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    I will be away from the blog and offline for two days EXCEPT for monday evening at 7:30 P.M. PST when I will be doing a show with the President of the Black Republican Congress and a Reverend. Tune in while we discuss the MYTH of the separation of church and state. Click HERE!!! to listen live.

    Monday and Tuesday I am in the press pool for President George W. Bush.

    I will be at a small gathering at an undisclosed location on Monday while the President visits with people and that cindy!!!!

    Pics to be posted later, along with tales of other politico's I may meet and get to discuss issues with.

    Crossposted at Cao's,
    Stop The ACLU, The Wide Awakes and Conservative Angst
    By now you have all seen the story linked in the title about the italian red cross, (supposedly not affiliated with the ICRC) hiding terrorists that the U.S. military was hunting in exchange for releasing two italian aid workers that had been taken hostage. (and yes you leftist tards, I said HUNT VERMIN.....get it right...jihadis are vermin, the american left is vermin, along with the DUmbass parallel universe, the aclu, the dnc, cindy "the mouth" sheehan, mikey the moron and the entire on air crew of err america)

    We give a lot of aid to those damnable commie's, (italy), and they stab us in the back like the cowards they are. They are no better than the terrorists, only instead of guns and bombs they use deception and treachery.

    Here is what we gave italy in aid for the last four years:

    2001; 1.493 BILLION
    2002; 2.313 BILLION
    2003; 2.393 BILLION
    2004; 2.484 BILLION



    Add that in to the BILLIONS that ILLEGAL ALIENS cost us each year. I know how to fix all of our deficit problems.

    STOP giving money to our enemies.

    Fuck the italians.

    They now rest with the french on the list of nations that have shown their true colors.

    Cowards all.
    ...the Isrealis are making a mistake pulling out of the West Bank and Gaza.....the "palestinians" are simply going to see this as a sign of weakness and find another reason to attack Isreal when they can't make a good go of it getting a viable economy going.....after all....war is pretty much all they have known for many, MANY years, and none of them really have a good idea of what to do without fighting.....besides, I think that they may be really lazy at least the ones that are still living there....all of the "palestinians" I have met here work their tails off....mostly at liquor stores and gas stations....but they work their tails off......

    Radical islamists must mercy, no quarter, no safe haven.....we should treat them the same way they treat us.....well, without all teh nasty head sawing....after all, if God wanted us to saw off heads to kill people he wouldn'thave given us the bullet right?...

    the french still suck....I kinda hope they do get slowly taken over by muslims in the next two would give us a chance to sit back and tell 'em to make their own damned bed for once.....

    Women are hard to deal with.....

    Women you are interested in doubly so....

    The public school system sucks so badly that my son, who is well advanced beyond his classmates doesn't have any advanced work available to either I homeschool or let him languish a year until his classmates catch up to him....I think I will get him a tutor.....

    I got unlinked by a blog written by a commie kid....I think I will leave his blog up anyway...he never has anything of sense to say but it is always good to go read someone that can't think correctly and realize how lucky you are to not need special ed.
    Never mind the fact that they defend pedophiles.

    And we will forget for the moment that they think child porn, once it is created, is protected free speech.

    Let those facts leave this discussion.


    This discussion is the ACLU's utter disregard for an unborn child and their defense of a woman that used drugs while she was pregnant.

    Personal responsibility is a phrase that the left in general, and the ACLU in particular simply do not understand. It is always somebody else's fault.

    Sell drugs to kids?

    No problem, you simply have no job opportunity, or the government failed to provide you what you needed.

    Rape someone?

    No biggie. You were sexually abused as a child and it was an uncaring government that failed to protect you.

    Kill someone?

    Hey, it aint your fault. After all, you were beaten as a child and the government didn't do anything to help you.

    Now they are defending this ignorant bitch that gave birth to a premature baby that tested positive for COCAINE!!!!

    I imagine that the ACLU will say it was her RIGHT to do as she wanted as the FETUS hadn't been born and as such had no legal standing. (I wonder if NOW is going to jump in on this one?)

    (wow, OK, I just went and actually finished reading the story. I have a bad habit of skimming the first paragraph and then writing, luckily I also have a great habit of being right when I guess where the story will go. Anyway, look what it says in part of this tale of stupidity.)

    Defense attorneys had sought an acquittal, arguing there was never a risk of harm to another person -- because a fetus doesn't meet the definition of a person under state law.

    Did I call that or what?

    The ACLU is wrong headed so many times that they hit the news that I could probably make book in Vegas as to how many times a year they actually do something good.

    Click on the title, read the story and see for yourself.

    Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to participate please Register At Our Portal.
    If you haven't read the tale of voter fraud that The Mad Tech put up over at The Wide Awakes then go read it now. (linked in title)

    It is a bit of a long read but very much worth your time.

