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    From American Warmonger comes this order:

    I want you to write a poem. Free form doesn't count. I want you to be able to define your poem. Put verse to rhyme or other recognized structure. I'd like to see a freedom from free-form. We're all great writers here. This is a chance to showcase your talents. If you stick with the most simple (yet most difficult to do right) forms, the haiku, I want to see two and they better be done right...or I'll make you redo them. Yeah, I'm gonna be a pain that way.

    Seems he was hit with three meme's at the same time, each wanting to be passed to three links, so he chose nine links to toss it at.

    You may note the bold text above regarding haikus. I like haikus. In case you have forgotten a haiku is a three line poem consisting of five, seven and five syllables. They come from Japan originally. Gotta love those Japanese.

    Oh yeah....according to the rules laid down by American Warmonger, I get to pass along this meme of death to one person for each haiku.

    AW hit Raven, Cao and myself from The Wide Awakes. So with the exception of Cao, Raven, myself of course, the rest of TWA can fight it out amongst yourselves about wich 24 of you are tagged with this meme.

    Haikus For The Meme Of Death

    Elmo screams aloud
    But his pleas fall on deaf ears
    Bert and Ernie laugh

    Floor creaks in the night
    Big Bird heaves a lustful sigh
    Elmo screams again

    Big Bird loads his gun
    Dropping ratings threaten job
    Teletubbies die

    Teletubbies drop
    Like flies in a mist of Raid
    Big Bird must reload

    Soft moans in the night
    Signal muppets on the prowl
    Oscar looks for love

    Big Birds young groupies
    Defile the letter A
    When the tapings done

    Barney runs like hell
    Big Birds on the prowl again
    Looking for fresh meat

    Kermit makes breakfast
    Bacon and ham and sausage
    Miss Piggy tastes good

    Mickey and Minnie
    Dance and trip the night away
    XTC is king

    Territory marked
    He's just doing his duty
    Pluto wanders on

    Jiminy Cricket
    Sat upon the bank singing
    Until the frog ate

    Mickey and Goofy
    In a compromising way
    The tabloids say

    Buzz and Woody sit
    At the gate of The Kingdom
    Checking out the girls

    There is nothing like
    A six dollar hamburger
    To piss you off good

    Popcorn on Main Street
    Sticks between my teeth and now
    I'm thirsty for Coke

    Three dollar sodas
    Are made with too much syrup
    Now I need water

    I have been in line
    Waiting for this goddamned ride
    Forever it seems

    The Tiki Room song
    Plays in my head forever
    I will go insane

    Its a small small world
    Instead of tiki room song
    I must kill myself

    Mowgli and Snow White
    Well you know how nature is
    She's not so white now

    The dwarves are angry
    Mowgli is trying to hide
    In the pirates ride

    I so enjoy
    The chocolate covered ants
    Oops I just ate Flick

    The Toon Town Trolley
    The late night debauchery
    You get the picture
    FORT BRAGG, N.C. Apr 28, 2005 — A military jury sentenced a soldier to death Thursday for a grenade and rifle attack on his own comrades during the opening days of the Iraq invasion, a barrage that killed two officers and that prosecutors said was driven by religious extremism.
    This man, an United States Soldier with the 101st Airborne rolled a grenade into the tent of his sleeping comrades, killing Army Capt. Chris Seifert, 27, and Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, 40.

    He will be put to death by lethal injection, simply going to sleep, fading away with the sure knowledge that his life is forfeit and it is solely his actions and his adherence to 8th century beliefs that brought him to that end.

    He will fade away and then, while he is unconscious he will receive a lethal injection of drugs to cause his lungs to stop working and his heart to quit beating.

    He will die a peaceful death, his end moments known about and planned for in advance, with a chance to tell his loved ones how much he loves them and how sorry he is that his life must end this way. He will get a last meal. He will get his last prayers.

    He will, in short, get the chance to do the things that Capt. Siefert and Major Stone did not get a chance to do.

    Decency calls for all of those things to be done.

    Decency calls for him to get his last meal, his last prayer and his final goodbyes.

    Decency does NOT call for him be put to death like that.

    He should be put to death...but not by lethal injection...oh no....that is the easy way out.....he didn't kill by lethal injection....he killed by put him to death teh same way!!!

    He should be put to death by grenade...strap him to a cot and roll it under him....let him hear what those soldiers didn't hear....the sound of that grenade rolling towards him, spelling his demise....let him feel the terror of knowing his death has just been unleashed upon him and let him quiver in fear as he hears the metal skittering across the floor.

    Let his muscles tense up as time draws out and slows down while his breathing is loud in his ears.

    Let his heart quicken as his brain tells his body to flee...that his death is there, rolling across the floor, getting louder with each successive click and clank of the grenade casing that will be shredding his murderous body in mere seconds.

    Let the adrenaline pump through him, bringing the most acute sensations of life into every buzzing nerve ending as he awaits the sound that hopefully registers ever so clearly in his ears before his torso is shredded and his consciousness flees him forever.

    Let him die like the cowardly dog that he is, straining against the clamps that bind him fast to his cot, holding him to his justice.

    Let him lie there with his life blood flowing out and hopefully his consciousness stays long enough that he feels the pain of his torn body...long enough that his vision fades to blackness and that he has the awful realization that his belief in Allah and the wrongful adherence to True Islam is about to be sorely tested.

    Long enough for him to truly feel remorse for his actions and to curse the very name of mohammad for leading so many down the path of darkness...down the path of death...down the hopeless path away from peace and light.

    Let that be the way he dies.

    But for the sake of Justice don't just let him go to sleep.
    Cao, Intrepid Leader and Undisputed Queen of The Wide Awakes has set me to the task of an evil poetry meme, which was tasked to her by Bill at The Pirates Cove.

    I am supposed to pass it along to three people, and since I haven't decided to whom it gets passed I will let the comments decide that.

    I usually forego these, however now that I know the rules I am, in Kender SOP, going to bend them.

    As I understand the rules you must copy the first and third lines and fill in the blanks.

    Nobody said anything about having a fourth line.

    Turd in a punchbowl
    Jane Howard the Slut's like a
    Turd in a punchbowl
    I want to know why it seems more important to you that you, as a blind person, feel you have more rights to use a medium that is not suited to you to begin with than we, as bloggers, have a right to keep spam from swamping us?

