas?

    But at least that means his "caretaker" bit on his sheet is not a lie. Technically the "teacher" bit isn't a lie, but it is damned misleading.

    Now for the mole part. Ken Sherman hasn't acted like a conservative, which is what we as conservatives in the Republican party should be backing, and most folks I know are Backing Armineh Chelebian in the 40th District race, but that's because many of them have asked me, knowing I am following this race closely.

    Would a Conservative Republcian EVER advertise or promote an event from MoveOn?


    Would a Conservative Republican expose himself at the age of 36 to a female student as part of a frat hazing? Most likely not. If they did they certainly would be honest about it and not claim it was a youthful indiscretion.

    Would a Conservative Republican post Anti-Semtic videos on his website? Not if he wants the backing of hard working, decent Conservatives. Hate against Jews is just as bad as hate against others, but seems to be accepted on the left.

    Which is why I think Ken Sherman is a mole from the DNC. I think he has been tossed into the race because he has name recognition (most folks around the valley think Brad Sherman when they hear the name Sherman, and have probably voted for Brad, or against him) and is a plant to secure the nomination for the seat then drop out to leave it wide open for a democrat.

    He certainly has all the hallmarks of a leftist. He lies about his arrest record, calling it a "youthful indiscretion", he backs MoveOn dot org and apparently has anti-semitic leanings and has pushed for increasing socialist programs from the federal government.

    Ken Sherman is not a Republican I want representing me, and he shouldn't be the choice of any right thinking person in the 40th District either.

    Vote for Armineh, you won't regret it.

    Cruising through the web looking for a Ken Sherman website, (which apparently doesn't exist) I came across an address for Ken that is different than the one he gives on his myspace site asking for help with his campaign.

    His myspace addy is:

    23705 Vanowen St 271 West Hills, CA 91307

    While this site has this one;

    6657 Sheltondale Av West Hills, CA 91307

    So what's up with that? Just where is he headquartered? Does he even have an office? Or is he running out of a room at his parents house? Is this the future of the Republican party in the Valley? Forty One year old unemployed caretakers running campaigns out of their mommy's house?
    Disclaimer: I am not in anyway associated with the Chelebian Campaign. This post is all my own research and opinion.
    Rick Moran from Right Wing Nut House has an article up at American Thinker about an article at the Huffpo (that radical leftist echo chamber of insanity started by arianna huffington) about how the obama campaign is actively not courting the vote of working class whites believing he doesn't need them and trying to guilt votes out of people by charging racism against those that stand against obama.

    Well...that's how I read it anyway.

    Let me tell you something. I am not racist. I don't believe one race is better than another or that some folks are, by virtue of race, imbued with better intelligence or abilities.I believe we are all created equal. The work that goes in after that is, for the most part what makes or breaks us. I believe that the culture one is raised in has a lot to do with whether one succeeds in life or not. Take a child of successful parents of any color, beat him and tell him every day that he is an idiot and worthless and he'll never amount to anything and you will get what you have asked for, i.e. a worthless idiot that won't amount to anything, and probably one with tendencies towards violence at that.

    Conversely take a child from a broken home, raise him with the best education one can afford, teach him manners and decency, instill in him a work ethic and compassion and chances are very good that you'll get a decent hard working person that tries to make his world a better place.

    Now, I don't dislike obama because he's black. I dislike obama because he's a socialist and will lead this country down a very dark path, one we may not recover from, one that will destroy our economy, steal our freedoms and make us all slaves to the state.

    Oh sure, we'll have public health care,m housing and food, but at what cost?

    When you force someone to do something for you against their will you take their liberty. When you use threat of force against a person to cause them to act in a way you see fit, you steal their freedom.

    Yes, we can nationalize health care, but if we do that, if everyone is on a government healthcare program then doctors will be forced to provide services at rates the government sets without recourse other than moving to another field, taking away the doctors choice in patients, thereby stealing their freedom to make a living as they choose.