    It is, literally, a scathing indictment of the DNC's commitment to voter fraud and shows in great deatail what depths they will sink to try to win an election.

    The left is desperate.

    They are desperate beyond the comprehension of even the most liberal thinking conservative, and this article shows not only that desperation but the utter contempt that the left has for the American people and their extreme disregard for the rule of law. Face it, the left thinks that you are a bunch of idiots, and if you are on their side then you pretty much are one.

    I am very happy to say I am NOT in their camp, and any of you that still are in that camp after reading what a bunch of lying scum the left have become should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I really want a two party system, but not if one of those parties is a pack of cowardly appeasing cheats.

    You know, in the old west cheats were usually shot down in the streets.

    Maybe you folks on the left should remember that fact.

    After all, the President IS a cowboy, and us "redneck, pick-up driving, tobacky chewin', deer-killin' ig'nint hicks" on and in The Right are His Posse.

    Saddle up boys.
    Maybe it is because I am jaded.

    Maybe it is because I understand that there is only so much one can put up with from another human.

    Or maybe it is because I know what a weak-minded simpleton Cindy Sheehan is these days.

    It seems her husband has filed for divorce, and I can't blame him one bit. Wacky Sheehan has become a tool of the left.

    The same left that continues to harp on the same points and NEVER has one solution has, as the world knows by now, taken Wacky and pushed her over the edge, rallying to her useless personal crusade in Crawford while she demands to see President Bush, all the while hoping that she doesn't wake up and realize that once she snaps and becomes a stuttering, blubbering simp in a corner that they will leave her to her demons and search out the next victim they can drain the emotional life from in their never ending quest to vilify Bush&Co.

    What you are seeing in the Wacky Chronicles and the seemingly never ending coverage she is garnering in the news is the death throes of the left. They are absolutely without any semblance of ideas or solutions, so they have one tactic; Attack Bush.

    Why her husband waited to kick this moron to the curb is beyond me, as she has, by all reports, been in a steady decline for awhile now. Once he gets a divorce from her I would suggest forcing her to drop the name of Sheehan ASAP before she does anymore damage to the man's reputation.

    On the other side of the coin that the left uses as their currency of choice in their cowardly attempt to buy a salve for their ever guilty hearts, (cowards have a built in bucket of guilt which gives them the ability to justify their spineless actions) is This story here about a man in Iran names Akbar Ganji.

    Says a part of that story;
    Mr. Ganji is a journalist in Iran who started a hunger strike on June 11 after being jailed on a charge of being "un-Islamic" because he demands democratic reform in Iran. His reports of mysterious killings of dissidents under Iran's clerical leaders have made him a hero in Iran. (Official Iranian reports say he ended his hunger strike on Tuesday.)
    So here at home in the good old U.S.of A. we have a large part of this country that doesn't understand what we are fighting, why we are fighting or who we are fighting and slowly causing a woman that is apparently emotionally unstable to run closer to the edge while in Iran there is a man that is fighting to bring Freedom to his country, sitting in jail because he realizes that the edge that Iran, and the rest of the world that subscribes to the Mullahs views of Islam, is a precipice that will only bring subjugation to his people.

    Sounds like Akbar is trying to help his country back away from the cliff that Wacky Sheehan and the American Left are running towards headlong and blindfolded.
    The U.N. has "removed the seals"......tell me that doesn't sound like a movie tagline.

    On another note the main page at has changed, and I am on the "business" station.....which is good since I do spend a lot of time giving people the business.
    His convoy came under attack...

    This is what was left of the car that exploded....

    This is some of his guys afterwards....

    And here is a bit of the damage they took.

    Nobody hurt, and all they did was steel the resolve of these boys.

    Crossposted at The Wide Awakes and Cao's
    ..and I refuse to be sad.

    He was a liberal coward, and I have no use for cowards.
    For those of you that don't know who Steven Vincent is, go here and read his blog.

    He was living in Basra and reporting on the infiltration of the Shia Islamists in the new Iraq.

    We must stay the course, and we must realize that we are dealing with a corrupt culture to whom distrust of others is normal and corruption expected.

    Frankly I am getting to the point of thinking that the entire middle eastern culture, regardless of what it has contributed to the world in some of their art and the history of the region, (and food), is beyond redemption, and that these people are hopelessly stuck in some alter reality where their way of life is not only the only thing they know, but they only way they know how to live, and regardless of how much we wish to make their life better they are forever stuck in a way of life that we cannot possibly understand.

    We must stay the course, but even when we "stabilize" Iraq and leave from there, it will devolve back to what they know.....corruption, despair and the subjugation of women and non-muslims.

    I am beginning to think that these people actually love their misery and that they crave a life under someone's thumb and they are are perhaps one of the most easily corrupted people's on the planet.

    The question now is;

    Can we really change that?

    For more on this developing story go see Kat.