    If the blind bloggers (I think there are about 8 of 'em) have their way, captcha may go the way of the dodo......captcha, being a visual safeguard, is inherently a bedeviling force to the visually impaired.

    And I guess google wants to use it to help stop spam. I have not seen thsi yet myself. But the blind bloggers want them to stop.

    Get that? It seems Google is in trouble for implementing captcha to help stop spam...especially comment spam.

    Captcha is that system most of us have seen that creates twisted letters that you must decode before signing up for something or sending emails or comments.

    Now, I thought that some of those have an audio test? Maybe I am thinking of something else eh?

    Am I worried that blind bloggers will read this and send me hateful email? No...I once tested this site and I know that those page reading programs don't work on it, and I have no idea how to fix that problem.....I am also really not worried about it.

    I have nothing against the blind, but like the amish, I really don't expect a blind person to coem up in here getting crazy ya know???

    Anyway.....blind people are apparently up in arms, (not literally of course...I mean if they were I would hide....they may shoot anyone...can you imagine a blind person with a gun? Like a squirrel with a bazooka), and they are upset about captcha because they now need visual assistance (they didn't before?) to use some websites features.



    I see......

    What's next?

    Deaf people angry at music companies for putting out CDs that only contain audio content?
    Cao has posted a great bit over at her place about that helicopter that was shot down in Iraq the other day by scumball insurgents.

    So why link the daily POS in the title?

    Because with the exception that most of those folks that wallow in that shitstain upon the web have not actually sawed off someones head or shot unarmed non-combatents, they aree as much of a danger to America, her Freedoms and her Valiant Soldiers.

    These people actually dance with glee when terrorists succeed at killing people.

    A quote from the POS about the chopper being shot down and the victims.

    "THESE F[**]KERS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE. I have a hard time feeling sorry for their families. I have known a few of these wives and if they are in the marriage they are so high on Prozac and Xanax they will barely know he’s gone…If one of their mommas is crying I’m somewhat sorry but I really want to ask that woman why she never got any help for her son, who was obviously a potential serial killer! I lay some of what that man became on her and his father’s doorstep. I have almost no tears for these people. I can barely squeeze one out."

    These people on the other side of the street, so to speak, are traitors to this country. They give aid and comfort, in effect, to the enemy everytime they praise them as "freedom fighters".

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that proposes that the attack on this chopper, the many people beheaded by terrorists or that any other attack on not only American forces but innocent bystanders is a legitimate act of war is not only an idiot but a fucking traitor against this country, and everyone of them should be rounded up and have their asses kicked from one coast to the other.

    Fuck you POS...fuck your idiotic liberal supporters, fuck your wrong headed pacifist ideology.....fuck everything about you.

    You and the positions you support will lead us down the path that europe has taken.

    A dead end road to the destruction of all this country was founded on and truly holds dear.

    Dissent is patriotic.

    But assholes like you are not patriotic are traitor
    I called the ACLU yesterday to ask for clarification regarding their policy on the second know that little ol' amendment that says:

    "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free
    State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Uh-huh. Here is what they say about it:

    "The national ACLU is neutral on the issue of gun control. We believe the Second Amendment does not confer an unlimited right upon individuals to own guns or other weapons, nor does it prohibit reasonable regulation of gun ownership, such as licensing and registration."

    Can you spot the error of their ways here?

    Let's hit a few keywords shall we? other words NOT taking a position.

    They are NOT neutral on the second amendment.

    Let me point something out: According to the ACLU the second amendment "does not confer an unlimited right upon individuals to own guns"


    "nor does it prohibit reasonable regulation of gun ownership"

    In otherwords the ACLU believes that the second amendment does NOT give you the right to own an "unlimited" amount of guns nor does the second amendment "prohibit reasonable regulation of gun ownership".....You have no right to own guns accordin to the ACLU, and they have never gone to bat FOR the second amendment...

    Check this out:

    U.S. v. Warin (6th Circuit, 1976)
    Unless the Constitution protects the individual's right to own all kinds of arms, there is no principled way to oppose reasonable restrictions on handguns, Uzis or semi-automatic rifles.

    In other words since the thinking is, rightly so, that people have no right to own bazookas, missiles and nukes then it stands to reason (wrongly) that you have no right to own any weapon.

    Want a more indepth argument?

    Head over to HQ for an eyeful and the complete blogroll.

    Oh and that call? After getting the run around about all of the info I need being online I told the girl that I was with Stop The ACLU dot org.

    I got a quick "All the info is online, thanks for calling...have a nice day." and a worlds record for someone hanging up a phone set. Too Damned Funny!!!












    SOUND OFF!!!





    SOUND OFF....
    Well, the dems against it seem to think the following: 'Oh the $10-an-hour person isn't sophisticated enough to deal with a personal retirement account.'

    So what they are saying is that the average 10 dollar and hour person is TOO STUPID to understand thsi whole deal right?

    Aren't those same 10 dollar an hour wage earners the same people that they claim to represent in government against the Conservative PNAC Enacting Evil God-War Machine that Bush is figureheading at the moment?

    For once they may have an idea, those dems, and be dead-on the money.

    After all if you spend you entire career working at just over minimum wage maybe you deserve to be poor, cold, hungry and tired.
    Just a quick note to you asshats out there.....go learn what "fascism" and "nazism" truly means.

    You have no idea what those terms encompass.

    While you are at it, check out the definition of "Personal Responsibility" means also.

    Then go out and buy a big bucket of it for dinner!!!!

    wide awakes Posted by Hello
    ....and several other things I have been needing to do on here.

    So instead Jay has it covered with a blogroll and everything.

    Go check that out.

    I have been putting together some research.....and resting up....don't forget to check out the show tonight on at midnight pacific, 3 A.M. eastern.

    Tonight, the plan is to show WHY the American government is NOT FASCIST!!!!!!

    And to my own personal anonymouse....I left some french cheese at the bottom of the blog. I figured if you were going to hang out and whine I may as well feed you with something fitting.
    The show is now starting with a huge anti ACLU rant!!!!

    We will be taking on the old communist agenda that has been reborn as the "Progressive Movement" here in the U.S.

    Show starts at midnight Pacific, 3 A.M. Eastern for two little hours.....on a side note here not one leftist has called....NOT ONE!!!!!!!

