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    In honor of the illegals and open borders types marching tomorrow May 1st) I am reposting this poem. Inspired by Johnny Cash's Ragged Old Flag;

    The Ragged Old Flag Flies Again

    I walked down the streets of my old hometown
    Through crowds of people protestin'
    Who said we were racists and nazis and worse
    For demanding our gub'mint protect us
    From criminals, thieves and terrorist scum
    That would sneak o'or our borders at night
    To steal all our jobs for a pitiful wage
    And never give us a fair fight

    They march through our streets hoisting high
    Our flag that has seen us along
    Making the show that this one simple act
    Will prove that they truly belong
    But that ragged old flag that tugs at our hearts
    And has seen her share of the pain
    That helped forge a nation of wretched refuse
    Is being drug through the muck and is stained

    She stood tall at the fort when our anthem was writ
    And she led e'ery charge in the south
    And she stood tall and proud when the japs came a'callin'
    At Pearl Harbors doomed mouth
    She flew brave and true on Mount Suribachi
    And solemnly she waved on the morn
    When the japanese people surrendered at last
    'Neath the guns of Big Mo's mighty form
    She flew in the desert
    Against Rommel the fox
    And Charged into Italy's hills
    Thru the country of France
    She forged freedom again
    And finally broke Hitlers will

    She sailed on the ships that delivered our boys
    To the dark rancid jungles of 'Nam
    And led all the fights that raged through the nights
    Heavy with death and napalm
    She carried the fight to the Taliban thugs
    That harbored our enemies might
    And led the brave charge of the Lads of Fal'ujah
    Who gave of their all in that fight
    She continues to sail o'er every sea
    And to bring hope and light to the masses
    But the latest attack on Old Glories greatness
    Is being trampled in our highschool classes
    The kids of today take Ol' Glory down
    And use her to take a bold stand
    By hoisting her up 'neath a mexican flag
    Upside down, stating "This is our land"

    She's held in esteem for her history is brave
    For with her comes freedom unhinged
    But her brave noble past is taken away
    And used by the criminal fringe
    But one can't fly the flag
    And hold true to the heart
    Of what truth Old Glory stands for
    If you do not realize that by breaking the law
    You haven't earned your place on our shore.
    O.K. we all know that the fruits, nuts and flakes that inhabit the Granola Bar by the Bay love their protests, but when was the last time you saw anyone in Frisco (they just HATE when you call it that) actually PRAY when it didn't involve getting out of a ticket or into someone's pants?

    But that's exactly what we have happening today
    and for all the things a pious person in Frisco (and before today I would have bet good money that one of those did not exist) could pray for (plague-Oh wait they got that one-fire-they've done that one too-earthquake-again it's been done or making the city outright fall into the ocean) what are they praying to God to be granted to them?

    Lower Gas Prices.

    Here's a thought, you want lower gas prices? Quit protesting every time some big bad oil company wants to build a new refinery to make more gas, (which lowers prices-but then again I don't expect you nimrods to understand supply and demand) and stop demanding that the big bad oil company be taxed at higher rates when they post a less than 10% profit margin in an earning report. That simply shows off (yet again) your stupendous grasp of economics.

    You people are idiots, morons and cretins, and have led me to the conclusion that all the land between the Sierra Nevada range and the Cascades, and from Central California to the Canadian border needs to be fumigated so we can start to get rid of your insane strain in cognitive dissonance, which I am sure is fatal in its' later stages....or at least one can hope.

    Cao saw this post and said "Who'd they pray to? Gaia?" and it occurred to me that praying to Gaia the Earth Goddess is an even funnier thought. Much like Mark Twains' War Prayer made a point of showing that when you pray for your success you also pray for the defeat of your enemy (which is what war is about so what's the big damned deal?) the image of a bunch of Friscans praying to Gaia the Earth Goddess for lower prices on the oil ripped from her womb and boiled, strained and burned is particularly funny to me. It probably goes something along the lines of;

    Oh Mighty Gaia
    Bless us, your unworthy children, with lower prices on the holy sacred fuel ripped from you by evil capaitalist pigs so that we may afford to attend the protests that will stop them from raping your beauty and stealing your bounty.
    From my bud Mister E Pluribus over at Freedom Broadcast Network. This is the original version...apparently he is doing up a more PC version of this. With apologies to the Stones....


    I see a White House
    And I want to paint it black
    I'm just half-colored
    But I want it all turned black

    My buddy Jeremiah
    Says that we were hosed
    But wait until I'm in
    I'll make it safe for bros

    I once did lines of blow
    Who cares that they weren't black
    It was so long ago
    And I can't take it back

    Don't care religious nuts
    No longer want me as their man
    They're merely simpletons
    And won't affect my plans

    As for my wife Michelle
    So glad she's finally proud
    But don't cry, "Hypocrite!"
    With us that's not allowed

    No chance I'll fade away
    Won't matter who knows the facts
    It's a piece of cake for me
    Love the guilt card -- hey, I'm black

    Hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope
    Hope, hope, hope, hope, hope
    Change, change, change, change, change, change, change
    Change, change, change, change, change

    My grandma blasted blacks
    That's OK, I loathe whites
    Threw her under the bus
    As plain as the books I typed

    Then there's my lovely mom
    C'mon, she married black
    Not once, but twice -- it's true
    You never can go back

    Don't fear my Muslim friends
    I know you understand
    With me you'll get your wish
    When we withdraw from your land

    That's right, I'll cut and run
    I won't have to face the facts
    It's so easy turnin' away
    When it's not my head that's hacked (yet)

    In just a few more months
    The U.S. in my control
    One bitter favor, though
    Please don't ask me to bowl

    I see a White House
    And I want to paint it black
    I see a White House
    And I want to paint it black

    Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah
    Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah......
    Cao tagged me with a meme that she got from William Teach at Pirates Cove (which just goes to prove what a scallywag he is by passing along these infernal things.

    So the rules are thus;

    The Rules:

    1. Write your own six word memoir.
    2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want.
    3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible so we can track it as travels across the blogosphere.
    4. Tag at least five more blogs with links.
    5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

    I usually won't play these and tag other folks, and I also usually don't do what I am about to do, which is link to the site I am about to link to, but I am in one of thsoe funny moods, and the thought of the guy I am tagging looking at this post and saying "WTF?" is too good to pass up, so I will reveal who I am tagging at the end of this post.

    So when I saw this meme I thought "six words? No way can I do something like a memoir in six little words. And then I was chatting with Cao telling here that from me, a six word memoir is next to impossible.....brevity is not a strong point of mine....I even quoted what my girlfriend says about me, and then it occurred to me upon seeing that phrase my girlfriend uses written in the chat window that she has the perfect six word phrase to describe me, so here is my entry into this game;

    "Kender has a lot of words."

    So now for the taggee....and this taggee is the one I am tagging because I am wagering they will not play so this evil meme will die right here.

    drumroll please.......Meathead, you have been tagged.