    What's worse is that you and I will be forced to pay taxes to cover that healthcare, in essence being forced to subsidize the healthcare of other people, stealing our freedom to chose how to spend our money, the fruits of our labor.

    Taxes are theft, period. I have never voted for one single tax imposed on me. Yet there they are. I have never voted for one single fee I pay the government for various things they charge me for, yet there they are. I have never voted for one surcharge, levy, duty or tariff, they there they are. I have never in my life voted Yes on anything the government has asked me that would cause them to take more money from me, but there they are, passing one bill after another, snookering millions of gullible voters with "we need it for the children" or We need it for the environment" or whatever pet cause they are pushing this time around.

    And now obama is pushing along, planning almost a trillion in new taxes for programs we simply don't need, shouldn't have and the federal government shouldn't even be meddling with and his campaign has the balls to call those that don't support him racist?

    To hell with that.

    Let me posit a different slant on this whole mess.

    Those that support obama are dullards. Idiots. Morons. Cretins. The stupidest of the stupid, with attention spans of gnats, an addiction to feel good empty rhetoric and lacking a basic understanding of what being free truly means, hurtling us headlong into a socialist nightmare from which escape will be virtually impossible.

    Mark well these words dear reader. If Barack Hussein Obama wins the White House we are doomed. Freedom, economic prosperity, economic mobility, individual rights and the ability to succeed will be a dream of the past. We iwll be locked into a world where we are slaves of the state, working only to finance the never ending list of "rights" you will have under a socialist government that promises to take care of you from cradle to grave as long as you go along with them.
    Congresswoman Maxine Waters today showed her true colors (and those of the people that inhabit the socialist cesspool of the Democratic Party) by telling the man that runs Shell Oil that the government would run the oil companies in response to him pointing out the continuing inaction of Congress would assure us prices that would make five dollars a gallon look reasonable.

    Go check out the video at Hot Air.

    I wanted to send Congresswoman Waters an email, but I live outside of the 35th District so she doesn't want to hear from me, so I am leaving it below.

    Dear Congresswoman Waters,

    I wish to thank you profusely for showing your true colors with your verbal slip up in the hearings on gasoline prices. Your wonderful "mis-speak" by using the word "socializing" and the phrase "the government running all your companies" so perfectly shows you to be the socialist you are and demonstrates to all the attitudes of those within your party.

    To think that you have so much in common with such a charismatic and progressive leader like Hugo Chavez must make your chest swell with pride and give you hope that one day you too will be mentioned in history books in the same sentence with such luminaries as Chavez, Che Guevara and Chairman Mao.

    Keep up the great work, Dear Comrade. Power to the People.
    John McCain’s Cap and Trade plans for regulating carbon dioxide emissions have many people up in arms over the hit to the economy, the costs vs. benefits analysis and more government intrusion into industry.

    What nobody has brought up yet is the technology is already available to use John McCain’s cap and spend plan to end the welfare state as we know it.

    Follow me here, and you too will see that we can end welfare and destroy the economy without making a dent in the weather patterns. John McCain’s cap and spend plan is a way to limit the creation of carbon dioxide, and industries will be given an allotment (in ever decreasing amounts) of this vile and planet destroying gas that they can emit every year. By the way, “Cap and Spend” is a much more honest name for this plan. Either that or “Cap Our Trade.” Anyway, those that fall under their allotment will be allowed to sell their unused emissions allotment to other companies that go over their cap, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which will in turn make hurricanes less powerful, poor people richer and magically cure all sorts of ills and wrongs around the planet, or at least that’s how I understand it works.

    Anyway, what John McCain can do is have the government attach respirators to people that monitors how many breaths they take in a day. People that are more active will need more allotments, and we should probably have a special exemption for athletes, after all we can’t have guys in the NFL that make 20 million a year paying extra to bring us all of that footbally goodness, right?

    OK, so we now have breathing monitors hooked up to people and at this point you’re saying “Kender, how in the hell is that going to end the welfare state?” and that would be a good question to ask right about now.