    Good point: I don't have to put up with their whining while beating them over the head with the Spiked Paddle of Truth(tm).

    Even better point: Proof POSITIVE that, while they can sit online and research and compose their arguments, standing toe to toe, so to speak, a moonbat CANNOT hold their ground.

    FRIDAY PREVIEW...Fascism....Why the Right isn't fascist.....and how the left is.
    TWA ROCKS!!!!!

    If you are a right thinking person, check 'em out and make yourself at home.

    IF you are a moonbat troll, head on over....we get hungry over there.

    Mad Props go out to themadtech, Jay and Gribbet.....

    Day 2: No moonbats yet........
    So, now that I have tossed back a beer, belched, scratched and rearranged the package, I fired up the jukebox and got some Rodney Carrington playing I can tell one of the secrets of The Sisterhood.

    The Sisterhood is that club that women are automatically a member of once they "Grow Up", and the older they get the more indepth they go.......about their sex life.....with their girlfriends.........ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!

    Now I have learned that there is a natural hierarchy in any group of girls, and it is rare for any group to have to have an unchallenged "queen" of the group, unless that group is entirely made up of fag-hags, but that is another story.

    Each group of women has an avowed queen for several different catagories. Shopping, Worst Taste in Men, Shoe Whore, a Queen of Easy, her antithesis The Ice Queen, a Diet name it and most groups of women that are friends will have quite a few queen titles within it, sometimes with one woman holding several titles at once. For instance, The Queen of Shopping is almost always the Shoe Whore too.

    Now, one of the little known titles is The Queen of NOHEDIDN'T!!!!

    The woman that holds that title is the one with the latest horror story from the bedroom.

    These little groups of women will discuss in the most minute detail their sex lives.

    Boys, your womans friends know EVERY DETAIL about yoru sex life.




    Gentlemen....your womans friends know details about your sex life that you wouldn't scrawl in crayon in gibberish to an illiterate anonymous therapist in another galaxy.

    What's more, they come home and tell their men what is happening in THEIR friends bedrooms, sometimes leading to uncomfortable meetings with men that may have once been your friends, but you cannot look them in the eye now that you know their girlfriend/wife, who was at your house for dinner lat night, calls them Tiny Tim the Bug Bangin' Minute Man.

    I have actually had to stop going to one friends house for parties and bar-b-qs because I heard about his zeal, his horrid aim and a sprain caused by a bathroom counter......I am sorry I cannot look a man in the eye when I know THAT!!!

    Now.....I want you to think about this.....does your woman occassionally tell you "funny" stories about what suzie did when john got his wheezer stuck in a pump and had to be taken to the ER?

    If you aren't hearing these stories then your women is The Queen of NOHEDIDN'T!!!!

    And your womans friends AND their boyfriends/husbands know all about your exploits and embarrassment in your pitiful attempt at being a MAN!!!!

    Fortunately there IS a solution.

    Anytime you feel amorous, be absolutely certain to give your woman nothing to complain that ass brother, and do your best to put her head through a wall......she may holler alot but it is an injury that she will be proud of and smirking about all the next day, and maybe for the better part of a week.

    Of course there is still the standard man response to sex.

    "Hey, as long as I get my cookie."
    Mixed up communications have caused the show to be put off untill tomorrow night. But it look like I have five nights a week now.

    What sound does one make to attract moonbats anyway?

    Anyone that knows please tell me. I need some bait when I go huntin'.
    You may be asking yourself about that title.

    Romeocat at Cathouse Chat has a wonderful linkdump on eugenics and euthanasia, and since I don't feel like doing all the link work you can go there to chase down more facts about those topics. That is not my goal here.

    My goal here is to explain why I am so personally AGAINST euthanasia, eugenics and health care "rationing".

    If these things had been standard procedure when I was very young I would be dead.

    You see, I was born with a very small birth defect. In the bottom of your bladder is a small flap that drops down to allow urination. My flap didn't drop down, it opened up, like a trap door in a floor.

    By the time I was two and a half the constant backflow of urine had extended my ureters and caused hydronephrosis in my left kidney and severly damaged my right kidney. When I wouldn't quit crying I was taken to emergency at childrens hospital in L.A. Rushed into the OR for exploratory surgery, the damage was found, the left kidney removed and as much repair work done as possible. I was in there for 12 hours.

    When they wheeled me out I was, in my grandfathers words, "battleship gray", and the doctors tried to sedate my mother before they told her their prognosis.

    Their prognosis was I would live a week, at most, and they gave her a card for a funeral home down the street from the hospital. Many months later the Dcotors said I would need dialysis by the time I was seven, and if I didn't recieve a transplaant by the time I was 14 I would die.

    I went on dialysis in my twenties.

    I have had countless surgeries, mostly standard procedures every two years growing up as the scar tissue in my bladder needed cleaning out. That is how I know I stopped growing around 12 years old. I haven't needed that procedure since.

    Side effects have caused me to have surgeries on both of my legs, (dome osteotomy of the lower extremities), my thyroid taken out and a small piece implanted in my arm, a fistula for dialysis in my left arm, and two transplants.

    Mothers day weekend this year is the three year anniversary for the current kidney.

    All through this I have never taken what a doctor said about my prognosis or abilities as boundries or what would happen. I took it as what they THOUGHT may happen and as a challenge to prove them wrong.

    Until I was six I had a nephrostomy tube in my side with a bag for urine output slung over my shoulder. I had the constant refrain during those years of "Be Careful" and "GET OUT OF THAT TREE!!!!!" and "You can't do that".

    They were wrong. I could, and I did.

    I have lived a great life so far, and have such fulfillment as to be almost unfair.
    I have a wonderful wife.
    A great son.
    I am a great horseman, and the only thing I cannot do with a horse is surgery and slap shoes on them, and I am learning the latter.
    I have seen history made, sometimes right in front of me.
    I lived to see the Berlin Wall fall and the Soviet union collapse.
    I cried when Challenger went down, and cheered when Baghdad fell.
    I have seen the sunrise over the spires of Churchill Downs, and sink into the ocean from Del Mar.
    I have known tragedy and heartbreak, love and contentment and everything in between.
    I have watched friends die and my son be born.
    In short I have lived.
    My life kicks ass.

