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    Dear President Bush, and all of the other "law-makers" that are pushing for an amnesty, I have one major question:

    Are you out of your flippin' mind?

    Who are you representing anyway?

    You know those people that voted for you? The American citizens? Certainly you are not representing them, as the vast majority of them want you to secure the border and ENFORCE our current immigration laws which, by the way, are NOT "broken" but rather simply not in use.

    Trying to shove another amnesty down our throats is really pissing us off, and when our reps won't answer their phones, claiming they are overwhelmed on one hand while stating that they are receiving no negative feedback on the other regarding this amnesty we get to see just who the duly elected representatives of this country are really representing.

    And it isn't the American citizen.

    Now you may think we are powerless to stop you from doing as you please, and will merril;y continue on your way to flood this country with more people that are only after the freebies you hand out at our expense, but I wish to remind you that another George once thought that the American people were powerless to stop him from doing as he pleased.

    YOu might wanna call up your buddy Blair in London and ask him how that worked out for old Georgie.
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