    Luckily I have an answer for you.

    The average person takes about 28 THOUSAND breaths in a day (source1) and while resting people have a respiration rate of about 16-18 a minute (Source2) so here’s what we do.

    We let welfare recipients lay around and not work (like they pretty much do now) and stay calm and rested and they can sell their unused respiration to industries that go over their allotment. After a couple of years of lying around they should be making enough to get off of welfare completely. Of course we could even go further and simply knock them out so they make even more money and get off of welfare sooner. I envision a government funded department whose sole responsibility is to go to houses everyday and knock out welfare recipients to help them get ahead in life.

    This plan has so many upsides that I am actually getting giddy. We get to eventually end welfare and make tax paying citizens of those people while they are getting paid for doing what they do best, lying around and sleeping. Of course the downside is they won’t be getting any exercise and eventually they’ll need to buy some kind of machine that will move their muscles around while they are sleeping and making the big carbon credit bucks, then again it’s not like I have seen any welfare folks out exercising anyway, unless you count running their mouth or bending their elbow as a workout, which I don’t.

    If running your mouth was a workout I’d be an Olympian. Anyway, that’s how John McCain could end welfare and save the environment. Or we could always go back to teaching personal responsibility and letting people succeed or fail on their own merits and abilities, but if we do that, what will government do for work?
    I have been going through Obama's "plan", specifically the part relating to seniors and retirement, and have found some very troubling parts that will raise costs and take away even more of our freedoms.

    Specifically this;

    Provide a Living Wage: Barack Obama believes that people who work full time should not live in poverty and should have the ability to save for retirement. However, for workers making the minimum wage, saving for the future is often out of reach. Before the Democrats took back Congress, the minimum wage had not changed in 10 years. Even though the minimum wage will rise to $7.25 an hour by 2009, the minimum wage’s real purchasing power will still be below what it was in 1968.As president, Obama will further raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2011, index it to inflation and increase the EITC to make sure that full-time workers can earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families out of poverty and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing – things so many people take for granted.
    Emphasis Mine

    So why just $9.50 an hour? If raising it to $9.50 an hour is good, then making it, say, $12.50 an hour would be even better right? I actually understand that raising the minimum wage raises prices across the board, but who cares? Let's raise the minimum wage and if prices go up across the board and put minimum wage earners back into poverty because of prices for everything going up across the board we'll just raise the minimum wage again.

    Something else that bugs me is this;
    Expand Retirement Savings Incentives for Working Families: Barack Obama will ensure savings incentives are fair to all workers by creating a generous savings match for low and middle-income Americans. Obama will expand the existing Savers Credit to match 50 percent of the first $1,000 of savings for families that earn under $75,000, and he will make the tax credit refundable.

    Why stop at 50% of the first thousand? If saving make the country stronger, why not just make it so that whatever you save the country will match? If we match everything saved by earners that are below the poverty level we can push them out of the poverty level that much faster. Of course it bothers me that Barack Hussein Obama's mindset is such that he sees no problem treating us as children by offering to give everyone making under a set amount that saves a thousand dollars a five hundred dollar gift, but who am I to argue? We're flying headlong into a socialist government and economy, and I for one am surrendering and saying good on ya mate, and while we're at it let's look at the following bit;

    Barack Obama will only advocate reforms that truly strengthen Social Security. That’s why he’ll continue his long record of opposing the privatization of Social Security, which has dominated the debate in Washington for too long. Privatization tears the fabric of Social Security – the idea of mutual responsibility – by subjecting a secure retirement to the whims of the market, and that is not an acceptable way to strengthen this program. Obama believes that the first place to look for ways to strengthen Social Security is the payroll tax system. Currently, the Social Security payroll tax applies to only the first $102,000 a worker makes.
    Emphasis again mine.

