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    There is a lot of pointless stupidity in the world, and many things top the list above the pointless stupidity that is the subject of todays rant, but I just have to say something about Colgate's new toothpaste.

    Colgate's Max Fresh Toothpaste has....are you ready for this?


    Yes....those little cellulose strips that are impregnated with mouthwash have been shredded and placed IN the toothpaste.

    Now what a fool I am it seems. I believed that breath strips were to use after a meal when you couldn't brush, or when you were about to put the moves on some girl.

    I also believed that toothpaste was to be used to clean teeth and get your breath fresh.

    Now I know it is a minor thing, but when you add to a product to another product to make a new and improved product shouldn't that new and improved product do something, well, new and improved?

    It seems to me that adding in breath strips to toothpaste is simply useless, kinda' seems like such a stupendously stupid idea that I can't seem to find an analogy for it.

    Granted it is still not as stupid as letting millions of people sneak into the country and then march to demand non-existent rights, but it is right up there with it.
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