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    If you haven't read the tale of voter fraud that The Mad Tech put up over at The Wide Awakes then go read it now. (linked in title)

    It is a bit of a long read but very much worth your time.

    It is, literally, a scathing indictment of the DNC's commitment to voter fraud and shows in great deatail what depths they will sink to try to win an election.

    The left is desperate.

    They are desperate beyond the comprehension of even the most liberal thinking conservative, and this article shows not only that desperation but the utter contempt that the left has for the American people and their extreme disregard for the rule of law. Face it, the left thinks that you are a bunch of idiots, and if you are on their side then you pretty much are one.

    I am very happy to say I am NOT in their camp, and any of you that still are in that camp after reading what a bunch of lying scum the left have become should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I really want a two party system, but not if one of those parties is a pack of cowardly appeasing cheats.

    You know, in the old west cheats were usually shot down in the streets.

    Maybe you folks on the left should remember that fact.

    After all, the President IS a cowboy, and us "redneck, pick-up driving, tobacky chewin', deer-killin' ig'nint hicks" on and in The Right are His Posse.

    Saddle up boys.
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