    First off this whole concept of "mutual responsibility" is part of the problem. We are responsible for each other, TO A POINT, and that point ends when one is capable of taking care of oneself and ones needs. If you can work get a job, even if that job is making minimum wage. Learn new skills and make yourself a more valuable worker and you will see a greater return on your work investment. Keep flipping burgers and expect to drive an expensive car and live in a big house and you are dreaming. But this is what people are expecting these days.

    The second part of that is the whole $102,000 wage level that social security applies to, and I have an idea about that also.

    Let's just set up the tax system in a manner that is more fair to the lower income people in this country. Let's drop all payroll taxes on people making below the poverty level, after all they need their money right? They would still be taken out, but they could get a refund at the end of the year. Let's keep taxes as they are now on people making above poverty level by double their allowance. Of course we must make the poverty level something realistic. Let's say that the poverty level is anything under full time wages at minimum wage. After all, most people that work minimum wage don't work at one job full time, as employers have made it a habit of scheduling them under the 40 hour cap to keep under the laws that apply to full time workers.

    If we raise the minimum wage to something even higher (say $25.00 and hour) at the outset we could even lower the exemption level, right? But that's a chart for another day.

    Now this applies differently depending on the number of people in your family. For each person in your family you get another poverty level to base your tax level on. So if you have 4 people in your family you get 6 times the poverty level before taxes kick in. (3 for head of household plus 3 other people) We should probably make it so married couples can have a special deduction. Let's say head of household gets the 3 times the poverty level and the spouse gets a 1.5 times the poverty level deduction and each child under 18 gets a poverty level deduction. So a family of four (mom, dad, two kids) would get a deduction of 6.5 times the poverty level.

    So let's look at what those levels will be. At $12.50 an hour (what we should raise the minimum wage to because if 9 and change an hour is good then 12 and change an hour would be better) 40 hours a week is $500.00 a week for a single tax filer. That's twenty four grand a year before your taxes start needing to be filed and paid. Now a family of 4 could expect no tax hit until they hit $108,000 a year. Here's where the beauty of this plan really comes into focus. Anything over your allowance to double your allowance stays taxed at current rates, and anything above that could just be tax at 100%.

    This has the added incentive of destroying that pesky marriage problem. The left has been bashing on family values for years now, and with the incentive to get married gone because the married couples would lose a deduction of thirty six thousand dollars a year, people would quit actually marrying each other.

    Would this level the playing field or what?

    So a family of four gets a deduction of one hundred eight thousand ($143,000 if they aren't married). That means they could make up to $216,000 a year ($286,000 for unmarried couples. Certainly they could happily live on that amount, and anything above it goes to the government to pay for healthcare, education, youth programs and to enforce new workplace regulations that force employers to create retirement accounts for their workers. Nobody would be making over a set amount of money, which would close the income gap between executives that run companies and bring great returns for their stockholders and the low skilled workers that make it all possible.

    We could also make education costs completely deductible, so people could afford to send their children to college. This would make it economical to have more children and educate them, giving us a larger and better educated native work force.

    Further, we must have the government enforced retirement plans because, quite honestly, nobody under this plan will be able to afford to invest by themselves, which means nobody is going to be getting filthy rich while other people live under the poverty level.

    This plan will close the gap between rich and poor, making income more even across the levels of workers in this country, fund the government and finally put the filthy rich and powerful in their place.

    We can even make a new Cabinet level to oversee this new system.

    We can call it the "Security Creation Realization for the Equality of Workers and Education Department."

    I even like the acronym, because it fits so well.
    Try speaking to a supporter of Barack Hussein Obama and ask them the following questions;

    What does Barack, specifically, propose to change in this country and how is he going to change it?

    What will be the results of the changes he enacts?

    How does his message give you hope?

    Are you insane?

    Them: “He wants to bring us all together and change how the government works.”
    Me: “Yes but HOW does he want to change it?”
    Them: “Well, he wants to make it work better.”
    Me: “Do you think things are more efficient when they are larger or smaller?”
    Them: “Smaller.”
    Me: “Do you think the government has shown that it works better when it is larger or smaller?”
    Them: “Smaller.”
    Me: “And Barack wants to make it bigger. How is that going to make government more efficient?”