    If health care had been rationed when I was a child all of this I would have missed.

    Who are we to decide, as fallable humans, who lives and dies?
    While talking to a liberal friend about the attempted murder of Grandmama she said "Well, something needs to be done, we have people living longer and longer and maybe healthcare should be allocated better."

    My jaw dropped, only to shoot straight back up as I responded, "Well, then you get into who lives and who dies and who decides, one person lives because their family has money but the poor people die, and that sounds like discrimination to me, and I only discriminate against the stupid."

    I followed that up with:

    "But I can see it now, we start with the terminally ill, move on to the old, then the infirm, finally ending up at "I'm so sorry, but you are mentally retarded and our perfect yet resource-stretched society doesn't need your useless ass sucking up good air and clean water, so we're just gonna lock you in this room and sedate the hell out of you and let you die a "natural death" because we're good people and we would never put you to sleep like a dog."

    She got quiet. As my words sank in she snapped "Dammit Kender, I can't rebut that and your logic always puts me in a corner."

    "See why I need to be on the air?" I asked.

    Another lib'rul friend I called today to ask if maybe she would sit in on the show sometime as a counter balance refused the invite, reminding me that my argument about illegal immigrants had her angry for an hour. She said "I can't debate you off the cuff, you get me flustered and I don't know what to say."

    Yeah, I can be like that.

    I am salivating at the prospect of taking libs to task....IF they have the balls to call in.....I am hopeful, but realistically I don't expect them to call the show.
    Every lib I know can write a good argument and toss out facts all day long in defense of their position, but put them on the spot verbally and they get defensive and mean.

    I guess that proves the old adage that "The TRUTH Hurts".
    Kender is ON THE AIR.

    Live, uncensored internet radio, streaming in the player of your choice.

    Join me saturday nights at midnight PST to 2 AM as I smack socialists, eat moonbats and crap little nuggets o' Truth.

    I have invited the french to join me, but they are better at writing responses I expect than they are in actual debate.

    Truth be told, I'd wager a beer that not one lefty will call in at all.

    S'ok tho', I can still rant and play some cool music.

    Don't miss it. ON
    ...and complain a little bit.

    First the intro. Even though I consider myself a centrist, I have come to realize that what I call centrist is being called "conservative". I am firmly against almost everything todays left stands for and have been given the obligatory label of "Right-Wing-Wacko" for my insistence that the left is full of socialist idiots that have become enamored of europe and see nothing but evil in the republican party.

    Let me tell you something. The "Progressive" left is so close to creating their version of europes socialist utopia that to stand by and not fight against it is almost an act of treason. They rail against the religious right, and well they should, for the religious right, as they define it, is an extremely small minority, and that group is so far away from creating the Christian Theocracy that the left fears so much as to be considered a pipe dream. A theocracy cannot exist in America. No matter what the left tells you.

    Let me break it down as I see it. This is how the conservatives see the left:

    "Progressive"=socialists. That group of folks that want to lead us down the path europe is on. Filled with people whose only moral concern is what is good for the state, and whose ethics seem to be centered around whether people are "useful" and are leading a "quality" life, the "progressive" left is full of amoral people whose insistence that religion be hidden from public view and outright cowardice and demands for "peaceful" solutions are becoming almost traitorous in their actions.

    Conversely, I believe this is how the liberals see the right:
    "Conservative"=religious fanatics. That group of folks that want to see crosses on every lawn and have religion taught in school. This group of people fear homosexuals, want to destroy the environment to make more money, could care less if homeless people starve and want to take over the world through military power. Since Bush the Younger was brought into power after stealing the election America has lost many civil liberties and is resembling the early days of the Third Reich. Full of Holier than Thou bible thumpers, the right wingers are on a quest to bring about their "end times" and usher in the return of their savior Jesus.

    To steal a famous quote, What we have here is a failure to communicate.

    Neither one of these definitions fit the majority of Americans on the left or the right. In fact, I am certain that as a group we are much more tolerant of each other than the blogosphere would lead you to believe.

    But we do have some serious issues that need clarification. And I will be clarifying things as we go along in the next few months, weeks, and if I am not assassinated by some leftist troll that hunts me down for spanking him with the Big Spiked Paddle of Truth, even years.

    On to todays Top Story.

    Most everyone of you are aware by now of the story of the Evil Granddaughter that is trying, and apparently succeeding, in starving poor grandmama to death down in GA.

    There are several points to bring up here, and a few questions that need to be asked.

    But before I get into that I want to know why we will let a man that went on a bombing spree and caused deaths plead out of a death penalty while we let innocent people starve to death?

    I mean really people....WTF???

    Point One:
    "In her living will, Magouirk stated that fluids and nourishment were to be withheld only if she were either comatose or "vegetative," and she is neither. Nor is she terminally ill, which is generally a requirement for admission to a hospice."

    The people that were FOR Terri being starved to death constantly brought up Terris "rights" to decide for herself if she wanted to die. You all know the story and the storm surrounding it so I won't rehash that sordid bit, but what I want to know is WHERE are those people now? Where are the people that are concerned about Grandmas rights? And why is she in a hospice? The entire hospice system is corrupt, I believe,a nd needs a thorough overhaul. The government needs to go after these places and shut down the ones that admit people that are NOT terminal and bring CRIMINAL charges for FRAUD against the people that are admitting patients against the rules.

    Point Two:
    "Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus," Gaddy told Magouirk's brother and nephew, McLeod and Ken Mullinax. "She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?"

    Where the hell are the Christians at on this one? I not heard one person outside the lofty air of the blogosphere telling the world not to listen to this woman, that Christians would not starve their family members, or anyone else for that matter, to death. Why is that? Is it just me or does this woman sound like one of those nutjobs in a horror flick that peacefully says "Jesus told me he wants you to be at peace" just before she plants an ax in the skull of one the second rate characters?

    Point Three:
    The in-house counsel for the hospice, Carol Todd, is said to have claimed that granny is in the hospice because of the hospitals failure to exercise due diligence in regards to grannys living will and Evil Granddaughters power of attorney, which is financial, not medical. Now what I want to know is whose ass will be in the sling over that?

    Also, the way I read the article, if grandma is allowed to have the feeding tube re-inserted she cannot stay at the hospice any longer.

