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    Dear President Bush, and all of the other "law-makers" that are pushing for an amnesty, I have one major question:

    Are you out of your flippin' mind?

    Who are you representing anyway?

    You know those people that voted for you? The American citizens? Certainly you are not representing them, as the vast majority of them want you to secure the border and ENFORCE our current immigration laws which, by the way, are NOT "broken" but rather simply not in use.

    Trying to shove another amnesty down our throats is really pissing us off, and when our reps won't answer their phones, claiming they are overwhelmed on one hand while stating that they are receiving no negative feedback on the other regarding this amnesty we get to see just who the duly elected representatives of this country are really representing.

    And it isn't the American citizen.

    Now you may think we are powerless to stop you from doing as you please, and will merril;y continue on your way to flood this country with more people that are only after the freebies you hand out at our expense, but I wish to remind you that another George once thought that the American people were powerless to stop him from doing as he pleased.

    YOu might wanna call up your buddy Blair in London and ask him how that worked out for old Georgie.
    Seriously. Linked in the title is the story of some "day laborers" (which means ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS--people that have snuck into this country ILLEGALLY to work, jumping ahead of countless people that are waiting to come here legally, flaunting our laws and acting with utter impunity) that were picked up on a street corner, tied up and taken and dropped off in Tijuana.

    The Sheriff Dept. are investigating it as a kidnapping. I hope they put their laziest detective on this case.

    Polls overwhelming show that the American citizens, (you know, us folks that VOTE) want our border secured (as it should be) and people that employ illegal aliens taken to task for their flaunting of the law.

    We already let over a million people immigrate here LEGALLY every single year, more than every other country on EARTH allows in legal immigration to their countries every year, and the new amnesty plan being proposed is going to up that number substantially.
    We are about to reward people that have to problem ignoring the rules (what makes you think they will suddenly start paying attention to rules and laws now, huh?) and even though the people (read: CITIZENS) have said "don't" our elected ruling class is going to ignore us and do as they wish.

    Is it any surprise that someone picked up some illegals and deported them? Our government isn't doing their job.....someone has to do it. I think you will see more of this as things get increasingly tense in the immigration "debate."

    As one man put it in a fax to Sen. Feinstein, "if an American citizen worked for case or with a fraudulent SS card, they would be facing jail time. DO these laws not apply to illegals?"

    Keep faxing and calling and emailing your reps.....tell them NO AMNESTY. If worse comes to worse I guess we can always form a volunteer INS and start our own deportations, as it seems to government isn't interested in doing the job.
    His Imperial Rottiness has written up a nice bit about our Liberal Offsets.

    Go have a read and then click the link and buy one for that Liberal Friend or Family Member today.
    There is a lot of pointless stupidity in the world, and many things top the list above the pointless stupidity that is the subject of todays rant, but I just have to say something about Colgate's new toothpaste.

    Colgate's Max Fresh Toothpaste has....are you ready for this?


    Yes....those little cellulose strips that are impregnated with mouthwash have been shredded and placed IN the toothpaste.

    Now what a fool I am it seems. I believed that breath strips were to use after a meal when you couldn't brush, or when you were about to put the moves on some girl.

    I also believed that toothpaste was to be used to clean teeth and get your breath fresh.

    Now I know it is a minor thing, but when you add to a product to another product to make a new and improved product shouldn't that new and improved product do something, well, new and improved?

    It seems to me that adding in breath strips to toothpaste is simply useless, kinda' seems like such a stupendously stupid idea that I can't seem to find an analogy for it.

    Granted it is still not as stupid as letting millions of people sneak into the country and then march to demand non-existent rights, but it is right up there with it.
    I wish the democrats were right......

    I wish the world could get along......

    I wish that all the strife would simply end if we brought everyone
    home because then we could make this madness stop.....

    I wish we could afford to take care of all the people that needed it.....

    I wish we could end hunger, homelessness and disease.....

    I wish we could find a never ending energy source that didn't pollute
    at all....hell while I am wishing I wish that the never ending,
    non-polluting energy source had emissions that smelled like whatever
    your favorite smell was so we could all walk around smelling something

    I wish Big Macs weren't fattening and that cauliflower was.......

    I wish beer flowed up through natural springs and twinkies grew on trees...

    But most of all I wish President Bush was the evil, rotten, scheming,
    lying sunuvabitch that the left claims.....maybe then he would start
    rounding those assholes up in the middle of the night and give them
    HALO lessons over shark infested waters.....

    The inspiration for this post came from this video.