    At this point they usually give me a glare and storm away!

    What they won’t (or can’t) admit is Barack’s plans are simply tax and spend, with heavier regulations on virtually every industry, causing prices and unemployment to rise and wages to fall.

    As it stands I defy you to show me one thing outside of bearing a child that the government does not regulate in some way. Try to start any business, any business at all, and there are government agencies left and right that you must deal with, from the local to the federal level, everything is regulated by some bureaucrat in some way. Barack’s plans will make the regulations of today seem simple, possibly almost quaint, and we will be pining for the days when starting a business only took a huge effort, and not one of Herculean proportions.

    The countless pictures of Barack supporters with moon-eyed adoration are indicative of people mindlessly enthralled with a personality. Add in the images of Barack with his hand held up in the midst of one of his Old Time Revival Style Speeches, backlit by a light creating a halo effect and one can certainly draw the conclusion that many people are looking to Barack as a savior of sorts, a man promising salvation if we’d only believe in him and his nebulous plans of Change and Hope.

    Now, I am not calling Barack Hussein Obama the Anti-Christ, but only because in our world of sound bites, bumper sticker politics and thirty second attention spans the words “Anti-Christ” carries connotations that are unpalatable and mean spirited. Classically the Anti-Christ is one who is in place of Christ, and given the well known distaste the American Left has for Organized Religion (especially Christianity), the leap to Anti-Christ status for Obama would not be a hard one to make if one is prone to making leaps of logic, which of course, I am not.

    I prefer a slow stroll down Logic Lane, as opposed to bounding from one issue to another. Not The Left it seems, whose phenomenal leaps of faith and bounds of logic simply ignore Barack’s voting record, lack of experience and outrageous promises to bring them everything from “free” healthcare to billions in new programs without ever taking the small step of asking “How will you pay for it?” when Barack says “I will give this to you.” When most right thinking people I know hear “I will” they ask “How much?”

    Barack’s plans so far have a price tag almost to the trillion dollar range, with an energy policy plan priced at $150 billion, a $60 billion dollar National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank (whatever THAT is-I think “reinvestment” is code for tax and spend) a health care plan at 65 billion a year, with all of this and more brought to you by ending the Iraq war, cutting corporate tax breaks and higher taxes on the rich.

    When corporations lose their tax breaks they pass along the cost to us, then scale back, cut jobs and salaries and try to recoup losses by being leaner and more efficient. When corporations do this we all lose. The trickle down effect begins with the checkout girl who is first to lose her job, continues with layoffs in related industries when companies receive fewer orders for their goods and services coupled with higher costs which eventually may spiral out of control into a depression.

    The people that do not understand a healthy free market must be left alone as much as possible are the very same people that are blindly following Obama.

    So why the blindness? Can it be that Americans are now so disgusted with the government that any huckster with a glib tongue and empty promises can grab their attention?

    Can it be that thirty plus years of leftist education policy is coming home to roost (to use the hottest phrase of the season) and that Americans are no longer intelligent enough to understand Obama’s policies are heavily socialist and will lead us down a road that has failed everywhere it has been tried?

    Could it be that so many Americans have simply become socialists or bought into the lie that government is there to take care of us?

    Is it possible that so many Americans have bought into the multiculturalism that the left has shoved down our throats for the last thirty years?

    Whatever the reason for the blind faith so many people seem to have regarding Barack and his rhetoric of Change and Hope the fact remains that this movement is akin to a cult. Blind allegiance to nebulous promises and devotion to a magnetic personality who is all set to lead us, unquestioned and highly praised, into a socialist utopia is certain to destroy the last vestiges of freedom we possess.
    With the tragic (and completely unforeseeable) death of the champion filly Eight Belles in the Kentucky Derby on the backside after the race last weekend PETA called for all kinds of crazy and untenable changes in the horse racing industry. Well and good. I fully expect PETA to go hysterical every time a horse breaks down in a big race, it's what they do. Nevermind the fact that one of PETA's points was "You shouldn't run the girls against the boys", where were they when plans were laid to run Eight Belles in the Derby? If they're gonna bitch about things like that, maybe they'd appear more sincere if they actually complained beforehand.