    Now I called the hospice, and after a short time was given the cell number for the hospices PR gal. I reached her at dinner, and she said she would call back, which she did. I had one simple question for her. I asked her of the story were true. She referred me to the policy statement that claims it is against hospice policy to with hold "nutrition and hydration" (her words) from patients, and would neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the story.

    So let me sum up here the way I see things. If the story were not true, one would think that the hospice would be holding press conferences saying, "we are not starving a reasonably healthy 81 year old grandmother to death".

    But they aren't doing that.

    A hospice is where a lot of terminally ill people go when they are diagnosed with six months or less to live.

    If you are starving a person to death while keeping them sedated it stands to reason that they are now terminal and won't last six months, so you are fulfilling your duty as a hospice.

    If you provide someone with "nutrition and hydration" and have to ask them to leave the hospice because they are breaking the rules by not being terminal then you are not fulfilling your duty as a hospice when you with hold their nutrition and are committing murder.

    Crossposted@The Wide Awakes
    Press Release from The ACLU:

    "ACLU Seeks to Hold U.S. Government to Universal Standards of Human Rights"

    Too bad Saudi Arabia doesn't have a version of our ACLU....I am sure the Saud Family would be under attack for the way that country is run also. You know, ever since America started beheading criminals in town squares across the country like Saudi Arabia The ACLU and Amnesty International have been riding our....What?

    Excuse me folks my fact checker is yelling something from the dungeon I keep her in.....Whaddya mean we don't behead criminals in the street? OK...

    Never mind that folks, apparently the U.S. is NOT beheading criminals.

    Well then, is my face red. One sec....brb...checking facts again....

    OK, after extensive consultation with my fact checker I have found that the ACLU, for some unknown reason have decided to try their hands at diplomacy overseas, supposedly representing you, the American citizen, with a group of lawyers that went to Geneva for the UN Human Rights Commissions meeting, asking that questionable and impotent group to "address the abuse and torture of prisoners by the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, and at other U.S.-controlled detention centers".

    I see. Apparently the ACLU has run out of things to complain about here in the good old U.S. of A. and has taken their rabid dog and lame pony show on the road. Personally if I were in charge I would "lose" those lawyers' computer records regarding citizenship, or put them on the "No Fly List" once they made it to Geneva, buit that is just me.

    You will notice that in this instance teh ACLU has taken up the fight for terrorists. Really. Who do you think is in these "detention centers" in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Here is one small example of how the ACLU fights against America in our war on terrorism.

    "Jamil Dakwar, a senior human rights attorney with the ACLU said "No country is above the law, and the United States should not be permitted to violate fundamental human rights in the name of national security."

    Extrapolate that....stretch it out to its' logical conclusion. Terrorists have nothing to fear if the US manages to capture them because the UN and the ACLU will protect their "human rights". So if you are a terrorist and you get captured just deny everything. Claim you are a poor taxi driver and know nothing, because if the UN and ACLU have their way extracting information from hardened criminals that will lie if caught won't be allowed.

    Can the UN and the ACLU think of a better way to garner the information that may stave off another attack on American soil and save American lives?

    No. They would have us handle everyone with kid gloves and be all lovey dovey in the name of "human rights'.

    Let me tell you something. Terrorists, even suspected terrorists, gave up their "human rights" the moment they joined up with the islamofacists.

    The UN and ACLU would have you believe that the US is out gathering up huge groups just because they look like terrorists and slamming bamboo shoots under their fingernails.

    These are the same people that are against racial profiling. To them if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck you shouldn't pay any more attention to it if you are duck hunting bacause it may actually be a dove, and better safe than sorry is not in their vocabulary.

    Here are some choice bits for you to chew on:

    Citing serious violations of fundamental human rights, the ACLU makes several urgent recommendations to the Commission on Human Rights, including:

    A reaffirmation of the absolute prohibition of all forms of torture and a reaffirmation that no circumstance whatsoever may justify the violation of this principle;

    Don't you just love how they make it sound as if the U.S. has made a PR campaign stating "Torture is Great, grab an arab and a stick today!!!!"

    A global call upon the United States to take effective measures to prevent acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment in all places under its jurisdiction and control, to ensure that all acts are thoroughly and impartially investigated, and to hold accountable those officials who encouraged or sanctioned such acts;

    I agree with this statement. Especially the part that says "under its jurisdiction and control"......We are doing that, and are in the process of expanding our "jurisdiction and control"....just what does everyone think we are in Iraq for? Stopping torture, while just one of those reasons we went in the first place, is certainly a reason to expand our "jursidiction and control", even by military means. You would think the UN and ACLU would be happy we got saddam out of power and have stopped his murderous rampage of thirty years. Have we gotten even onen thank you from them?


    It continues:

    Support for the request that the United States permit U.N. human rights experts and monitors to "visit, together and at the earliest possible date, those persons arrested, detained or tried on grounds of alleged terrorism or other violation in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Guantanamo Bay military base and elsewhere.

    Nope, that's OK..the Red Cross already does that I believe, and if they don't then good.....the red cross has no business being in places where our military has "detainees" under interrogation anyway, and make no mistake about this latest assault by the fervent communist/socialist hellbent lawdogs of the ACLU, this is an assault on our military.

    The ACLU and Human Rights First have filed a lawsuit against Rumsfeld, as some of you may remember, and if the world court had the jusrisdiction they truly want then not only Rumsfeld but the soldiers involved in the Grab An Arab Prison fiasco would be brought up on charges in front of the world court, and the ACLU would not then, as they don't now, recognize the rights of our military men under our laws, giving preference to "international law".

    Mark my words friends. Within five to ten years the ACLU will not give one whit about any right you have unless it is also covered under international law as enforced by the UN.

    Here's a great bit from that article"

    The ACLU recently created a new Human Rights Working Group specifically dedicated to holding the U.S. government accountable to universally recognized human rights principles. The Human Rights Working Group is charged with incorporating international human rights strategies into ACLU advocacy on issues relating to national security, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and racial justice.

    Let's take a glance at the ACLU stances on a couple of those subjects.

    NATIONAL SECURITY: The ACLU is against stopping illegal immigration and securing the borders.

    IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS: The ACLU believes that criminals that sneak into America, (illegal aliens) should have the same rights as the native and legal citizens of this country.

    Again, the ACLU has shown themselves to be on the wrong side of an issue that affects Americas' National Security.

