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    O.K. we all know that the fruits, nuts and flakes that inhabit the Granola Bar by the Bay love their protests, but when was the last time you saw anyone in Frisco (they just HATE when you call it that) actually PRAY when it didn't involve getting out of a ticket or into someone's pants?

    But that's exactly what we have happening today
    and for all the things a pious person in Frisco (and before today I would have bet good money that one of those did not exist) could pray for (plague-Oh wait they got that one-fire-they've done that one too-earthquake-again it's been done or making the city outright fall into the ocean) what are they praying to God to be granted to them?

    Lower Gas Prices.

    Here's a thought, you want lower gas prices? Quit protesting every time some big bad oil company wants to build a new refinery to make more gas, (which lowers prices-but then again I don't expect you nimrods to understand supply and demand) and stop demanding that the big bad oil company be taxed at higher rates when they post a less than 10% profit margin in an earning report. That simply shows off (yet again) your stupendous grasp of economics.

    You people are idiots, morons and cretins, and have led me to the conclusion that all the land between the Sierra Nevada range and the Cascades, and from Central California to the Canadian border needs to be fumigated so we can start to get rid of your insane strain in cognitive dissonance, which I am sure is fatal in its' later stages....or at least one can hope.

    Cao saw this post and said "Who'd they pray to? Gaia?" and it occurred to me that praying to Gaia the Earth Goddess is an even funnier thought. Much like Mark Twains' War Prayer made a point of showing that when you pray for your success you also pray for the defeat of your enemy (which is what war is about so what's the big damned deal?) the image of a bunch of Friscans praying to Gaia the Earth Goddess for lower prices on the oil ripped from her womb and boiled, strained and burned is particularly funny to me. It probably goes something along the lines of;

    Oh Mighty Gaia
    Bless us, your unworthy children, with lower prices on the holy sacred fuel ripped from you by evil capaitalist pigs so that we may afford to attend the protests that will stop them from raping your beauty and stealing your bounty.
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