    What really galls me about PETA (funny related story at the end of this rant) is that they have not said one damned word that I can find over this story.

    Even more details here.

    The HSUS Offers Reward In Shenango Township, Pa. Pony's Dragging Death

    The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward up to $2,500 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for dragging a blind 10-year-old pony to death April 30 in Shenango Township.

    Mercer County Humane Society officers give the following account: On Apr. 30, Tory Morgan found the mangled remains of her pony, Kahlua, on her Shenango Township property. Officers believe the pony was roped to an all-terrain vehicle and dragged. Kahlua’s back legs were broken and his legs, chest and belly had sustained large lacerations. Morgan also found four of her horses with cuts and scratches, which officers believe the horses might have sustained while fleeing the assailant or assailants.

    The trusting nature of the 10-year-old gelding, and his blindness, undoubtedly played a role in his torture and death. Owner Tory Morgan found his mangled body in her Shenango Township, Mercer County, pasture on Wednesday afternoon. Investigators think he was roped and dragged behind an ATV.

    I want to make no mistakes about how bad this attack was, so below is a quote from the forums on Florida Horse dot com. (emphasis mine)

    Both of Kahlua's back legs were broken. Large pieces of skin had been ripped away from his legs, chest and belly.

    "There were enormous [bruises]" all over his body, especially on his withers, where another bone may have been broken," said Ms. Morgan, who is a trained veterinary technician. "There were rope burns that went down to the bone. Severe swelling indicates he was alive when those injuries happened. He died a slow and torturous death."
    Renee Dorogy, humane agent for the Humane Society of Mercer County, said, "there are tire tracks in the pasture, we think from an ATV." The shelter has put up a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest, and donations were coming in yesterday to up the reward ante.


    This kind of wanton cruelty is beyond the pale. A blind trusting pony is roped and dragged to his death is a field and PETA in all of their hypocritical glory doesn't say a word about it? Who ever did this, and I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, won't get what's coming to them unless they are treated as they treated this pony, i.e. trussed up and drug behind an ATV until their skin is flayed off and their bones are broken.

    If these people treat a pony like this how do they treat the people they come in contact with? The link between violence to animals and violence to people is well documented.

    I want you to imagine for a minute being blind, and suddenly finding yourself with a rope around you and drug around a field until your skin peels away, the rope burns into your flesh to the bone and your legs break, and then being left there, in the darkness, broken, bleeding, to slowly die without a comforting word, not understanding what was done to you or why, and all because some sick bastards have no empathy, no compassion and probably no fear of the law.

    Not a pretty thing to imagine is it?

    If, by some chance, the people that did this happen to read this, let me assure you that there is a special place in hell for you, and you should find a deep hole now and hide in it, because if that were my horse you had done that to, no amount of protection would be good enough to keep you safe from me, were I to discover your identity, and I would bet a dollar to donuts that if the owner of Kahlua to get their hands on you thoughts resembling mine would certainly be running through their heads too.

    Every horseman I know would probably want to flay you alive for your actions, at the least, and the cruel and inhumane death you gave that horse is so much nicer of a death than you now deserve.

    At least Eight Belles died doing what she loved and what she was born to do. I'd wager you do not.

    Now for the funny part. I was at an event called the Lemon Festival is Riverside California one fine morning, strolling back to the beer garden for a refill when I walked by a young lass handing out small blue flyers. Fully expecting the flyer to be for a local band, and loving the live music scene, I grabbed one from her as I walked by. I quickly saw that it was not a flyer for a local band, but was instead a flyer for an upcoming PETA meeting. Having worked in the horse racing field most of my life (and having just been on horses on Santa Anita that very morning) I knew of PETA's tactics against horse racing, and had verbally sparred with their members before, so I turned around and asked the girl how many trees died to make her flyers?