    Does this surprise anyone?

    Crossposted at StoptheACLU
    I shot into L.A. tonight, (last night now) to catch my friend Rick and his band in concert....again.

    I was actually rewarded with great entertainment going to the show and coming home.....I saw a billboard and tuned into Air America.

    People, I have not heard shit this funny for ages.

    Give it a listen. You can actually hear the veins on their heads throbbing while they scream uselessly into the mic. I think maybe you can even hear the democratic party actually collapsing in the background.

    I shot into L.A. tonight, (last night now) to catch my friend Rick and his band in concert....again.

    I was actually rewarded with great entertainment going to the show and coming home.....I saw a billboard and tuned into Air America.

    People, I have not heard shit this funny for ages.

    Give it a listen. You can actually hear the veins on their heads throbbing while they scream uselessly into the mic. I think maybe you can even hear the democratic party actually collapsing in the background.

    I was going to post the Stop the ACLU newsletter, but the HTML in the bloody thing wonked up my page something fierce.

    If you want to see it follow the link in the title. I will bitch about the ACLU in a bit on another subject.....or you can simply read the post below this one.
    I am reposting this because the HTML from the newsletter that wonkied up my site has me needing a bit of levity. The following is a true story, and a damned funny one at that. Just yesterday I found out that Jerry Doyle has used the atheist argument as well. Seems I am in good company.

    Linked to the title is the story of San Francisco wanting to ban handguns in the city.

    The day this story broke I called the Southern California chapter of the ACLU and, in a voicemail, asked them to march straight up there and sue the hell out of S.F. for being ballsy enough to try to steal our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    I really didn't expect a return call.

    Imagine my surprise when they did indeed call me back.

    The conversation wasn't very long. In all fairness it WAS an intern that called me back. He started off by asking me if I still needed their help.
    This is an edited version of the conversation, with some boring stuff taken out, and it is as close to verbatim as I can recall it. Although they probably recorded the call and may sue me after this.

    Intern: So do you still need our help?

    Me: Oh yes, most definitely.

    Intern: What can we help with?

    Me: I want you guys to grab your lawyers and go stop S.F. from taking away our 2nd amendment rights. They did it in DC and now that is the murder capital of the US, so purely from an economic viewpoint we can't let this happen. S.F. is a huge tourist destination. If tourists started getting shot left and right it may adversely affect the economy in some measurable way. Can you guys do this?

    Intern: Well, I can make a note that you called about it.

    Me: Good deal. Listen, while I have you on the phone can you tell me if the ACLU has ever defended our 2nd amendment rights?

    Intern: I don't really know, but I can look into that and try to get back to you.

    Me: You do that. Another thing I was wondering about, since you guys seem to be so good at defending our civil rights and the Constitution and all, maybe you could help me in another matter. You guys are doing a bangup job of getting all references of religion out of our lives, what with working to get crosses off of public land, threatening to sue cities for putting up nativity displays at Christmas time, and stopping little kids from singing songs that have any mention of God in them, so maybe you could help me on this one. You see, crosses have pretty much been claimed by the Christians, and of course the Jews have the Star of David, Islam its' Crescent thing going, and I noticed that we hear alot from the atheists these days, like that one in northern california that is trying to stop Bush from having a prayer at his inauguration, you have heard about that right?

    Intern: Yes I have heard of that.

    (at this point he is sounding a bit suspicious)

    Me: I figure hey, it's his inauguration, if he wants a prayer, hell why not?

    Intern: I can see that yes.

    Me: Well, anyway, it seems that the symbols of atheists would be nothing, wouldn't you agree with that?

    Intern: (warily) Yeeess, ok.

    Me: Well, when I don't see a religious symbol of some kind that says there are people that believe in a creator I get offended, so what I would like for you guys to do is to sue the atheists and make them pay to put up religious symbols all over the place. Can you guys do that?

    Intern: Weeeelllll.....

    Me: I don't really care what religious symbols they are, I just get offended by a lack of them. You see to me it says we are sliding into an abyss where nobody believes in a creator,and that life is truly absurd and it doesn't matter what we do because it is all meaningless, and I think that will lead to a society that is doomed from selfishness and hedonism, kinda' like ancient Rome, and America will be destroyed and fall away just like the old roman empire. You guys don't want America to go the way of the Roman Empire do you?

    Intern:, not really.

    Me: O.K. then, so make a note about that too would ya'? Have it say that I want you guys to sue the atheists to force them to put up some kind of religious symbols so I am not offended all the time ok?

    Intern: O.K., I'll make a note of it.

    Me: Cool. And try to get back to me about the ACLUs' history of defending the 2nd amendment too.

    Intern: O.K., I'll look into that.

    Me: Cool, thanks for all your help and for calling me back, and God Bless you man.

    I don't really expect a second call.
    Proof again that they can't think straight.

    To equate a prayer with immorality is the height of stupidity and ignorance.

    The ACLU is a very un-American institution, whose "lofty" goals include chasing religion behind closed doors in pursuit of a socialist America.

    Don't believe that do ya'?

    In socialism religion is considered a "quaint notion" and a backwards way of thinking. In a socialist society the only moral question one should ask themselves is "Does this harm the state?". The overriding ethic and moral concern in socialism is the state, regardless of what socialists may say about socialist states taking care of everyone in that society, and the proof is in the pudding of euthanasia of "imperfect children" and the elderly and infirm in parts of europe. This very cause got a great shot in the arm with the Terri Schindler tragedy.

    In a socialist state those that cannot contribute are considered a drain on society, and getting rid of them, no matter what language you couch it in, is an immoral action.

    That is why the ACLU fights so hard to chase religion behind closed doors and label anyone that dares speak out with arguments based in a moral code as "religious fanatics" and then claim to "protect" our civil liberties from "the bible thumpers".

    Anytime a blatant contradiction such as calling a prayer immoral is not taken to task we all lose another small bit of ground in the fight against socialism and the loss of our nations soul.
    Yeah, you.....with your lib'rul ideas and your love of with your abject and sad hatred of Bush The Younger.....yeah, I'm talkin' to you loons out know? The members of that party that is in love with losing, can't find the right side of their ass in broad daylight with both hands and a GPS handset....uh huh.


    Guess what you whiny liberal simps?

