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    I rarely write here anymore, just the occasional random posting.   Facebook has sucked me in (and face it, it IS a great networking tool) so I spend most of my time there networking with like minded folks. Feel free to add me if you're on there, just be warned I am very political there. It was suggested to me I should post links to what I do spend my time on now which is promoting my book. There are three of them, Shattered Ashen Heart, The Hunter and The Elf Queen and Watering the Tree, Thoughts on Liberty and Tyranny (Foreword by Evan Sayet-yeah I'm name dropping) and you can find them at the following sites:

    Amazon (paperback and Kindle

    B& (paperback and Nook)

    Smashwords (several ebook formats)

    You can also search iTunes for "Kender MacGowan" (I don't have iTunes so I can't get the link) and if you have a favorite online retailer that doesn't carry them email me here  with the site info and I will try to get on that site.