    She retorted that they had a lot of recycled paper in them (yeah sure) and then, glancing at my leather boots asked me in a snooty tine "Do you really have to wear leather boots?

    "Why yes", I calmly replied "in my line of work it's pretty much required."

    "What do you do? she asked, eyes narrowing suspiciously.

    "I exercise race horses." I said with a smile, knowing the rant she was about to launch into. Sure enough she took a deep breath and I could see the talking points flashing through her eyes as she prepared to toss out every cliched piece of bullshit that PETA uses in their anti horse racing rants, and I quickly held up my hand before she could actually utter a sound and said;

    "Sweetheart, if God didn't want us to ride horses he wouldn't have given us cows to make saddles out of."

    Her instantaneous deflation was replaced by a simmering anger that made my smile even bigger as she actually HHRRMMPPHH'd at me, stomped her foot and stormed away.

    Me: 1
    PETA: 0

    In 1962 the military seized power in Burma, changed the name to Myanmar (I prefer Burma-after all, nobody ever heard of Myanmar Shave) and they have been running the country with an iron fist ever since. Now they've been hit by a huge cyclone and may have a hundred thousand dead, many more injured, homeless and running out of food, water and hope, so what happens?

    The UN and the U.S offer to send in aid, actually send some in and the burmese government won't let the aid be distributed, mostly because they really don't want westerners on the ground there talking to people and coming out of there with a good picture of what 40 plus years of junta rule has done.

    So we're banging our heads against the wall to do the right thing and try to help these people. I say why bother?

    If the burmese government wants the aid they can ask for it. Apparently they don't want it, so they must not need it, so let's just politely bow out, tell them if they change their minds to call turtle bay and go help someone who will appreciate it.

    What say you?
    But I fear this guy is going to find himself in an "accident" for inventing something that may destroy the oil companies. If I were him I would have 24/7 security and someone else start my car every day.

    You have your freedom says Uncle Sam
    to do as you are told
    From where to drive to where to park
    and how you can grow old
    We regulate the food you eat
    how you can live and die
    And go to school and congregate,
    the waters and the sky
    We have the best in mind for you
    we know what's best in life
    The huddled masses have no clue
    so let us end your strife
    We'll hand out things like free health care,
    education and job training
    We'll even give out umber-ella's
    for days that it is raining
    We know the things we legislate
    aren't in the constitution
    But all our plans to keep you well
    will soon come to fruition
    When BHO is sitting in
    the Not so White House Chair
    He'll mandate things that take away
    those pesky little layers
    Of freedom that you still possess
    to do things as you please
    And we will own your unwashed ass
    from birth to death you see
    We hate to do it that's for sure
    it's lot of work for us
    To ride in limo's telling you
    to just go ride the bus
    But you must listen to our rules
    our laws and edicts too
    Our regulations and the drivel
    that we always spew
    We know what's best so just shut up
    and go with our big plan
    To give you everything you need
    from our abundant land
    The taxes that you pay today
    will feed you on the morrow
    You'll feel a great relief you see
    and not one bit of sorrow
    Freedom's over rated now
    so do us all a favor
    Quit complaining that we steal
    the fruits of all your labor
    If we don't take away the cash
    you work so hard to get
    How can we take care of all
    the hordes of lazy shits
    That vote for us and sit around
    collecting welfare money
    We think your stingy attitude
    is not one damned bit funny
    So vote for us at election time
    we know just where it's at
    We are freedoms worst nightmare
    we are the democrats

    Linked at Stop the ACLU
    OK, my bud RaceHorse Steve is gonna be picking some horses for tomorrow at Santa Anita in the morning....we'll post some picks and track how they do. Let me tell you this fellow can pick horse, and when we have a record showing here we're gonna start selling daily picks. RaceHorse Steve is a homeless fellow that lives under the local bridge with his dog named Josie and a shopping cart named Al and all proceeds from the daily picks newsletter will go to help make RaceHorse Steve's life better.

