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    In 1962 the military seized power in Burma, changed the name to Myanmar (I prefer Burma-after all, nobody ever heard of Myanmar Shave) and they have been running the country with an iron fist ever since. Now they've been hit by a huge cyclone and may have a hundred thousand dead, many more injured, homeless and running out of food, water and hope, so what happens?

    The UN and the U.S offer to send in aid, actually send some in and the burmese government won't let the aid be distributed, mostly because they really don't want westerners on the ground there talking to people and coming out of there with a good picture of what 40 plus years of junta rule has done.

    So we're banging our heads against the wall to do the right thing and try to help these people. I say why bother?

    If the burmese government wants the aid they can ask for it. Apparently they don't want it, so they must not need it, so let's just politely bow out, tell them if they change their minds to call turtle bay and go help someone who will appreciate it.

    What say you?
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