    I got a radio show. Even better than broadcast radio it is internet radio, so I can tell you fucking morons EXACTLY what I think of your soft headed ideas and your wrong headed policies.

    Think you got what it takes to outthink, outwit and plain outsnark me?

    I don't. But you are welcome to try.

    I'll be on the air starting midnight (12 A.M. PST)until 2 A.M. on sunday april 10th at the link in the title.

    Feel free to call in and put Kender in his place....but I don't expect to hear from that time of night I expect the east coast libs to be passed out from their french wines and the west coast libs will still be out at some pretentious and trendy club attempting to dance.

    I need about "Eatin' moonbats and crappin' little nuggets o' Truth"?



    eh? I'll wager I came up with a good one later.
    So instead I will give some random thoughts running through my head.....

    Someday I would like the democrats of the country, the real American democrats, to take back the party from the socialist pigdogs that are currently running it into the ground.

    Some of the lefty bloggers I deal with make me laugh.....alot. Especially when they think they are making me angry. What they don't understand is I absolutely LIVE to piss people off.

    People that hate war simply because "It is bad to kill people" make me sick. Everyone of them are pussies that would not lift one finger to defend themselves or the ones they love.

    We have the most awesome military on the planet since the Roman Legions, in terms of sheer power and level of training when compared to what else is out there currently.

    My little bro C. is on his way to iraq....with a new digicam and a bucket full of whupass.....he's with psy-ops.....and I am so jealous.

    The ACLU SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moonbats are like fish.......not real smart even though alot of them have lived in schools....rather slimy and they tend to smell after a couple of is fun to try to catch them with bait and you will be amazed at what stupid bait they will take too........and they're a great brain food.

    We should make it harder to be a lawyer.........we have too many as it is....and unlike when you have too many mechanics that must find other work because there are only so many broke down cars, lawyers can make their own work.....that is just as bad as Congress being able to vote for their own pay raises.

    I think that the blog group I am a proud member of, The Wide Awakes, is an awesome group of people. We are like a family....maybe even a mafia family....only without the scads of money.....cross us and pay.

    I have absolutely no respect for, nor love of, the french......they have given the world alot of good things.....but they sold their soul in the name of appeasement and socialism.

    Unlike the old saying about "native Americans" that was NOT true about them, the saying twisted around is now very true, "The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist"....and if you argue that point remember that these guys are RELIGIOUS FANATICS and would rather die than be peaceful....unless they are being peaceful in a world of islam only.

    People that will not fight for their freedom don't deserve it.

    People that hate guns will one day look down the barrel of one and know what helplessness truly least if you look down the barrel of one and have one pointing back there is a feeling of possibility.

    Does the term "moonbat" in french sound sexy?

    I heard a guy say "You smell like a pig in a sour mudhole" in french and it sounded cool.

    "Yo tengo arroz con pollo en mi zapatos amarillos" is my favorite thing to say in spanish....if you yell it out everyone knows you are angry but those that understand it laugh.....if you say it slow and quiet it sounds very sexy. There is a story behind this whole language bit.

    I'd bet "I surrender" rolls off of french tongues like stink from a frenchman.....quickly and there is no mistaking either one.

    Moonbats suck too.

    ACLU moonbats suck even worse.

    french blooded aclu moonbats suck even worse than that.

    Socialist french blooded aclu loving pacifist moonbats suck the most....., wow and WOW again!!!!

    Shamus and I, in our quest for good beer, great music and legendary tales, headed into L.A. last evening to visit Molly Malones to watch Rick Kurek and his new band debut.

    He couldn't have picked a better setting. Molly Malones' is an awesome little Irish pub, and certainly deserves its' reputation.

    We wandered in, grabbed a Guinness and headed into the back, where Rick and the lads were setting up. After offering up our greetings to Rick, and finally getting to meet his Gal Friday, Susie, we grabbed aseat and waited, chatting it up with folks and buggin' Rick when he wandered past. At one point I asked Rick if the band had a name yet and he shot back with "Uuumm...The Rick Kurek Conspiracy." Damned good name huh?

    Well I fully expected a great show and was blown away by "The Rick Kurek Conspiracy".

    Let me tell you, I HATE L.A. traffic....L.A. Prices....L.A. Crime....I hate so much about L.A. that I could write about it all day. With that said I must say that I grew up here, and even with all of the things I hate about it, I do love L.A., and last night was one of the premier reasons why I can't wander away from here for very long. If you don't live around L.A., and you love awesome music for musics' sake, then you, my friend, are missing out.

    Rick, the bassist James Kirk, (no jokes please, they've been done to death) and the drummer Franklin Vanderbilt put on a great show. Energetic, with great vocals, an awesome bassist and an absolutely unreal drummer. Altogether a evening beyond words.

    Joined onstage at one point by guest guitarist Dave Wood (sorry, no link), Rick blew the whole house away with the debut of his band. Dave, by the way, is an awesome guitarist in his own right, and added to the show tremendously.

    Once Ricks' set was done another band came up, and I WAS planning on heading out shortly after that, but Rick asked me to hang out so we could catch up and plan another house concert.

    I did one of these at my house last year, and was astounded by the cutting edge music Rick throws at you. At one point, with a 2 track loop recorder on a 14 second loop as his "band", he enthralled my small group of friends and family by tossing a drum beat played on the front of his cello, along with a bit of "didg" into the recorder and proceeded to play his cello in a haunting tune that could have come right out of India.

    While waiting for Rick to make the rounds we watched the second group, The Brian Travis Band play a great little show. These guys have a great sound also, and their leader Brian looks like a second generation clone of Tom Petty. He told me he's heard that before.

    When Brians' band played a song called "Gasoline" I was instantly in love with this unfortunately fitting song, and made Shamus buy the CD right there. I am ordering them as soon as I get done writing this.

    Brians' keyboardest, Matt Brown, astounded me. Even though the sound engineer couldn't get the keyboards volume up he was an amazing sight up there. I had met his wife at this point and told her that she was simply Matts' mistress because those keyboards are his Love. I have never seen anyone play with such unabashed joy and passion, and I eagerly await acquiring Matts' solo album "Bloom".

    As I said it was an unbelievable evening.

    Go check out the links. These guys rock.
    A great man has died, and although I am not Catholic I mourn the passing of Pope John Paul II.

