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    I want to know why it seems more important to you that you, as a blind person, feel you have more rights to use a medium that is not suited to you to begin with than we, as bloggers, have a right to keep spam from swamping us?

    If the blind bloggers (I think there are about 8 of 'em) have their way, captcha may go the way of the dodo......captcha, being a visual safeguard, is inherently a bedeviling force to the visually impaired.

    And I guess google wants to use it to help stop spam. I have not seen thsi yet myself. But the blind bloggers want them to stop.

    Get that? It seems Google is in trouble for implementing captcha to help stop spam...especially comment spam.

    Captcha is that system most of us have seen that creates twisted letters that you must decode before signing up for something or sending emails or comments.

    Now, I thought that some of those have an audio test? Maybe I am thinking of something else eh?

    Am I worried that blind bloggers will read this and send me hateful email? No...I once tested this site and I know that those page reading programs don't work on it, and I have no idea how to fix that problem.....I am also really not worried about it.

    I have nothing against the blind, but like the amish, I really don't expect a blind person to coem up in here getting crazy ya know???

    Anyway.....blind people are apparently up in arms, (not literally of course...I mean if they were I would hide....they may shoot anyone...can you imagine a blind person with a gun? Like a squirrel with a bazooka), and they are upset about captcha because they now need visual assistance (they didn't before?) to use some websites features.



    I see......

    What's next?

    Deaf people angry at music companies for putting out CDs that only contain audio content?
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