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    Maybe it is because I am jaded.

    Maybe it is because I understand that there is only so much one can put up with from another human.

    Or maybe it is because I know what a weak-minded simpleton Cindy Sheehan is these days.

    It seems her husband has filed for divorce, and I can't blame him one bit. Wacky Sheehan has become a tool of the left.

    The same left that continues to harp on the same points and NEVER has one solution has, as the world knows by now, taken Wacky and pushed her over the edge, rallying to her useless personal crusade in Crawford while she demands to see President Bush, all the while hoping that she doesn't wake up and realize that once she snaps and becomes a stuttering, blubbering simp in a corner that they will leave her to her demons and search out the next victim they can drain the emotional life from in their never ending quest to vilify Bush&Co.

    What you are seeing in the Wacky Chronicles and the seemingly never ending coverage she is garnering in the news is the death throes of the left. They are absolutely without any semblance of ideas or solutions, so they have one tactic; Attack Bush.

    Why her husband waited to kick this moron to the curb is beyond me, as she has, by all reports, been in a steady decline for awhile now. Once he gets a divorce from her I would suggest forcing her to drop the name of Sheehan ASAP before she does anymore damage to the man's reputation.

    On the other side of the coin that the left uses as their currency of choice in their cowardly attempt to buy a salve for their ever guilty hearts, (cowards have a built in bucket of guilt which gives them the ability to justify their spineless actions) is This story here about a man in Iran names Akbar Ganji.

    Says a part of that story;
    Mr. Ganji is a journalist in Iran who started a hunger strike on June 11 after being jailed on a charge of being "un-Islamic" because he demands democratic reform in Iran. His reports of mysterious killings of dissidents under Iran's clerical leaders have made him a hero in Iran. (Official Iranian reports say he ended his hunger strike on Tuesday.)
    So here at home in the good old U.S.of A. we have a large part of this country that doesn't understand what we are fighting, why we are fighting or who we are fighting and slowly causing a woman that is apparently emotionally unstable to run closer to the edge while in Iran there is a man that is fighting to bring Freedom to his country, sitting in jail because he realizes that the edge that Iran, and the rest of the world that subscribes to the Mullahs views of Islam, is a precipice that will only bring subjugation to his people.

    Sounds like Akbar is trying to help his country back away from the cliff that Wacky Sheehan and the American Left are running towards headlong and blindfolded.
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