    He fought for Life and Freedom.

    He was instrumental in the downfall of communism, and has led the Church well.

    He will be missed.

    Today, as the Catholics mourn the leader of their Church, Christians of all denominations weep with them.

    God Speed Karol, God Speed.
    When was the last time $20.00 Bucks bought you a little happiness? OK. Discounting the booze?

    This school needs help.

    Their funding has been cut by 60%.

    Appeals pending.

    In the meantime BUY SCRIBBLED ART!!!

    And Thank YOU.
    I swear, you thin skinned folks need to get the fuck over yourselves and realize that some things are simply said in humor, and not meant as an insult, no matter how much you may think so.

    If you are one of those people that have a thin skin and find yourself constantly offended please drop me a note explaining exactly what "offends" you so I can tell you what a fucking dimwit you are and OFFEND THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!!!!
    In breaking news Washington state has announced they are ceding from the US to Canada. This has, as one would imagine, caused a flurry of activity in both Congress and Canadas' Parliament.

    Congress has begun drafting a bill to sell Washington to Canada for one USD, with anonymous sources in Washington DC saying "We don't really need the state of Washington, we only kept it around to avoid charges of discrimination from the lumberjack lesbian activist groups."

    Canadas' Parliament meanwhile has also met in emergency session to draft legislation barring Washington state from being able to join Canada, with a spokesman stating "While we have the utmost love and respect for the very green state of Washington, our lumberjacks here are already having a hard time finding work, and the influx of the lumberjack lesbians would only strain relations between the US and Canada eh."

    Canada has put all 12 of its' Mounties on alert to be ready to go to the Washington Canada border to stop anyone from illegally entering Canada should Canada bar Washington from joining up. Meanwhile the ACLU has refused to send monitors to stop the Canadians from practicing the "unlawful imprisonment", as ACLU of Arizona spokesman Ray Ybarra called it, that is currently being practiced by the Minuteman Project along the southern border of the US.

    Some in the Canadian government are wary of taking its' entire force of Mounties to the border of Washington state and leaving the border of New York unguarded for fear of an invasion of New Yorkers in search of donuts. New Yorkers outside of the city have been under intense criticism to give up donuts, which activists in New York City have deemed not only bad for you but a "red state food". Calling for an end to donut sales in the state, activists claim they are not only concerned about the health of their fellow citizens, but consider "red state food" being sold in the state to be tacit appoval of Bushs foreign policy, and boycotting donuts has been called "patriotism at its finest" by both the ACLU, which supports banning donuts for health reasons, and Gloria Allred.

    Donut shop owners have petitioned the New York State government for aid during the crisis, claiming that the anti-donut campaign is funded by bagel bakers and New York City delis. While no proof of this allegation has been found suspicion began to run higher as the anti-donut campaign unvieled two new slogans yesterday, "Donuts Kill" and "What Gout?"

    In late breaking news Canada has said that even if it wanted to buy Washington state from the US, one USD is too steep a price after looking at its' finances and realizing that their system healthcare and car insurance has brought them to the brink of bankruptcy. One Canadian spokesman said "At least we can still file for bankruptcy here."

    The development of Congress considering selling Washington to Canada has other "blue" border states worried about the US government selling them off to Canada, with New York governor George Pataki saying "We wish the US government to notice that almost all of our counties were "red", and that if they do consider selling off anything to Canada, perhaps they should just sell New York City."

    The Canadians responded vehemently, with a spokesman saying "We can't handle that big of a rise in crime, eh."

    More on this story as it develops.
    really there won't be
    Blogger Sucks. For the past three weeks or so it has been sucking wind like some jihadi with a field introduced ventilation port through his thorax, and I for one am getting real tired of it. I can't even post anything today.

    This is ridiculous. If I were able to post I have a great story about an author from the Netherlands that wrote a book called "Jihadi Joe, Why Islam Will Take Over the World" wherein he urges everyone to dump their stocks in toilet paper companies, and buy shares in Suha Arafats new company, "The Kafiyyeh House".

    Another story I wanted to bring you, if I could have gotten into my dashboard and posted something, is Ohios' attempt to annex North Holloywood, Ca. in an attempt to bring in more tourism dollars. A spoksman for Ohio, Richard "Red" Pettilongston said "Face it, tourism sucks here, we only have two major cities I think, and Cleveland pretty much sucks. I mean, have you BEEN to Cleveland? I haven't."

    In another story that you probably should see today the state of Washington considered ceding the union to join Canada. When Canada heard about it they rejected the plan immediately and considered sending two dozen Mounties to shore up the defense of the border with Washington, however with the entire Mountie force concentrated on the border of Wa. the Canadian government began to worry about an invasion of donut starved New Yorkers, who have been guilted into forgoing the tasty treats by rabid health conscience leftists that claim donuts are a "red state food" and amke you fat.

    The anti donut group is rumored to be funded by bagel bakers and deli owners, and that theory gained soem ground with their new slogans: "Donuts Kill!" and "What Gout??" Donut shop owners in New York state have petitioned the state government for emergency relief and hired a the PR firm that made GreenPeace and PETA look sensible in the early 80's to help shore up their declining sales base.

    Analysts in the donut industry believe this is a good strategy in the short run, but think that in the long run donuts shop owners could be seen as extreme as those in GreenPeace and PETA.

    Congress, upon hearing the news that Washington wished to cede to Canada began drafting a bill to sell Washington state to Canada, with unidemtified sources in DC saying "We really don't need Washington state, we only kept it around for the tourism dollars and to look good to the "Lumberjack Lesbian" demographic, but now that we know they don't vote "red" Canada can have it."

    Many other "blue states" that border Canada have taken notice of this and are enacting measures to stem what they see as a coming tide of states being sold to Canada, probably at bargain prices. New York Governor George Pataki said "We really don't want to be sold to Canada, as right now we have beter health care than they do, and I think Congress should look at the fact that most of the state voted "red", so if anything gets sold to Canada, it should be New York City."

    The qouted price was said to be one USD, but the Canadian government has drafted emergency legislation of their own stating that not only do they have no need for lumberjack lesbians, but one USD, after dealing with their onerous health care system bills, would bankrupt them.

    These were some of the stories I wanted to bring you today, if Blogger had been up and running better. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to post something.