    We're gonna call it Show Bet Friday. I promise you that at the end of a week betting Steve's picks you will have a profit...I know I have been making one.

    Stay tuned as picks will go up tomorrow by noon. If you want to be on the email list to be notified when we have picks up leave your email in the comments or email me at

    website coming soon
    In an email thread exchanged with someone I suspect is a liberal (he backed wage based tariffs and man made climate change-which is scary because he's a high school science teacher-those poor kids) I laid out the following scenario to illustrate why wage based tariffs are a bad idea. I have been asked several times to post it, so here ya go.

    Jay, tariffs based on wages would be a disaster. If I own a company and am answerable to stockholders, and I make widgets here at a profit of a buck a widget, and jo'es company makes widgets in china at a profit of 2 bucks a widget, who is going to get a better return on their investment? Joe's stock holders. Then my stockholders will get angry and toss me out and get someone in who will go make widgets in china.

    Now, let's say that the government, spurred to action by my stockholders (who are all fabulously wealthy and influential because they invested in my brilliant widget company) decides at their behest to punish joe's widget company for outsourcing labor, and they enact a tariff on joe's widgets to level the playing field. What happens then?

    Why, joe's widget company has stockholders who are screwed out of dividends because they now have a lower profit margin. The government is losing tax monies because the dividends are lower. Joe's stock holders decide to dump joes stock because it is not as attractive anymore, and at then end of the day joe goes out of the widget business, and the factory joe had in china lays off their people too.

    In the meantime my company has a sudden (and artificial) level playing field. Spurred by the demise of joes widget company dividends go up, but the workers, who are after all low skill laborers, see none of this trickling into their pockets (partially because a bunch of the former workers at joes widget factory have snuck into the country illegally and I now have an almost never ending supply of cheap but experienced labor) so in the grand american tradition they form a union, which quickly enacts all kinds of regulations and union rules that I by law must live by. Suddenly my company is not as efficient as it once was, and my dividends drop again.

    One day, with earnings and profit margins down I am contacted by a chinese concern that wishes to buy my factory equipment to use ina widget factory in china. Having had my fill of snotty union workers, ever increasing retirement fund costs and declining profit margins leading to decreased dividends and pissed off stockholders I make a deal with the chinese concern for our equipment, close teh factory and retire a wealthy man, leaving my former workers to fend for themselves with the low skill set they have.

    All because of your idea of wage based tariffs.

    So thanks for that Jay, and thanks from all my out of work former employees who would still have a decent honest job if the free market were allowed to reign and thank you so much from all of my former stockholders who now have very expensive toilet paper.

    Fatwa Productions
    in association with
    Jihad Entertainment
    present the
    2008 Islamarama Peace Tour

    Join speakers from your favorite terrorist groups including
    • Hamas
    • Hezbollah
    • Al-Quada
    • The ACLU
    • Code Pink
    • The DNC
    • The Democratic Underground

    and more as they tell you all about the

    Religion of Peace and Pieces

    Special appearances by Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore and Markos Moulitsas from Daily Kos and hosted by Bill and Hillary

    Explosive entertainment provided by musical guests such as the

    • Italian Muslim Crooner Don Ramadan with his chart-topping love ballad "I love you more than I love my goat" and the
    • Islamic Rock group The Infidels with their sky-rocketing single "La-la-la-la-la"

      Special appearance by by the Gitmo Crew preforming their number one club mix

    "Whoosh Goes the Book"

    The 2008 Islamarama Peace Tour kicks off in Mecca, with stops in Medina, Mosul, Fallujah, Baghdad, Tehran and Jarkarta and a special one night event in San Francisco

    For tickets call 1-555-EXPLODE

    The 2008 Islamarama Peace Tour....

    "It'll Blow You AWAY!!!!"

    Feel free to browse around. Posting has been light lately, but there's some good reading here, here,, here, and here.

    Of course there's plenty more, but after a few years of ranting there ought to be, don't ya' think?